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  1. I was thinking of creating a new club in FM Touch 20 and starting in the lowest Brazilian league. A couple of questions: 1) (A general question) In an older version of the game, when one created a new club, one would choose an existing club to replace. In the newer versions, this doesn't happen. So how does this work? Does the game randomly select a team from the league one is starting in and remove it from the league? 2) (Brazil-specific question) I've tried creating a new Brazilian club before (when one chose an existing club to replace), but I didn't know the Brazilian league system that well, and found that the club I'd created (based in Rio de Janeiro) was playing in a wrong state championship. (In the Brazilian league system, there are simultaneous national and regional competitions). Rio's state competition is the Campeonato Carioca, and I was playing in a state championship in another part of the country. In FM Touch 18, when one created a club, one would select the city to base it in. So my question is whether the game is set up to ensure that the cities in Brazil are correctly linked to the state championships. Essentially, if I create a club in FM Touch 20 based in Rio de Janeiro, will I definitely be playing in the Rio state championship, the Campeonato Carioca?
  2. The Chief Scout can increase the size of his scouting team.
  3. When using pre-prepared saved tactics, the lists of all the set-piece takers (corners, free kicks, long throws) isn't being saved. It saves the list if one doesn't use pre-prepared tactics. The lists of penalty takers and captains is being saved. Is this a bug? If so, it's a pretty major bug and I'm amazed that it hasn't been rectified. Is there any way to fix it oneself?
  4. The first Assistant Manager I hired for my club, AFC Wimbledon, lasted a year. Another club came in for him and, in my newbiness, I didn't counter with my own new offer to my Ass Man. So he left. I went to the Staff Search and found the next outstanding candidate for the job - a Mr Wally Downes. Great name, I thought, and it rang a vague bell in my mind. So I looked him up on Wikipedia and then remembered who he was. Wally Downes played for Wimbledon FC, the precursor to AFC Wimbledon, back in the '80s, the time of the legendary Crazy Gang. Not only that, he is, according to Wikipedia, "often cited as being the main instigator of the Crazy Gang spirit at the club". So he was the perfect man to carry across the spirit of the old Wimbledon FC to the new AFC Wimbledon (if you know the history of the two clubs). He is, if you will, the club's shaman, and there probably could not have been a more perfect Ass Man fall into my lap, from a symbolic point of view. Have you ever experienced any moments of serendipity while playing Football Manager?
  5. When your team's on a bad run of form and you're trying to turn things around, do you focus on selecting: a) Your best players on paper? b) Your players who have the best recent form? c) Your most experienced players? d) Your players who have the most Determination and maybe Leadership? e) Your players with the best current morale? f) Other? EDIT: Added morale.
  6. I've been reading some real football articles on pressing/closing down. I've selected some parts from a couple of articles which I feel provide some insight that can be transferred to the FM game. Article 1: "Analysis: How a high-pressing game works in football" (Sportskeeda/ZainMahmood: https://www.sportskeeda.com/football/analysis-how-high-pressing-game-works-football) - Describes how high pressing/closing down tactics have been used by possession-hungry sides like Barcelona, Spain, Roma and Bayern Munich under Pep Guardiola, as well as sides a bit more direct with the ball, such as Chile, Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. - Importance of Work Rate across the team for pressing: "The formation requires all 11 players to press, and only at top sides like Real Madrid can a compromise of one player’s lack of defensive work-rate be reached." - Need for high-defensive backline with pressing tactics: "If the defence stays deep and the forwards press forward, then there is a lot of space in the middle of the park and all the keeper needs to do is knock the ball over the first line of pressure." - Need for defenders with Quickness and maybe Agility with the high line: "To stop this, the centrebacks need to be pacy and good on the ball so that they can run on the turn" - Sweeper Keeper: "The keeper needs to be quick and good on the ball to advance forward and sweep up any loose balls (Manuel Neuer and Hugo Lloris are brilliant in this regard)." - Need for high Stamina with high closing down tactics: "The biggest problem in this system. It takes a lot of running and energy to sustain this pressing for 90 minute". - Need for all players in team to work together with high closing down tactics: "Disjointed Pressing: If one player neglects his defensive responsibilities, it could be catastrophic for the entire system." - Don't press against more skilful teams: "A good team, which can keep the ball and stretch the opposition, can stand up to a high pressing system. The can keep the opposition moving and tire them out before striking" Article 2: "Pressing, Counterpressing