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  1. Lyon squad is really solid from the start, especially upfront, really good players Worth mentionning your monster midfielder Ndombele, what a cracking player ! Really looking forward for your saves guys
  2. Weird that you don't want to rely on Kamara as a back up during the first season at CB, he's really capable already (Ligue 1 level...) Tactic wise it's obvious to start with this set up Pretty interesting signings here, curious to see as Youan will develop for you, used to be a beast back in the days Hope you'll have some great success in Marseille in any case @jckstevens !
  3. Well this first season had been a long quiet way to the Prem Bamford is my top scorer in the league banging 27 + 12 assists in 45 games Already made some business for the Prem, can't wait to shift my deadwood coming back from loan !
  4. Like often i started a side save with Leeds always nostalgic of your champions league rune with the likes of Dacourt, Kewell, Harte..., this year's especially worth it as Marcelo Bielsa is doing great IRL, and i remember the thrilling games i had when he was in charge of Marseille I started with transfer disabled and it's annoying that there is absolutely no cover for the CB spot, as a result i brought in the 31st of August KAMARA on loan from Marseille with a buyout clause of 5M€ that i will trigger for sure, i'm pretty sire you can get a lower fee Antonio MARIN is joining us from Dinamo in January Anyway halfway of this first season, we kind of performing pretty well, Bamford is solid upfront The tactic i'm using Really surprised by Kilch that i obviously did not know, lethal from outside the box Promotion should not be an issue as i will try to improve the squad in January, i just hope that EPL money won't kill the fun and the struggle to get my way to the very top
  5. @lblanc Will post a screen when possible, but in my save, he's nowhere near the keeper i used to know in FM18 if i remember well, may be has random potential now
  6. The jouney continues, 3st season done SEASON 2020/2021 Even if we could not manage another league title last year, another win in Coupe de France almost saved our season, but we need to improve this significantly This year must be more accomplished TACTIC I'm still using my 4-2-3-1, this year i tweaked a liitle bit more my CB's area TRANSFERS OUTS Good money incoming for second choices I could never get the best of ORIGI last year, and i nver considered him as a first choice, considering i got him on a free that's the reason why this money was too good to refuse, i have to pay a good part of his wages indeed MORENO spent a very solid season with me, unfortunately he's been injured quite a lot in the first part of the season and most of all i had 3 Left backs in the first team at the the beginning of this season, so i could easily sell him to my dear chinese friends for so little money, was a freebie as well FISCHER had been sent out on loan to Lazio last season where he played average, i'm already covered with a far better option (DANI OLMO) so i'm glad Bournemouth splashes the cash for this player paid less than 5M€ On a side note SANSON had been sent out on a loan to Newcastle with a 29M€ mandatory option to buy Can't be seen on the screen but STROOTMAN will join Juventus in July for 30M€, the move was already agreed in January, did not play a game after his knee injury, and get another hip injury afterwards, spent the rest of the season in the B team after being sold INS Surprisingly RAJKOVIC was running out of contract, but i don't rate him much this year, just took it to make business because he was on really low wages, will be loaned and sell, did not have a single game with me ARP moves was already agreed from last season, i now have two real finishers upfront, has a great potential to be developed ! TORREIRA was not even transfer listed, but barely played for Arsenal, happy to spend so "few" for this quality according me RAHMAN on a free from Chelsea had been a superb coup, he was not intended to be 1st choice for the spot, but put everybody on the bench, low wages as well, solid signing BAKAYOKO brought on loan from Chelsea for 30% of his original wages and a buyout clause of less than 18M€, was transfer listed, good HG option for my midfield GUENDOUZI was brought in just to add depth, barely get a game MBABU is another really good surprise, Barcelona spent big to get him previously, but was unable to sell him, bargain price here for my new #1 choice at RB, big wages here indeed, but worth it STERLING (newgen) is a colombian wonderkid, hopefully, midfielder POLITANO from Sassuolo is also joining me on a free next summer, quality IF, and my only freebie this year COMPETITIONS LIgue 1 The objective this year is to get the trophy back in Marseille Challenging run ! But we made it !! A 3 horses race from the start of the season, could not manage a single win