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  1. Hi, teams from the same nation are playing in Europa League Qualifiers, and I'm wondering if it's a bug as I don't recall this being allowed in real life? I've uploaded the save file under the name 'dundee utd european glitch'
  2. I am, yes been to the opera house a few times as you might expect, really brilliant architecture and they do get some great performers in. sheffield is very close, although I've only been once or twice for concerts myself don't worry - no immediate rush, better to have a fully working database that takes longer than a rushed, dodgy one
  3. really looking forward to the release so I can give it a go with the mighty Bucks
  4. That way would definitely make more sense with 1 league winner and 1 playoff winner from each; none of this superplayoff BS
  5. two things I noticed: - FA Cup semis and final should be played at Wembley - at tier 7 (regional premier), it's the bottom 2 that are automatically relegated in each division, not the bottom 3. Out of the 4 teams in third-bottom, the 2 teams with the worst PPG are relegated (playoffs can still work for that if you can't use PPG)
  6. Amazing work! Do you know how many leagues are left? Can't wait to do a journeyman
  7. I think the flags are the wrong way round I'm only being petty though, fantastic work! Can't wait to start a journeyman with this DB
  8. Hi, Guinée Equatoriale file won't load because it has to be tested and verified in the editor first
  9. Buxton FC 2022-23 Transfers IN | Transfers OUT | Finances | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Cups | Table | Playoffs Interesting season review... - Another great season for us! We only lost two games throughout August and September and that set up a very successful base for our league campaign. A few losses followed during a shaky October and our closing 2022 run wasn't brilliant but we were arguably even better in the second half of the season going into 2023, drawing game after game but very few losses. A disappointing March and April put our playoff hopes very much in doubt but a double header vs Barnet and Southport confirmed the inevitable relegation to the 6th tier for both sides and a backs-to-the-wall victory over York City at The Silverlands, coupled with Aldershot suffering a surprise defeat at the hands of Halifax Town, saw us into 7th place and an unlikely playoff spot after our first season in the Vanarama National. - A difficult draw away to Notts County in the first round of the playoffs, but we stunned them with a 1-2 victory. We were guaranteed another away draw in the semi-finals and our opponents were Northampton Town; we took them to extra time but ultimately they were the better team and deserved to win. Another year in the Vanarama National but we superseded my expectations so overall I'm happy. - We did pretty much as expected in the FA Cup as we beat Blyth 0-1 to reach the 1st Round. I really wanted to go far this year but we were sent to the Pirelli Stadium and so a 3-2 defeat sent us packing - not embarrassing but certainly disappointing to go out fairly early. However, we definitely made up for that disappointment in the FA Trophy. We edged out lower league opponents Biggleswade Town before consecutive 1-1 away draws and 0-0 home penalty victories over Harrogate and York saw us only two rounds away from the final. We took on Dulwich Hamlet, top of the Vanarama South at the time, and defeated them 1-0. Unfortunately for us, a 90th min penalty away at Billericay was the deciding factor in our two-legged semi final tie as we could only manage a 1-1 draw at home and got knocked out at the final hurdle. - Made yet another loss and we're over £700k in the red. Really need promotion to League 2 ASAP as there are no signs of a takeover just yet. Gonna try and arrange some friendlies vs Prem clubs to get money in the summer, however. - Youth intake ain't even worth talking about, my best is a 2/3* PA. Awful. Aims for next season are to build on this season's league finish and hopefully go further in the FA Cup, draw permitting. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Europe Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020-21 National League North 10th 4QR Round 2 N/A None 2021-22 National League North 6th 4QR Round 3 N/A Promoted to Vanarama National 2023-23 National League 7th Round 1 Semis N/A Playoff Semis
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