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  1. Morning people. My laptop is starting to really struggle to run FM to a speed im happy with. Player search is slow and im now waiting for a long time to procees between days. This is my current laptop: MSI GE62 2QF Apache Pro 219-HID1 15.6" i7-5700HQ 2.7-3.5GHz (GTX 970M 3GB / 128GB SSD + 1TB 7200RPM HDD / 16GB RAM / DVDRW) It was outstanding when i first got it. Its a few years old now. Im looking for a decent laptop that could run the top 5 leagues in europe with about 100k players at a decent speed. Price upto £800 Any ideas Thanks
  2. So. It begins. Mark Powell becomes the manager of Truro City. See you at the end of the season
  3. Time to give this a go. Been wanting to do it for years. My laptop is slowing down now and cant handle the big big saves im used to doing so this seems like a good challenge. Any tips for a first time player of this challenge. Im on Holiday right now. Looking to get Truro up
  4. I would wait until at least 2.Bundesliga. But, playing with a modified database may cause issues when it comes to putting your B team in a League. I only know what happens and how to get them playable on a standard database. But if you go ahead with the save, as your playing with a modified database the rep of your b team wont be an issue. They will get promoted if the players in the team are good enough.
  5. They can be promoted to 3rd tier. But it is not likely to happen. Their rep will be to low to have the chance of it happening. You could use the in game editor or a third party editor to boost your B team rep then you will have a higher chance of it happening
  6. I have this issue to. Is there a way to fix this. This ruins my save that i have spent weeks playing. I only wanted to play in the UK with a Brexit that makes playing in the UK a bit different
  7. Any idea when Brexit can happen during the game. Im in March 2021 and i am 99% sure i have not had an announcement yet?
  8. Is their a preffered foot for the two AMs. Left footed on the left side - right footed on right side etc
  9. Im losing interest with FM. I think the only save that will keep me interested is in England with some sort of Brexit scenario. I remember someone talking about checking for Brexit before committing to the save. They used some sort of editor and checked the agreements. Does anybody know exactly what to look for. I don't want to get two years into a save and Brexit gets cancelled
  10. Now we know Brexit is 100% going ahead will the next patch reflect this. Will we get some form of Brexit when starting a new game. I dont want to play a save in England where England stays in the EU.
  11. Can you get your B teams stadium expanded to meet the requirements of the Leagues they could play in. I want to ask my board to create a B Team for me. I have tested this and they put my created B Team in the Regionalliga (German 4th Tier). I know that they could potentially be promoted to 3.Liga. This happens based on B Team Rep. I can boost this with a 3rd party editor to give them a very good chance of promotion. BUT, their stadium is 3k capacity. 3.Liga requirements are stadiums with 10k. So, would my board expand my B Teams stadium to get them promoted. If this doesnt happen then they cant get promoted
  12. I am trying to play FM a different way. A little more realistic i suppose. I am trying to use my Director of Football to sign transfer targets. I am not letting him identify and bring in targets, i am doing that as i want the right players. So, i find a player. He has 5 star potential and would clearly be my best left winger. I have 9m in transfer budget and my scouts say potential cost is a max of 4.5. I tell him to go and get that player and he offers the club 1.1m and comes back saying the player costs to much. I then go and do it my self and get the player for 3.6m. This is happening over and over again, and i end up doing it myself. How can i improve the usage DoF. Or do you think this a poor way to play the game.
  13. I tweaked this tactic for the same reason. I now use full backs on support. One central defender is now on cover. A DLP and a CMs in midfield. The strikers are now both Pressing forwards. One on attack and one on support. Also using a higher defensive line and a high line of engagement. Sometimes use a shadow striker instead of the Pressing forward on support. Sometimes bring a striker back to make a midfield 3 and play with a DLPd BWM CMa. My results have been fine. Sitting top with a mid table team half way through the season
  14. One more thing mate. I leave training to assistant. What type of style of play would you say this tactic is. Vertical Tika Taka, Gegenpress etc
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