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  1. I've found it interesting trying to improve leagues, I'd usually manage Liverpool but had a fun save in Scotland managing Celtic. My main objective was to improve the SPFL and raise the coefficients high enough to get more UCL spots. I found myself selling some of my best players on the cheap to rival teams, loaning to help smaller teams out, attending there European games for added support . I would be angry if Rangers got a bad result in Europe. I was supporting them on Wednesday nights and then back to hating them for the Old Firm games. It was great
  2. Interesting thought, I've always used "rest after match" but if you have the patience to individually rest the starting XI + used bench players I guess the unused sub players could get more training time and benefit from that.
  3. Same happened with me going for Suarez, I pestered him for months and months and he signed 2 new contracts with Barca lowering his release clause significantly. Just picked him up for £40M which is nice beacuse his release clause at the start of the game is something ridiculous
  4. Also worth noting if you give the 'middle' answer for your media questions (for example, "no comment") this will reduce your media handling on the manager profile screen. Basically being blunt with the press will take the % down
  5. A little off topic but it would be nice if we had more personalized set pieces in FM. Flick's over the wall, Lay off's, Corner routine's. Maybe an idea for FM18
  6. I usually find the young player philosophy kicks in when the season's done, they tend to judge you over the season with that but I'm sure you could try throw one or two U21's in your side if it's concerning you. Secondly, the board will let you change your philosophies maybe after the first season, so when you sign your new contract try to remove it in the club's vision, if your unable to do that then keep pestering the board about philosophy changes during the season. They give in after a bit. I've noticed that the philosophy's % bars can be a bit inaccurate sometimes but just keep with it, always sorts it's self out.
  7. I tend to stay away from Release Clauses but I'd imagine there would be some dialog for that when talking to the player about a move, My only experience is from buying players from La Liga, Most players seem to have one there and it's difficult to get them to accept anything lower than the release clause in there contract.
  8. Hello I was wondering if I can develop a dynamic rivalry from facing a club in European football. I manage Liverpool and over the past 3 seasons I've played Barcelona 8 times in Europe. 3 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws. A lot of these games have been in the later stages of the UCL. I've heard that the big games against teams in finals/semi's will affect the rivalry more. Is this possible that Barcelona could become a rival from me?
  9. Looks like the standard skin for FM Touch
  10. EDIT - Sorry for the double post, Anfield really is special. I think I'm destined to win it this year!
  11. Can you confirm if that Skin add's a picture for your female personal assistant?
  12. I jumped around my room when that Woodburn goal went in
  13. Resolute is a good personality, I'd say he doesn't need tutoring now. Or have I missed the question? Maybe your other senior defenders are learning preferred moves, that prevents them from tutoring a younger player.
  14. A lot of people have tested it, I know it affects the leadboard score at the end of the season. But it's true that SI don't say much about it
  15. Pretty sure it affects your leaderboard score of each season too, better salary = a higher ranking