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  1. You don't think he meant beat as in physical harm? Playing football and instructing your player to repeatedly beat the poor guy covering him when ever the opportunity arises is a fairly comical option to have suggested. Beating a man - as in getting past him - is not a very common thing to hear outside of sports.
  2. I see no point in going any further with it, though I will concede that my reply like yours could have been better.
  3. Being world class does not mean a player has a high important matches attribute. I've attached a picture showing the hidden attributes and it sounds like your team might just not be that blessed in that area.
  4. Instead of calling out perceived faults on @stopazricky way of training, why not help him by elaborating on how you apparently do it the right way?
  5. What's your angle here? What do you hope to achieve? If we assume something good then you're looking to setup some kind of donation option to our unlucky comrades in Brazil. Or maybe you're gonna try and lobby the Brazilian football organization or what ever it is that's making a deal impossible. If it's not something good then you're basically doing the "thoughts and prayers" thing, which to me comes off as very disingenuous.
  6. It must be nice for you to simply and automatically win everything once you get to the top. I have to actually do stuff to try to get on top and keeping the spot is not a guarantee for me. It's not like I switch between winning and relegation but I got my work cut out for me. With that said, if you want to have a setting that forces you to lose and drop down the leagues, then that's okay with me. Maybe there's already a mod or something similar that does something like that.
  7. @xavinwonderland You're a good dude and I appreciate the effort you've made here to illuminate a murky aspect of FM. All the while keeping an open mind and a respectful tone, which is something I personally fail at from time to time.
  8. You score them by looking at how the players play in real life and then typing in that number in the corresponding attribute box. A question, if I may, when you say patch do you actually mean database or some kind of mod?
  9. Your reputation probably hasn't caught up with your apparent success - a lot of back to back to back promotions? Even if your movement up the leagues had gone realistically slow, the game still isn't good about improving your rep and sponsorships. And since you started further down than the game supports, you have an even bigger gap to fill in rep-wise.
  10. If you initiated the offer then it probably did default to an immediate purchase but maybe the selling club changed the date when they renegotiated your offer. In any case it's on you to pay attention to details when negotiating. I've previously been able to get a player earlier by paying a relatively small extra fee. I don't recall if the option was available right away, since I only needed to move up the purchase later on due to injuries. Naturally this will not be possible if the selling club isn't willing to do so.
  11. You can't play with the same team and Fantasy Draft is a versus mode. I suppose you could play as a parent club / feeder club and kind of co-op that way.
  12. You're better off looking elsewhere, it's what I would have done in a similar situation.
  13. Considering you've only been at the club for a year and a half, you should be grateful you've been allowed the things you have. Give it a season or two and I'm sure you'll eventually be allowed to ask for more coaching staff.
  14. I've never considered how similar the symbol for job interest and role familiarity are, it's no wonder it can be a cause of confusion.
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