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  1. Going to assume the in-game character doesn't have to be English like Greaves? If so, here's my profile! Name: DoigaldinhoDate of birth (will be 17 at game start): 11/04Nationality & place of birth: Rio de Janiero, BrazilianStarting Club (17-18 EPL only): Newcastle 2 high technical attributes: Finishing, First Touch2 high mental attributes: Composure, Determination2 high physical attributes: Pace, AgilityUp to 1 PPM: Places ShotsFavoured club: PortsmouthDIsliked club: SouthamptonFavoured personnel (and why): Pep Guardiola (aim to play under him in the game!)DIsliked personnel: Lionel Messi,
  2. Doiggy_2007

    Graphics Question

    Hi, I'm trying to add graphics into the game, however have a really small C drive so have saved them onto a D hard drive (this is where I save the majority of items on my PC) - is there a way I can get them into the game from there? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Re-started my save with United after months of inactivity on it! Have now finished the first season and came away with the FA Cup & the League title - lost in the final of the Capital One Cup to Chelsea 1-0! Squad at the start of the second season is looking like this: GK: De Gea/Leali/Jovic CB: Varane/Evans/Rojo CB: Jones/Balanta/Stones LWB: Shaw/Blind RWB: Rafael/Clyne CDM: Romero/Gil Romero CM: Di Maria/Mata/Odegaard CM: Pogba/Tielemans/Verratti ST: Januzaj/Depay ST: Falcao/Wilson/Berahino ST: Rooney/Reus Fairly sure there's a couple of players there I've missed out - but hoping to make it a treble this season!! Any recommendations to where I can improve the team? liamboye - Van Persie got over 20 goals for me first season, but I sold him at the end of the campaign for £18.5m to Real Madrid!
  4. Could always set yourself the challenge that you're only allowed to use players generating from the youth system? ---- Ended up started again after having a play around to get used to the feel of the game again! Signed Mitrovic, Balanta, Souttar and Zivkovic - shipped out Cleverley and a whole host of players on loan. Into October at the minute but performing really well. Gave James Wilson his debut in a Champs League Group Stage game against Basle; he came on at half-time and finished with a hat-trick! Will post an update at the end of the season!
  5. Just got a new beefed up computer yesterday so started with United!Signed Shaw for £26m (I think) and Balanta for £7.5m!Not sure whether to keep Round as assistant or not - what would you guys recommend?
  6. Long-term lurker, just read this from the start! Must say, brilliant read - think you've inspired me to get back to playing FM more!
  7. Doiggy_2007

     Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Thread

    Is there a way to make a new mailbox on the iPhone? Would be easier if I could move certain items to different folders on my phone.
  8. Not sure where to ask this, but either way, I managed to sign Higuain for £3.5m from Madrid, joining 1st July 2011. Anyone else signed him for this little? He was injured for 3-5 months, and got moved to the reserves, so yeah, this would have impacted, but just wondering if anyone else has been this lucky..
  9. Doiggy_2007

    Romanian Music

    Freedom by Dan Balan is a good choice mate.
  10. Thought I'd show you all my Arsenal squad mid-way through the second season. Here's how I'm doing in the league, Chelsea are bloody annoying with the amount they've conceded.
  11. Doiggy_2007

    [FM11] dafuge on tour

    Good to see you coming home Daf, . Hopefully see you bring some success to Pompey .
  12. I can't seem to find the DLR (Dynamic League Reputation) anywhere. I've seen screenshots of it showing the competitions position (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc), the stars the competition earns and up/down arrows telling you whether it's moved position. It shows what I'm looking for at about 8:30 in that video. Any help lads?
  13. Doiggy_2007

    Achievements not unlocking on Steam?

    I've already done that mate, thanks though! I can't remember whether I was offline or not when doing it, they might unlock when I do them again I guess! They weren't in pre-season mate . It was all competitive matches. Thanks mate.
  14. Doiggy_2007

    Achievements not unlocking on Steam?

    Sorry to post again, still got nothing. Any solutions?
  15. Learn to be patient, you'd only waited 4 minutes before asking again. When ingame, press shift and tab and it'll show some of your achievements. Follow the link from there to see them all.