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    This. This should be pinned somewhere since a lot of people don't know how do attributes work in this game. Lets not forget that this is a game and in this game 1 is the lowest and 20 is the highest. What the lowest number is outside of this game is pretty much irrelevant, a part from context. If you get a young player with 1 in all attributes, then yeah sure he's probably a better footballer than me, but in this game he is most likely complete trash.
  2. Baodan

    Transfers issues

    If the club doesn't want to sell the young player, then they will ask for a ridiculously high transfer fee. Usually scouting the player will give you an idea of how much the club wants, so I'm a bit surprised that you can't seem to get valid info there. Are you offering the 1.000.000 straight up or in instalments/clauses? A rule of thumb is that the poorer the country and club, the easier it is to poach talented young players for a small fee.
  3. Yeah its unrealistic for a club to... how did you say earlier in your post? persist and offer crazy amounts of money for a player, thus forcing the other club to accept. Very unrealistic yes, indeed.
  4. Baodan

    Youth training

    Have you done any testing with different types of U18 managers that supports your claim? I would be very interested to see what you've learned, because I do agree with you to a certain extend. I haven't played FM19 yet, but in FM18 my youth players seem to be adequately trained once they're ready for the First Team. Are you actually interested in your U18 manager making these kinds of decisions for your youth players? The two of you might not agree on what traits make for good additions to the player, especially as you might not agree with each other on where the player is best utilized. My U18 manager uses the same tactics as the First Team, therefore the player also learns the correct position by being used in matches. I doubt he actually gives them positional training and that is maybe something SI could improve. As far as I understand, you now have to move the player up to the First Team in order to mentor them. An added touch of realism, they say, fair enough. You will then have to handle the players training on your own, which again seems fair enough, and you still have the option to have that player be available for the U18 or Reserve Team.
  5. Your first mistake was making a promise to a player. Player promises is one of the many vague areas of the game, designed to frustrate and confuse you. Now you know better and can avoid it in the future. In FM18 the freekick setup was changed a bit to take the position of the freekick into account. You now have to select a player for freekicks close to goal, indirect freekicks and freekicks further back on the field. This means that 1 player does not take all freekicks just because you selected him to take freekicks close to goal. If you only selected your player to take freekicks in one of these positions, then that might be why he didn't feel like you kept your promise to him.
  6. I actually think you guys are raising a valid point here and look forward to the outcome.
  7. Light is good - Your goal here is Light in all training categories combined with 5/5 golden stars.
  8. Its probably tied to stuff like their CA and playing time on the first team, like you suggest. But keep in mind that you don't actually have to give them a new contract just because they ask.
  9. Baodan

    English nashionality

    Come on Maccabist, this is something easily found via google... http://dlgimmigration.com/united-states-citizenship/countries-that-allow-dual-citizenship/
  10. Baodan

    English nashionality

    Got any pictures from the relevant section of his player profile?
  11. Baodan

    Unable to Scout

    Have you made any additions to your game? Brexit fix, more leagues or something similar?
  12. Speaking of snide remarks, did you happen to reread your own comment? Did I imply with my comment that I as a manager was unable to set a price for my player and refuse to negotiate it? You barely gave my comment a glance and disregarded the original comment that prompted my reply. I at least read your reply and tried to understand the logic behind it. Don't bother answering, cause I too believe this conversation is over.
  13. You can do that too. No one is forcing you to accept their offers. Odd... I don't recall saying I couldn't. I did however contradict a statement made earlier saying that in FM you have to accept going below player value when trying to sell a player. Did that confuse you somehow?
  14. From my understanding I'd say that you are spot on with this statement.
  15. I would be very surprised if it didn't.