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  1. Simply playing a Brazilian team solves that problem real quick.
  2. Thanks @_Daniel_ Remember the part in bold guys: "Can confirm that both Important Matches and Consistency can alter over time, along with the majority of hidden attributes (but not quite all)."
  3. Got a reserve team or U21/19 with some autonomy that might be using up your domestic player slots?
  4. They unsettled him and forced the club to budge. They also offered the selling club some very attractive clauses and bonuses. Adding to that is the fact that the selling club preferred not to sell to you, because you're in the same league and bitter rivals on top of that.
  5. Thankfully a lot of other places still sell old FM editions and they happily drop the prices once a new version comes out. Worry not and save your money.
  6. You cant as far as I know. Whats the game ending problem with a hard brexit?
  7. It seems to grow with your success but it also seems somewhat limited by the area your town.
  8. Thanks for elaborating Prokopije. I feel your pain on this one and I have no good explanation but I can tell you that others have brought up similar concerns regarding player wage demands being somewhat skewed against us. Maybe some of the people from those threads will find their way into this one and maybe they can share what they've found out.
  9. Back when i started playing FM I finally managed to sign Messi or Ronaldo and I was ecstatic! We all know these players and we've all seen what they can do. He cost me a stupendous amount of money both in transfer and wage, but I didn't care - how do you put a value on having a living God on your team? I tried everything to get him to shine like in real life, nothing mattered but getting him to perform like i knew he could. Despite that he never did. Sure he scored and assisted as you'd expect from a decent player but from supreme players like this you expect more. I've never been more disappointed with a signing than back then when I realized the game can't replicate players of that caliber.
  10. You guys often focus a little too much on the salary part of negotiating a contract. Surely you realize that it is possible to greatly reduce the wage by compensating with other attractive clauses, bonuses or promises. Maybe Evertons made some promises that you wouldn't or gave up a percent of a future transfer fee in order to reduce wage?
  11. I have never sim'ed a match but I have put in less effort in unimportant matches and friendlies to speed things up.
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