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  1. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Started as Bologna, quite a funny save, transfers disabled for the first window as usual in my saves Expectations are low (predicted to be 14th) but you inherit a quite a nice squad with some nice strikers like Palacio, even if he's already 34 he still bangs them in ! Mattia Destro a player i always liked in FL is still there and you have a really good IF Simone Verdi ! Currently at the end of January, sitting comfortably 4th in the league and still in Coppa Italia Juventus is obviouly leading the Serie A
  2. Broken promise

    Hi @Ant Farley Unfortunately no save close to this event available, just checked If in another career i encounter this issue once again, i will submit you a save right away
  3. FM18: Hidden Gems

    I forgot to mention Dennis MAN from Steaua Bucuresti, He's a wonderful right inside forward, 19y/o at the start of the game, bought it at the beggining of season 2 for like 8M€, a steal Will post a screen asap
  4. Broken promise

    Hi guys, I promised 2 of my players that we will try to win our domestic championship (playing with Marseille) for the upcoming season I won it, so no discussions at all BUT just after the final whistle of the season, they come to me and start moaning that i failed to respect my promise It was not a big deal for the rest of my career but might be for others users
  5. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Dario Maresic after 1 season and half under Human management
  6. Hi guys, Started over a new career with Marseille, will post more details shortly The starting team is really tight in quality, and back up options are even less present, so the challenge is really interesting Some players received an interesting and deserved boost (Thauvin ) , so you'll be able to accomplish major sucess hopefully ! I tried to replicate Garcia's set up, and i played this way for a half season and then switch for my past 4-2-4 that i tweaked even more in this update
  7. [France] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi Bigpole, Appreciate that you're looking after Marseille team IG -Luiz Gustavo scored a few goals this year, some of them outside the box, especially against Nice but i'm not sure this PPM is really important for him so far as he's not attempting long shots over and over during a game -Thauvin is just becoming a more complete player this year, and had a significant boost so far, most of the Marseille team this year IRL has a great fighting spirit (remember Bordeaux away aswell) not only him, might be reworked for the next FM -Sanson is still young with a lot of potential, last year he was the top assist man in France and this year is more involved in scoring himself, he needs to be more steady at this level, he's a really useful player for Marseille standard IG, but might need a little something more i agree -Germain seems quite balanced imo as he can be a great performer IG, far more efficient than IRL tbh -O'campos is still a rotation player IRL, he's not skillfull at all and lacks intelligence on the pitch, mad chicken with good mental
  8. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Yes saw this afterwards, great find in any case He's playing from day 1 with me in the first team and after almost 1 year and half under human management, his progress are already really important Will try to post a screen when i get back home
  9. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Might be the New update as i never saw him before Picked up in the first season from sturm graz Dario Maresic, 18y/o central defender Was running out of contract and had all the top teams on him when i saw him in my transfer center meeting Snapped him up for 4,8M€ to make sure the big boys (i play with Marseille) wont get him One of the best CB in the Game i think, must buy for any side imo
  10. Help!! Target man needed!!

    Did you try Mitroglou from Marseille in case ?
  11. Winter Update?

    Even if i assumed China sould not be the most popular league to play with from FM players, the impact China can create on the european transfer market (Carrasco and Gaitan moved there 2 days ago for example) it worths waiting the end of this market according me as Big europeans clubs can be affected by this market, so it makes sense to me
  12. Winter Update?

    I also think that it might happen friday/saturday
  13. Winter Update?

    China transfer market is ending today... Might be a clue for the upcoming winter update, but definitely the release is near hopefully !
  14. Need a team to start a save with

    Lyon and Marseille are also good shouts in France, overtaking monaco and most of all PSG can be a challenge
  15. Appreciate your kind words for the guide As far as you should know Marseille did not sign anybody during the winter window, but some players are now off (Evra and Fanni) Some players should have received some significant boosts as they perform very well IRL (Thauvin)