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  1. Checkatrade Trophy

    That's correct it goes to the under 23's manager. Think mine won a few back in my old save. The U23 manager even got listed as a favored personnel off the back of the Checkatrade cup wins.
  2. Overarchieving players

    Callum Saunders has been pretty unreal for me. Brought him all the way up from League 2 to Premiership and he's still banging them in. Only rated as Championship level. I also have another player called George Cooper who mixes it with PL players despite being League 1 standard.
  3. FM18 NEWS??!!

    Is this even news... You can still get FM much cheaper from other places
  4. Decent False 9s?

    Dribbling, passing and vision usually make a good false 9. Try look for those attributes in your search. Clough should be good enough for you now though!
  5. How should he develop?

    Heading, finishing, composure are all good for his age so keep him away from the wings and stick him up front. I'd put him on a Complete Forward training program so he can grow into a more well rounded player and use him as an Advanced Forward in matches for now until he grows his vision and passing. On PPM's you should try get him learning knocks ball past opponent and as he develops learn him to place his shots.
  6. Help choosing team

    Dinamo and Partizan seem quite interesting saves, you could aim to grow the league a bit and improve the reputation. Maybe venture into Europe while bringing that youth academy style approach. I'm not sure how competitive the leagues are but I always find I need a competitive domestic league to keep me fully motivated.
  7. In my post I did mention the things your getting at and I completely understand that SI and EA are on a different level. Although it would be nice to give it a try in the modern era. An investment into something like game commentary could attract a younger audience. Something that FM has struggled with over the years. I would like to see them give it a go sometime soon.
  8. They could really do with adding commentary but of course that would take A LOT of time, money and game space up. I did believe they tried this back in an older version of FM. On the crowd sound effects I'm not sure how they can improve on that. Could you offer any ideas how they could improve?
  9. My stadium named got announced when the board made plans to build it. Not sure if re-loads will change things for you, alls you can do is hope for the best.
  10. Adding Stadium Picture for New Stadiums

    Brilliant! It worked, thank you.
  11. Adding Stadium Picture for New Stadiums

    Ok I think I'm on the right lines now, the highlighted is the ID for Anfield stadium. So if I want to re-use that for my new stadium picture how do I go about doing that. (I also want to keep the original anfield with it's picture too)
  12. Adding Stadium Picture for New Stadiums

    @michaeltmurrayuk Ok so I have my new stadium ID (9804046) and let's say I've got a picture saved to go with this. How would I go about making it into an xml file. I appreciate the help from everyone so far
  13. Adding Stadium Picture for New Stadiums

    I've downloaded the fmXML program https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/847/fmxml-for-pc Am I on the right steps? It seems very difficult for beginners to learn how to get your head round this!
  14. Adding Stadium Picture for New Stadiums

    I'l take a look at that thread, and I have all that switched on. I know the ID for the new stadium but the problem is adding a picture to it.