and Counterattacking" (martiperarnau/Adin Osmanbasic: https://www.martiperarnau.com/pressing-counterpressing-and-counterattacking/) - Interesting discussion of when Mourinho's Inter Milan played Barcelona. He didn't want his players to have the ball: "Mourinho’s men immediately rid themselves of the ball in transition in order to avoid any sort of disorganization which would stem from being counterpressed or losing the ball after a counterattack. Mourinho said after the game that he didn’t want his side to have the ball". So in FM terms, it could be said that Mourinho was using a Defensive mentality, with a high level of team Structure, and with a low level of Closing Down. - Use of Closing Down tactics with high defensive line: "If a team played with a high defensive line but didn’t pressure the ball they would concede a lot of goals because of allowing long passes into the space behind the defenders". - "If a team which played very horizontally compact didn’t pressure the ball they would have a very hard time defending because every switch of the ball would expose the underloaded far side". I don't quite get this. - "The ball is much easier to take from an opponent who controls it poorly". This suggests that a more skilful team should press a less skilful team, which is maybe why Guardiola's Barcelona did it, as well as other top sides. - "Pressing is not always “collective” either, the collective positional structure is made up of individual players in specific positions and specific phases. Some players might still be focusing on “defensive organization” while others are already pressing together." I was thinking about this - it would make sense to have the defenders holding their structure and have more forward players pressing. Can one set it up like this in FM? - Suggestion that the Positioning and Concentration attributes in FM would be important for effective closing down tactics: "Preparation is an important aspect of both counterpressing and pressing. In order to properly pressure the ball, the players must be positioned in the correct areas before the ball is lost. It requires concentration as well as the ability to quickly switch mentality from attack to defense". - Regarding width and counterattacking: "What is important is relative width to the defense – an offensive team only needs to be wide enough to stretch the defense. Anything beyond that could have adverse effects depending on the team’s strategy." Summary So these are my takeouts: - If you're the superior/more skilful side it's good to use higher closing down levels, and if you're the weaker/less skilful it's good to use lower closing down levels. - Pressing tactics not good if playing with Defensive mentality and high team Structure. - Need for a high defensive line with pressing tactics. - Defenders with Quickness and Agility required for the high backline needed with pressing tactics. - Importance of Sweeper Keeper with pressing tactics (sorry, Joe Hart). - Important for all players in team to be able to press, unless you're Real Madrid. - Don't play too wide. - Work Rate, Stamina, Positioning, Concentration are important player attributes for effective pressing. My Tactics With this new information, this is how I think I will adjust my closing down levels: - My balanced 4-2-3-1 - While playing in League One and am a dominant team, I should probably use higher closing down levels. When I get promoted and become a comparatively weaker side, I should use less closing down. - My defensive 4-1-2-3 - When using a Defensive mentality, I should use lower closing down levels. If I decide to use this formation with a Counterattack mentality, then possibly could use a higher closing down level, but I would be losing defensive structure. - My attacking 4-4-2 - Since this is a very high-tempo attacking formation for when chasing games, I think it should have a higher closing down level, taking more risks to increase the chance of reward.
  7. I give my summer tournament players - well, player - two weeks rest from training and playing on his return.
  8. I've got a really good 19 year-old Northern Irish regen striker called Stephen Devlin. Recently, I've received a scout report about a talented 19 year-old Irish regen number ten. His name is Philip Devlin. I don't think he and Stephen Devlin are twins since they were born eight days apart, and Stephen Devlin was born in Belfast and Philip Devlin was born in Dublin. While doing a name search to relocate Philip Devlin's page, I came across an interesting young 19 year-old Irish left back with good-looking stats for his age. His name is Derek Devlin, but probably no immediate relation to Philip Devlin, since he was born three weeks later, and in Leixlip. I've since spotted two promising young Northern Irish strikers a little younger than Stephen, Philip and Derek Devlin. Their names are Gary Devlin and Joel Devlin. My dilemma is wondering how many of them I should purchase. Even a striker/number ten combo of Devlin and Devlin might get confusing, but add in Devlin swinging in crosses and Devlin and Devlin coming off the bench, it could become mind-boggling. Well, I guess there was once Joe Cole, Ashley Cole and Carlton Cole playing for Chelsea... Have you been faced with any dilemmas while playing Football Manager?
