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  1. Opfer is from the same root as "offer". Opfermann is apparently a occupational name for a churchwarden, one who took the collection (offerings) in church. Now Luís Boa Morte... means "famous warrior good death".
  2. So are Walter and Malcolm. ETA: Actually it's Malcom, not Malcolm.
  3. Sardinha is the 383rd most common surname in Portugal, and, on average, there will be one person with the surname Sardinha per 3,008 people in Portugal. There are more people with the Sardinha surname in Angola and Brazil, both of which are former Portuguese colonies, than in Portugal itself. Cite: https://forebears.io/surnames/sardinha People named Hermenegildo with Wikipedia pages: Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, Spanish painter Hermenegildo Capelo, Portuguese explorer Hermenegildo da Costa Paulo Bartolomeu, Angolan football (soccer) player Hermenegildo Galeana, Mexican war he
  4. Since Off The Ball is about the movement and positioning of one's players without the ball, when your team is in possession of the ball, I think this attribute would probably have little to no importance to a sweeper keeper.
  5. Here's Klopp's stats: It seems okay to me. Klopp isn't known for being a tactical manager. His strongest stats are Mental, Determination, Man Management and Motivating, which seems accurate.
  6. Not sure. You can also buy 'National Management' DLC/Add-on.
  7. You can upload a correct picture of him into your game.
  8. How important is one's assistant manager's tactical style? Which is better, an Ass Man whose tactical style matches the way you want to play, but who has less good stats, or an Ass Man with better stats, but whose tactical style is different to one's own?
  9. So you're saying that everyone in the game with a computer-generated face has two faces - a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde version, if you will? If so, think I'd find that annoying and it'd be enough to make me hold off on starting a game until it's fixed.
  10. I've started a whole bunch of new games now, and can report that, each time, I will get one or other of the two faces above.
  11. It needs a save option so badly. It would save a lot of hassle. As would an option to take one's kit design directly from the kit designer to a practise game/area to see how they actually look on the field, for tweaking purposes. I'm keeping having to start new test games and arranging friendlies, which is getting really annoying. One can't edit one's kits after a game has started, so it's important to be happy with one's kit designs before commencing.
  12. I've been doing some testing to see how my kits look in a match, so I've been starting new games with the same manager profile. Now, a new face has emerged in-game from the same manager profile:
  13. When one creates a new manager's appearance, it doesn't appear to match up well with how the manager actually appears in the game. Take the example below. The two people you see before you are supposed to be the same person, but don't even look as though they're related to each other.
  14. Here's the equivalent page for FC Barcelona: Anyone have any idea of how these stats function in the game?
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