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  1. True, the rain will make it 100% better. Hopefully this lives up to expectations.
  2. I hope we’re sending Nicola Sturgeon the bill for the clean up.
  3. Hopefully we fully re open all together by the final. Need all the support when we can when we get there.
  4. Need to add the tv channel in the title! It’s my go to.
  5. Spain and Germany are big disappointments so far. All the other top teams looking good. France of course the stand out side.
  6. Mbappe on 6.9 is a strange one, that’s why I don’t take stats seriously. Rabiot probably had a good short pass % and gets that rating, but did nothing all game.
  7. Germans are looking better. I’d get Werner on for those in behind runs.
  8. A bite you have to clench your teeth. I just saw his mouth open and nothing else. Think he goes to do it, then backs out of it.
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