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  1. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Milner does okay for me. Into my second season now and he's been a good tutor and being used as backup option. Quite handy that he's accomplished in most positions. I'm going to try convince him to go into coaching for my U18's.
  2. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    I like using some of the talent we have in the U23's and U18's. Makes it a bit more difficult and you get such a better feeling seeing them progress rather than signing all the usual wonderkids like Tielemans, Dolberg etc. As soon as I took charge I had a good look through the U23's, signed most of them on 3 year contracts with incentives if they get first team appearances, I feel that makes it realistic and maybe they'll be willing to train harder and perform when given the opportunities. Apart from the main talents I'd like to mention Glen Mcauley and Yan Dhanda, if they get tutored early and given some game time they can develop quite well. I've noticed in the U18's there's a few talents like Curtis Jones and Edvard Tagseth who I'll be looking to improve as soon as Gerrard's had enough time with him. I'm thinking about maybe progressing Gerrard to U23 manager and build him up through the ranks in hope he can either take over after I've retired
  3. Google Map 3D Stadium Background Pack

    These are nice, Got them downloading now. Would anyone mind posting the Anfield one to see what that's like?

    Can't wait for this to be released.
  5. FM18 Manager Picture

    If anyone has the ability to do that then please post it in here!
  6. FM18 Manager Picture

    Yeah that's the mod I used too, unacceptable that they patched it out. I need my manager picture to get fully into a save. @Ross Ingersoll Had a look on google but couldn't find that skin for FM18. Maybe have to wait a few more weeks
  7. That's interesting, I don't think Debski will be able to add any new styles this year then. Btw I appreciate you helping to make the new-gens look better. I'm used to the download being a 7Zip or a Winrar. Am I downloading it right? I saved it into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\data\sifacegen\configs
  8. FM18 Manager Picture

    Will there be any chance of us adding our own manager picture in this years addition? In FM17 it was possible until SI updated and patched it out of the game (Without any explanation which still baffles me). I think the new 3D model is okay but it lacks the realism for me, especially on news screens and club information. What do we think? Example of how it looked on FM17 Example of how it looks in FM18 As you can see it looks very cartoony and unrealistic compared to FM17. I think it would be quite easy for SI to implement this. Hopefully it can be modded in further down the line.
  9. Why do we think we won't be able to add diff hairstyles etc? Debski always releases one.
  10. Liverpool FC in FM 2018

    This threads very messy. He's just posted a load of youngsters and regens that have no relevance to Liverpool. We need to have a proper breakdown of the LFC squad in a new thread with tactics, transfer targets. Not just telling us he's sold half the squad in his first season EDIT - All good, just seen the new one.
  11. Where's the cheapest atm lads? CD keys was £27 now it's back up to £29.99 Anywhere I can get it for cheaper? EDIT - Is this a trustable source https://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/products/Football-Manager-2018-CD-Key-For-Steam.html?utm_source=www.allkeyshop.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=allkeyshop
  12. Checkatrade Trophy

    That's correct it goes to the under 23's manager. Think mine won a few back in my old save. The U23 manager even got listed as a favored personnel off the back of the Checkatrade cup wins.
  13. Overarchieving players

    Callum Saunders has been pretty unreal for me. Brought him all the way up from League 2 to Premiership and he's still banging them in. Only rated as Championship level. I also have another player called George Cooper who mixes it with PL players despite being League 1 standard.