  9. It's easier to destroy something from the inside.
  10. I'm still not really sure what closing down settings to use for my team's tactics, or even much about how they are successfully used. A first thought was that maybe the weaker team should close down more to try and stop the stronger team from playing, but I'm not sure whether that's the case. If a weaker team is using defensive tactics, do they even want to be closing down more? By moving towards the ball, they are losing team shape, something very important to defense, and creating holes that can be exploited. Furthermore, attacking teams may use high closing down tactics, such as Guardiola's Barcelona and Klopp/Liverpool's gegenpressing. I can see how a counter-attacking style might benefit from high levels of closing down, as it's all about the regaining of possession of the ball followed by a rapid transition to attack. Take the team I am playing, for example. Currently I'm top dog in League One, where I'm attacking a lot. Next season, I'll be promoted to the Championship and it'll be a very different kettle of fish, with a lot more utilization of defensive tactics, while trying to find points against much stronger teams. Should my closing down settings change as I go from being the stronger team to the weaker team? Or maybe it's also something that should be linked to the attributes of the team? I have a team with very high levels of Determination, Teamwork and Work Rate. With a team that's strong in these areas, should be using higher levels of closing down? Maybe Stamina and Natural Fitness may also play apart. Here are my three main tactics and thoughts on what closing down settings they should use. Balanced 4-2-3-1 - I'm not really sure what closing down settings to use. I used to use high pressing, but now use normal, but for no particular reason as I don't know what I'm doing. Defensive 4-1-2-3 - For use against superior opposition. Again, I don't know about the closing down - part of me thinks I should be closing down more in order to stop the stronger team from passing the ball, but the other part of me thinks I should be closing down less in order to retain defensive shape. Could it perhaps depend on the tactics? If I'm using this formation with a Defensive mentality, then less closing down for structure reasons, but if using Counter, then use more closing down? Attacking 4-2-4 - Basically, an all-out attack, changing the No. 10 of the 4-2-3-1 into a striker, possibly with more direct passing. I'm guessing that for this very attacking formation, that closing down level should be high, as it's all about aggressively getting the ball and attacking. Any thoughts on how best to use the closing down settings in one's tactics?
  11. Thanks for the advice. He'll be playing in the Championship next season (with my team). I think I'll keep him as a winger for the time being, as he seems to be doing okay in that role and there are other attributes that need developing. Three Inside Forward attributes he's a bit lacking in are Composure, Long Shots and Finishing. Raumdeuter sounds a bit fancy for a League One player.
  12. Yeah, that's it. While I'm here, what do you think I should train him as? His left-footedness is reasonable and his traits are: Gets Forward Whenever Possible, Looks For Pass Rather Than Attempting to Score, Runs With Ball Often He's a good crosser and not so good dribbler or finisher, so I think probably it would be best to keep him as a Winger rather than make him an Inside Forward.
  13. I've bought a talented 21 year-old left-winger who is right-footed (Right, not Right Only). He currently has no capability for playing on the right wing. He has a full green circle for the Winger role and half circles for Inside Forward and Advanced Playmaker. He has no capability as an Inverted Winger and there is no option to train him as one. As a winger playing on the side opposite to his footedness I would have thought Inverted Winger would be his best role, so it's surprising that this isn't even an option. Why is this?
  14. In the early hours of the morning I had a change of heart and decided to cheat. First, I loaded a save from a few in-game weeks previously and offered a new contract to the player, without the release clause, to check he would actually have signed it, which he did. Then I went back to the save before the release clause-triggering bids came in and, using FMRTE, I changed the contract clause to something insignificant (as I couldn't work out how to remove it). Then I offered the player a new contract, which he signed. I left it until the next day to decide which version of reality I was going to continue playing with. I'm not one for cheating in games, but I don't have too many qualms about correcting an egregious oversight if I feel it's unrealistic and if I feel it will spoil my enjoyment of a game going forward. I had been aware that I needed to tie this mid-season signing down to a new contract, and he'd been considering a new contract for a couple of weeks before the bids came in for him. But, over a few hours of play, it had slipped my mind to offer him the contract a bit earlier, until it was a bit too late. I can rationalize this in that, in-game, this was a period of weeks or months, and I would have remembered to do it over such a time period, particularly as I would have a secretary. So you could throw back Dan Gosling leaving Everton at me, but I don't care. It's my game!
  15. An associated issue, in Touch at least as I don't know about the full version, is that one cannot see all the scouting assignments one has already ordered and that are waiting to be processed. In the Scouting Assignments screen, it will show only the next assignments in the queue, something like a dozen names. So what I think the game needs is a dedicated scouting assignments screen showing all scouting assignments that have been ordered. This would be similar to other screens that list players, so one could display different views showing their attributes or other info. This screen would be a ladder, so if one wanted to prioritize a particular scouting assignment , one could simply move it up the ladder to the top. One would also be able to easily cancel any assignments from this screen, as currently one has to remember which player has been ordered to be scouted and then go to their page to cancel the assignment. EDIT: On this dedicated scouting assignment screen, it could also show how many days until the scouting report is expected to be received.
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