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  1. Thanks Lucas & Wazza, This is something that cannot be rectified for release. This functionality was not possible to keep due to other features that were done to enhance the set piece takers in FM2020 and keep the same routines between all tactics, which was a design choice taken at the time and we were not able to develop this new FR without unfortunately removing this functionality. Being able to share routines across different tactics and making set pieces easier to set up and save took priority in the design decisions overall. Cheers, Nic
  2. Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their feedback on our Beta version of the match engine, especially those who uploaded PKM's for us to review. The reason we ask for PKMs is that every decision a player makes is based on a incredible number of variables, meaning that each case is unique in their own way. This means that specific examples are incredibly useful for the development team. When testing improvements, we can replay certain decisions and events in our updated Match Engines and see if it is still happening. Understandably this is an extremely busy time for us so we've been unable to reply to each thread individually. But we want to assure everyone each individual thread gets read, even if they don’t get a specific reply. It’s a very important part of our development process to look at your feedback and examples when looking at how we can move forward. The beta feedback this year has been very helpful and productive, and the main concerns raised fortunately matched up with what we believed to be the main issues internally and we have been working hard on some good improvements. It’s good to know that we were on the same page as you guys and we strongly believe that the release version of the ME is going to be the best we’ve ever released. To give you guys an idea of the kind of work that has been going on – we have been working around the clock analysing the main issues we have and working out how we can make them better. We have had over 10 different internal MEs since the beta has gone out that all have required intensive testing and analysis. This is a substantial amount of work and is testament to how passionate and hard working the development team are. Working on the ME is incredibly difficult, there’s so many variables and decisions being made that even a small change to tweak e.g. long shots balance can have drastic effects elsewhere in the game. This means that it can be a very difficult balancing act to get things just right, but we are convinced that there’s a much better balance overall in the release ME that we think will be noticeable and enjoyable. This doesn’t just apply to the match AI either, there are also many improvements to the graphics, art and animation that we are excited for you guys to see. Thank you all for your feedback! We all hope you continue to enjoy your saves and love playing FM2020 Match Team
  3. This is by design, as it would be inconsistent to the functionality of Quick Pick otherwise.
  4. Thank you for reporting this and providing the PKM. Obviously, these mistakes do happen IRL, but we don't want to simulate them too often This has been logged for review with our Dev Team. Cheers, Nic
  5. Please may you provide a PKM for this match Jon? I saw you also posted this on facebook as well, would be useful for you to help us get this fixed. Cheers, Nic
  6. We have actively improved the CB's positioning when there is a Half-Back present for FM2020 in the ME, so could you please identify what you see as a problem? We need examples that show this as well as the timestamps. Cheers, Nic
  7. Can I get a PKM for this please ? We have reported this, though it would be good to get as many examples as possible for our Dev Team to review. Cheers, Nic
  8. Do you have your squad "filtered" as this seems very strange otherwise? If not, providing a save from before this happened is the only way we can help. Cheers, Nic
  9. Thanks dandy1903 - this was reported and I've managed to reproduce this now, this is under review with our Dev Team. This is a separate report mtm130fm, however we do have this functionality in the game. For every competition that this is valid. If you see that it is not in the competition rules for a particular competition, then please report this as a data issue. The Match can only work with the information it is being given from our DB. Cheers, Nic
  10. Thanks for reporting a PKM here ManUtd1 - very useful. I have logged your example for review from our Dev Team. SolGoat, please can you attach a PKM for me to review and log with our Dev Team? Would very much appreciate it, the more examples of this one the better for testing purposes. Cheers, Nic
  11. Yeah, this is a game play issue, I will move it over there now
  12. Thanks Mattwood22, sorry I was not clear, I would need a save from before the match to review, as your tactical analysis board is not present in match, it is a Pre-Match FR. Cheers, Nic
  13. Thanks @mattwood22, if you would like help and more clarification, please upload a save and we will do our best to help and review if it is an issue: Cheers, Nic
  14. Thanks for providing a PKM @LPS_96, this is very helpful for us to investigate this further and see if we can find more goals like this and see if it is a trend or an issue. Obviously, we want to try and create the most accurate simulation of football and well, I thought you would enjoy this: I hope you continue to enjoy your save and FM2020 Nic
  15. Thanks for your compliments @Dokken1212 and we are very glad you are enjoying FM2020 and the Match Engine experience. We try out hardest to make the most accurate simulation of football and with that in mind, our AI managers will also be making tactical changes to try and win the match or get the result that they need, so this seems very circumstantial. There are some great people on the forums, so please reach out and seek advice to make the most of your substitutions, as maybe the changes you are making are leaving you open to be countered by an AI Manager. We hope you continue to enjoy the game, get some wins under your belt and yes, if you feel it is an issue that you want to raise further, then please provide some PKM's and maybe a save from before a match to provide more context and investigation. Cheers, Nic
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