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  1. You've been really unlucky to lose Mandanda like that @gipsy Everyone is getting rid of Payet as far as i can see For a first season, youn did really good @DirtyJoe 96pts is really impressive PSG is really impressive in my save, so is Monaco who won EL
  2. Currently in 2023 (just after the winter world cup) Noticed this particular calendar One game every 2 days is may be a bit harsh
  3. Season 2 is done now ! "Time for changes " SEASON 2020/2021 We did better than expected last season because we can now compete with the big boys in CL and hopefully get some really welcomed money The task will be tough with an european competition to play this year as the team is still very thin and needs a lot of changes to be competitive So let's stick to one of the most important transfer market made by the club this century !! TRANSFERS As said just above, and you should have noticed it by yourself if you already complete a season with Marseille You just can't stick with the existing squad, first of all because you can't afford it and also if you want to stick with the club vision: -Sign players under 23 for the 1st team -Don't sign players over 30 OUTS As you can notice, a lot of (good) business here, thi money is more than necessary, i have to start almost from scratch with this team Completely surprised to be able to sell LOPEZ for this kind of money, he was not transfer listed, i just have to negociate this amount to ManU, even if HG and Club Grown, it was impossible for me to refuse 80M€ straight, btw he played all season long with ManU and they transfered Pogba to PSG for roughly the same money For CALETA CAR even if he was my best DF last season, impossible as well to refuse this kind of money especially from a chinese club that i won't face in any competitions, market for defenders is more easy to fill this year, you'll see STROOTMAN is already 30, has huge wages, thanks again dear Norwich friends to offer me this adorable amount for a player who did not offer as much as he could for my side Selling AMAVI for this kind of money is an absolute fraud tbh But i must admit that he had a very consistent season for me Regarding BENEDETTO and SAKAI, pretty similar situation, both on their 30's and Non EU players, i will find find suitable replacements for them MITROGLOU is coming back from his loan spell in Holland, obviously to offload INS A lot of investments were absolutely necessary, i need quality almost everywhere As you can notice we were able to make some unexpected great moves ! DANI OLMO The well known spaniard was suprisingly transfer listed around the end of the season It was impossible to miss this great business for only 13.25M€ Can play almost everywhere upfront, he will be for me on the left wing mainly THEO HERNANDEZ Brother of the french world cup winner Lucas Theo had difficulties in Milan, i wasable to negociate only 15M€ for quality Left Fullback French btw and only 22 y/o (when i signed him) JOHNATAN CALLERI Nice freebie that will cover my #9 spot as a back up Already experienced it in previous FM Will be more than capable in Ligue 1 and i'm sure i'll mae money on him next year JEROME ONGUENE What a surprise here ! Only have to trigger his "tiny" release clause of 18.75M€ Homegrown btw, a must sign ! TALLES MAGNO Only 18y/o and already a lot to offer ! Will be my left IF for years to come and can help me out in others positions An absolute must sign ! 22.5M€ was the price of his release clause ZEKI CELIK From Lille, a very useful Right back is joining us on the cheap only 8.75M€ I'm sure his good crossing ability will be useful when the ME will be fixed MOUSSA DEMBELE May be the greatest coup here For some awkards reasons Lyon had sold almost his entire first team for silly money, like Depay for 26M€ for example despite their Europa League qualification Delighted to get a deal done for only 21M€ for this quality, my striker for years to come JAMES RODRIGUEZ No need to introduce the lad Had my best player on the pitch this year Had joined us on a free from Madrid a little bit later in the summer (was recovering from an injury btw) Immense player, especially for Marseille ABDOU DIALLO Transfer listed from PSG, we wera able to get the left footed CB for 23M€ French and young, a good replacement for my croatian boy off to China Despite his 33 y/o MATUIDI still has a lot to offer, will be used as a back up and tutor for my young lads; he's joining us on a free from Juventus after a test with us where he proved me he was more than capable at this level NICOLAS DOMINGUEZ He was a great find from my scouting department who poached the lad in Italy For this kind of money 21M€, i'm covered in the midfield for almost a decade Superb all around midfielder and only 22 y/o ! ADLI and OSIMHEN were just great financial deals from Bordeaux and Lille in Ligue 1 They won't be playing for me this season as i have my line up ready, but they will be starters elsewhere where they both had a complete season ADLI is definitely a bargain for this quality, absolute must sign imo As you can notice a lot of signings, that should be the last time that i brought so many new faces in But i stick to the board vision for almost all of them and i need to build for the future Hopefully we will already perform this year ! TACTIC Decided to stick with my original 4-3-3, only a few tweaks Got some difficulties at the back this year Too many changes were made and the players seem to struggle sometimes I'm already working on another tactic for the upcoming season JAMES RODRIGUEZ had been immense all year long, assisting for fun Must admit that both wings worked pretty well, especially the right one Will need to focus on a proper good GK next year, PACHECO