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  1. Hello guys, Was just wondering if the Brexit set up we have in the current version of the game will be different according you for the new edition this year ? As it seems that IRL the Brexit scenario will kick in 2019 with a lot of important economical changes ans either the lack of possibility for people to freely move and travel in the "uk" Any ideas, SI thoughts would be highly appreciated Thx guys
  2. Manchester United or Paris Saint-Germain

    No real challenge to manage PSG according me as the Ligue 1 level is really low, you should win every domestic trophy with ease, the only challenge is the UCL Man U might be harder as you have top teams in the Prems
  3. Hi mate Yes you will have cash all the way to the top !
  4. Watford unbeatable.......

    Relegated in my first season while managing in France so they must have been beaten a couple of times btw Everton got relegated too #19th spot which was a true surprise
  5. Van Dijk Replacement

    You could have a look to Malang Sarr in OGCN Bought it in January S1 for less than 10M€
  6. As far as i remember the correct rules for a joker in Ligue 1 IRL -The player must be free -The player's last club must be a french side, otherwise impossible
  7. A Centre Back

    Jerome Onguene at Stuttgart
  8. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Just glad to see plenty of you guys trying a career in France with various squads and nice success ! I wish i had Time to post a small review of my current Bastia save to give you the possibility to go for a different challenge, Keep on posting your stories, it's always nice to read you !
  9. Hi mate Good start so far, i wish you luck for your 2nd season I did not play that much till the new update is out, but before winter patch, Mc Court is backing the club like a great sugar daddy, so you got plenty of cash incoming during your career, so dont hesitate, just spend when you need it 😬
  10. Replacing Mohamed Salah at Arsenal

    Mbappe as well and choice #1 imo Worldclass and versatile
  11. Replacing Mohamed Salah at Arsenal

    Ousmane Dembele might be an option for you
  12. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Hi mate I don't know ig But IRL a reserve team of a Ligue 1 squad cannot play higher than CFA level Which means if one of these reserves got a spot for promotion, they can't go up and then the closest regular team will get the spot In CFA 2, a reserve team of a Ligue 1 team can definitely be promoted to CFA I dont know if it had been correclty set up IG All the best for your save
  13. Correct, Payet was brought in for almost 30M€ IRL, 10M€+ for Sanson and Evra as well so it's logical that the starting budget is smaller as the squad got major signings IRL this winter
  14. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Lille might be a good shout for the winter update for those who want to try a different save Irl: New owner with money, new sports director (Luis Campos ex Monaco), and they are currently signing top youngsters (ex Gerson from As Roma)
  15. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Good to read all this journeys