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  1. Did you perhaps lose the guy in charge of hiring new staff? I think maybe the DoF or who ever you had delegated that responsibility to.
  2. You might be able to get them on loan with the option to buy, although you'd probably have to sweeten the deal considerably. I don't know the players you name but they seem important to you.
  3. If you get no answer here then you should probably consider posting in either: Editors Hideaway or maybe Skinning Hideout
  4. That imply you even get answers there. The last two questions i've made there ended up both without any answer. He's still correct and the Editors' forum is the place you'd be most likely to get a valid answer.
  5. If you're talking about reserve/youth then its probably because you delegated that part to another staff member. The squads over-all personality will effect players positively/negatively from time to time.
  6. Have you guys tried bringing this up in the tactics forum? Getting the best out of specific players, sound like something right up their alley.
  7. There are basic things that are obvious, sure. But then there are all the things that the game doesn't tell you about (fx the importance of the character of your youth staff). Or the green circles on the tactic page that should just be ignored (plenty of people get confused by that one). I'm not arguing for the OP here, just stating the fact that I understand where this all is coming from. I completely agree.
  8. The game is intentionally vague in a lot of areas. Is it then a surprise that people like the OP comes to some incorrect conclusions while playing the game? I personally learn new stuff about FM almost weekly. Stuff I didn't even consider as possible to misunderstand or stuff the game never made me aware of in the slightest. I think there are more players like the OP who suffers from the same issues and I feel sad about the fact that they are in this situation because that is how SI wants it to be.
  9. A dumb question, I know, but have you tried asking the board for an increase to your wage budget?
  10. I guess I just never had a the problem of having to click 20-30 times to get to the next match. If I did have that problem then your solution sounds pretty smart. In any case it seems SI is working on it, so lets hope they can solve the issue quickly.
  11. How does a stoppable countdown system differ from not having a countdown system? If you're not going to respect the clock, why have it on in the first place?
  12. I can confirm that you only pay wage for the rest of the contract the player had with you. I did a couple of tests in FM18 and it checks out.
  13. I believe that's the countdown system working as intended. Is that not why you chose to have the countdown active in the first place? When I play with friends we never use it, because sometimes you just need some extra time to sort out unexpected stuff.
  14. That explains it, cheers for the reply @djpdavey In my opinion it seems like you might have encountered a bug or at least some flawed logic in the programming.
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