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  1. Hi mate I'm currently playing with your 4-2-3-1 tactical set up,can't post any screens atm Kind of bored with 4-3-3 and really like to play with a #10 4-2-3-1 can be lethal, but your pairing in the midfield is your key to success My pairing in the midfield is different than yours, i have one Axial CM with defense duty, who won't push forward and 1 Box to Box midfielder This set up provides me a good cover, these 2 guys in the midfield really need to get huge physical attributes in order to be the engine of your team And most of all, your frontline should be shining Btw i'm starting my games with an attacking mentality, switching when needed Managing in France atm, top of the league and unbeaten, and i'm not PSG
  2. I dont know, and i did not check in the éditor, but i assume it should be the case The squad you inherited is really solid
  3. Well kind of weird moves from Inter board for the summer 2020 Selling the whole frontline to Chelsea (Lukaku + Lautaro) Selling Eriksen as well And selling to Marseille (me) their hot prospect for a "bargain" price when they don't have any quality left up front Weird stuff
  4. Good season so far Travis, injury crisis with such a thin squad could be a real issue, i've been lucky enough on that side Just finished the 1st season as well, ended up 2nd and won Coupe de France against Angers, quite unexepected tbh Regarding future signings, first of all you will have to shift big earners to get some cash, but upfront i can recommend Calleri, very capable striker, free at the end of season, for the midfield Matuidi is free as well in 2020 and can join you
  5. I'm tempted to start a new save with Monza (Serie C in Italy) They're owned by Berlusconi (Former Milan Ac iconic President) The club never experienced Serie A football, so you can build a legacy there And the current squad seems more than capble to go straight in B
  6. Liverpool finished 6th at the end of the first season, which was a real surprise, City won EPL + UCL An issue for years unfortunately, so many random players with top tier attributes, remember Leighton Baines completely overpowered for years Worth mentionning 90% of English "hot prospect" which are completely broken IG and won't make anything, as susual, in the top flight
  7. With the new update, unfortunately for Marseille players The hot propspect Lihadji, 17 y/o, won't renew his contract Can be snapped for free in January He's becoming immense, a top signing for any top league teams
  8. They're out of the Top 6 in my save at mid season (with the new update) Chelsea is top of the league So...
  9. Logiquement, si ça reste comme pour les opus précédents, on peut compter dessus début Mars
  10. Guess Dortmund might be a good shout with the norvegian wonderkid Haland and Emre Can now in the team
  11. You've been really unlucky to lose Mandanda like that @gipsy Everyone is getting rid of Payet as far as i can see For a first season, youn did really good @DirtyJoe 96pts is really impressive PSG is really impressive in my save, so is Monaco who won EL
  12. Currently in 2023 (just after the winter world cup) Noticed this particular calendar One game every 2 days is may be a bit harsh
  13. Season 2 is done now ! "Time for changes " SEASON 2020/2021 We did better than expected last season because we can now compete with the big boys in CL and hopefully get some really welcomed money The task will be tough with an european competition to play this year as the team is still very thin and needs a lot of changes to be competitive So let's stick to one of the most important transfer market made by the club this century !! TRANSFERS As said just above, and you should have noticed it by yourself if you already complete a season with Marseille You just can't stick with the existing squad, first of all because you can't afford it and also if you want to stick with the club vision: -Sign players under 23 for the 1st team -Don't sign players over 30 OUTS As you can notice, a lot of (good) business here, thi money is more than necessary, i have to start almost from scratch with this team Completely surprised to be able to sell LOPEZ for this kind of money, he was not transfer listed, i just have to negociate this amount to ManU, even if HG and Club Grown, it was impossible for me to refuse 80M€ straight, btw he played all season long with ManU and they transfered Pogba to PSG for roughly the same money For CALETA CAR even if he was my best DF last season, impossible as well to refuse this kind of money especially from a chinese club that i won't face in any competitions, market for defenders is more easy to fill this year, you'll see STROOTMAN is already 30, has huge wages, thanks again dear Norwich friends to offer me this adorable amount for a player who did not offer as much as he could for my side Selling AMAVI for this kind of money is an absolute fraud tbh But i must admit that he had a very consistent season for me Regarding BENEDETTO and SAKAI, pretty similar situation, both on their 30's and Non EU players, i will find find suitable replacements for them MITROGLOU is coming back from his loan spell in Holland, obviously