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  1. I do consider this a bug though.

    Should lose the unhappiness, get a statement along the lines of "looking forward to his new contract coming into effect". Any further morale boost other than losing the unhappiness might have to wait until the day it comes into effect, but a player shouldn't still be unhappy about money they know is coming (especially since the binding agreement means you can't even cheer them up by offering it to them earlier)

  2. They're not real people, so they don't remember what they wanted a few weeks ago :)

    Multiple clubs competing for a signing is one (realistic) major reason why salary expectations can be inflated which sounds like it was the case earlier, and still not having a club well after the start of the season is one realistic reason why they drop, but they can also vary hugely according to all sorts of quirks like the date your reputation changes and (I believe) the size of your total wage budget.

  3. Suspect some of the expenses are proportional to how much money you have in the bank to balance things out a bit. Custom divisions aren't going to have as many checks and balances on them as the built in ones either.



    Worst example of a board handling expenses was when they gave me an 8 million combined wage / transfer budget for the Bundesliga, despite having me put twice as much in the bank with my promotion season

    Thought their announcement of a new stadium at the end of the season (after I'd added another £50m to their coffers) explained the ridiculously tight budget. Then they paid themselves 25m in dividends...

  4. 22 hours ago, metallimuse said:

    What made Peru so much fun?
    I’ve been playing through South America for the first time and done Argentina, Brazil and Chile so far and thought I wouldn’t bother with Peru now as I’ve got all my badges and won Sudamerica so thought Peru might be a step back but if you recommend venturing back to it I might give it a go.

    Peru at the time the opening and closing stage tournaments but also a summer tournament where you played half the teams in the league (randomly selected) which came with its own trophy (instead of a cup). Think the format's changed again since though.

    Also just an interesting mix of tactical styles from opponents, sizes of club, relatively low level but not rubbish players, well suited to youth development, and a football word that's pretty isolated from the rest of the world (generally it's Saudi clubs hunting your best players, not European ones).

    Libertadores/Sudamericana is more of a challenge as a proper underdog too

  5. 1 hour ago, santy001 said:

    My main consideration is, how do you mitigate under-valued players by your coaches/scouts? Along with this, how would you identify players more likely to excel (high professionalism, high ambition, high consistency, high important matches) for whom the attributes don't reflect? 

    I think the main thing is when you're offering that many trials, you get enough 5* potentials with likely great personalities for it not to matter about missing out on the player the coaches rate as 3* potential who would actually have been a really good fit. At a top division club you've usually got at least one coach or assman whose judging abilities are as good as most of your scouts anyway, and he can be the one that rates all the triallists

    When I take on this many trials (usually released players at small clubs and teenagers at large ones, and I rarely ever sign them) I don't call it "hardcore" so much as "obsessive compulsive" :D 

  6. Germany is good for easy progression: unlimited loans, plenty of money, and shortish seasons with straightforward promotion routes whilst being satisfying because you meet big name teams on the way and sign some really good players. 


    Would have really enjoyed the Peruvian league if it wasn't (FM19) so badly bugged. Interesting mix of clubs and tactics, multiple ways to win a trophy, and the level made you big underdogs in most games in the (still very winnable) Libertadores which is much more fun than the moneybags Champions League.

  7. 2 hours ago, laurentius82 said:

    VNS/VNN to prem on FM takes most often 5 seasons (standard game without added restrictions). You sometimes have to spend 2 seasons in the Championship, so maybe 6. Never more than that.  In order to have a more challenging game with just the right level of difficulty, may I recommend the "Many Steves Challenge", where you also start in the VNS/VNN but are only allowed to have peole named Steve at your club 😉


    I actually might try this or a similarly daft version simply because my issue with this particular challenge isn't winning divisions with under strength teams, but the amount of time I take doing it, and removing hundreds of players to scout and the temptation to micromanage an academy might help.

  8. Interesting to see the taper kicks in below positional familiarity 14 which is where I've generally noticed it playing around with editors.

    That said, the differences between defender and striker are pretty extreme in terms of weightings.  If you attempt a more typical retraining (AML to ML) the gaps will be much smaller, as the weightings are quite similar. So your CA130 AML might be a CA133 M/AML. Is that worth worrying about? Probably not.

    Generally if you're retraining a player it's because they'll be good in a similar position, not because their skillset is completely unsuited to any of the positions they currently play. The theoretical loopholes got closed a while back.


    34 minutes ago, xavinwonderland said:

    Restricting buying players able too play many positions is (I think) the optimal play past a certain stage as what you lose is flexibility and what you gain is better (more specialized) player. I said past a certain stage because after a few seasons it is very easy to have a very large squad depth with a B team as much as good as the A team so once you reach that stage the flexibility gained is useless pretty much as you will never use it. For example I have benfica save where I am in my 8th season, won the CL multiple times and my A team is probably playing 50% of the game at most given than I need to play my youngsters on top of my B team.

    Unless you've created a very specific challenge for yourself, there's no limit to the CA of a player you can buy, so yes, a M/AMRC/ST might have a CA 15 points higher than a ST with similar attributes, but that's definitely not a reason not to buy him (just might be a reason why the scout is more excited by him than you are when you look at his attributes). He won't sign for me or he costs too much are reasons not to buy, but that applies to some non-versatile CA140 players at least as much as some versatile CA155 players


  9. 21 hours ago, xavinwonderland said:

    Is that progressive? 

