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  1. Tough starts @Romano338 !!! i think you already tried to, but definitely try to do the more friendly game in pre season to stick with a tactic; Marseille squad is built for the formations you just mentionned, might consider tweaking the duties of the players ( try to use more support duties may be?) @Gungner Fellaini doesn't worth it imo, i was following his situation as well, but his demands were too important for his level, glad to see that some of the players i mentionned before Gnagnon, Calleri are popular over here Done with my 3rd season indeed, will try to post a recap asap
  2. Does sanchez ever sign?

    In very save i've experienced, not playing as Arsenal, he's never signing another contract with them under AI management for sure Saw him most of time in City, and once in Monaco
  3. @gipsy Really good season here ! Was completely unable my self to compete that much for the first spots ! Did i read well regardin Sarr ? He fired 20 goals for you ? Really ? You can definitely feel as a top manager if so French players price, especially youngsters, can be really huge in this version, and you're not given tons of money from the board How much did you get for your transfers btw ? quite curious
  4. I'm in with Forest in Championship ! Started with transfers disabled as usual, team is not that bad especially upfront imo Currently 7th at the end of January 2018, playing a flat 4-4-2 Shifted some deadwood during the winter windom and brought in 2 loanies, Woodburn (seems immense) from Liverpool and Thompson from Norwich (bwm) I started marvelously and then, got 4 defeats in a row in November, and some draws in December Upfront the pairing Cummings (whos's now a full international player)/Clough is not bad at all Not far away from the playoff spots, league table is really tight, hope we will have a nice spring !
  5. Sounds good 10 goals scored in 30 mins for a CL 1/4 final .... And 5 more Home 16 goals in two games then, seems fine... At least we're reaching the semis
  6. Mitroglou did ok for me, even if he was not a top scorer What annoyed me most is Payet behaviour when i offered him out, on the pitch he was not that bad
  7. You have a french specific rule between summer and winter window You can register 1 new player during this period if and only if your new face is playing in France currently, or was playing (if this player is a freebie) in a french side the previous season Must admit I was surprised my self to see him signing right away when I confirm the transfer @john1Thx mate, you know what to do if you plan a career in France By the way PSG keeps on spending madly for so little results, during this season they signed Casemiro in the winter for 115M€
  8. @Gungner I tried to ! But the best i could do was to get a small loan Basically he's on big wages, 31 y/o , and wasn't that special with me, wanted to give game time to Barco most of all
  9. Unfortunately, bit underrated IG imo, and most of all non EU player, when you know that you can only use 4 players like that in France, they need to be pretty solid
  10. You can offload him, i succeeded in Beta, as he joined us last winter Won't be an issue at all for the next patch indeed
  11. Hey Gipsy, they are both FB with attacking duties, they both averaging above 7
  12. SEASON 2018/2019 (S2) After a correct campaign last year, 3rd in Ligue 1 and already a trophy on my shelves, Coupe de France Let's how we did it with Champions League Football Do we manage to climb the ladder in Ligue 1 this year ? SET UP This is my starting XI for this season, will detailed everything in transfers sections below The way we play is really entertaining, lots of movements, passing skills at its finest A good direction in the way i wanted this tactic to be successful TRANSFERS So i met board expectations last season and lifted a trophy (Coupe de France) as well, and you guys are giving me 7.5M€ ?? (1M€ more for the wages budget) My only explanation for that transfer kitty is may be he fact that they gave 41,5M€ last season, so they reduced it for the second one, as usual they gave me an extra budget, during autumn, more than 20M€, useful indeed Lets' see if Zubizaretta can do miracles OUT Luckily you have some loanies out to free up some cash when they are back, Rami was 32, big earner, Spurs were ready to move, please go ahead Mitroglou netted me 15 goals during the season, dont like that type of player, important thing, half of the transfer fee is for Benfica his former club As a result we did not make a so bad business here, but during the summer, the board did not give 100% of the transfer fees received, so i had to use my good scouting network smartly ! INS With such a transfer kitty, relying myself on good opportunities and freebies was an absolute necessity, so i managed to spend every € smartly RODRI, versatile defensive minded midfielder, the young spaniard was rated really high by my scouts, barely played for me, loaned out in January, will be sold, his value is not bad CALLERI, well known complete striker, the argentinian with italian