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  1. Loving it, and have been since the Beta. Many thanks, and Happy Christmas to you all.
  2. People moaning about Skill levels. The game has skill levels. Easy = Liverpool, Real Madrid, PSG, Man City etc, with downloaded shortlists, attribute masking off and downloaded tactics. Very Hard = likes of Brechin City, lowest league clubs, first transfer window off, attribute masking on, your own tactics, players only signed through being scouted. Simples
  3. Thank you for the responses. Marquis problems have been caused by being played incorrectly by Kenny Jackett. As soon as he moves to two up front and he scores for fun again. Its the same in FM, you play a player in the wrong way he doesnt perform, its due to the tactics. Every Pompey fan knows Morris playing in the play offs over Naylor, was Jackett at his worst, "Naylor isnt a summer player"! God help us. Since the early games and move to 442, Morris has been dropped, his performances terrible. As for Mnoga and the youngsters, well I've had an involvement with Pompe
  4. Some bits like the Matchday UI are taking a bit of getting use to, but it makes it feel like a new game and not a transfer update. Really like it all, especially the ME 😀
  5. A lot of the Pompey players are wrong. Marquis can't hit a barn door in the last 2 FMs but is one of the top scorers at this level. Curtis is another, but is one of the best players in the division. Some of Morris stats are to high. Haji Mnoga, Alfie Stanley and Harvey Rew are poor, Mnoga is being scouted by Championship and a couple of Premier teams. In FM20 Michael Eisner also sells up because he gets old, but has stated his son Eric will one day take over the club and the club will remain in the family. Is this altered in FM21?
  6. In my last game on FM19, I took Torquay from the Conference South to the Prem League in consecutive seasons, no ME exploits used. Have a feeling with the temperamental ME in FM20, this will prove a lot harder.
  7. Cheers It is going to be hard, the expectation is to avoid a relegation battle. Team is very under strength with little movement in wages for quality.
  8. Im just starting a long term save with Gateshead, take them from the Conference North through the leagues. Is it ok to post updates in here, or would rather not as its a Conference team at the start?
  9. Cheers guys for the work, look forward to trying it out later
  10. No where is the game listed as a puzzle game, strategy, sports and simulation yes, so your patronising response isn't correct, is it. The game was always about the players you sign, how you develop them and then picking formations and tactics to win. Having to pick set combinations, is the same as a Diablo, and is shunting people people down the route of having to set their teams up in very similar ways just to satisfy a ME. That is broken to me, and not the way FM once was.
  11. Then this is just plain ridiculous. So what you are saying for example is changing an IF to sup from attack, now means your AF doesn't miss a barn down from 2 yards continuously, and you wont concede a 35 yard free kick. In fact this isn't a football management game, but a puzzle game all about finding the combinations that go together. Doesn't that then mean all your you are doing is breaking the match engine with these combinations, in the same way a Diablo tactic, or a throw in set up did in FM19?
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