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  1. I'd keep him in Italy, if he's playing in the same league as you then all the better.
  2. Seems like you've got the "Hard Brexit" I have same in my save
  3. Very impressive goal return from a 17 year old but I have seen better stats wise. Are you going to tutor him?
  4. how many seasons are you in? and was your 3 sons all in one save!?
  5. Grimaldo or Gaya should be your first opitions if affordable, below that you should look at Tierney, Sessegon etc
  6. You do get a message in your inbox along the lines of "it will be a boost to the players seeing Manager X attend the game today". Like @mbabbs I try to attend final games or league deciding matches. Probably has no impact if I'm honest
  7. Crewe Alexandra have a team full of potential players, already have a good youth setup. I'd recommend them. They start in League 2
  8. Grugic develops the better out of those 3. I would give him as much game time as you can. Allan and Chrivella are tidy players but not good enough for Liverpool standard.
  9. Damn impressive making it 2058, well played sir
  10. I've not noticed there being too many world class regens but I've noticed the international records like you mentioned. They are ridiculous in my saves, any half decent striker regens I've come across have more goals than caps.
  11. Do you mean for training purposes? I've found my young players being in the first team squad does help them improve faster. You'd like to think they use the same facilities and coaches as the first team squad do.
  12. Micheal Keane from Burnley if you wanted to go British?
  13. What's your budget?