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  1. wesleymcuk

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Arsenal how come Juan Carlos is a coach at Arsenal and not an Assistant Manager i know we kept Bould but though he was more of the coach and Carlos who has been Emery Assistant Manager of a number of years was the Assistant
  2. wesleymcuk

    Too strong U23s teams?

    Chelsea dont need the money and would rather seem him playing week in week out for a lower league team which he currently is for your team seems to be the ideal scenario
  3. wesleymcuk

    Does The 'Squad Win Bonuses' Matter?

    tend to keep the league one as normal but try and get some extra money with the cup one (and Europe) which i find makes no difference to the moral if you put low
  4. wesleymcuk

    [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    Ter confirmed that Cummings had Rangers as a disliked club from his time at Hibs and they forgot to remove it after his Rangers transfer
  5. being Man Utd i Imagine most of those player would not want to go to Liverpool or Man City (due to the rivalry) also think they would also only want to go to teams in the champions league so not many clubs would be able to sign them and the ones that could will try and get a player you offered out for as cheap as possible
  6. wesleymcuk

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Arsenal Data Issues

    it was a nice touch but should not have happened As Raul has taken up that role cant see why they would sack him and still keep AW on
  7. wesleymcuk

    [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    is that something that can change during the year or have i no chance of signing him
  8. wesleymcuk

    [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    just tried to sign Cummings permanently for Rangers and was told he would not sign a contract due to his dislike of the club
  9. wesleymcuk

    stadium expansions

    always thought it was 20 years
  10. wesleymcuk

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Arsenal Data Issues

    have you considered making Ramsey an Icon, think the two FA Cup final winners puts him into that bracket
  11. wesleymcuk

    Play up Pompey!

    im a bloody idiot sorry
  12. wesleymcuk

    Play up Pompey!

    sorry meant the team ones IE pass out of defence, look for the early cross
  13. wesleymcuk

    Play up Pompey!

    just out of interest what team instructions do you do
  14. Man City paid £32 Million for Gabriel Jesus and loaned him back to Palmeiras
  15. wesleymcuk

    dafuge's South American tour

    how did you manage to get a dutch youth player in south america? do you have a dutch affiliate club or a dutch person as Head of youth development