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  1. No problem - good luck with your game!
  2. Yeah its a great league with many great teams but the non-EU player rules are a bit convoluted. Here's a little something from the wiki: Since the 2008–09 season, three quotas have been awarded to clubs that do not have non-EU players in their squad (previously only newly promoted clubs could have three quotas); clubs that have one non-EU player have two quotas. Those clubs that have two non-EU players, are awarded one quota and one conditional quota, which is awarded after: 1) Transferred 1 non-EU player abroad, or 2) Release 1 non-EU player as free agent, or 3) A non-EU player received EU nationality. Clubs with three or more non-EU players, have two conditional quotas, but releasing two non-EU players as free agent, will only have one quota instead of two.[43] Serie B and Lega Pro clubs cannot sign non-EU player from abroad, except those followed the club promoted from Serie D. Large clubs with many foreigners usually borrow quotas from other clubs that have few foreigners or no foreigners in order to sign more non-EU players. For example, Adrian Mutu joined Juventus via Livorno in 2005, as at the time Romania was not a member of the EU. Other examples include Júlio César, Victor Obinna and Maxwell, who joined Internazionale from Chievo (first two) and Empoli respectively. On 2 July 2010, the above conditional quota reduced back to one, though if a team did not have any non-EU players, that team could still sign up to three non-EU players.[44][45][46] In 2011 the signing quota reverted to two.[47]
  3. It might be worth it to remove the custom leagues and then pick a club, play a few weeks and see if your game saves the players match stats. If it does then the problem is with the custom leagues, if it doesn't then you might want to make a post in the bugs forum to get better quality help. If it is the custom leagues then I realize you wont be able to play as far down the league as you'd like, which is a bummer for sure :/
  4. Determination and consistency.
  5. Shouldn't you be asking who ever makes the custom leagues you intend to play? I haven't experienced any problems with the game recording stats for my reserve or youth team.
  6. Being eligible for a new nationality does not automatically mean that the player will apply to gain that nationality. And it can sometimes take a very long time for an application to be approved.
  7. So what kind of custom stuff are you running? Added leagues, logo packs and skins etc. ?
  8. Baodan

    Transfer Offers

    The listed value does seem to do more harm than good, in my opinion. And it does seem like the repeated low bidding that sometimes happens must be tied to data that suggests to the AI that the bids are well in line with what's acceptable, when in fact they are not. Bare in mind that not all leagues and certainly not all clubs can demand a huge transfer-fee for their players. Despite what we as managers might think and want. On the other side of that the low bidding does seem to be working, as it is unsettling the player and forcing a tough situation on you, that may end up with you having to sell. Offering a player to other clubs does not automatically transfer-list the player. On the page that lets you offer a player to other clubs, there's a box that at the bottom of the screen that is ticked by default - that's why the player also gets transfer-listed when offered to other clubs.
  9. You may want to look at this forum post.
  10. Baodan

    Player signs for less wages

    I'm not so sure current league position plays that big a role in a players wage demand. I imagine a player would ask a lot of wage from Manchester City, even if they were bottom of the league.
  11. Baodan

    Player signs for less wages

    It is possible to negotiate a players wage down, usually by giving him more sign-on fee or other bonuses. But naturally rep and the clubs financial status players a part as well, you'd want more wage moving to Manchester City than moving to Huddersfield.
  12. I agree with that, it definitely adds enjoyment when you play with friends.