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  1. two things I noticed: - FA Cup semis and final should be played at Wembley - at tier 7 (regional premier), it's the bottom 2 that are automatically relegated in each division, not the bottom 3. Out of the 4 teams in third-bottom, the 2 teams with the worst PPG are relegated (playoffs can still work for that if you can't use PPG)
  2. Amazing work! Do you know how many leagues are left? Can't wait to do a journeyman
  3. I think the flags are the wrong way round I'm only being petty though, fantastic work! Can't wait to start a journeyman with this DB
  4. Hi, Guinée Equatoriale file won't load because it has to be tested and verified in the editor first
  5. Buxton FC 2022-23 Transfers IN | Transfers OUT | Finances | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Cups | Table | Playoffs Interesting season review... - Another great season for us! We only lost two games throughout August and September and that set up a very successful base for our league campaign. A few losses followed during a shaky October and our closing 2022 run wasn't brilliant but we were arguably even better in the second half of the season going into 2023, drawing game after game but very few losses. A disappointing March and April put our playoff hopes very much in doubt but a double header vs Barnet and Southport confirmed the inevitable relegation to the 6th tier for both sides and a backs-to-the-wall victory over York City at The Silverlands, coupled with Aldershot suffering a surprise defeat at the hands of Halifax Town, saw us into 7th place and an unlikely playoff spot after our first season in the Vanarama National. - A difficult draw away to Notts County in the first round of the playoffs, but we stunned them with a 1-2 victory. We were guaranteed another away draw in the semi-finals and our opponents were Northampton Town; we took them to extra time but ultimately they were the better team and deserved to win. Another year in the Vanarama National but we superseded my expectations so overall I'm happy. - We did pretty much as expected in the FA Cup as we beat Blyth 0-1 to reach the 1st Round. I really wanted to go far this year but we were sent to the Pirelli Stadium and so a 3-2 defeat sent us packing - not embarrassing but certainly disappointing to go out fairly early. However, we definitely made up for that disappointment in the FA Trophy. We edged out lower league opponents Biggleswade Town before consecutive 1-1 away draws and 0-0 home penalty victories over Harrogate and York saw us only two rounds away from the final. We took on Dulwich Hamlet, top of the Vanarama South at the time, and defeated them 1-0. Unfortunately for us, a 90th min penalty away at Billericay was the deciding factor in our two-legged semi final tie as we could only manage a 1-1 draw at home and got knocked out at the final hurdle. - Made yet another loss and we're over £700k in the red. Really need promotion to League 2 ASAP as there are no signs of a takeover just yet. Gonna try and arrange some friendlies vs Prem clubs to get money in the summer, however. - Youth intake ain't even worth talking about, my best is a 2/3* PA. Awful. Aims for next season are to build on this season's league finish and hopefully go further in the FA Cup, draw permitting. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Europe Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020-21 National League North 10th 4QR Round 2 N/A None 2021-22 National League North 6th 4QR Round 3 N/A Promoted to Vanarama National 2023-23 National League 7th Round 1 Semis N/A Playoff Semis
  6. Great work! I will probably start a journeyman with this when there's a few more leagues
  7. You may well have been able to enter one game without issue but it appears to be happening randomly so you might just have got lucky. Will try without custom skins anyway, but I find it weird that I didn't have this issue until 20.1.4 was released.
  8. Buxton FC 2021-22 Transfers IN | Transfers OUT | Finances | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Cups | Table | Playoffs If I was happy with my first season, I'm absolutely delighted with my second! - My second summer transfer window began with the first monetary offer for one of my players, young talented LB Alex Brown. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to sell but we needed money anyway and I knew I could re-invest it into the squad. Many transfers later, our season finally got underway with a shaky, on-and-off start stretching to the end of September. We then played very well throughout the rest of 2021, with the exception of a disappointing December. Our best result during that period was undoubtedly the 6-1 destruction of a Curzon Ashton side eventually relegated to the BetVictor Northern Premier League after an extremely disappointing season. A New Year's Day loss appeared to continue the Auld Lang Syne curse that we fell under in season 1 but we then went unbeaten right until the end of the season with 2 defeats in our final 3 games. This was enough to secure 6th place in the league, giving us a shot at the playoffs. - The playoffs were always going to be extremely difficult. At least 2 of the maximum 3 games that we could play would be away from home - the only exception being a potential home match vs 7th placed Alfreton if they too reached the final. However, we had to get there first; our first matchup was a trip to Aggborough to face Kidderminster. Both our league games there so far have had to be postponed due to a waterlogged pitch but this one very much went ahead as we edged a very tight contest to come out 1-2 winners. Our semi-final opponents were Boreham Wood, another tricky side that we would play away from home. This one was much closer as we played the full 120 minutes before we triumphed after a dreaded shootout. The final saw us come up against South Shields, a side that we were yet to beat in 4 attempts. I didn't give us any chance at all at Mariners Park against a side that had accumulated 97 points during the regular season and only missed out on the title by 3 points to Boston United. As I expected, they came out and dominated from the offset and should've taken the lead a couple of times in the early moments of the game. However, we went into the break with a 0-1 lead and two late goals from Chippendale and De Girolamo sealed an unbelievable promotion winning victory for my side. - Once again, we reached the FA Cup 4QR before a difficult tie - this time at home against AFC Fylde - saw us come unstuck. We did in fact take them to a replay but they stormed to victory 4-1 in that game. The FA Trophy was much more promising, however. My first game against bitter rivals Matlock was a 2-4 success and then we stunned everyone to defeat Macclesfield 0-2 away from home and