passport is a MUST SIGN, you'll see below, that guy is FREE at the end of the first season, true god VALLEJO, i was desperately looking after a good CB, then comes that moment during my scouting meeting, Vallejo, transfer listed from Madrid, 6.25M€. Say no more. Signed right away. He's developping like a true beast. Impressive signing and so young..i feel like he will remain in Marseille for a long time ! NISSEN You know that the squad has difficulties from the start with fullbacks, Sakai had been sold because he's not good enough for my project and he's not a EU player as well, so i was sniffing around him for a couple of time, then his club agreed to let him go for peanuts, great offensive right full back BAKAYOKO, on the loan list with Chelsea, a french full international player of this quality was too good to refuse, barely played as GUSTAVO and STRUARO kept him out of the squad TRENT ALEXANDER-ARNOLD, just thanks Jurgen, waht a right back that i used as a back up mainly, AI management at its finest, that guy on the loan list please ORTOLA, back up GK in Barcelona B, my ex GK PELE had retired, so i needed a random one, and this was him LINCOLN, Brazilian starlet (18y/o) that joined us in January, loaned him out right away, one of the best Complete Forward around if he develops well, his release fee was only 7M€, dont know if he has fixed PA, but a true steal imo RAJKOVIC, you know the man, MANDANDA is already 33y/o, impossible to sign Lafont from Toulouse, so Pedrag will be between the sticks ! SISTO, was brought in because i've been fed up with PAYET, impossible to offload him, just a got a loan from Sevilla, the danish is really capable on both flanks JEDVAJ, Transfer listed, wanted to strengthen my CB area for cheap money, efficient and some room to improve ! COMPETITIONS Domestic Competitions LIGUE 1 And there it is ! Ligue 1 winner !!! Brilliant season from the boys !!! Outstanding way of play, top strike force ! By far the best attack in the league, netting 105 goals ! Beat PSG 3-1 at home without any discussion, Emery sacked, replaced by Jesus at the end of the season... Only lost 1 game in the Velodrome, and what a loss ! Just before winter break, we had a sloppy Guingamp coming, our form was superb, obviously that was a typical FM unexplainable 3-0 loss We also faced our most important defeat against Lyon, Fekir 4-Marseille 1 Otherwise we did not struggle that much, my defence had been far more efficient this year, but needs depth for the upcoming season FRENCH CUPS Coupe de la Ligue Marseille had a true tradition with Coupe de La Ligue, before PSG dominance, we did not face any big boys during our journey The only one was Monaco in the final Just no match them Just a few days before the the Final, nice message in the mailbox, DEMBELE got a 2 months jury, which meant season over, so i had to rely on GERMAIN who was my back upfront....oh wait And that's the DOUBLE !!! On a side note, the week after this trophy, Sampaoli's Monaco had decided to visit us for a league game, you are welcomed my friends I've been terrific all season long upront, my 2 strikers pairing had been pretty lethal ! Coupe de France I was decided to keep our trophy which was tough to get last season, but with European football and a disputed league, turn over was a true option As a result, when we drew Lille (relegated in Ligue 2 the first season) away from home for 1/4 final, i was quite happy Loss 2-1 my back up team had been completely outplayed for no reasons We'll do better next year hopefully ! EUROPEAN COMPETITIONS Champions League No qualifying round during summer with the new rules even finishing 3rd in the League which a first good surprise ! Then **** happened: -Barcelona, Inter Milan, Marseille, Krasnodar Not bad in the end 2 losses against Barca, fair enough, funnily they lost their only game against...Krasnodar One draw at Meazza, a win in Marseille and 2 wins against the russians This nice 2nd spot awarded me the right to play against Bayer, tittle holders, 2 losses, end of the campaign, 2 really disputed games btw ! Definitely something to improve next season ! Team and players awards Top Scorer and Top player of the year I'm receiving bids from Arsenal and Chelsea for both of them at the moment 86M€ for CALLERI and 77M€ for DEMBELE Just keep biding my dear english friends What a pairing upfront, GERMAIN had been a great back up all over the season as well Top assist man At least Neymar got a personnal trophy... CALLERI got all the others personal trophies available in France, dat freebie Rookie of the year Told you, this boy is gold ! Equipe des Etoiles (Team of the year) Well. Enough said Objectives for next season: -Secure another Ligue 1 -Lift both domestic cups -Improve my Champions League run ALLEZ L'OM
  13. Great work once again @Jogo Bonito !! I might be tempted to a journey in the english finest football
