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  1. I'm not event going to comment the first phrase it's a "dialogue de sourd" that is going on for more than a year now (look out the translation, i'm not sure what the correct expression is in english). For the rest, you certainly are entitled to your opinion, for me, the never first intention cross, wb prefering to dwell on the ball, waiting for is opponent to come back, the useless AF in a 451, the non respect of the PI, make my team seemingly always playing the same match. I have to tick "don't run with the ball" for my world class dribbler not to impale himself on the defense. I'm just
  2. There hasn't been many change to this one itteration, i agree. I can see the GK distribution is improved. But it's a very disappointing ME, compare to the promises of the beta, and it's boring to watch.
  3. The ME has gotten me totally demotivated to play FM 21 anymore. The WB centering problems, the movement of the striker, the infinite corners. It seems that every new iteration of the ME was worse than the previous in this year game. I was so enthousiastic with the beta ME, i was watching all games in extended. Now i'm bored. I was planning on not buying this year's FM, after the desastrous ME of FM 20, but the beta ME made me change my mind...Well. Fool me once, fool me a thousand times...
  4. Thank you. This is very smart. I will end there, because a conversation on this matter belongs in another thread.
  5. Thank you. We have a fairly close tactic, which is stranger. Koita is not a speed monster, is he? I have a question for the underlap right (that i don't use), i presume it's mostly your BBM taking the space?
  6. Good for u. But still, the fact are in front my eyes. Thank you also for your condescending advices, i will try and make sure to do that... The ME has been changed, it's a delicate balance. And every little changes has consequences that are hard to anticipate without a lot of people trying it in a lot of game. I cannot believe we are still having this conversation since FM 20. It bores me to death.
  7. I have 3 saves, all use a tactic with a lone striker. They all worked wonders before the patch. A little bit too mutch, my strikers were all scoring 40+ goals a season. Since the new patch, lone strikers are absolutely useless, not because they miss one on ones, but because they rarely get any.
  8. I have to add: I'm not sure American people realize that the way their government reacted to this pandemic concerned the whole word. Without trump, the pandemic might have been slowed down a lot in April-May last year. The refuse to take it seriously had a very damaging effect on a lot of smaller countries, mine included.
  9. Absolutely but the reasult is: non-worthy people will need to go out and make money, they will get sick, then they will get someone sicker. But they need to eat. It is such a ****show... I'm not american, the population where i live is in majority very poor, and our governement applied the Trump politic, because the very existence of this man make some wanna be rightwing dictators very decomplexed. I feel like crying, and shouting every time i wake up, and every time i go to bed. If the vaccination does not work, we will get a lot more death, from the covid and from the rest. I'm a lucky man,
  10. For my part, i just see a suffering man. That's reflecting the reality of the bad handling of this pandemic. When you try to minimize the sanitary measures to "protect" the economy, you get a health AND an economic crisis. And it is the same people who pay most of the price.
  11. The problem seems to resolve or to lessen if i install a light skin pack.
  12. Or, more precisely, during the inter-season, each player that i moved from the B team to the A team, keep switching back to B team as soon as i hit continue. Moving player to the B team seems to work. I removed all player registration in the B team, and registered them in the A team, to no effect, they keep switching back... No mods, no skin, vanilla game. This is a game breaking bug, as a Bilbao save is all about using your B team to develop your players.
  13. I've made a reinstall of FM 21. The problem is still sporadic. What i've found for occurence: it's related to hypertext link, and it happens if i leave the game unplayed for a period of time (like an hour). The only solution is often to force quit the app...
  14. well the "waiting for the defender to catch me before i attempt crossing" is still there, so is the "shooting like a madman at the defender marking me, instead of passing to a teammate unmarked beside me when i'm in the box"... My two joys in FM these last 2 years. I'm so happy. To me, a bad omen to this new ME is that the bonkers unbeatable and totally unrealistic tactic that i used in FM 20 and ruin the game for me, that wasn't logically working on the FM 21 prepatch ME, is working very well again... So yeah...
  15. I use no skin, no mods, i'm pure vanilla. I will try what you say though.
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