to offload INS A lot of investments were absolutely necessary, i need quality almost everywhere As you can notice we were able to make some unexpected great moves ! DANI OLMO The well known spaniard was suprisingly transfer listed around the end of the season It was impossible to miss this great business for only 13.25M€ Can play almost everywhere upfront, he will be for me on the left wing mainly THEO HERNANDEZ Brother of the french world cup winner Lucas Theo had difficulties in Milan, i wasable to negociate only 15M€ for quality Left Fullback French btw and only 22 y/o (when i signed him) JOHNATAN CALLERI Nice freebie that will cover my #9 spot as a back up Already experienced it in previous FM Will be more than capable in Ligue 1 and i'm sure i'll mae money on him next year JEROME ONGUENE What a surprise here ! Only have to trigger his "tiny" release clause of 18.75M€ Homegrown btw, a must sign ! TALLES MAGNO Only 18y/o and already a lot to offer ! Will be my left IF for years to come and can help me out in others positions An absolute must sign ! 22.5M€ was the price of his release clause ZEKI CELIK From Lille, a very useful Right back is joining us on the cheap only 8.75M€ I'm sure his good crossing ability will be useful when the ME will be fixed MOUSSA DEMBELE May be the greatest coup here For some awkards reasons Lyon had sold almost his entire first team for silly money, like Depay for 26M€ for example despite their Europa League qualification Delighted to get a deal done for only 21M€ for this quality, my striker for years to come JAMES RODRIGUEZ No need to introduce the lad Had my best player on the pitch this year Had joined us on a free from Madrid a little bit later in the summer (was recovering from an injury btw) Immense player, especially for Marseille ABDOU DIALLO Transfer listed from PSG, we wera able to get the left footed CB for 23M€ French and young, a good replacement for my croatian boy off to China Despite his 33 y/o MATUIDI still has a lot to offer, will be used as a back up and tutor for my young lads; he's joining us on a free from Juventus after a test with us where he proved me he was more than capable at this level NICOLAS DOMINGUEZ He was a great find from my scouting department who poached the lad in Italy For this kind of money 21M€, i'm covered in the midfield for almost a decade Superb all around midfielder and only 22 y/o ! ADLI and OSIMHEN were just great financial deals from Bordeaux and Lille in Ligue 1 They won't be playing for me this season as i have my line up ready, but they will be starters elsewhere where they both had a complete season ADLI is definitely a bargain for this quality, absolute must sign imo As you can notice a lot of signings, that should be the last time that i brought so many new faces in But i stick to the board vision for almost all of them and i need to build for the future Hopefully we will already perform this year ! TACTIC Decided to stick with my original 4-3-3, only a few tweaks Got some difficulties at the back this year Too many changes were made and the players seem to struggle sometimes I'm already working on another tactic for the upcoming season JAMES RODRIGUEZ had been immense all year long, assisting for fun Must admit that both wings worked pretty well, especially the right one Will need to focus on a proper good GK next year, PACHECO is too limited for the top level COMPETITIONS LIgue 1 I need to compete for a CL qualifications this year (which means top 3 in France), this is what my board wants from me That won't be for us this year again even if i managed to get 1 point more than last year PSG (with Pogba, Halaand ) is too strong for us, we need to improve next season But i'm quite confident as my squad is really young and i just built the core this season, we need to step up ! French Cups No more Coupe de la Ligue this year, the competiton is dead We only have the Coupe de France I've been unlucky enough to draw Monaco away for the first round i had to play Well, we lost 2-0 there, end of the journey We won't be able to defend our only title earned last year To definitely improve Champions League I had the pleasure to discover that despite finishing 2nd i was in the 4th bracket for the draw And obviously i inherited a very easy group Well, i know where to improve for the next season What a crappy run TOP PERFORMERS As said above, JAMES RODRIGUEZ had been a real worldbeater Even if he's my top earner, that's well spent ! LIHADJI is still developing nicely Next year i really need to get a trophy and most of all, i need to make a longer journey in Champions League
  14. Definitely he will renew his contract for roughly the same money still young, homegrown and top quality a must keep ! @s0ni42 Rongier is good for L1 but if you have a good offer, you can go for another option
  15. @DirtyJoe Nice business here ! Used to get zaracho last year, was a very good player tbh ! May be too much support task in your tactic to explain the draws ? Best of luck in any case ! Will try to post a recap asap as i'm done with season 2 now Hope you'll have fun and success !! @Travis Bickle @FMunderachiever
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