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  1. Grugic develops the better out of those 3. I would give him as much game time as you can. Allan and Chrivella are tidy players but not good enough for Liverpool standard.
  2. Damn impressive making it 2058, well played sir
  3. I've not noticed there being too many world class regens but I've noticed the international records like you mentioned. They are ridiculous in my saves, any half decent striker regens I've come across have more goals than caps.
  4. Do you mean for training purposes? I've found my young players being in the first team squad does help them improve faster. You'd like to think they use the same facilities and coaches as the first team squad do.
  5. Micheal Keane from Burnley if you wanted to go British?
  6. What's your budget?
  7. Crewe has been a fun save for me on this year's FM. You'll find them in League 2, nice youth setup, lot's of young first team players to develop.
  8. £107M agent fee seems ridiculous for Lewis Baker, can we see a screenshot? I'd say that's probably a bug.
  9. Always preffered Gaya to Grimaldo for more attacking full backs.
  10. 'Stays back at all time' & 'plays short passes' should help with his low techincals, but if you've got Mammana who is the BPD it should be a nice partnership. Shouldn't over-look his 17 pace which will help him recover with the 'dives into tackle' PPM. Just keep him away from the BPD position
  11. Nice choice, he should fit well into the left side of your back 3 And the most recent update 17.3 he got a little boost from his real life form
  12. That's some interesting offside stats you've got there. I always train my fast players to have this PPM. I thought it to be a good PPM personally, especially for counter attacking systems
  13. On the recent update Kipembe is much improved, Lucas is also a good option. Both develop really well
  14. I've found it interesting trying to improve leagues, I'd usually manage Liverpool but had a fun save in Scotland managing Celtic. My main objective was to improve the SPFL and raise the coefficients high enough to get more UCL spots. I found myself selling some of my best players on the cheap to rival teams, loaning to help smaller teams out, attending there European games for added support . I would be angry if Rangers got a bad result in Europe. I was supporting them on Wednesday nights and then back to hating them for the Old Firm games. It was great