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  1. In my last game on FM19, I took Torquay from the Conference South to the Prem League in consecutive seasons, no ME exploits used. Have a feeling with the temperamental ME in FM20, this will prove a lot harder.
  2. Cheers It is going to be hard, the expectation is to avoid a relegation battle. Team is very under strength with little movement in wages for quality.
  3. Im just starting a long term save with Gateshead, take them from the Conference North through the leagues. Is it ok to post updates in here, or would rather not as its a Conference team at the start?
  4. Cheers guys for the work, look forward to trying it out later
  5. No where is the game listed as a puzzle game, strategy, sports and simulation yes, so your patronising response isn't correct, is it. The game was always about the players you sign, how you develop them and then picking formations and tactics to win. Having to pick set combinations, is the same as a Diablo, and is shunting people people down the route of having to set their teams up in very similar ways just to satisfy a ME. That is broken to me, and not the way FM once was.
  6. Then this is just plain ridiculous. So what you are saying for example is changing an IF to sup from attack, now means your AF doesn't miss a barn down from 2 yards continuously, and you wont concede a 35 yard free kick. In fact this isn't a football management game, but a puzzle game all about finding the combinations that go together. Doesn't that then mean all your you are doing is breaking the match engine with these combinations, in the same way a Diablo tactic, or a throw in set up did in FM19?
  7. But the problem so many are having, is world class forwards playing for you miss sitters regularly, and then the opposition hits you with a 35yard wonder freekick. That happens far to often. A couple of times a season yes, but regular in defeats, no. Whether that is an issue between how the match engine represents the result, it is the reason people are struggling. They are being shown that they are building tactics that the match engine is showing are successful for creating clear cut chances, and is defensively sound bar for the wonder free kicks. Telling people to slightly change a player role is silly, but only not silly if the ME is broken and using this to show flaws in your setup. Which then begs the question, why have an ME in the first place, we should just go back to the old commentary only.
  8. I've been a bit disappointed with the Pompey stats this season, but it does get his inconsistency right.
  9. Thinking of going back myself and looking for an updated database for it. Sad thing was I really enjoyed the demo of FM20, wasn't as good as some, but I had fun, all went downhill when the first ME update came.
  10. Just an idea. Stick the FM17 match engine into the current game, and Si have built a classic on and off the pitch
  11. Now this is really interesting. im noticing (im playing as Portsmouth in League 1 at the mo), that all the teams are setting up very defensive against me. Its like the AI is set to be defensive and conservative. I'm wondering how much the morale and mentality is effecting the results we are seeing. Everyone is saying its the ME, but what if its things in the game that are causing the ME to behave that way? What does drive me mad is we batter a team with 70% possession, 10ccc to their none, and then I get hit with a 35yard wonder freekick. Losing 1-0 This happens a lot but what I notice is i never get a result when this happens, no matter what i do, but when in games where I have gone down to 10 men and are losing by a single goal, i regularly find an equalizer or more. Is this because the AI because less defensive when up against a team with 10 men?
  12. Prem League Game: 31matches top scorer Mane 12 goals Real Life 23matches, top scorer Vardy 17 goals Championship Game 38matches top scorer Pereira 10 goals Real Life: 28matches Watkins / Mitrovic 18 goals League 1 Game 39matches top scorer Marquis (plays for me) 12 goals Real Life 26 matches, Toney 15 goals League 2 Game 40 matches Nicky Maynard 13 goals Real Life 28 games, Doyle 23 goals No disrespect, but the players in the game are going to really have to go some to get close those those in real life, who have played just over half the season. This is full detail, on the beta match engine.
  13. On yours the EPL total is realistic, but the other leagues certainly aren't
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