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  1. Still, I reckon that would be embarrassing to do such a thing. I remember when Wales had a homecoming for finishing semis at the Euros. Very tin pot behaviour.
  2. No, we’re above that sort of stuff tbh.
  3. ryan045

    Best players of the World Cup

    Was between Mbappe, Hazard & Modric for me. Glad Modric got it though considering it’s usually the attackers that get these awards. He deserved it for sure.
  4. ryan045

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    I’m not a Pogba fan at all but come on give the guy a break. He’s just won a WC for his country.
  5. Croatia haven’t won in there last 3 and are in a WC final. We can spin it how we like!
  6. Or we got to a WC semi final and lost at ET. It’s easy to be negative when actually we played well this tournemant and over achieved massively.
  7. ryan045

    Should Kane start?

    Kane on 6 should be enough for the golden boot now. Fair play to him.
  8. ryan045

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    At the end of the day your piping up after watching the Three Lions reach the semi finals. When was your last country relevant? Never. Scotland will never be relevant James95
  9. ryan045

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Mate you haven’t qualified since 1998.
  10. ryan045

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Your from like Australia your opinion is irrelevant to us.
  11. I guess we’re talking about a combination of the hype & scale of achievement compared to 66 (Considering we was such under-dogs coming into the tournament) Not everyone had the opportunity to watch it back then. Now literally every person can watch it & have there opinion.
  12. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/985775/Gareth-Southgate-England-World-Cup-2018-win-bigger-than-1966 If England was to win the WC do we think it could be on the same scale as 66 or maybe bigger? Given social media and the world wide coverage I believe it could be the biggest ever. Bit worried about this jinxing it but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.
  13. France wins today, we’ll see Mbappe take his team to the WC final.
  14. Disruption in the Croatia camp. Can only be good news for us really. Hopefully it creates a big divide with there coach being sacked.