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  1. Haha, yeah it will be...tbf, I haven't played the last FM in a few years, but on the older ones there was a tab for job centre in the staff section - maybe it's the same as before.
  2. You're in Scotland...don't you know that the economy is so bad they've closed all the job centres...sheesh, read the news once in a while.
  3. I still don't think Portugal were the best team in the tournament, I don't really think any team was head and shoulders above anyone else...I'd put Portugal in the group just below the most impressive teams...but some of those most impressive teams did go out earlier than the likes of Portugal of course. I suppose if you just take the fact that Portugal won as being the supreme factor then you could say they were the best team...but I don't really think like that and overall I still think Portugal were a bit pony. They did play well in the final though, or at least better than France.
  4. Portugal didn't impress me tbf, still don't even think they were worthy winners. They were the better team probably in the final, but for most of the tournament I thought they were shoddy and I've definitely seen better Portugal team performances from previous sides than anything this team did in this tournament.
  5. Ronaldo is definitely the best Messi impersonator in the world.
  6. Does he mean one is really thinking they'd have been better if he was playing surely?
  7. Not a poor side, but they aren't a great side, I don't even think they're a very good side...maybe a good side...if that makes sense.
  8. Definitely worth benching Ronaldo from now on then.
  9. 2. Up there with Italia 90 (for the quality of football...even though we had excitement and the England adventure) and South Africa 2010 for the worst tournaments I've a week I'll be struggling to remember anything good from this tournament.
  10. Haha
  11. I would usually have disagreed with this type of comment...but after this tournament I'm actually thinking the same.
  12. Has Ronaldo put his captain armband back on there?
  13. I hope Ronaldo's leg falls off right at the point he lifts the trophy.
  14. Please's been dreadful hasn't it.
  15. Made me chuckle there.