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  1. I admire you're patience and perseverance.
  2. It's a shame the game doesn't just grey out the option to ask certain questions when its no longer possible to ask them to the board. A tooltip could then show up when mousing over it, explaining when you'll be able to ask again and/or why you can't right now. But sadly FM loves being vague.
  3. They are completely trash and pointless, yes. I looked around a little and found this from another post: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "After hours of trial and error, I knew how they got there because I managed to earn 4 million points in the space of like 2.5 hrs? Just to share a few things: 1. If you bought the version of 'In-Game Editor' provided by SI and you activated that in the game, you earn lesser or no points at all for your save game ever. 2. You definitely need the help of FMRTE. Because you have to win every game. 3. You need to have a Skin that have a 'Instant Result' button created just like FMC style. 4. You have to win the league and all competitions entered possible. But it is very tedious as each season is long. So...you should know what you should do." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is from FM2014 but I doubt much have changed. Heres a link to the original post:
  4. No the 3D ME does not really show any dribble moves, no matter how much you know what you're doing. As in Ronaldinho at Barcelona doing tricks right left and center, completely destroying opponents with dribbling moves. Even lower league sides have technically gifted players that stand out with their dribbling. FM has neither of this - and no I'm not talking "dribbles per min".
  5. I have always had to ask the board to extend my scouting range, but that might just be a feature limited to the lower French leagues. As I understand it the scouting packages just automatically adds scouted players to your player search function in the area it covers - so no influence on where you're allowed to send your scouts (a part from the money taken from your scouting budget). I actually think OP has a fair point and his frustration is fully understandable.
  6. Has any of them been able to make exceptionally technically gifted players stand out? No? Well if any had then I'd probably pick that one.
  7. Baodan

    Goalkeeper height

    I saw his post and it definitely gave me food for thought, but It's not like hes a programmer or works for SI so hes assuming that's how it works and I'm now assuming It probably isn't. Who's to say who is right, with this game no one really knows. Do we have any actual evidence that proves his statement?
  8. Baodan

    Goalkeeper height

    It is a very difficult thing to keep updated, considering the changes being made all the time, especially from version to version. Thank God no one takes the tooltips seriously, could you imagine anyone actually basing their understanding of the game on the tooltips.
  9. Baodan

    Goalkeeper height

    I have no idea what you're saying anymore, but you don't seem to contest my point so I'll assume it's valid.
  10. Baodan

    Goalkeeper height

    That's FM in a nutshell.
  11. Baodan

    Goalkeeper height

    I do understand that a smaller player needs to jump higher to reach a ball, that is not really in question here. I was merely stating that since jumping reach already takes height into account and height really isn't used in any other regard, you could remove that information all together and the game would be the same. I think that's kind of sad and I did like it more when I still believed it had value.
  12. Baodan

    Goalkeeper height

    I apologize for replying to that last post you made, I honestly didn't realize that it was you again. Like I said, we have nothing more to discuss on this subject, so I will not be replying to any further comments. Sure - but lets say the height information was removed completely, would that make any difference? Why would you need to know that information when it makes no difference?
  13. Baodan

    Goalkeeper height

    I am fairly sure that I have had a CB around 180-182 with 19/20 in jumping reach, yes. I'm at work now so I can't look trough saves or players to back this up.
  14. Baodan

    Goalkeeper height

    Jumping reach in the game apparently takes height into account. So if you're looking for a person with the ability to contest balls in the air, you can disregard height. You disagree and I can't be bothered to elaborate or reiterate any further.