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  1. Hi @elliotdanks We've fixed this as best we can for the next update, but we aren't able to provide a code fix for current save games. We won't be amending the age rule that someone can sign a pro contract, because 17 was confirmed to us by the Bundesliga, very recently. Unfortunately, a code change around the contract negotiation prevention, right after he signs his pro contract (in November 2021), was causing too many knock-on affects to other players in the save game, and this situation with Youssoufa Moukoko is an extremely isolated case. Of course, we appreciate that if you have the player in your team it would be a very big deal to be given the opportunity to negotiate a contract beyond June 2022. However it was too risky to modify anything that could disrupt the entire contract renewal process we have. What we did do is modify the player slightly. The contract details will remain the same and he will still sign his pro contract on 20th November 2021. However, when a club approaches to sign him, he will be far more reluctant to leave on a free and if a user approaches to sign him from January 2022, they will likely see this dialogue below, from the player's agent. With these changes, we've gone through to the 22/23 Bundesliga season several times, and in every case the user or AI managing Dortmund has been able to have some negotiations with Moukoko, for a new deal. This will be available to the manager of Dortmund about 4 months after he moves onto his pro deal. I've put in a request to fix this one better in the future, but this is the best we can do for now.
  2. This has been ticked, and will be in the next update.
  3. There's a few hurdles in the way for us to be able to do exactly what you've suggested. The biggest one being that we need to reflect the terms of his real-life current contract until June 2022. We can't make any changes to the contract data, but have the issue where you're unable to negotiate with Moukoko under review.
  4. Perfect, thanks for the confirmation @autohoratio. This will be corrected for the next data update.
  5. Cheers for spotting that. This one should be sorted for the next data update we can do.
  6. I think that is the route of this problem, for sure. We've not had confirmation that it is possible for a 16 year old to sign a professional contract in Germany. Are you able to provide any sources for a rule change? Tagging in @Dan Ormsby just so he's aware of this one, too.
  7. It looks like he might have been accidentally permanently transferred. Just to confirm @Toxteth O'Gradythis one definitely should be a loan move until the end of the 20/21 season, is that right? If so, we can easily fix that one for the next data update.
  8. Hi. Please could you confirm the correct combination of colours? This is what we have in the In-Game Editor: So the home kit should look like this, but they can use alternative shorts and socks if there is a kit clash with another team.
  9. Hi @Babafingo. We have this one under review now. Many thanks for everything that you've provided. As you've said, because the game needs to move Moukoko to his professional contract from the data (and it is so close to the point where he will have 6 months left of his contract), some clubs are able to negotiate with him. Dortmund are in a situation that they should not have got into, where the contract being signed is being counted as a recent negotiation, and it should have been counted as a pre-agreed switch of one deal to the other. This is a bug that will need a very unique solution, and it is a very niche one that barely any other players in our games will get into, so we're investigating all routes for a fix. Thanks for reporting it and being patient whilst we look into that fix.
  10. Cheers for reporting that issue @MishievousNinja. We've amended the dates of that injury in the database and it will be corrected for the next data update that we can release.
  11. Hi @Babafingo. It looks like he's just become old enough to be switched onto the pro contract that we've set for him in the database. This is due to him turning 17 years old. Could you confirm if after a couple of weeks or months you're able to offer him a contract at Dortmund? Also, could you confirm where he left your club, to sign for? I can't see that in any of the screenshots.
  12. Cheers @kimmanzambi01 for reporting this issue. We're looking into it, at the moment. I think it's trying to put a Brentford team into the Youth Cup, so it creates a U18 team. That'll be their U18s only fixtures each season, unless you've seen anything different. They shouldn't play any friendlies or be in a youth competition. Again, let us know if you're seeing them in any of the English youth comps (apart from the Youth Cup). All the data looks correct @Brentford Alan. The game is forcing a U18 team, for some reason.
  13. We were extremely lucky to be given the permission to have Youssoufa Moukoko in this FM21 update. As Woodg has said in the Spain data issues thread, responding to a similar situation.
  14. His birth date is after the cut-off for this version of FM, so we still can't include him.
  15. Hi @Domienho. Mario Stroeykens is still too young to be included in FM, at the moment. His birth date is after the cut-off to be included in the game.
  16. Hi @elliotdanks. Please could you upload your most recent save game for us to look at? Many thanks for your help, whilst we look into why this has happened.
  17. Cheers for spotting the issue with the Fall Player of the Year award, for the 3F Superliga @Nikow. This is one we had under review and it just needed the "Based" field filled in the "Domestic". We've fixed that one for the next data update we can do. The other issue you have mentioned is something we would require some more information and examples to resolve.
  18. We usually release the next data update after the winter transfer windows are all closed. The Italian researchers will be making any changes that they feel are required, in preparation for any future data update we can do.
  19. Hi @Horcajada. There's something odd going on when the game is created. It would be more suitable for Sergio Gercia to appear over some of the other players that appear in the Montañesa team. We'll look into making the logic behind what players are picked to be included a lot better, in this specific situation. Cheers for raising it to us.
  20. This is why they will be hidden on the Club Overview screen then, @matthrix93 & @wicksyFM. They will need to stay hidden in game for this reason.
  21. Hi @matthrix93. Please try not to post multiple messages in a row, and try to keep all issues you have spotted to a single post. I'll move everything you've said into one post, so that when the Head Researcher of Italy sees this thread, they will be able to review everything you've mentioned. As has been pointed out by @wicksyFM. The rivalries are there in data, but are being hidden by some code or possibly a UI issue. If you were to use the In-Game Editor you can see these rivalries are present. Cheers for posting your issue on the forums, and we'll aim to not hide these well-known rivalries where we can.
  22. Hi @SaintsCanada. The names of the leagues are like this in the live build of FM21. Could you confirm if you're playing in a different language, other than English? I'm wondering if it could perhaps be a translation that has been missed. Are you using any editor files in your current save game, for example a "real name fix" of any kind?
  23. Strange one, indeed. I'll request for the team to add something to determine that people of their age should not be identified as players by the game, in these circumstances.
  24. Cheers. I've set Hilton Park to have the correct info now. It shouldn't be chosen for any stadium move in future. It's up to the game where it moves the team, really. But it should choose a more suitable stadium to move to now.
  25. Looks like an odd UI issue. We're looking into that one. Cheers @kensteidel & @swansongs.
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