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  1. Ok so I'm just starting my 3rd season and the board have just gone and got Ousmane Dembélé for me. £65M. Didn't expect them to sanction it to be honest. Hopefully he can help me get that league title. Have finished runner up both seasons before
  2. @rich10 so you basically sold the whole team
  3. I bought Tah from Lerverkusn, he's now a club icon. Should give him a try. Pacey, Strong, Composed
  4. @matsnor21 Please tell me how your regen Adama Kouako is getting on, for a 15 years old he looks ridiculous
  5. Can someone tell me why Brendan Rodgers doesn't have Liverpool listed as a favored club? same with Luis Suarez?
  6. Just found it, downloading it now lads. Hopefully fixes the problem, fingers crossed
  7. What sort of time-scale? It's been unplayable for 6days now
  8. Suarez signed a deal with us in Christmas 2013/14 season and was sold in the summer. It's happened before at our club and why do you have to sell Origi? He'll be unhappy for a month or so then back to normal again, if you play FM you'll know team cohesion training fixes things pretty quickly. You don't have to sell every player that gets unhappy
  9. Put team training to Team Cohesion - High. It will sort your problems out for the time being and let's be realistic. If Liverpool won the PL in real life there would be interest in nearly all of our players. It's part of the challenge to the game mate.
  10. Okay I tried on software rendering and it's still unplayable. Is there anything else I can try?
  11. Sorry to comment on this thread mate but I'm playing maxamised borders too, maybe it's a problem with the 17.3 and slow speeds
  12. What is software rendering mode? I'm bad with computers. I'll be away from FM this weekend anyway so I'll hope on there being a fix for next week. Thanks for helping everyone out with this Lucas
  13. Hi I've uploaded my save it's called "Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool Football Club" here is my DXDIAG;