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  1. It is infuriating when you load up the game with a new patch and your first game is 3-0 win and every goal is a set piece
  2. Ok. I don't like the very low risk bit. That has stitched me up before. I was seeing a girl 10 years ago. She told me exactly the same about getting pregnant. Something to do with woman stuff. Happy Days I thought. Now I have two little twats interruping my FM time.
  3. Excellent. Im a bit wary of starting a save with the beta version. What are the risks of me doing so. I've never took part in a public beta and I don't want to start and find out you have made further changes that means I need to start a new game. I could probably wait until this afternoon for the official patch 😉
  4. With the 19.2.0 update does that fix the u18s and u23s in England not playing in the relavent league's despite accepting invitations to do so
  5. Not sure what other people see, but im getting a lot of long range goals from both teams
  6. Any plans to scrap Monday night football in Bundesliga in the next update after it was announced that they will be doing that
  7. I’m sure the magic spray was in FM18. I don’t think I have seen it for FM19. I could be wrong and I probably am
  8. HAHA. I was just late to the party. Im in now
  9. What is this new ME you speak of
  10. wicksyFM

    Position Training Bug

    ok. I won't bother uploading the save then. Let me know if yiu still need it
  11. Im not sure where thi bug should be posted. Basically, I get a message saying that a player cant develop beyond a certain point. However, this player has developed beyond that point and is now natural. Its a bit misleading.
  12. wicksyFM

    ME in Beta was better?

    Im having the opposite problem. My team can not stop crossing the ball and it gets on my nerves. Ive had matches where i get 50+ in a game.
  13. I think alot of people can accept bugs are present in the ME and that they always will be. Its never going to be perfect for everyone. I think peoples biggest issue is that FM has been out since November 2nd and it is now the 17th and nothing has changed. They are just getting no joy out of game that they love.
  14. When i score a goal...........that is not a set piece!