    This is the highest of the 2 after a certain threshold but let's say if you are natural striker / awkward defender you only count as a striker but once you reach accomplished you get the max penalty right away in terms of weighting or is the penalty progressive until you reach natural that would be the max penalty? 

    The breakpoint is competent, and above that I think it's progressive, or somewhat progressive. I think they've also somewhat improved the model so its common to get CA gains around the time you improve the positional ability (IMHO this, or it being attributes less relevant to the new position should nearly always be the case)

    Either way it's not much use min-maxing (beyond very basic stuff like "don't train a player up to accomplished in a position you'll rarely ever consider using him") because a player is less good when out of position, and that's worth at least as much as being 0.4 worse off in a handful of attributes.

  10. 5 hours ago, xavinwonderland said:

    I have been searching the forums for a clear answer on this but couldn't not find anything clear. 

    When a player gains attribute points the CA cost will depend on its position so increasing  tackling for instance will be very expensive for a defender but pretty much free for a striker. 

    What happens if I have a striker that I retrain as a defender? Is the cost increase based on being a striker? A defender? An average of the 2?

    Is it possible to min/max by keeping it natural as a striker and only accomplished as a defender so that the tackling cost is using the striker weight rather than the defender weights? 


    From what I can see the cost is the highest of the two, with an additional cost for being skilled in multiple positions.

    Min/maxing is a waste of time since if the player's ability in a position puts zero weight on their CA (competent and below) and they're not training in that position either they'll play with a significant penalty to their decision making.

    I'd rather have my defence anchored by a defender with two points less tackling than a great tackler that doesn't know how to play centre back

  11. His PPMS - which he might be able to lose - aren't that helpful either.

    Right footed pacy left winger with a combination of "runs with ball down left" and "avoids using weaker foot" sounds a lot like someone who will accelerate past his defender to the byline, then check back inside to cross off his stronger foot (giving the defender time to recover and block the cross) 

    And his passing attribute isn't ideal for "Tries Killer Balls often" at elite level although it probably works a lot better when opponents play high lines against you than when they sit deep..,

  12. On 22/08/2021 at 15:07, Piperita said:

    Existing players: Diawusie from Dresden. He has the potential to be a decent player for Bundesliga teams playing against relegation. He starts as a good 3rd League player. But in his first season in the third league he scored more than 1 goal/game (without being the penalty taker) and led me to my first legit invincible season. In the second league where he should have been over his level, he did the same. 18 goals in 18 games and this time also scoring in the cup. Unfortunately Leverkusen made me an offer I couldn't refuse during the winter. Now he is at 7 goals at 8 games in the Bundesliga. No idea where he is getting this from as nominally better players fail to reach the same level. He was plenty of fun to train and play, though.

    Sounds like Okyere Wriedt in FM19 for me. Signed him in the 3. Liga which he was too good for and he top scored as expected. Top scored again in 2 Bundesliga, which he wasn't too good for. He was supposed to be backup for my first Bundesliga season because he really wasn't Bundesliga standard at all on paper, but I gave him starts because he complained and he got more goals per 90 than anyone else that season, including the likes of Lewandowski and Werner and finished with 17 again.

    No idea why. His attributes didn't improve at all, his CA was around the 110 mark (which most people seem to consider the "no hoper" bracket for a player in a top league) and he was just a nicely rounded player with lots of 12s; nothing about his physique to worry Bundesliga defenders and far from my most clinical finisher, only Fairly Consistent and average personality traits. His strike partner was much better but didn't outscore him from a lot more starts

  13. Is the Bundesliga even simulated in "full detail"? Because if it isn't, the simple answer is because his Arsenal average ratings were calculated by the full match engine and the Hertha ones by a completely different algorithm that's heavily based on CA rather than tactical usefulness.

    Either way, different tactics for a different team in a different league are going to produce different results, and its far from certain that the low average rating actually matters. Or as @herne79 says, is there something you actually want him to do that he's not doing, or are you too fixated on a number that's governed mostly by if he directly contributes to a goal or not.

  14. On 17/08/2021 at 17:51, HUNT3R said:

    No official person would have said this, because it's wrong.

    Indeed it's the precise opposite, the stats are from 1.0 to 20.0, and the stuff after the decimal point, which you can see on the player development tab, counts


    (Though one side effect is that the difference between 15 and 16 can be the difference between 15.4 and 15.6 I.e not much. But it can also be the difference between 14.6 and 16.4...)

  15. On 17/08/2021 at 14:44, HUNT3R said:

    I don't agree with it being there as it causes confusion. It's basically there because it's going to be needed if there's a save and the rebound falls to the penalty taker again. For the actual penalty, Penalty Taking is what is being used, not Finishing.

    Yeah, really shouldn't be there. I doubt Finishing has much effect even on rebounds (usually they're open goals and composure plus the ability to get to the ball first must count for more)

  16. 7 minutes ago, HUNT3R said:

     I'm surprised at Handling too. It's going to determine whether he holds onto the ball, but surely it doesn't determine whether he's able to save it. I mean, how often do you see 'keepers catching a penalty? It's almost always parried.

    I think Handling affects the quality of parry too leading to fewer easy rebounds (outside shootouts).

    But that's something else that's never been entirely clear, I've just assumed it and would and also assume in open play other attributes like Composure, Concentration. Decisions and possibly even Eccentricity affect where the ball is parried, possibly more

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