against Monaco (loss away and draw home) while i trash them in Coupe de France, beated PSG home and away (in cup) Really impressed by my defensive records, 18 goals is really few while getting the best attacking records depsite an incredible PSG attacking army (Dybala, Mbappé, Cavani, Neymar, Zivkovic, Under, Pavon...) On my side VARGAS and DANI OLMO were brilliant, the whole team averaging above 7 As always, got this "FM" loss against Nimes away, who were #20 at the time... In and out was a pretty exciting season and i'm quite happy that i have serious contenders to compete with PSG buying madness is still there, just bought Arthur from Barca for the upcoming season French Cups Coupe de la Ligue is definitely not our competition, no final in 3 seasons, my journey stopped against Reims in semi's, which had a spanish tycoon takeover and now can spend more than expected on the transfer market On the other hand Coupe de France is definitely our favorite competition, after beating PSG away 1-0 with an injury time goal, and trashed 3-0 Monaco home, we now can face Strasbourg to make our first doublé ! Well It was really really close from a huge disappointment Despite TONALI madness being sent off at the 19th minute we managed to grab this title at the very last minute of the extra time, would have lost on pens otherwsie like usual this year First doublé on our shelves ! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE What a shi**y run !! Absolutely disappointing, 2 awfuls draws against SLB and Brugge (the most incredible one) Being trashed 8-1 (!!!!) at City with 2 players sent off We'll see an european spring, but with the kids this time... Hope we'll get someting good in the end But it's unacceptable to fail in the group stage, my objective next season for sure Europa League I m'quite happy to discover that i'm not alone in Europa League, ManU, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Milan and Barcelona are aslo there Well The french side Toulouse was just a warm up for my B team Then, we obviously had to face the Spanish champion Madrid, as usual in big games, we missed our classical pen away End of the story in Europe What an horrendous run I know where i have to improve next season In Europe ManCity, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus are again all top of the League for a back to back title, total dominance for EPL teams in Europe as Liverpool won the Champions League as well Hopefully next season we will be able to get our first back to back league title, and we really need to do something in Europe !!
  7. Definitely big EPL teams are complicated to deal with in this version @tacoboy
  8. I started with transfer disable Signed him in February 2019, he joined me in July
  9. You're welcome, glad it's working well for you with this set up as well ! Mitroglou hit double figures in goals and assist in Ligue 1 averaging above 7 all season long, and he qualified me on his own while playing against Inter in Europa League, but he could lack regularity i admit I've been lucky enough to avoid injury crisis in S1, but i forgot to mention it in my reporting in S2 but Strootman picked up a 6-8 months injury, for knee ligament
  10. Brilliant thread On a side note does De Ligt has this 27.5M€ release clause i triggered in my save at the start of game ? Or it's pure luck to get a release clause for this wonderful player ?
  11. Back on track after our first unexpected League title ! SEASON 2019/2020 Well, last year was an incredible one, we did more than expected, really fear PSG for the upcoming season TACTIC I'm still using my 4-2-3-1, minor tweaks on the striker role TRANSFERS OUTS Good piece of business here considering the age of these players Even if he was voted best GK of the season, this kind of money was difficult to refuse for a team like Marseille at the moment for a 34 y/o MANDANDA on high wages Surprisingly i could not get the best of LUIZ GUSTAVO, even if i rate him a lot IRL, high wages here as well, already 32, it was a good opportunity Happy to get these 10M€ from RAMI as well, 33y/o, i have some good and young players here For all the rest, my "strikers" are all gone hopefully ! Did not intend to sell SAKAI, thought the bid was interesting, SARR was no longer an option INS You all know the 3 freebies joining us, absolutely surprised by PERREIRA (used him as an IF on the right wing, assisting for fun) DE LIGT deal was already settled in February, great deal here, performing and developing as expected KRISTENSEN is the reason why i sold SARR without any problems, young and cheap, reliable lad, i recommend I had all the difficulties in the world to get a decent GK, RAJKOVIC was always a good shout before but seemed downgraded now, as a result i bring ONANA in, but i'm not really convinced, Lafont won't join me unless i overspend VARGAS is a superb find from my scout in south america, solid IF on the left wing and relatively