is too limited for the top level COMPETITIONS LIgue 1 I need to compete for a CL qualifications this year (which means top 3 in France), this is what my board wants from me That won't be for us this year again even if i managed to get 1 point more than last year PSG (with Pogba, Halaand ) is too strong for us, we need to improve next season But i'm quite confident as my squad is really young and i just built the core this season, we need to step up ! French Cups No more Coupe de la Ligue this year, the competiton is dead We only have the Coupe de France I've been unlucky enough to draw Monaco away for the first round i had to play Well, we lost 2-0 there, end of the journey We won't be able to defend our only title earned last year To definitely improve Champions League I had the pleasure to discover that despite finishing 2nd i was in the 4th bracket for the draw And obviously i inherited a very easy group Well, i know where to improve for the next season What a crappy run TOP PERFORMERS As said above, JAMES RODRIGUEZ had been a real worldbeater Even if he's my top earner, that's well spent ! LIHADJI is still developing nicely Next year i really need to get a trophy and most of all, i need to make a longer journey in Champions League
  4. Definitely he will renew his contract for roughly the same money still young, homegrown and top quality a must keep ! @s0ni42 Rongier is good for L1 but if you have a good offer, you can go for another option
  5. @DirtyJoe Nice business here ! Used to get zaracho last year, was a very good player tbh ! May be too much support task in your tactic to explain the draws ? Best of luck in any case ! Will try to post a recap asap as i'm done with season 2 now Hope you'll have fun and success !! @Travis Bickle @FMunderachiever
  6. Hi Guys For the first knock out stage of EL (same for CL) 2 squads from the same association (country) can't be opponent Here is what happened 2 teams from French ligue 1 have a match up, it's not good
  7. Hi Guys In the responsabilities tab, a whole section is not translated into french
  8. Here we go again ! Season 1 just done, let's see what happened ! As a reminder, transfers are disabled for the first window in order to keep it "real", especially this year where money is an issue Active leagues (at least division 3 and above) : FRANCE, ITALY, GERMANY, SPAIN, ENGLAND, NORWAY, HOLLAND, PORTUGAL, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, CROATIA LARGE DB, main AFRICAN and SOUTH AMERICANS players loaded SEASON 2019/2020 As stated in my opening post, this year Marseille will be an even more complicated challenge, especially with no transfers allowed For those used to play with transfer disabled, you all know that most of the time in November or in January, the board will give you money After Garcia's era where money was splashed for ageing players on BIG wages (Hi Payet, Mitroglou and Strootman), you will know have to deal with a completely different philosophy which is perfect according me for Marseille's situation at the moment The first team is short in quality and quantity, if you plan to keep it real, you'll have to stick with some youngsters in any case ! TACTIC With Thauvin's injury and the lack of possibilities upfront, i've been focused on developing a solid 4-3-3 like AVB is doing IRL I want the team to be really high on the pitch and harrass their opponent in order to mask the lack of quality in several positions When you start fresh, the starting 11 for a 4-3-3 is "decent" but most of your subs are far away a good level Anyway before getting your best player back on the pitch (Thauvin will be available the 20/12/2019), you will have to do your best in order to compete for Europa League football for the next season This is the exact formation i used when THAUVIN returned on the pitch Prior his comeback RADONJIC was used and trained as a right winger while PAYET was AML In January THAUVIN got the right wing for him, playing as an IF with attck duty, the only change made This formation with my DM in defense duty allowed me to concede few goals during the first months, but sometimes scoring was tough I turned things around after with others instructions and ME fixes i guess TRANSFERS As said above, you have to deal with a new mentality from the board who won't pump money in a sinkhole like before So guys, you need to make some business first ! OUTS No choice here, if you want to buy or even loan someone, first of all you will have to sell players, the board won't help you As a result, even if it was not easy, i had to sell my captain MANDANDA, 34 y/o with this kind of wage, really i can't make it Same goes for PAYET, your biggest earner, another obvious departure candidate, i trust RADONJIC which is a natural AML to cover this position along with my younster AKE Won't lose my time for GERMAIN and SARR, they're just not good for me, so i'm really happy with this money and most of all freeing important wages On a side note, was talking about SERTIC, in the opening post telling this guy was complete deadwood, grabbed an injury for 8 months, had to pay him until the very last end of his contract Those moves were vital for my financial situation, the only one i regret is Mandanda which was playing really well but i couldn't afford him in this situation INS The 3st names are already there at the beggining of the save (i really don't like this feature ) So let me introduce you the 3 new faces brought this winter FERNANDO PACHECHO Transfer listed from Madrid for 4.4M€ fee This was the best i could get as for a GK at that time, kind of a bargain imo, as i won't stick with him forever Ratings were not impressive, but it seems that GK's rating had been toned down once again from the Beta Would recommend signing him