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  1. Hi all, What do people think of these specs? Just got a new work laptop and wanted to get FM19 on here - it's a Microsoft Surface Pro! Don't use the 3D Match engine - and not entirely sure I've got enough info for anyone to advise, so if anything else is needed, let me know! Thanks!
  2. Going to assume the in-game character doesn't have to be English like Greaves? If so, here's my profile! Name: DoigaldinhoDate of birth (will be 17 at game start): 11/04Nationality & place of birth: Rio de Janiero, BrazilianStarting Club (17-18 EPL only): Newcastle 2 high technical attributes: Finishing, First Touch2 high mental attributes: Composure, Determination2 high physical attributes: Pace, AgilityUp to 1 PPM: Places ShotsFavoured club: PortsmouthDIsliked club: SouthamptonFavoured personnel (and why): Pep Guardiola (aim to play under him in the game!)DIsliked personnel: Lionel Messi,
  3. Hi, I'm trying to add graphics into the game, however have a really small C drive so have saved them onto a D hard drive (this is where I save the majority of items on my PC) - is there a way I can get them into the game from there? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Re-started my save with United after months of inactivity on it! Have now finished the first season and came away with the FA Cup & the League title - lost in the final of the Capital One Cup to Chelsea 1-0! Squad at the start of the second season is looking like this: GK: De Gea/Leali/Jovic CB: Varane/Evans/Rojo CB: Jones/Balanta/Stones LWB: Shaw/Blind RWB: Rafael/Clyne CDM: Romero/Gil Romero CM: Di Maria/Mata/Odegaard CM: Pogba/Tielemans/Verratti ST: Januzaj/Depay ST: Falcao/Wilson/Berahino ST: Rooney/Reus Fairly sure there's a couple of players there I've missed out - but hoping to make it a treble this season!! Any recommendations to where I can improve the team? liamboye - Van Persie got over 20 goals for me first season, but I sold him at the end of the campaign for £18.5m to Real Madrid!
  5. Could always set yourself the challenge that you're only allowed to use players generating from the youth system? ---- Ended up started again after having a play around to get used to the feel of the game again! Signed Mitrovic, Balanta, Souttar and Zivkovic - shipped out Cleverley and a whole host of players on loan. Into October at the minute but performing really well. Gave James Wilson his debut in a Champs League Group Stage game against Basle; he came on at half-time and finished with a hat-trick! Will post an update at the end of the season!
  6. Just got a new beefed up computer yesterday so started with United!Signed Shaw for £26m (I think) and Balanta for £7.5m!Not sure whether to keep Round as assistant or not - what would you guys recommend?
  7. Long-term lurker, just read this from the start! Must say, brilliant read - think you've inspired me to get back to playing FM more!
  8. Not sure where to ask this, but either way, I managed to sign Higuain for £3.5m from Madrid, joining 1st July 2011. Anyone else signed him for this little? He was injured for 3-5 months, and got moved to the reserves, so yeah, this would have impacted, but just wondering if anyone else has been this lucky..
  9. Thought I'd show you all my Arsenal squad mid-way through the second season. Here's how I'm doing in the league, Chelsea are bloody annoying with the amount they've conceded.
  10. Good to see you coming home Daf, . Hopefully see you bring some success to Pompey .
  11. Got Man Utd as a parent club, and guess who they sent me? Connor Wickham haha.
  12. Naughton didn't want to come! Donaldson I got as back up for Brown in centre-midfield. Nouble I got for leftwing, so I don't have to play Utaka there, and Darby is back up for right back! Let Flahavan go as well. Anyone completed the demo yet?
  13. Finally out the embargo on mine, managed to get Stephen Darby, Frank Nouble and Ryan Donaldson on loan, and got Tom Soares coming in for £0 from Stoke in January!
  14. Great thread Ty, good work Can I be the first to update then? Managed to sign a few players on freebies, Rui Marques, Adriano Basso, a nice young winger called Ismael Fofana, someone else I think, but haven't loaded the game up! Sporting a 4-2-3-1, with Kitson loan striker, and Hughes/Brown sitting in front of the back four, doing really well, into the third round of the league cup, only lost one out of 6 in the league, winning the others. Really going to enjoy this save I think!
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