put three past Boreham Wood at the Silverlands to set up a home tie with Vanarama South side Dartford. We played very well but they were simply more potent than us and took a 0-2 win to progress to the next round. Overall not bad in the cups given our opponents; hoping our automatic bye to the 4QR next season will give us a boost to reach the FA Cup Proper. - Finances are even more of a mess now as we sit £600,000 in the red. This time I'm hoping we can get more money from the Vanarama National and perhaps get a money-spinning tie in the FA Cup if we can finally avoid the difficult draws and get a bit further. Good news is the board have increased our wage budget so we do sit below it for now, giving us some room for movement and indeed transfers/loans. - Youth intake was dreadful, only found 3 players worth signing. The best of these is probably Mitchell Ashton 22A, but I don't see a future for any of them unless I can be pleasantly surprised. I still have high hopes for my best player from 2021's intake but we will just have to wait and see with that one. Don't really know what to expect from my first season in the Vanarama National. Going to aim low and simply try to survive while gaining some much needed prize money through cups. Hopefully we'll do a bit better than that but it could really go either way! Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Europe Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020-21 National League North 10th 4QR Round 2 N/A None 2021-22 National League North 6th 4QR Round 3 N/A Promoted to Vanarama National
  9. Happened again. FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.25 21.30.12).dmp
  10. Issue - game crashing when I press the continue button. This isn't the first time that it's happened either but I can't remember the details for sure. AFAIK the problem was exactly the same though. I'm playing as Buxton in the Vanarama North with the TCS skin, but I've seen other people with the same issues regardless of skin so I don't think it's that Steps to reproduce - just pressing the continue button. attached the crash dump file and uploaded "dafuge bucks" to the owncloud FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.25 19.45.08).dmp
  11. Buxton FC 2020-21 (S1) | Transfers IN | Transfers OUT | Finances | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Cups | Table | Overall, pretty happy with my first season in charge. - We started with a prediction of 15th, much to my amazement, and we did start very well in our opening games. We began to slip away across September and October, although we still stayed in touch with the playoffs. We maintained pretty good form throughout the rest of 2020, but the wheels truly came off come New Year's Day. We only won 2 of our first 11 games during 2021 and slipped as far down as 16th in the table. We never looked in danger of relegation though - the bottom 8 or so teams were a mile away from us and we never really got too far away from the top half of the table. Despite a late rally in March and April, with the main highlight being a 5-0 thrashing of Paul Scholes' Altrincham, we finished a comfortable 7 points short of the playoffs. 68 points is still good for my first season though as I tend to struggle at this level. - FA Cup was pretty standard, tough draw in Boreham Wood so not too disappointed with that. Again, shame we had to draw Yeovil in the 2nd Round of the Trophy but I felt we could've snatched something on another day. - Finances are an absolute mess and we're well above our wage budget. Hoping to get beyond the qualifying stages of the FA Cup next year to give us a much needed boost. - We got a few decent youth prospects from an overall poor youth intake. The best one looks to be Adam Parsons 21A, but there's a couple others that could turn out to be good too. Next season I'm hoping to avoid dreadful runs like the one we endured in early 2021 and maybe try and push for a playoff spot. We'll see how it goes 😂 Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Europe Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021-22 National League North 10th 4QR Round 2 N/A None
  12. Alrighty, my save corrupted and I'd turned off 3 file saving for something else so I'm back to taking over on June 24. Have restarted and got back to the first game of the season, here we go again 😂
  13. I think at one point I had custom skins open, but I couldn't be 100% sure which way round for each crash dump... I've attached the files anyway 🙂 FM 2020 v20.1.2.1316421 (2019.11.19 17.44.05).dmp FM 2020 v20.1.3.1317497 (2019.11.19 20.43.18).dmp
  14. Me being me, I forgot to post my manager profile on June 24th! Anyway, got the Bucks at the 2nd time of asking so here we go - the more eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted in the corner how I got on in my first few games 😂
  15. Summary: On two separate occasions, I've clicked the preferences button while in my save and encountered a crash dump. Description of issue: I've been testing out skins to see if they have been fixed to prevent the grey screen during a match and to see if they have an instant result button. Therefore, I have to go into the preferences screen to change the skin. However, I've clicked on the preferences button and encountered a crash dump twice now. (I did enter the menu successfully once or twice without a crash dump.) Steps to reproduce: While in my Buxton save, I simply went into the drop-down menu at the top right of the menu and clicked preferences (I believe that in one case, it only crashed when I clicked the menu to change the skin but I may be wrong - what I do know is that it's clicking to go on the preferences menu that causes the crash dump.) Files uploaded to OwnCloud: dafuge bucks.fm I'm not entirely sure where to put the crash dump files or even if you need them - if you do, let me know how and I'll get them to you 👍
  16. Having really bad lag when playing with a friend from Poland. He is hosting and it can take 5 seconds for a response when I press a button, or I end up pressing the wrong button or skipping something important (e.g. switching mentality to very defensive and skipping team talks.) During matches there was minimal lag except for when we played head to head - it felt really jumpy especially during highlights. It would also cause the simulating date screen to lag for several seconds (as per included screenshots.) We both use windows 10 and I have linked the nations we loaded (ligue 1 was also added as a view-only league.) We chose Sweden as the league to manage in (AIK for him and Hacken for myself.) We did wonder if the problem may be internet speed related but weren't sure if it should have that much of an effect. If there's any more info necessary then I will try and provide it 🙂
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