if you have a GK on a budget BRUNO GUIMARAES Recommended by my scouting network I could not avoid his useful versatility on the pitch He has the qualities i'm looking for a DM because he know how to use the ball A bit expensive for my tiny finances, but definitely worth it, 16.5M€ well spent GONZALO MONTIEL This lad costed me a little bit less than the money i got from SARR, my previous #2 RB What a difference ! He never left my starting XI depsite his bad crossing stat, he's more than reliable on the pitch and averages above 7 rating Great addition to the squad for 6.25M€ As expected from my board, i'm renewing the squad with youngers options and lower wages No freebies are joiniing us atm for the upcoming season, we'll see if we can grab a big fish or two a little bit later in the summer ! COMPETITIONS LIgue 1 A top 4 finish will be vital for my career in Marseille so let's see what happened Well, it's been a 3 horses race with Monaco till December Really surprised to be this high on the table tbh, would have even been possible for me to win the title on the last fixture of the season, but Lyon could not manage more than a draw against PSG Got a terrible draw run at the very end of the season that costed me the title Not really disappointed as my main objective was to bring back Champions League money, and football to Marseille On a side note, the 8 years cursed against PSG has come to an end, i ended up beating them home But they beat me away 3-1 French Cups Coupe de la Ligue is, hopefully, living his last edition this season So it's now or never if you want to grab this trophy for the last time Even if we made it to the final We lost against a good Monaco side This year had been surprisingly really productive in Cups, as we reached the final of Coupe de France against our fiercy rival Lyon And this time... We made it ! An incredible rush of Left Full back AMAVI has awarded me my first trophy in Marseille ! Beating Lyon is even more satisfaying than any other team as you have to face former Marseille coach IRL who give you this "nice legacy" when you inherit of the squad this year TOP PERFORMERS He was not the most expected at all But LOPEZ as an advanced playmaker had been HUGE all season long Thauvin had been preety good as well so was Radonjic A little look at the youngsters LIHADJI is developing nicely, as expected when you use it More than happy with this season so far This summer will be active for transfers as i need to improve my squad for chasing PSG in the Ligue 1 title race Don't expect much, but money , from our upcoming Champions League campaign
  9. It was the one related to the youngsters détermination @DirtyJoe Welcome in ! Btw will post a recap asap Just done with my first exciting season !
  10. There you go, this is the correct one, loaded from the Beta + the personals instructions to the FB's Others positions had personal instructions as well I'm not using these instructions anymore as said Hope it will be useful to you guys
  11. Salut, Effectivement Thauvin est pas "blessé" au sens propre, mais il est indisponible jusqu'au 20 Décembre, ce qui fait qu'il est impossible de l'aligner en compétition officielle malgré tout, mais logiquement on devrait le voir blessé c'est vrai Je te confirme cependant que tu devras faire sans lui sur toute la première partie de saison quand même, et il n'est pas mécontent de sa situation durant la partie, il patiente juste
  12. Thanks for the feed-back once again, Will check this out when back from work but i'm not sure i will find a save with this exact tactic as i moved on quite a lot in the season with the same set up but different Team instructions, will do it if i find it ofc
  13. Thanks for your feed-back @CJ Ramson I hope all these pkms will be useful to you guys Keep up the good work even if this ME is suite annoying to me
  14. Hi Guys, Really i'm kind of disappointed by this ME at the moment How on earth, for a game pretending to be a simulation scoring this kind of goals is even possible ? I got a french international GK between sticks ans everyone is just hanging around watching quietly that the ball hitting the net ? Si please what kind of simulation is that Find attached the pkm file below But to summarize, just lost this game 0-2 at home The opponent has 2 shots on target for 6 in total and score 2 broken goals, i got 13 on the target and more than 30 in total, do you think these figures are realistic ? Please guys, look into this stuff, that's awful really Marseille - Monaco shots.pkm
  15. Hi guys, I've been lucky enough to be part of the Beta this year, so i tried to report as much issues as i can Especially regarding th ME, Tbh, this may be one of the worst ME in the Fm series in this current state How si it possible not to see how gamebreaking issues could be at the moment: -Amount of shots completely insane, for a low conversion rate -FB/Winger won't pass the ball at all, they always prefer to shoot in impossible angles instead of passing the ball, or running straight forward -Passing is an issue as most of the time, strikers seem to be ignored, it's kind of unrealistic -Weirdly, since the 1vs1 issue was raised, now in 3d game i can't see an action like that between a striker and a Gk, so the problem is solved -Generally speaking i got the feeling that every player is always making the worst decision when various possibilities are offered to him All theses issues were raised within 2-3 days in the Beta, yet it's absolutely not fixed, and the game is almost unplayable for my taste On a side note, others features are pretty nice this year especially to follow up the youngsters, so please SI, try to improve this ME, this is ruining this nice game at the moment
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