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  1. Play up Pompey!

    im a bloody idiot sorry
  2. Play up Pompey!

    sorry meant the team ones IE pass out of defence, look for the early cross
  3. Play up Pompey!

    just out of interest what team instructions do you do
  4. [Holland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Does this mean that any old saved games (past that's June date) won't have the Cup or will its be added the season after
  5. [Holland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    did you start your save before the last patch? if yes then you wont get the dutch cup, a number of people have had this problem and so far no solution from SI
  6. [Holland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    still no update on this which is a bit disappointing have had had a really enjoyable Ajax game on hold for over a month now waiting for this to be sorted
  7. [Holland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I'm in season 3 (March) and have noticed that I have no cup scheduled have a save game from the start of the season how do I sent it to you? Also I won't be able to do it till Thursday as I'm not near my PC tomorrow
  8. Man City paid £32 Million for Gabriel Jesus and loaned him back to Palmeiras
  9. dafuge's South American tour

    how did you manage to get a dutch youth player in south america? do you have a dutch affiliate club or a dutch person as Head of youth development
  10. Brexit has happened!

    i got 17 Foreign players, with the current ones being giving special status, but have noticed that once they sign a new contract they get classed as a foreign player im up to 15 after 2 years and only bought a few players i also need Work Permits for Foreign players but they always get accepted even for the 16 years olds, i also have to wait until they turn 18 before they come to me which is annoying
  11. Most shirt sales

    at the end of the season, they have a report showing sponsorship deals and its on that
  12. SPL

    In FM12 i managed to win it with East Stirlingshire it did take me a number of years and nearly went bankrupt as they had the build me a new stadium when i got to the top league i also manged to lose a 12 point lead one year to Celtic, who won it on the last day by beating me just annoyed i cant seem to settle with a side in FM17 had about 10 already and im also terrible at this years version
  13. Making Money

    the only way Lower League sides can earn money is by doing well in the FA cup
  14. {FM16} The Complete Boxset

    really enjoying this good luck
  15. would have Wes Morgan as an Icon as well