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  1. After a ridiculous 40+ year Liverpool career on FM20, including a bonkers 39 league titles, thought I would treat myself in the sale and upgrade to 21. It's really strange coming back to the original squad. Playing so long on one save you get used to entirely generated players and form a (digital) bond with your created crew. With them being generated, and having overseen the development of every player, it also provides a lot more tactical freedom to explore various formations and styles, freed from the constraints of real world players and our own thoughts and biases around them. T
  2. Yes, I'm still going! With the 2058/59 season on the horizon, my 80 year old avatar continues to dominate the European football scene. We have somehow managed to rack up 35 league titles and 91 cup wins, including 14 Champions League victories. After a couple of season of wobble, the Premier League has been fairly plain sailing. We lost our way somewhat at the end of the 2040s, losing the league in 2049 to Spurs and then again in 2050 to Leeds. We rebounded smartly though, taking back over in 2051 with a 103 points tally, conceding a frankly ridiculous 9 goals. Subsequent title
  3. Money, Money, Money I had settled on this idea of 'one and young' where I would grant more opportunities to our Academy products. Reality very much bit though when the second league title slipped away. In response, I splashed the cash, bringing in a new left back, centre back, midfielder and a couple of young prospects. To make space, a couple of academy players were let go. One that has made it is this guy. I have had my eye on his development for a while, his coach projection a 3 star rating. Having granted him some first team opportunities, he is now a 4.5 star player. I did it!
  4. Well my friends, a lot has been happening since last we spoke. Having decided to pack up my bags and go, a new game in the the lower reaches of the non-league just didn't get the juices flowing and so back to Liverpool we went. It would prove to be a difficult season. Having fallen 10 points behind we clawed our way back to the top of the pile, only to run out of steam towards the end, gifting Tottenham their first premier League win. No matter, I decided. I have lost the league before and it had been the spur to try something new. And so out went Gegenpress and 4141 and in came 424
  5. Hot on his heels, this young man is the most promising player to come out of the academy in some time. Like God himself, we scored a hattrick on his debut in the League Cup and had a productive loan spell at Crawley. He has already seen some first team minutes and my coaches are convinced he be be of use to the squad, but I opted to loan him to Championship Swansea, feeling some more game time would be better for his development.
  6. This is my other main hitman. Having gone so long without spending serious cash, instead preferring to nurture younger talent, I spent big on this guy, lashing out £96m. He has had to cope with constant changes in role and formation but is now settled as Advanced Forward and is banging in goals for fun.
  7. Another guy I picked up for peanuts, Gerd Schwend was signed for £2.5m and from very early on was rated highly by my coaches. it took a while for me to bed him in. His natural position was at AMC, a role I have very rarely used. looking at his stats, he looked like an ideal Complete Forward but whilst he successfully retrained there, he never really performed. This season, he has taken up the role of playmaker at the heart of my back-to-basics 442 and is absolutely running the show.
  8. A striker's striker, Matt King has usually found himself shifted into other roles to accommodate other players but eventually made Inside Forward his own. Despite his great finishing, I'm currently using him as an inverted winger in a 424 as, believe it or not, I've got someone even more deadly up top. I picked him up for £27.5m from Reading and he has rewarded us with 118 league goals and counting.
  9. This guy is my current number one having come through the academy. For a while he had 5-star potential but his lax attitude to training and lack of ambition may be holding him back. Still, he has won best goalie in Europe a couple of times in his young career so he's doing ok.
  10. Here's the first of a few players to share. I picked this fella up on a free when he was about 18. Starting out as a centre back, I thought his physical stats might better suit a wing back and after a bit of training, he's now world class in that position and being hunted by Barcelona
  11. Thanks, appreciate it. I must admit, I'm a bit lazy in how I update so will defo chuck some player screen shots in more often.
  12. I couldn't do it! I started a jouneyman save but gave it up shortly after. I think with the real-life Liverpool in such a funk of form, I need the solace of my own side being world beaters.
  13. Game Over Man, Game Over! Yeah, that'll do us. In my 30th season, after 1,800 games, I reckon it's time to move on. Whilst season 30 wasn't looking especially clever, I don't walk away with bitterness or regret. I achieved absolutely everything I could possibly hope to, putting to bed some of those anxiety demons over squad building, tactics, game management and simply value for money. My final management tally looks like this; Death Is Not The End Still though, I don't think I'm quite finished. I had a real monkey to get off my back with this sav
  14. Well, it's been a while. Where did we get to? I think I might've lost count of seasons. Whichever way you slice it, I have now finally beaten my Championship Manager '93/94 record of 25 seasons! Whichever number it is, we're now at the end of 2046/47, having secured our 9th straight league title and my 26th overall. The last couple of seasons have been strange to say the least. Frustrated by various aspects of my tactics, I flitted between 433, 424 and 4231 without ever really landing on anything I truly embraced. Despite some shocking inconsistency, we managed to secure those leagu
  15. Very Pleased A season of experimentation, Season 24 would see us again crowned champions whilst adding another Champions League to the cabinet. I've now won a ridiculous; 23 Premier Leagues 12 FA Cups 12 EFL cups 19 FA Community Shields 2 FIFA club world cups 8 Champions Leagues 10 UEFA Super Cups 1 Europa League It wasn't a vintage year by any measure but we still managed to win the league by 12 points. Dario Bosco, now surely the greatest player in the world, smashed in 28 league goals, 44 in all competitions, as well as adding 10 assi
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