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  1. Definitely my board are football experts Already scored a double for his debut Agreed the transfer for that money in early December 2021
  2. Well i know that sometimes you can be really efficient when you shot on target But may be this time, it's a bit much Just happened to me atm, may be a bug, no ? 11 shots on target = 10 goals, on UCL qualifiers it's not that common i assume Was supposed to score less than 3 goals if i believe XG stats Their ratings are not that bad considering what happened to them
  3. Brought this young lad with the 21.4 update, i can't remember him before Croatian league loaded, i bought him in January 2021 for 5.5M€ Looks really promising
  4. Hi, Just think it's a too big modification to do for a mid season update Too complicated for the competitions in the area to erase a whole team Can understand that you're disappointed, but it's not worth it, it's just too difficult to do at this time of the year, impact is too massive for the whole game
  5. As far as i know the transfer markets SI was waiting for are now closed for a week or a bit more So the latest update might be released soon
  6. Hi mate This time, the ME is much more realistic for my taste Through balls are now efficient even though crosses are still an important part, but now goals look like "different", more variety I found players in the midfield more concerned, they can build from here, i'm a lone striker formation player as well, but i did not test the latest update so far, waiting for the full transfer version so i don't know if they tweak it even more Set pieces are now better imo You should not be disappointed according me, might give a try to the demo if still available if you wa
  7. @tyro always great to see you around mate, but come on, you can't hesitate @kingjericho Thanks ! here is what i'm using so far, some players have personal instructions too @2calvin i really regret Papetti, he's now in Milan in my save and i can't get him, on a side note, just picked Upamecano :), Kamardin did not develop into a useful player for me, but yours seems promising !
  8. Playing with a lone striker formation as well All my strikers are above 1 goal/game in every save Not playing with elite strikers btw
  9. Hi mate, I disagree with your different points The supposed ease of the game has already been discussed during beta, and some people were having the same argments than yours But as a matter of fact, without downloading tactic; just set up a classic 4-3-3 on my own; or playing with the top team of your division it's almost 100% sure that you will massively overachieved in any competitions with an underdog as well Juts to highlight my words already 3 seasons down in French Ligue 1 with Marseille (predicted 4th for the first season)=3 league title in a row, 1 french cup and 1
  10. 3rd season is over now Already achieved more than i could hope Ligue 1 is not an issue at all, even if PSG is getting mad on the market Thought Lyon would have been a diffcult opponent, but it's not the case at all, just a solid PSG to be "afraid" of So it's already 3 Ligue 1 in a row... This year is a good one for the Coupe de France We made it to the Final and beat a surprising Brest 1-0 Champions League wise, group stage was smooth, as usual Then, it was a, too, easy path to the final Depsite facing th
  11. After a little bit more than 2 seasons completed And after already discussing this subject during Beta I still have the feeling that my strikers are scoring too much without using any « cheated tactic » Does anyone feel the same ?
  12. Done with my 2nd season now Let's begin by the Ligue 1 Well it's been harder this time, a 3 horses race from the start of the season, especially with Lyon Won't lose against PSG in the league once again Did not expect to retain my title, Lyon is becoming a real threat, once again PSG is disappointing (Mbappé and Neymar still in club) No Coupe de France trophy this year once again, as we lost on penalties against Caen (Ligue 2 side) away from home, really disappointing run Definitely want to improve Regarding the Champions League "
  13. Retired at 30 in my save, now an assistant coach
  14. Thanks @2calvin ! Completely unexpected win in Ligue 1 tbh, that PSG was so disappointing Was tempted to move on Macias as well, but i sticked with Arezo as a back up for my 2nd season and i don't regret it at all Do the excate same moves than you did for Cuisance , i did not buy when i had a chance and loan him for another season, it's a huge regret as he spent a very solid season and now Bayern won't sell him at all Burki was a good target for the GK spot but i could not approach him in my save, he signed another contract with Dortmund Missed Ugarte as well
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