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  1. Thank you LaytonBhoy, We all care in the studio about the game, please remember we are all fans of the game too. The kit clash system is unfortunately not as simply as just fixing one example or one team, we have hundreds of thousands of teams to balance. I won't mention I asked for the new third kit for Christmas then Your examples are now under review . Cheers, Nic
  2. Yeah, this is a game play issue, I will move it over there now
  3. Sorry for the late reply on this Herne79. The AI are more willing to rotate players, make more subs in friendlies as they need to make sure the condition of the players isn't hindered completely. The importance of the match is factored in. The strings that the user is given before friendlies are also more geared to asking the player to "impress" or "the result doesn't matter" and the AI have the ability to do this too. I hope this helps. Cheers, Nic
  4. After reading through all of the feedback within this thread, it becomes very clear how passionate everyone is about FM and we really do appreciate that level of commitment within the studio. We all share a love for the game, whether it be El Payaso, Neil Brock, DP, KUBI or I, we all contribute to the game in our different ways and its development. In terms of customer service, I agree with Brock's points above, we do wish we had the resources to enter communication and answer every thread, however the amount of posts and the amount of resources we have, we cannot possibly answer them all.
  5. Changes were made to help benefit Analysis, however I will have to check further in regards to playing time for development? The changes are only match ratings, so the playing time is still calculated and will still factor from my understanding, however @Seb Wassell maybe best to answer this question. Cheers, Nic
  6. Hey Joey Numbaz, I done some more research here and it was in fact changed this cycle to make the balance better for other areas of the game and this has now changed so that if a player does not play at least 1/4 of the match, they will not get a rating and this in turn will not flag them up in any Post Match Analysis as a player that contributed very little to the match. So this was infact changed this cycle from the previous 15 minutes, which can be debated of course and we have logged this to continue the debate to get the right balance overall here. Reviewing your screenshots here an
  7. No, this hasn't changed as far as I am aware, it is 15 minutes of playing time to get a match rating.
  8. Thanks for adding this @Powermonger, this is something that is already covered by other FR requests from previous years, however I appreciate you taking the time to add further thoughts. This also really is part of the other suggestion you made in the thread that you previously linked also, as this is an aspect of closing down. This has been reviewed, so I am closing off. I hope you continue to enjoy FM18 Cheers, Nic
  9. Thank you for adding this @Powermonger. This has been reviewed so I am locking this post. I hope you continue to enjoy FM18 Cheers, Nic
  10. This has been reviewed so I am closing it off. However, we have make improvements for Player Ratings for FM18 so I hope you are enjoying this, both in the Full Match Engine and the Quick Match Engine (Background Games) to achieve a better balance overall. I hope you all continue to enjoy FM18 Cheers, Nic
  11. Thanks for reporting on the forums, as I am sure you are aware, we have added more duties to IWB's to make them more realistic and add more personality to the roles. I hope that you are enjoying them in FM18 Cheers, Nic
  12. Thanks XaW, this has been reviewed and so I am locking it now.
  13. Thank you for reporting PHITSO, this is now fixed in the latest update of FM18. I hope you enjoy the game further now Cheers, Nic
  14. This has now been reviewed and logged @tiago_wakabayashi. Thanks for your input here on the game . I hope you continue to enjoy your FM18 Save. Cheers, Nic
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