  14. SEASON 2017/2018 Let's get it started !!! First, i'm playing with transfers disabled during the first window, in order to keep it real for a couple of months at least, Playing this way, with the board expectations, you'll see that an injury of one of your key player could be a real issue, Let's see how we figured out ! SET UP This is the tactic i'm using in S2, was using the exactly same set up in S1( global instructions and players role were different in S1), but i now find a nice balance which really fits the team ! TRANSFERS No transfers in the summer, ok fine BUT when you see on November 1st a message poppin in your mailbox with 41.5M€ to spend, not a bad day OUT Wanted to free up some wages for uneeded players at the beggining of the season, the best i could do Happy to lift all the really deadwood in the winter, both Rolando and Fanni did not play a single game with me INS As stated in introduction, transfers disabled, but 41,5 M€ given without asking in November so...let's spend !! I think i've made some really nice changes here, all investments for the future with massive impact right away ! NKOUDOU, as you can imagine an emergency signing on loan due to PAYET longterm injury in August, useful but not incredible, french and former Marseille player, important for Europa League registration GNAGNON, solid CB from Rennes, Ivory Coast full international (french passport and Home Grown), such a steal for that money, powerful, young and more pacey than my others options, had been really good during the season DEMBELE, i first tried to sign back transfer listed Michy from Chelsea, but he would not even discuss terms with me, as a result i splashed the cash on the young french starlet, such an amazing pairing with GERMAIN, you'll see a screen below, a MUST SIGN, french by the way STURARO Transfer listed from Juventus, needed someone reliable to rest LUIZ GUSTAVO, bargain for that money, great BWM BARCO, Argentinian attacker starlet, can cover a lot of positions in the attacking midfielders area, retrainded as an IF on the left wing, he's now really start to shine, could not register him either in Europa League and Ligue 1 as i was full of Non Eu spot sadly DALBERT, Brazilian left full back, former OGCNice player last season, suprisingly transfer listed by Inter, that was the only transfer i made with installments here, he's the one who picked BARCO Non Eu spot player in Ligue 1sadly COMPETITIONS Domestic Competitions LIGUE 1 If you read just above, you know that i'm starting this career with transfers disabled during the first window, obviously PAYET picked up a 3 months hip Injury at the end of August... As a result got a tough September, with several losses around, and've been crushed by Monaco 5-2, well. In October i've been back to more regularity in the League, was still tweaking my tactic (i posted the one i'm using now in S2, which had been slightly modified role and instructions wise)* Against PSG, it had been so-so, first i played them home where PASTORE equalized for them at 87th minute... "Just" lose 1-0 away Here is the final whistle of the campaign !! Lille did brilliant , losing home and away against Lorient for their relegation playoff Surprisingly whe have the best offensive records, i would have expected a serious PSG dominance here, my defence had been a real concern all season long...so i know what to do for next transfer window... Objective done at least ! We'll be playing Champions League football next season, on the side note Jardim had been sacked from Monaco, replaced by a sacked, as well, Zidane Financial wise, the board only gave me 7.5M€ for my transfers... FRENCH CUPS Coupe de la Ligue My road has stopped against PSG, losing 2-1 Home in 1/4 final...They won the competition btw Coupe de France An incredibly tough final against the mighty Stade Lavallois, National team (3rd division) FIRST TITLE Don't know what to say about this victory in Cup, i faced almost every time lowe tier teams, except PSG once again...that i beat home 1-0 thanks to GERMAIN EUROPEAN COMPETITIONS Europa League Completely trashed my group facing Utrecht, Atalanta and a weird icelandic football club name But i could not even see a nice spring, after securing a nice 2-2 away from home against Real Sociedad, i drew 3-3 home, end of the campaign We'll be better next year hopefully ! On a side note Monaco lost in Champions League final against Bayern 1-0 and Lyon lost 2-1 against Arsenal in Europa League final, french beautiful loosers Team and players awards Top Scorer The two lads were nor that far, will be for one of them next year hopefully ! The funny thing, DEMBELE only joined us in January... By the way for those who don't know GERMAIN very well, he's been really solid upfront, top scorer in Europa League btw) Top assist man Had a quite a good rush at the end of the season, but he's starting the new season brilliantly now ! Equipe des Etoiles (Team of the year) Obviously few PSG players... SANSON had been really reliable all season long, developping really well Objectives for next season: -Progress in Ligue 1 -Lift another domestic cup -To get out of my Champions League Group ALLEZ L'OM
  15. [FM18] Good Segundo Volante

    I arranged this transfer during my second season, he'll be joining at the end of it Quite a steal imo, will see how he performs and develops