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  1. I really wish that for FM19 National Teams will hire proper managers and not random dudes with not even a trophy as head coach Experienced silly examples in my different saves in 2020 and 2022, with Managers in charge of the French national team coming from Ligue 2 and stuff Completely broken system here
  2. Worth mentionning the most ovverated striker of this version, Paulo Dybala
  3. Icardi is always a good idea as a lone striker imo
  4. nico_france

    High scoring games?

    The 2 scores above are with latest patch, no editor ,no dowloaded tactic Below another big score especially against a defensive team
  5. nico_france

    High scoring games?

    Must admit that i had some shocking results with my own teams one of those was a 10-0 win over Ajax, in the first seasons of the game, so not even a regen player in my starting XI I had a 6-5 against Atletico Madrid And a huge 9-6 against Hoffenheim during my first season in charge in Europa League worth mentionning some 6+ in League Playing in a 4-2-4 that i set up this year
  6. nico_france

    Champions league Prize Money

    Dont think so In FM19, no doubt
  7. Another Breaking score during my CL campaign facing Ajax, i first lost 3-0 away, then this happened, always the same 4-2-4 with offensive mentality for tjis game, otherwise i always start with normal
  8. nico_france

    Who’s the Best Ai manager

    In my saves i saw Mourinho remaining a couple of years in ManU without being sacked, so i guess his tactic is working pretty well
  9. nico_france

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

  10. First of all cracking work @Jogo Bonito!!! After browsing this thread, i decided to take over Blackpool in L1, used to have a nice save with them when they were in Premier League First thing, squad had been taken over by a local businessman, no money The squad is not so awful for this level, starting with transfers disabled, i've been able during the winter window to sign both Zubar (DC) and Ait-Fana (winger) on a free to strengthen my starting XI and a few youngsters on loan from Liverpool which as become my affiliate club in the meantime Secure a promotion via playoffs, best attack of the league But now that i'm in Championship, the real struggle has begun, i'm unable to sign any kind of freebies or even loanies, the young lads from Liverpool (who play constantly) won't join me for a new season at a better level Freebies won't even try to discuss terms with me, even random guys with dual nationalities who were playing in small leagues, like Uruguay In and out i must have like 6 players in my first team, a little bit more than 1M€ in transfer and 250K€ for the wages Currently at the beggining of August, i feel like it's gonna be a real challenge I saw a few lads playing with Blackpool as well, any tips ?
  11. Kane had been dreadful yesterday According me as a neutral viewer, he could have costed you the final
  12. Might be a quite balanced game tonight Physically, England should be in better condition than Croatia My bet is for you tonight Wish you all the best for tonight's Game that i will Fully enjoyed without any single stress
  13. Worth mentionning that our side of the final table was pretty tough indeed The performance is pretty huge so far Now here is the final step with hopefully a better outcome than Euro 2016