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  1. It seems we're talking two very different things, my friend. My comment is purely in regards to the gameplay ramifications following a hard Brexit in Football Manager 2020. If you want a political discussion regarding the real life Brexit, then i suggest you find someone a lot better suited than me.
  2. Can anyone elaborate on what this guy is going on about?
  3. No Cathy Newman that's not what he said and I guess that's why you had to start the sentence the way you did. I agree to a certain extent and that is why I'm so sad to not be excited by the very monotonous animations in the current 3D match viewer. He never talks about the players, the pitch or the stadium/crowds having to look better or more realistic. He specifically mentions nice goals and dribbling, both of which can easily be improved via more animations, while keeping the current graphical look of the game. Then after "attacking" him for wanting a better looking game, which he never actually said, you turn around and say that you yourself would actually like the game to look better - OK... I agree that the most important thing, and what makes the game good or bad, is the ME. The ME graphics are not really improved each year but all the other screens we look at do seem like they improve (at least they change appearance/style). Now that I've somewhat completed my answer for the first part of your misinterpretation of Marko's post, I'll stop replying in this thread, mainly due to people like Forameuss. I doubt we can get anything close to a good conversation going on this subject.
  4. I'm at work and constantly interrupted by work assignments and calls, so its hard to devote the time needed for a proper response, especially if I also want to sound semi-coherent. But lets take one of the points I feel more strongly about from Marko's post; Marko sounds like a typical football fan who enjoys the amazing things football players do from time to time - something that currently is very poorly represented in FM. This aspect of highly skilled players not really shining in FM like they do in real life, that lack off;" Wow! Did you see that!?", that has been missing pretty much since 3D matches became a thing in FM. Regarding this point - @Marko1989 is absolutely correct, in my opinion. Graphically it could be prettier, but it's good enough. The game just needs to show more of the extraordinary and spectacular things that happens in real life football. @sporadicsmiles takes a different approach in his reply to this section of Marko's post.... End of work - I'll look it over again tomorrow and hopefully finish my reply.
  5. I gotta say I'm very disappointed with you @sporadicsmiles after reading your reply to the OP. Thankfully i rarely see people this disingenuous when misinterpreting another persons post. I'll take some time to consider whether or not I'll address the many straw man arguments you've made, because I happen to share the OP's view on the matter. But first I'll give him a chance to respond to the replies if he wants to.
  6. Yep - into the \games folder, nice and easy
  7. Your saved game is in this folder: C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\games Take the file with the name of your saved game and have your friend place it into the same folder on his PC. This should allow him to see and load your save.
  8. Who knows when Brexit will finally happen... I just hope we get a predominantly hard Brexit in FM, now that Boris runs the show. It makes for some interesting gameplay and I like the challenges it brings. Does anybody think there's a chance of us getting an even harder (more restrictive) Brexit than seen in game so far?
  9. SI says it goes against their vision of the game and I personally feel they shouldn't waste even a moment of development time on this feature when so many better ideas have yet to be implemented. The people wanting to play as a DoF (instant results) have options to do so (holiday & fanmade skins), this whole thread is a non-issue blown way out of proportions.
  10. Just found something that may relate to your issue:
  11. I don't see anything wrong with that. The loan still needs to be processed and whatever you promised to pay during the loan period still needs to be paid. You didn't make two separate deals, you made one deal involving a loan period with the option to buy.
  12. Probably the same and in my opinion it could never be any serious e-sport game.
  13. I have not yet had a single player suddenly stop scoring once they reach 33+ years of age. Maybe you run a tactic that requires more physical effort from your players and that wouldn't really suit old players in FM since they decline rapidly in their physical attributes once they reach that age?
  14. I haven't noticed any pattern in quality in odd or even numbered FMs. They seem to be more or less the same, disregarding the particular versions match engine weaknesses and unfinished but still implemented new feature.
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