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  1. Same here, that's my counting sheep technique for 20 years now I still love it.
  2. So... No ME patching. I'm trying hard not to feel slapped in the face, but clearly i'm not completely successful at that. I saw it coming though, like most of the people. I think, what hurts the most is Neil's commentary. I recon it takes quite some courage to come forward like that. But the main argument he used: people bought it, so it's not that bad, is a very poor one. In logic it's called "the popularity bias". I teach my students not to use these kind of easy fallacy. Moreover, i've been saying that i will buy FM 21 because i love this game that uch, and, overall trust SI to fix things and make me have fun. But let's follow Neil's view: If people buy it, then it's not bad. Maybe it's time I use this idea to make my disappointment a tad more audible... But it's hard to let go a game i loved that much for such a long time. FM is the only game installed on my computer for more than 5 years now. Anyhow, Neil's statement feels more like "un aveu de faiblesse" (i have no idea how to translate that) to me.
  3. I've bought CM 98/99 and every iteration of this game till now (excepted FM 18, year my son was born, and i tried, unsuccessfully, to liberate me some free time). I love this game and i'm very thankful to SI for making it. This year game would be the best one if not fore the ME. It's ok to mess up some times so i will buy FM 21 (maybe not pre-ordering tho). But if the ME is not visibly remodeled and is still a mess, it will probably be my last.
  4. After a new and half season, defying all expectations with Bayer, i'm going to drop FM 20 again. I might go back if the ME is patched again. But i give up believing in the ability of SI to correct this one. I'm on a 60 match without defeat streak, but my offensive players are getting very poor rating because of the 1v1 issues. It might be a small problem to some, but it drives me mad! The match experience is poor, the feedback doesn't make any sense... Please make FM 21 ME better...
  5. I don't know. But the ME was touched, small changes can have unplanned consequences?
  6. The op is from me. I have not exactly suggested this, i was merely stating that i've never seen any low cross from any tactic i played. The pkm was an exemple of this with a very overpowered team that i use for testing the ME. I still did not take the time to timestamp it, but i will as soon as i have the time to, because the discussion here intrigued me. Cheers from Tahiti!
  7. Thank you. Highlighting would be a little bit pointless in my sense: Every cross is High. The low cross instruction is never followed.
  8. Some of TI are just non effective. Low crosses for example. As an illustration, this match. World class wingers and wingbacks. Not a single low cross in the whole match. And this is not an occasional bad day. It's all the time, no matter the context or the team. Always high crosses to the far post/center resulting in header over the bar from not particularly tall or head gifted players. This might partially explain the bad ratings for IF noticed in another topic. Burnley - Arsenal.pkm
  9. Yes. My post wasn't clear. I watched most of my match in extended. Problem 1: the rating seems to low. They didn't score, but perform ok, getting involved on the offensive movements, did not seem to lose the ball to often, but with the occasional goal miss. And the team as a whole didn't underperfom. The pkm files are a few exemples of that. More globaly, problem 2: These bad ratings performance happen way to often (3 games out of 4) in the long run. They underperform globally. If i play them a rank lower (in IW) the problem does not appear.
  10. The ME, to the player, is not only a simulation, it's a feedback tool. The mere only one a player have in FM. It has to do its job better. It used to.
  11. No. Sorry, i mean, i won't. I'm too tired. I've open one thread on the bug forum about one of the issues. The others are documented for a long time now. I explained elsewhere what i think about gaming and feedback. I think the ME is giving very bad feedback, therefore is not a usefull tool, therefore generates frustration. etc. As a game, this year's FM is a bad one. It's ok, i will just stop playing. I hope SI can get a hold on this and do better next time.
  12. Okay now, i've played around 20 match with the new ME, including 15 times the same match in extensive, tweaking my tactic just to observe and adjust. But it's hopeless. My opinion on this is: the successive previous ME were bad. This one is a little bit different bad. Sorry SI, i love you dearly, but you made a mess.
  13. Though I admire your dedication to your own logic, this is not a matter of "pretty" it's a matter of feedback. A player deal with the feedback the game is giving him. This is bad feedback because it's unreadable. Your player should cross and he does not. There's no explanation to this, no conclusion that can be drawn. In previous ME version, the winger should cross to the free player in the middle, but he does not, and it's not a matter of how good he is. Or the winger should not aim a shot at the side netting, but he does... In fact a lot of the problems of the successive FM 2020 ME were just this: bad feedback. And a game with bad feedback is not a good game. Because you have to adapt randomly. You just throw things and see where it falls. It's very frustrating. I don't know how it came to this this year, we, as consumers, are not used to this (i played for more than 20 years also) from SI, but, yeah. Bad game, bad year. I don't think it can be saved now. The successive ME made a mockery of what is usually a pretty darn good game. So yeah, to conclude, the new ME is still bad, different bad, but bad.
  14. Since the new ME, it seems very hard and rare to have a good performance from very good IF, More precisely, they get very bad ratings unless they score, even though they get involved ok in the offensive play and this even if my team wins. The problem seems to be less noticeable if i take them a level backward as IW. As the new ME modified how ratings work? here are a few pkm exemple. OL - FC Metz.pkm OL - Liverpool.pkm OL - Paris SG.pkm Paris SG - OL.pkm
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