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  1. Lost my save, what next?

    I think we have spoke before. We play the game in a very similar way. I have been thinking of doing a save with SM Caen. A team from the region of Normandy in France. I dont know much about the team but the region has an interesting history. Viking invasions and settlers. The first ruler of the region was a vikng. The club even has a viking on the badge. Was thinking of having a transfer policy of French and Scandanavian players. Players from the region of Normandy too.
  2. Best ever Regen

    Just had this kid in my youth intake. Never had anything like it. Looks incredible
  3. Tutor doesn't "see" the tutee

    He is accomplished at DC in my save.
  4. Tutor doesn't "see" the tutee

    He is accomplished at DC in my save.
  5. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I was just about to ask you this
  6. Your right with this makes no sense. I understand that changing them saves us money. But being able to shortlist them is an exploit. Be careful though, you may still be charged. Sometimes i have been, sometimes i haven't. This may be different now. The charges were inconsistant for me during the BETA and before the first update. The costs are my biggest issue with FM this year. I get that scouting costs money, and i accept that. But we are only told how much it will cost if it is outside our scouting range. Not knowing how much any assignment costs within our network really winds me up. I like to stay on top finances and this makes it difficult. FM goes on and on ablut realism. I think real clubs would know how much an assignment will cost before they agree to it. Also people who play with masking disabled are at an advantage. They scout a player once to get a full report. Masking enabled may have to scout 3 or 4 times, so it will cost more The better the scouts attributes the more assignments they can handle. If you play with masking disabled a scouts nation knowledge does not matter a single bit if you have both the top packages.
  7. Scouts Question

    Thats exactly how i thought it worked. Because its different now i thought i may be missing something. Scouts tend to return from an assignment quicker the more knowledge they have of that nation. Ive never really had much joy scouting nations or regions. I tend to scout competitions. Especially the youth competitions.
  8. Scouts Question

    My club has 0% knowledge of Algeria. I selected both world packages and created a filter for Algerian players. There was 148 players. I then used FMRTE to see how many Algerian players were in my database, that also showed 148 players. Same results with Italy, Russia and some other countries my club had zero knowledge. So, all players are appearing in the player search even with no knowledge of that nation. On previous version of FM, if i wanted more players of a certain nationality to appear in my player search i had to gain knowledge of that nationality by scouting that nation or hiring a scout from that nation.
  9. I understand that if you play with attribute masking enabled having scouts with various nationalities will increase the knowledge level of players with the scouts nationality. But if you play with masking disabled what is the point of hiring scouts with lots of different nationalities. Previous FMs this is what you did to reveal players in the player search. Now, this is done by packages. Am i missing something or can you now just hire the best and forget about the nationality
  10. do you play with masking enabled or disabled
  11. Attributes Hidden - On Some Players

    Also, more attributes will be visible of unscouted players if your managers player and youngster knowledge is a higher value. Packages also increase knowledge of the players along with the rep of the player. A scouts nationality also plays a part. If you have a French scout you will see more attributes of French players. This won’t be instant. It takes time for your club to learn that scouts knowledge of France. 100 days for complete knowledge I think
  12. Attributes Hidden - On Some Players

    Sounds like you have enabled attribute masking while setting up the game
  13. I know. Silly comment by myself. To be honest im not even sure it is an issue. Just looking through an old save now. The teams and players that do well (win competions/awards) seem to have very good decisions amongst the players in the squads. The highest scorers, pass completion, average rating etc are all topped by players with very good decisions
  14. I think i will put starting a save on hold until this potential issue is sorted