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  1. nico_france

    2018 World Cup squads

    Back in the days, in 2002, we had in our squad for the WC the 3 top scorers in Europe (Henry, Trezeguet, Cissé) and we've been knocked out in the groupstage without scoring a single goal !! The way we play at the moment is nowhere near a top squad, but we have the potential to improve it hopefully
  2. nico_france

    2018 World Cup squads

    Yup sadly
  3. nico_france

    2018 World Cup squads

    Best Marseille player for 2 years in a row now Top French goal scorer among the 5 big leagues in Europe Really solid player in an average squad tbh where we don't have any valid striker (i speak about Marseille team)
  4. nico_france

    FM18: France

    Really amazed @Adzke that you're able to secure a Ligue 1 really quickly with so "few" points To see PSG with 73pts is incredible In my current save, end of the third season they already have 96pts
  5. Started again which might be my last long term save for FM 18 with Marseille I'm still in the first season, where i just went threw Europa League 1/4 final against Hoffeneim, beat them away 3-1 and then this happened for the second leg... May be the largest score for an european game in my whole FM career Let's see who we got in the semis now
  6. Woauw @YouriD How the hell did you manage to get something from Bouna Sarr ?!! Really impressive season so far especially with transfers disabled Kamara is outstanding for me as well, tutored by Rami too, now a french full international for quite a long time (currently in seaon 4), he must be played and not send on loan at all Hope you'll make it for the title
  7. nico_france

    Penalties issues ?

    AS Monaco v Amiens SC.pkm File of te game just enclosed
  8. nico_france

    Penalties issues ?

    Hi guys, Started a topic on another section of the forum, mod advises me to get there so here i am Here is the thing, 6 penalties awarded during the same game, quite unusual may be ? Will provide you a pkm file of the match asap as suggested By the way,playing as predicted relegation contender, i've noticed that i've been awarded more than 10 penalties during the whole season, which seems quite important i think
  9. nico_france

    Enough Penalties for today ?

    Will take care of it asap
  10. nico_france

    Enough Penalties for today ?

    Nope "Stay on feet"
  11. Worth mentionning that i was playing with Amiens
  12. nico_france

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Started as Bologna, quite a funny save, transfers disabled for the first window as usual in my saves Expectations are low (predicted to be 14th) but you inherit a quite a nice squad with some nice strikers like Palacio, even if he's already 34 he still bangs them in ! Mattia Destro a player i always liked in FL is still there and you have a really good IF Simone Verdi ! Currently at the end of January, sitting comfortably 4th in the league and still in Coppa Italia Juventus is obviouly leading the Serie A
  13. nico_france

    Broken promise

    Hi @Ant Farley Unfortunately no save close to this event available, just checked If in another career i encounter this issue once again, i will submit you a save right away
  14. nico_france

    FM18: Hidden Gems

    I forgot to mention Dennis MAN from Steaua Bucuresti, He's a wonderful right inside forward, 19y/o at the start of the game, bought it at the beggining of season 2 for like 8M€, a steal Will post a screen asap
  15. nico_france

    Broken promise

    Hi guys, I promised 2 of my players that we will try to win our domestic championship (playing with Marseille) for the upcoming season I won it, so no discussions at all BUT just after the final whistle of the season, they come to me and start moaning that i failed to respect my promise It was not a big deal for the rest of my career but might be for others users