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  1. Just played 3 matches since the update and had 8 penalties in those games 😳 also had 2 not given after VAR
  2. Hello I managed to drop my laptop and was told £200 to repair it so decided to get a new one https://www.reevoo.com/p/toshiba-satellite-l50-c-1xm-1 that was my previous one and worked fine with 10 leagues and low graphics I’m after something a bit better and wanted to know if this is ok and an upgrade on what I had previously https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-inspiron-15-3000-15-6-amd-ryzen-5-laptop-256-gb-ssd-silver-10190038-pdt.html
  3. if you buy this on steam can you still play it on Google Stadia
  4. the games playable from the working date and most of the mistakes are sorting out with patches during the season i spend a lot of time on this game and rarely have any problems but if i do i understand this thing happen in a very complicated game i have also found the people on this forum to be very helpful and will take note of your problems but sometimes its not as easy as you think to make these changes
  5. Chelsea dont need the money and would rather seem him playing week in week out for a lower league team which he currently is for your team seems to be the ideal scenario
  6. tend to keep the league one as normal but try and get some extra money with the cup one (and Europe) which i find makes no difference to the moral if you put low
  7. being Man Utd i Imagine most of those player would not want to go to Liverpool or Man City (due to the rivalry) also think they would also only want to go to teams in the champions league so not many clubs would be able to sign them and the ones that could will try and get a player you offered out for as cheap as possible
  8. sorry meant the team ones IE pass out of defence, look for the early cross
  9. just out of interest what team instructions do you do
  10. Man City paid £32 Million for Gabriel Jesus and loaned him back to Palmeiras
  11. how did you manage to get a dutch youth player in south america? do you have a dutch affiliate club or a dutch person as Head of youth development
  12. i got 17 Foreign players, with the current ones being giving special status, but have noticed that once they sign a new contract they get classed as a foreign player im up to 15 after 2 years and only bought a few players i also need Work Permits for Foreign players but they always get accepted even for the 16 years olds, i also have to wait until they turn 18 before they come to me which is annoying
  13. at the end of the season, they have a report showing sponsorship deals and its on that
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