cheap , my new starter for the spot CARDINALE is just a back up HG keeper as Pelé retired KEAN is the striker i was looking for, still needs to be developed, but according me this price is ridiculous for this talent, you'll see below Former Monaco right back TOURE weirdly joined that asian club in S1, he's now back to France to be my #1 right back, solid Another great find from my scouts in Greece, CAMARA has all the attributes to command your midfield, the price is also really interesting for this quality When i bought MARIN in S1 from Dinamo, i already noticed OLMO and tried to get him, they were asking silly fees, he ended renewing hi contract with that tiny release clause, here is my new SS, absolut quality for this bargain, must sign for any team AMPADU was brought in to get a 4th central defender, fantastic player, Chelsea won't sell him unfortunately, SY is another HG keeper on loan, never get a game MARKOVIC is a young talented CB, seems to have a huge potential Tried to sign Fiete ARP all transfer window long, he was finally unsettled during autumn, i agreed a move for next summer and 20M€, i now can say that i have strikers COMPETITIONS LIgue 1 The objective for me was to get a back to back title and launch my legacy in Marseille, well It doesn't work as expected Lost too many points in extra time On a side note, beated for the first time PSG !!(1-0 Home) but lost (3-1 away) Monaco and Lyon were beated home and away, lose important points againt newly promoted Auxerre.... PSG is now back on the top with Wenger as head coach , they're spending BIG (Zyech, Under, Hernandez and so many more for 269M€), Neymar is on fire, another good news, Dybala is joining them for 162M€ in S3 , will be fun Next year will be really really difficult, PSG has so much money incoming all the time, tough I've been given a little bit less than 40M€ to spend for the new season, hopefully i have some deadwood ti shift to get more cash in French Cups Coupe de la Ligue won't be for us this season once again, lost in quarter against Lille, Monaco won it Once again we reached the final of Coupe de France against the terrible Stade Brestois a Ligue 2 side And now let me introduce you Moise KEAN May be the first time since i played FM that i see one of my player banging 7 goals in an official game, beast !! At least a trophy this year, not the most important but it's better than nothing ! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Did not expect Roma to be 4th tbh, my only loss was against a solid Ajax Lucky enough to get this group ! And it's another European spring incoming ! Lucky to get Sporting at first, trashed them When i saw Liverpool coming home, i thought my journey would have ended here, we got the first game home, was leading 4-0 at half time , that's what qualified me Unlucky for the City game, that i lost 2- 1 home, we missed a penalty away indeed Satisfied by this run anyway, we were not expected at this level, and this money in the bank is really appreciated ! Sadly, PSG made the doublé, Marseille is no longer the only french team with a CL on its shelves Wenger had to drop Arsenal in order to get trophies , on a side note he left the club to manage the French National team (i refused the job btw), Niko Kovac is now the new PSG coach In Europe ManCity, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus are all top of the League and Italy won the European Championship This save is becoming even more challenging now, PSG will be a difficult rival on every competition but we keep going !
  12. @gipsy Did not buy a striker myself during the winter window as i did not find an interesting deal, only brought in Lincoln the young brazilian for the future Otherwise as @PT-KK suggested Arp seems to be a really good shout, Haland seems immense but as he only joined his new club in January, you won't be able to do anything here
  13. Yes still there, and the club had been promoted Managed to unsettlle him and get a pretty fair price (20M€+10% of the next sale), he 'll be joining me at the end of S2, i was already covered for the spot for the current season as i found an agreement after the end of the summer transfer window
  14. Nice stuff @gipsy!! Could not manage a single win in S1 against PSG (2 draws in the League), by the way they seem to play far more efficiently in your save than mine where they were nowhere near a top level, hope you will make it till the end of the season @Ninza I leave the main training to my assistant (Bergkamp now) even if sometimes i'm tweaking some schedule, most of all in pre season and after a disappointing result to focus on my weaknesses of the last game I set personal training myself and tutoring as well, and i'm quite happy with it for the moment, players are improving nicely Bear in mind that most of your backroom/scout staff is awful, need to change a lot of things to be efficient
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