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  1. Toto intensifies... Sounds really interesting, I reckon rules like that are a good idea cause they keep readers interested but also the player interested too - best of luck! Definitely need to carry on the tradition of "We are going up" in the language of the nation
  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to your next career
  3. I think the key point in this is "it happens every game" - obviously results like this do come along sometimes but not for the same team game after game! :P (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though lmao)
  4. Wow, you were in the first few seasons when I last checked this save! Haven't really been on the site much at all lately but all of a sudden you're in the 2120s! Fair play, I'll make sure to check on this story more often in the future - you deserve it XD
  5. That's all well and good but if this issue is under review, surely that means there is a potential problem with the game and not just with my tactic? If it is my tactic then it appears to be much harder to create a tactic on FM19 as I would assume the people having this issue will be using a variety of tactics and formations... and like macro rightly says, why not tell us what we're doing wrong instead of simply telling us we are incorrect? I appreciate it might be harder to do if we haven't posted our tactics but you could share some pointers at least. Have you considered that it could just be mostly a problem for bigger (or at least one of the better) clubs in a division? There are 3 examples of Man United, 1 example of Real Madrid, 1 example of Swansea and 1 example of Walsall (perhaps the anomaly in this group). Your example lists FC Den Bosch and US Orleans - both current 2nd division clubs IRL. (Obviously this is irrelevant if you are a few seasons into your save, which is why it is only a consideration.) I'm not saying it is definitely the issue here but it could certainly make a difference.
  6. So, has it gone any further than 'Under Review'? Let me post some stats from games during my second season at Manchester United: Opponent | Score | Shots - On Target Sundowns (N) | 1-0 W | 23 - 6 Newcastle (H) | 0-0 D | 9 - 2 Southampton (H) | 2-1 W | 16 - 5 Sheff Utd (H) | 3-0 W | 25 - 12 Chelsea (A) | 3-0 L | 10 - 2 Southampton (H) | 2-0 W | 19 - 7 Arsenal (A) | 0-0 D | 14 - 6 Spurs (H) | 4-1 W | 29 - 13 Man City (H) | 3-1 W | 15 - 7 Dortmund (A) | 5-0 W | 20 - 9 Man City (H) | 0-1 L | 9 - 3 Watford (A) | 0-0 D | 11 - 2 Chelsea (A) |1-2 L | 14 - 3 Wolves (A) | 1-0 W | 13 - 4 Brighton (H) | 2-1 W | 12 - 4 Huddersfield (A) | 2-0 W | 7 - 2 Real Madrid (H) | 1-0 W | 13 - 4 Crystal Palace (H) | 2-0 W | 13 - 5 Stoke (A) | 1-0 W | 16 - 3 Newcastle (A) | 3-0 W | 14 - 6 Out of the 34 games where full match details were available, I managed to find an incredible 20 examples of my Man United team firing less than half of their shots on target. We had 10+ shots in all but 3 of those matches, with 302 shots and a mere 105 on target - a 34.77% rate if my maths serves me correctly. Simply not good enough for a club like Manchester United and from what I've seen already on this thread, it isn't my tactics that's the problem.
  7. Can't wait for North America, Asia, Africa and Oceania as that's where the real fun starts keep up the good work!
  8. Deleted all continental competitions as well as world cup qualifying... still got the same error message
  9. It might be - tried deleting all the qualifying competitions but forgot about the playoffs. Will delete those too and see if that helps, thanks!
  10. Hey! Trying to make a yearly international competition for the summer to replace the World Cup, and it involves all 211 FIFA Members. I'm sure I'll have more issues along the line but right now I'm getting an error message that says 'Error in Nation Rules: non custom comp failing due to missing dependency competition'. Can anybody help me with this? Can provide screenshots if needed
  11. Opens up Google Translate Uh... نحن صاعدون ، نقول نحن صاعدون? Doesn't really roll off the tongue, does it?
  12. Very nice work! Undecided now whether to wait for claassen's or go with your DB for now and then restart when claassen's is finished
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