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  1. Guys, I'm literally at my wits end and don't/can't figure out how to proceed. Every save I have begins and ends in the same way. I start a new career with a lower league club (normally the German Bundelsiga III). I overachieve in the first two seasons and gain promotion to the top division using the same tactic (I've tried may different tactics, either downloaded from forums or created myself and have the same success in the first 2 seasons). Then it all goes wrong. I get hammered by virtually every team in the top flight, conceding 3, 4, 5 goals a game. My u
  2. The season went OK with Barca, did the double and walked the league. Struggled in the ECC though, knocked out to Bayern in the Quarter Finals.
  3. Not an amazing season with Arsenal, solid I would say. Media prediction was 5th, managed to finish 3rd behind Liverpool and City but did pick up the UEFA Cup in the process.
  4. Updated tactic. Shape and Team Instructions remain the same, only Player Roles have changed. I've found this has given much better and more consistent results. Below are the results with a range of different teams, different leagues and abilities: Bradford PA - Vanarama National League North Expected Position 19th Sassuolo - Italian Serie A Expected Position 11th Currently trying this with Arsenal in the Prem. Will update results/screenshots later.
  5. I guess plugging in the tactic midway through a season can cause some rough results after a while due to unfamiliarity. I really could do with sorting the set piece routines because at the moment I feel they are letting the tactic down a little, tend to concede a lot from corners and don't score many. Looks like you're having a strong start to the new season though, loving the friendly results! I'm sure the strong start is due to the high moral from the pre season hammerings! I'm currently testing an attacking version of the tactic for bigger teams who look to go on the offensiv
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I'm very glad this is working for you. Please let me know how you go for the rest of the season and any adjustments you make?
  7. I've encountered difficulty using it for an elite team. It still works well but you don't tend to get results like a lot of other elite tactics out there, this seems to work better for underdog teams. Maybe someone could adapt the tactic for bigger teams, maybe go more attacking and play wider would help?
  8. Hi Guys, I created this tactic to suit Lower League teams or underdogs in any respective league. The tactic consists of a very basic 4-4-2 formation with simplified player roles, which is why this works well with lower league teams, no over complicated player instructions or roles to fill! The tactic is based on the Gengenpress style with wingers and two pressing forwards. I've found that the two central midfielders will provide excellent opportunities for the marauding wingers to either score or set up a myriad of chances for the two forwards. Don't expe
  9. Don't get me wrong, I love your tactics Knap. Used your Oxford tactic with (ironically) Cambridge to get them into the Championship. Wasn't really happy with the lack of input from the striker in that tactic though so have started using your Dam Busters Extreme, no OI's. Very happy with the tactic at home but I concede for fun away. Have switched to two covering CB's and training as suggested above and will see how that pans out.
  10. Great at home but poor away from home, lost 4 of the last 5, all by one goal, yet at home I'm scoring 3-4-5 a game.
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