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  1. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Got it saturday afternoon, could not test it much so far, speed wise it's superb while processing Thanks for your time again
  2. In every version of the game I'm always surprised how english based players are rated and especially overrated I just can't understand why a player like Leighton Baines has top player attributes for years in every version of the game for example Same goes for a lot of EPL ans Championship teams and players, year after year I can perfectly understand that SI core fans might be found in the Uk, but it sounds quite unfair to me regarding others top League in Europe
  3. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Thanks again for your time @Smurf ! I go for it !
  4. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Thx Smurf Speed wise, do you think the game will be able to process quite quickly ? or the processor is still too low ?
  5. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi guys I'm planning to buy a new laptop before November I can have a discount in France on this model https://us-store.acer.com/laptops/gaming/predator-helios-300-gaming-laptop-ph317-51-7578 Graphic wise i know it will be more than enough But will I be able to run a decent amount of leagues (at least 8 ) with large DB ? thx for your time !
  6. I only play with English GK Just kidding, I try not to sign the same players in my different saves I create tactic myself, and don't have a an established one, I always try to change from save to save Focusing on domestic players to sign is also a good rule that you can fill with ease in France, and I te always a nice challenge
  7. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    The first save will be with Marseille, where i want to bring Ligue 1 trophy in town ! But with PSG crazy summer, might be really tough to compete !
  8. Hi guys Dont know if it had been already discussed in past threads, But we can see that every League in Europe is getting more and more money deal after deal in TV rights But this is not reprensented in FM16 at all Even when you focus in developing a league, let's say France, ranked 5 in FM 16 at the start of the season While progressing through ranks it s not reprensented economically Which is an absolute non sens according me Thx for reading
  9. Refund(s)

    Hi guys, There is a well know quote which sumarizes my thoughts here: "Who pays his debts grows rich" Playing FM for a long time now, i still don't understand why we can't make an early refund for several situations ,when our transfer balance//club balance is insanely positive, i would imagine that we might be able to do so at the end of each transfer period, in order to limit our monthly expenses and to get a litlle bit more involved on the club economical life For example: -Early Refunding for the stadium or either loans contracted by the owner that will take crazy money out of the club balance month after month after month.... -If you previously bought a player with several installments, being allowed to pay the remaining amount straight away if you can and want to, i would see this process like the way we are currently dealing clauses (selling and buying existing clauses for our transfered players) -When you transfer budget is insanely high compared to your club balance, a situation which happens quite a lot in my saves, may be take a significant percentage off this transfer budget away, in order to get rid of some long term running debts Thx for reading
  10. Managers Have Agents

    Great shout !
  11. it depends on how you bought in the past seasons as well, as far as i remember, i was getting 100M+, but i usually buy straight away with very few monthly installments
  12. Champions League football is quite easy to reach, the only real competitor is PSG, AI teambuilding is so bad, that from S2 with the resources you are given, you can't miss Champions League football
  13. Hello guys, Was just wondering if the Brexit set up we have in the current version of the game will be different according you for the new edition this year ? As it seems that IRL the Brexit scenario will kick in 2019 with a lot of important economical changes ans either the lack of possibility for people to freely move and travel in the "uk" Any ideas, SI thoughts would be highly appreciated Thx guys
  14. Manchester United or Paris Saint-Germain

    No real challenge to manage PSG according me as the Ligue 1 level is really low, you should win every domestic trophy with ease, the only challenge is the UCL Man U might be harder as you have top teams in the Prems