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  1. Can't you just weather the storm? Reduce spending, downgrade facilities and do your best to get results. As far as I know you can't go bankrupt, so time is on your side.
  2. Short answer: Yes. On top of that I'd also like to add that while PSG does get good youth players now and then they are not the most prolific in France in FM. Italy is usually the biggest provider of wonderkids in my games, while South America naturally does well also. The best keeper in my game is from Denmark.
  3. Ultimately this is a Football Manager sim and owners doing what ever they like is par for the course. Could it be improved upon? Sure. But it's not like this is without precedence in real life.
  4. It's pretty obvious that hes got some terrible hidden stats and a penchant for women and alcohol. Fining/disciplining would help but you might also consider mentoring him to improve his professionalism.
  5. Short-term - half a season or less Normal - 1 season Long-term - more than 1 season That's my understanding.
  6. France is probably too big for what you're trying to do here, probably Portugal as well.
  7. Players seem predisposed towards a preset build and they much prefer to follow that build rather than mold through training. As long as they have free PA they can be swayed to a lesser extent, naturally.
  8. Am I misunderstanding something here? Did you not make a post lamenting the fact that you have a well performing player but his value is too low for you to really enjoy him? Am I not giving you options to increase the players value and hopefully your enjoyment of him and the game? I don't personally equate player value with performance, but I don't mind if you do, even if i don't understand why you would.
  9. Why would the estimated value of the player effect his ability on the field? If anything wouldn't it be the other way around? If you really want the game to give him a higher valuation, just give him a new long contract with an insanely high salary. Or better yet sell him and buy him back for a crazy amount and combine that with a long contract and insane salary. His value will be sure to skyrocket and you'll hopefully be able to finally enjoy his performance on the field.
  10. It sounds to me like you did all you could and I think this is something SI should look into.
  11. AHAHA not at you but at the board ! that is outstanding work for a club like that and is bloody amazing starting 11 all youth academy from your club with its DNA. I see the problem here as well, not arguing that. But technically speaking you could have the worst youth facilities in the country and still be lucky enough to produce some very talented players. Then if you're a good manager, like you seem to be, you could go on and accomplish the feats you mentioned above, but still have sub-par youth facilities. The board probably looks at the level of the youth facilities/academy, recruitment, junior coaching etc. and notes that you're still far off the target.
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