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  1. Has there been any update on the yellow cards issue I raised last month?
  2. This yellow card issue is also very frustrating! I'm in a title run in and I'm getting key players suspended when they shouldn't be!
  3. Hi Christopher - I've uploaded the save. Its called Havre AC. Can you let me know if you can see it please?
  4. Posted this in FM2018 and it seems to be an issue again. Ligue 2 rules state that 3 yellow cards in ten games leads to a 1 game ban. However I have a player with the yellow card warning next to his name (indicating he is one booking away from a suspension) but he hasn't received a booking at all for 10 games. See attached for DCL Harold Moukoudi
  5. I think you're right. I've tried resetting all the dialog boxes and starting the game again but it still just gives "no reason" as the only option when rejecting loans or transfers.
  6. I might be a little late to the table with this one but I've just noticed when you reject transfers and loans there is no longer the option to select a reason for rejecting (as with previous versions of the game). What was the justification for taking this out?
  7. Great thank you Alex! It was there during the beta so not sure what's happened! Fantastic game by the way
  8. There used to be (even in the beta) a button that took you to a screen that showed you positional ability of a player and also their performance score in various positions they may have played in throughout the season. You got to it via the Coach Report screen. I'm currently playing as Darlington in the Conference North and the link to this screen has disappeared from the coach report screen. Any reason for this?
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