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  1. You'd have to elaborate a bit on which clubs you're trying to loan him to. Has Brexit not happened yet in your game?
  2. Maybe you've moved the player to the reserve team and the reserve manager decided to extend his contract? Maybe you've delegated the task of extending contracts for the first team?
  3. @chad2192 You're gonna have to elaborate a bit more on your point.
  4. I'm no expert on tactics but even to me it does seem like that might be where your problems stem from.
  5. Can anyone else confirm this? I'll definitely have to look at this when I get home...
  6. It seems to be something you can completely disregard at this point.
  7. That's a very good point, I also haven't noticed any regens with idols, despite rather obvious candidates in my games. I'm also pretty sure I haven't seen a regen with a favourite club, unrelated to him having been there.
  8. Did you perhaps lose the guy in charge of hiring new staff? I think maybe the DoF or who ever you had delegated that responsibility to.
  9. You might be able to get them on loan with the option to buy, although you'd probably have to sweeten the deal considerably. I don't know the players you name but they seem important to you.
  10. If you get no answer here then you should probably consider posting in either: Editors Hideaway or maybe Skinning Hideout
  11. That imply you even get answers there. The last two questions i've made there ended up both without any answer. He's still correct and the Editors' forum is the place you'd be most likely to get a valid answer.
  12. If you're talking about reserve/youth then its probably because you delegated that part to another staff member. The squads over-all personality will effect players positively/negatively from time to time.
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