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  1. What's the record for a golden boot winner from the world cup?
  2. The Rebel MC

    Okay. Would Big Sam have brought it home?

    I can never picture Kevin Nolan holding that trophy above his head so no.
  3. Double figures have a word
  4. The Rebel MC

    How does this WC fare compared to others?

    Probably my favourite ever...nearly every match has been terrific and I think most teams have generally tried to attack.
  5. The Rebel MC

    BBC or ITV? Where will you watch the Final?

    Would still prefer Neville over caricature Roy Keane
  6. The Rebel MC

    BBC or ITV? Where will you watch the Final?

    BBC...ITV has definitely been better this time, but whenever there's a choice I always go BBC...always seems slicker and more professional and no adverts...ITV only pull it back a bit because of Neville and Bilic, but the rest of their offering as a package is a bit bland.
  7. England...now I believe.
  8. The Rebel MC

    Quarterfinals: Russia vs Croatia, 7pm BST

    Both sides here pose problems for us, albeit different problems of course. So, I'm happy with either winning. Croatia I kind of have a sift spot for, but Russia winning would be ace for their fans and they have hosted a truly fantastic tournament. Hope it's just a good game really.
  9. The Rebel MC

    Quarterfinals: England V Sweden 15:00 BST BBC1

    I thought that was just bloody brilliant...didn't think any one of our players had a bad game.
  10. The Rebel MC

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Everyone needed just the 1 knockout game to believe...the fact we did it on pens as well, and coming from behind, means any England fan should rightly so have belief that we're going to do it. If you can't think like that after what happened, then when can you?
  11. The Rebel MC

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    I have a horrible feeling we're going to lose 2-1...and I really don't want to have that horrible feeling.
  12. The Rebel MC

    Round of 16: Belgium versus Japan

    This is amazing...well done Japan.
  13. The Rebel MC

    Round of 16: Croatia vs Denmark

    Gutted for the Danes, they were easily the better team. I've always liked Croatia though and Modric is one of my all time favourite players so I'm pleased for them...hope they play better in the quarters though.
  14. The Rebel MC

    Round 16: Spain v Russia

    Russia look poor here and really second rate to Spain. I hope they up their game though, but it does look like Spain are barely needing to try.
  15. The Rebel MC

    Round of 16: Uruguay vs Portugal

    Ronaldo has been quite quiet really...Bernardo Silva has been amazing for Portugal tho