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  1. further info: the issue seems to randomly resolve itself and then glitch out again during the game
  2. As you can see, when there's a goal, the score duplicates and creates really weird formatting issues. If you need the save file to be uploaded, I'll do that.
  3. unfortunately I use a 3 file rolling auto save after matches so I don't
  4. Both FA cup SF games are played at Wembley on the same day at the same time.
  5. once I've gotten to grips with the beta, I'll hopefully be giving this a go with Buxton. we invested a lot over the summer irl so hopefully they'll retain most of that core squad over the simulated year, ready to be taken to glory from the 2021-22 season!
  6. I am, yes been to the opera house a few times as you might expect, really brilliant architecture and they do get some great performers in. sheffield is very close, although I've only been once or twice for concerts myself don't worry - no immediate rush, better to have a fully working database that takes longer than a rushed, dodgy one
  7. really looking forward to the release so I can give it a go with the mighty Bucks
  8. That way would definitely make more sense with 1 league winner and 1 playoff winner from each; none of this superplayoff BS
  9. two things I noticed: - FA Cup semis and final should be played at Wembley - at tier 7 (regional premier), it's the bottom 2 that are automatically relegated in each division, not the bottom 3. Out of the 4 teams in third-bottom, the 2 teams with the worst PPG are relegated (playoffs can still work for that if you can't use PPG)
  10. Amazing work! Do you know how many leagues are left? Can't wait to do a journeyman
  11. I think the flags are the wrong way round I'm only being petty though, fantastic work! Can't wait to start a journeyman with this DB
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