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  1. Thanks Fox for reporting on the forums and sorry you have encountered some issues on your steams, These PKM's are quite old, however I do have some better news for them. The first, the Ghost Goal has had some improvements in ME the game you are playing currently and we have had a few rare reports of it on the forums over the festive period, which we are reviewing, which our team have been replying to, to get more information like recent pkms. These seem to be linked to tactical changes for human managers only, from reports it looks like a quick combination of changes, which we
  2. Thank you for logging this example with us, this PKM is extremely valuable to us and the development of our game to make the ME the best it can be. The ball has teleported away from the penalty spot here, which should not happen. That is a bug that we have logged internally. Cheers for your help in contributing to make a better game and I hope you enjoy your save . Nic
  3. Changes were made to help benefit Analysis, however I will have to check further in regards to playing time for development? The changes are only match ratings, so the playing time is still calculated and will still factor from my understanding, however @Seb Wassell maybe best to answer this question. Cheers, Nic
  4. Hey Joey Numbaz, I done some more research here and it was in fact changed this cycle to make the balance better for other areas of the game and this has now changed so that if a player does not play at least 1/4 of the match, they will not get a rating and this in turn will not flag them up in any Post Match Analysis as a player that contributed very little to the match. So this was infact changed this cycle from the previous 15 minutes, which can be debated of course and we have logged this to continue the debate to get the right balance overall here. Reviewing your screenshots here an
  5. No, this hasn't changed as far as I am aware, it is 15 minutes of playing time to get a match rating.
  6. Hi Nic.

    Strange happenings with the newest beat update,

    Can´t update the beta and get this error message:


    Any idea ??

    Cheers W.

    1. Nic Madden

      Nic Madden

      Follow the steam instructions here, there is an FAQ that will help.

      Also, you still owe me a post from the other day, don’t think I haven’t forgotten ;)



    2. Fire_03


      Thx try ist.

      Yes me too - don´t forgotten about the backpass thread ;-)

  7. This is not true btw. I would actually play the game yourself instead of hearing other users comments. If the Wide Midfielder is on a Support Duty, they will tuck in and help their players. If the Widest Player is on an Attack Duty, they will stay wider and be ready for the counter attack. I'm obviously disappointed to hear you've asked for a refund, as a fan of the game myself, this is a shame. However, please understand that this is an Early Access Beta and we are trying hard to fix and improve certain aspects of the game. Cheers, Nic
  8. Can you log this as a Bug in the UI forums if you don't like this please If you read the description when you select the "Free Kick Taker" it will give you a clear understanding of what "Mixed" means in this context. Cheers, Nic
  9. It was on the build notes that the Attacking Corner Default for Human Users only that they were quite “vanilla”. We are looking to update them for release. However, since we have put a lot of time into Set Pieces, the default being quite basic does let those users who didn’t create their own Set Pieces before go and get creative I like to see this as a nice opportunity for fans of the game to expand their knowledge of the game and Set Piece Set-Up I hope you all keep enjoying the Early Access Beta of FM18, keep reporting bugs in the bugs forum and most importantly get deep i
  10. Lack of Variation for Attacking Corners was on the known issues list and it was only for Human Managers. Nice to read that Welbeck19 done the best thing in this situation and created his own instead of using the defaults. The defaults will be changed, however this is the best way to enjoy attacking corners at this time, time to get creative guys
  11. Intended Behaviour of all roles. Both the Human and the AI will not pick the Segundo Volante, the Mezzala and the Carrilero as the Central Player, as these are roles that are best when they are paired with another player (Segundo Volante) and best when in a wide central midfielder (Mezzala & Carrilero). The new roles are in the game to add to formations and flexibility. These three new roles are all functional to a specific formation type to help with realism. Cheers, Nic
  12. If you think it is a bug with the tactical analysis, then upload your save and report it in the forums please :). As without a save, we are unable to give you the best answer, as there are tool tips that are useful here to help you see why you are getting scored in certain areas. Cheers, Nic
  13. To answer any questions regarding the change of ME Number from 1703 to 1704, it was clearly mentioned in the patch notes. - Fixed divergence warning appearing during a match Thank you for all of the positive and constructive feedback you are all providing. Cheers, Nic
  14. Thank you for reporting on the forums, I actually have read through eple's posts in the Private Beta Forum regarding this. SI Staff have replied to eple directly in that particular thread. This is still under review internally. We have made changes to this area of the game from the previous version and we are still looking to make improvements for the future. However, I hope you understand that this is a subjective area of the game and a subjective stat overall. Whilst you may feel it is important to know the definition of a Key Pass, it is important to note that this is a very stat
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