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  1. Yeah, you're right that would probably be the sensible thing to do. I might. Upload a pkm, time stamp it. Thing is, everything i stated is already documented. I'm growing a little tired and frankly beginning to lose faith in SI ability to fix this messy ME. If the beta (although an experimental product) is the shape of the ME to come, i'm very pessimist. To me, it's not even a step in the right direction. Sorry, don't feel like being constructive today. Maybe tomorrow.
  2. after 20 games with beta ME, I'm not sold. 1vs1 still have a very low conversion rate. The wingers are still stupid (they wait for the opponent defender to come back before attempting crossing). The through ball are rare. And penalty are still incredibly missed. The only improvement i find is on the defender behaviour vs long balls. Some of the TI are ignored by the players (short passes, low crosses, c'mon)... Trying to tweak your tactic is a painful and absolutely pointless experience. this is still a very frustrating experience. No pleasure. Resulting in not a nice video game to play.
  3. I share most of your views, except for this one. The ME (post hotfix for me, the first release post beta was ok) is terrible, but the rest of the game is excellent, improved, more logical, i enjoy most of it, but i don't enjoy watching the matches at all. And that is a problem.
  4. The "left striker position" for a lone striker thing worked for me too! End of goal drought, Striker looking for spaces to run, moreover my team performed mutch better, midfielders try through-balls, the IF makes less silly side netting goal attempts. Does this need a seperate thread?
  5. To me the question is not about the realism of it, but that it used to be a fun game for few days (with a silly penalty problem, but not game breaking), a bit challenging but one of the most fun to watch ME engine that i remember of then 20.1.4 hotfix came around and it's not a fun game anymore.
  6. @IcyI would ad, the impossible angle attempts for inside forwards and the way wingers or FB stop their running if they get passed their opponents, waiting for the defender to get back in place to block the squaring rather than attempt direct squaring as soon as they are clear from opposition.
  7. Sorry. I know it has been specified that the Day1 ME was not change with the last patch, but i have the same feeling than others here that team patterns on match day is back to beta. Only long shot scoring, no attempt at passing to the strikers, a lot of goal attempt from impossible angles... This results in very frustrating games to watch. The first version was very good for me, this patch did something to the ME, although i cannot prove it ,the way the experience changed suddenly with the same teams and same tactics makes it obvious in my experience. The patch seems to have managed to fix the penalties issue though.
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