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  1. For FM 20 i will obviously start with Marseille in France Challenge will be interesting, as the squad is aiming European football for the next season, but the team you inherit will not have money at all, a lot of ageing players on big wages, so challenge will be interesting On a side note even if i don't like them much IRL, Nice coud be a great journey as well, the club had just been taken over by british billionaire Jim Ratcliff, big money is going to be invested for the end of this transfer window, and the new boss has great ambition for the team and want to be a a major team in France I will do my annual Leeds save as well, but once you reach PL football, i always find it too easy to create a dominant squad with the money you have
  2. I tend to disagree, happened to me before S5, can't check atm but i think it's at the end of S3, so not very far away in the game
  3. Si is already aware of this issue, it has been raised several times, it happened to me as well and i was kind of "frustrated" by this situation tbh Hopefully they will find out what's up for FM 20 and fix it
  4. May be i'm not a squad management expert But playing the FM series for decades now, this is the first time i've noticed this behaviour from players regarding their contracts, that's why i'm "moaning" my self as well To be clear, i'm not waiting that an important player for me mostly runs out of contract to start talking to him, i will renew his contract 24 months before , and here i'm not talking about crazy wages requests, but just how often people will ask for a pay rise I've even experienced after a loss, where one of my player was MoM, an agent asking for a pay rise and the player did not want to sack his agent as i suggested, and then moaned in the locker room I tend to offer 5 years deal contract to all the players i retain important for my side, if they accept this deal when they join me it means that it was a fair deal for them as well otherwise they would not join me at all, no ? Doing this, i expected not be worried by their moanings for at least 18 to 24 months, but it's not the case at all, worth mentionning the "chaos" you can create in your locker room as well And i insist on this point, this is the first version of the series where i have to face such moanings So may be it's just poor squad management or just as you said, or it's just an issue I can't explain my self why a young lad, first teamer, 18 Detetermination when he joined, tutored in a group where nobody wil get less than 15, and still losing points Also left this to my Ass man, can't make it work properly Found the "old" tutoring system, more practical and more efficient most of all Regarding gegenpressing, was talking for us, human manager Pretty easy to averchieve with lower teams just using this tactic, needs to be balanced imo As said in other posts, i'm just highlighting some of the issues i noticed, and hopefully SI will improve it for the next game
  5. Could have selected all these suggestion tbh But for me, players are asking for new contracts far too often is really a pain Can't count the players,despite long terms contracts , asking me for new contracts, not even after 1 full season completed Really bothering for me this continuous moaning
  6. @Tom8983 Even if your examples are absolutely correct, transfers have completely exploded recently You won’t be able to get anything top with the money you just talked about Nowadays for any kind of prospect anywhere in the globe, millions are mandatory
  7. As a a Ligue 1 player in most of the versions, i disagree with your point of view According me they are underpowered, results in Europa League are not releavent as this competition is quite average In UCL, few french teams will compete, PSG excepted The most overpowered teams are located in England, it's been the same for years now, lots of Uk based players are "buffed" IG while they're average IRL Basically the 3 most powerful are PSG, Monaco and Lyon which reflects reality, even if Monaco was a total failure last year As a human manager you can be better at managing a less powerful like Marseille and make them overachieve even in S1
  8. May be add a second nationality if it's something doable ?
  9. The main concern for me is most of all AI which is completely failing at teambuulding, and i guess it's the trickiest part to code for SI I can't count saves where a particular team is stockpiling players at a specific position, spending silly money and did not give them a single start Same goes for teams buying players to the human manager We (human managers) will always have a large advantage regarding team building, that's one of the reason why most of us are over achieving as well
  10. Gegen press tactic seems to be the key to success In all my saves i'm using self made tactic based on gegen press football, cause i like this intensity IRL, and i'm always overachieving Last experience is roughly the same than OP, i'm playing in French 3rd division with Marignane Gignac, a team expected to be relegated, i'm sitting 3rd in late december with transfers disabled
  11. Apologize i did not write my title properly "No Europa league" is meant for the final we lost in 2018 against Madrid , but your're qualified for this competition
  12. I ended up signing Rodrygo for 163M€ for the new season @ZeonfluxCurrently managing Marseille in Ligue 1 with great success, either domestic and european, money is not an issue for me as i've made big sellings profits, PSG agreed to sell me Mbappe but he won't join me Already have top regens on loan and just wanted to sign a top "real" player for my weakest area, and 250M€ to spend for the upcoming season (including 4 players i've just sold)
  13. Hi guys, Currently in 2024, i need a top left inside forward for my 4-2-3-1 set up, i have 300M€ to spend I can pay me for roughly the same price (more than 100M€) either Joao Felix (in Barcelona IG) or Rodrygo (the young lad from Madrid but in Arsenal in my save) If some of you have experienced the 2 lads, which one will you recommend ? I'm more on Rodrygo tbh Thanks
  14. Started a new game one week ago and experienced the exact same problem in 2023 as well
  15. Luka Jovic, Lautaro Martinez can be your guys
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