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  1. Its really enjoyable, top teams so much harder to beat, really adds to the realism.
  2. It's the first time since CM93, that i haven't been waiting for release date to start a new career game. Started one on Beta on day one, and still loving it 3 seasons on, 40plus leagues and over 100k of players. Best part is its harder to win in the Premier League than usual, top teams are so good, scoring more points than they did on previous versions, both Liverpool and Man City in the high 90s last season. Many thanks for the hard work
  3. Leave your coaches, low down you wont have the facilities to train a superstar, and if you sack them you pay compensation that will hit your finance's. Replace them when their contracts run out. Don't be shy to fill up your full quota of loans, especially ones that you pay no wages towards. Get a parent club in, take the one that offers the most cash per year, don't worry if they are any good as when you get to their level, you will be able to look again for the big Premier League Clubs.
  4. What tips do you need? I played Torquay in the Beta, bar the mess with the free transfers and loans if you turn off the first transfer window, I loved it and got them in to League 2.
  5. I have a file on the Steam Workshop for conference South and North free players, many would do a great job in the Conference itself
  6. It will completely spoil LLM as it is. The old way worked perfectly in my book.
  7. I raised this yesterday, great in Higher leagues, a total disaster in LLM. Many conference clubs North/South and below sign players on short term contracts, this kills the realism and is overkill how it is now done on FM19. Also it has caused the other issue I have of no goalie for 5months and now unable to sign an emergency replacement, which is gaming breaking. Very poor why this has been changed, as usual the LLM side has been left as a bit of an after thought
  8. I don't disagree with that at all. I've gone a week in with Torquay and have no goalkeeper for 5 months due to injuries and no way of signing an emergency one either
  9. Actually a good question, lol. Talking of free transfers, not spending cash for players. Lower leagues with injuries and fatigue its needed in the first season at times.
  10. Same for me, spent 3 hours looking at players and then find I cant sign any on trial Really poor decision this.
  11. I've always played with the first transfer window turned off, but can't understand why that now means you cant sign players on loan, trials and free transfers. Game breaking as far as I'm concerned, wrecked my enjoyment of LLM
  12. In all the past games it has only turned off until the next window, ie January, I think you are incorrect FrazT. Sounds like a bug to give all the other teams money to spend in January and not the human players.
  13. Thanks for the response, I don't want to waste anyone's time if it isn't a bug. The database editor will give me a clue if it's an issue or something when it comes out.
  14. I only play with the first window off, JC1, i find it gives a bit more realism to me and changes the transfer market for the better 😀.
  15. Herne79 do you have any answer or feedback on my post just above, not being impatient just can see it missed due to the pointless bickering above and below it? Many thanks 😀
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