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  1. If the HoYD's world knowledge improves the chance of better youth players, then that's news to me.
  2. I stopped listening to my Assman years ago. I sometimes give him a pityful look on the bench and wonder if I'd do better without him at the club at all.
  3. I think some of you guys should consider the fact that Brexit isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Instead of having to bother with a work-around every year from now on, why not just try and work within the new rules and make the best of it? You'd do yourself a favor and I'm sure it'd be worth it in the long run.
  4. Yeah this is nothing new and may be related to the number of active clubs vs players you have loaded in the database.
  5. But it did exist for the last 3 years of FM as well and you guys are still surprised which is simply incredible to see. It's also very much a real thing and should indeed be included in FM as closely to whatever outcome will happen in real life. Despite us not knowing for sure and despite the minor nuisance it might be for a small part of the playerbase. You guys always find a way to get around Brexit anyway so don't worry so much.
  6. At this point it should just be closed or moved to Editors Hideaway.
  7. Welcome to the forum, my friend. Brexit in FM is nothing new and it won't be changed by SI for this upcomming release of FM. You will probably be able to find a work-around on other forums, but you'd be robbing yourself of a unique and realistic challenge by doing so.
  8. I'd love to see it be almost impossible to buy any non-British player. It seems like an enjoyable challenge and it would be interesting to see what British football would be like after 10-15 years of that.
  9. You should do a "deep-dive" on this forum on the topic of weak foot training.
  10. No - the agreed upon contract will take effect on dd/mm/yyyy, despite his current mindset.
  11. Leader as in team captain? Why would he need to be strong technically?
  12. "As depicted in "The Last Dance," ESPN's new documentary about the Bulls in the 1990s, Pippen played most of the decade under one of the worst contracts in NBA history: a five-year, $18 million deal that was far more complicated than those terms suggest." A poorly chosen example unless you're making the point that we as human managers force our players in to long-term underpaid contracts. If that's the case then spot on.
  13. You guys seem to think that the in-game stated value of a player represents his actual value in-game. This is not the case and you've probably noticed this yourself if you've tried to buy a young high potential player with a low stated value.
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