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  1. Catania Fc are in a terrible position financially in real life. Over €60m in debt. This isn’t in the game at all. https://sicilianfootball.substack.com/p/calcio-catanias-debt-crisis-worsens
  2. Cheers guys. The start of my divorce begins toinght 8pm
  3. Alright, alright. I will watch bake off then I’m back for the evening
  4. That’s it. I’m done for today. Need to catch up on bake off anyway
  5. If its not coming today can SI just say, so i can go outside and see people
  6. Does anybody know how may tiers will be playable in spain for FM22 now that the have restructured their league system
  7. Yes mate. You are right. Selected the same formation from the preset tactics and it looks all good. Thanks mate
  8. Fantastic Work. Really improves the game. I have noticed onr thing. No matter what formation i play the way the order of the positions is not in any sort of order. I have highlighted what i mean in the red box below. Any ideas
  9. Starting a save with Hellas Verona, and ive made Luca Toni the manager. The things we do in FM saves
  10. Talk of an update when your about to start a new save has just ruined my night
  11. The holy grail of football takeovers. Board will keep giving you money and you spend it. Happy days
  12. These comparisons were a big help. The growth in Aggression, Bravery, Teamwork, Workrate and Natural Fitness is either very small or none at all. They are the DNA attributes for my players. 😂 I do like a challenge.
  13. Definitely disappointing. But don’t let it put you off playing. If you can manage to load up a decent number of playable nations you will be fine for a good few years. It starts to become noticeable after about 5 years. SI have said the fix is save game compatible. Hopefully the fix is coming soon. Maybe you would of done a couple of seasons by the time they release it and you never notice the problem
  14. I have read on one of the bug reports about this problem that we should not be using advanced options to load players at the moment, and that came from someone from SI. This is what is putting me off starting a save. I just have no idea how best to set up the save to minimise the damage of this bug until a fix comes out. We have no idea how the fix will effect your save when it comes out.
  15. I had a WP permit rejected for Matteo Lovato and I just can’t work out how. The lad plays for Hellas Verona in the Serie A. He had made league appearances for them in the Serie A and he was capped at u21 level. Why would he be rejected 🤷‍♂️
  16. Just to give you an update. These are hidden for licensing reasons. They are still active. They just can’t be shown
  17. This is very true. I have read that Germany is pretty good this year. I might have to take a look 👀
  18. I don’t know if it happens second season. I asked in the data or league specific bug section for Italy. They have not replied. This was a couple of weeks ago
  19. Another one drives me mad is Catania not playing in the Coppa Italia despite playing in the cup in real life. You pick a save and you hope you might get a nice cup run going first season but you can’t
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