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  1. This is what makes this challenge so great. Moments like this! Beating Dinamo Zagreb away who had gone unbeaten all season. Our top prospect scoring two goals from central midfield, one of them a rocket free kick into tok the top corner!
  2. Just like previous FM's, the game sometimes decides that a few certain players will not be loaned out. I have talents, the most talented players that I have btw, that were loaned out last year to 2nd division clubs and were brilliant. This year, no clubs are interested... Even though they have more than enough quality to perform at a high level, I cant get any offers in..... Absolutely ridicoulous, and something that happens every FM...
  3. NK Zadar Season Update 2023-2024 Another season, another 7th place... Our third in a row and our progress is going slow! Then again, taking a look at the top teams, it makes sense. We are so far behind its almost laughable. But thats how it is in this challenge, and we just have to keep on fighting. We got a pretty decent youth intake, and we will hopefully see some results from this in a few years! We got new owners this year and our finances have gotten a lot better. Don't get me wrong, they are terrible, but we were close to bankruptcy so anything better than that was an improvement! The board has decided to build a new stadium. A strange decision, since we are only getting 54% attendance of our total capacity at home games... The takeover from new owners were a great thing at the start, but the new stadium, as well as a non-negotiable Club Vision of buying players to sell with a profit might mean trouble down the road... Goals for next season: Avoid relegation and reduce the payroll! Summary Top performers Top prospects Season | League | Position | League Cup | Europe | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Druga Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 1st | Semi-final | N/A | Promotion to top division first year 2021/22 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | 2nd round | N/A | Stayed in the league. Good first half of the season 2022/23 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | Semi-final | N/A | No improvement on last year, only worse finances 2023/24 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | Qtr-final | N/A | Another 7th place finish
  4. Even with poor facilities and coaching you are allowed to be dissapointed with that intake!
  5. New owners! After a disastrous financial situation over the last two seasons, our prayers have been answered. New owners have taken over the club and we went straight from £1,2 million in the red to now being healthy again. That will only last until the end of the season, as we still have basically no income, but with young talents coming up we will be looking to offload some of the high earners. The board has set out its vision and they want me to keep within the wage budget as well as "Develop the best youth system in the country". Sounds great!! Maximun one year deals for players over 32 sounds good as well. Now lets hope we can get some improvements done to our facilities!
  6. Midway through our 3rd season in the top division we are in our usual 7th place. Against the top teams we are getting outplayed! But must be doing something right, as Hajduk Split offers me an interview. Obviously something I wont attend, but still a good sign!
  7. A fantastic decision by the board. They decided to accept a bid from Hajduk Split for our very talented goalkeeper Elvis Miljanic. After basically threatening to quit, putting the save in jeopardy (!), they backtracked and decided to whitdraw their decision. On FM19, after I did this on the same challenge, the board didn't sell a player over my head again, so I'm hoping its the same this year. Our finances are still terrible, but this sale wouldnt have solved it anyway!
  8. NK Zadar Season Update 2022-2023 Another year, another 7th place finish. As last year, we started the season pretty well, winning two and drawing two in our first games. We then had 9 games without a win! The season kept on going in that direction. We sometimes showed some good football, before being thrown straight back in to a terrible run of form. We are in the top division, there are some really good teams, and we are really not one of them. The only reason we are staying up is: - Only one team go down - NK Istra 1961 (relegated) were shockingly bad - We always seem to hit one or two good runs of form. We won only 8 of our 35 games, but we still managed to avoid relegation by a 10 point margin, that tells you how strange this league system is. We had a great cup run, reaching the semi-final. Only thing is, there is no prize money at all We have had some improvements to our youth recruiting and junior coaches, but there is a potential pitfall up the road: club finances. We are in such a bad shape and with almost no TV or prize money our best hope is to get new owners. We certainly don't have any players that can be sold for a lot, so lets hope our unhappy owner can sell the club! Goals for next season: - Avoid relegation and avoid bankrupcy Summary Top performers Top prospects Season | League | Position | League Cup | Europe | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Druga Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 1st | Semi-final | N/A | Promotion to top division first year 2021/22 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | 2nd round | N/A | Stayed in the league. Good first half of the season 2022/23 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | Semi-final | N/A | No improvement on last year, only worse finances
  9. Interested to get the answer to this one myself Should we keep it on the "public beta" setting still or install the new patch?
  10. No, the ME has been updated tonight. You need to choose properties on your Football Manager 2020 on Steam, then choose "Public beta" under the "Beta" menu.
  11. I think there is a new update available now, with ME changes, so your prayers might have been answered.
  12. I think the match engine will be the best one in the series. Player movement in general, positioning etc. is really good. Some confusing wing play, lack of 1vs1 efficiency and terrible Croation midfielders scoring rockets from 35 yards on a general basis is annoying, but from what I'm reading SI is very aware of those challenges and will be correcting them. It is a beta after all!
  13. Massive! A few years ago an Ull/Kisa game was postponed due to suspision of match fixing... seems the problem hasn't gone away!!!
  14. Thats good! I have 3 year extension clauses in every youth contract so if they want to be miserable, they will be for a long time! I actually sold one of them. He had promise on the pitch, but a terrible personality and all he was doing was complaining. Every week I had to talk with him about broken promises... Shipped him off!
  15. Yes I hope that first team football, which will be the case for a couple of them next season, will resolve the issue. It should to be fair. If not I just have to learn from this mistake!
  16. Just a heads up to everyone. When you sign youth players on intake, make sure to not include any promises of them going on loan soon. I missed that part on the first intake (and even a few on the second), and it has led to players being extremely unhappy about me breaking promises to them! I of course could have loaned them out, but the Croatian league prohibits anyone under 17 to play league games. Some of the players are now refusing to sign contracts, and they have 5 star potential. Disastrous error!
  17. NK Zadar Season Update 2021-2022 Our first season in the top tier of Croatian football. Looking at the table we did really good, finishing 7th, never involved in the relegation battle. But at the same time, we won only 2 of our last 18 games (!!) and we have several key players that want to leave. So plenty of challenges ahead. We kept the same style and formation that served us well last season. I tweaked it somewhat to be better prepared against the top teams, but we still try to play with high tempo and direct. We won 7 of our first 11 league games, so already at that stage we took a huge step towards securing our spot in the league, as only one team go down! Throughout the year we got worse and worse! We are dismal at defending set pieces, and as soon as we get an injury the player replacing them are just afwul! But thats how it is and we just have to live with it. Can't complain about finishing 7th, but we might struggle big time next season! We had a fantastic youth intake and I will see in pre-season if anyone will be promoted to the first team. We already have a 17 year old in central midfield and an 18 year old on left back, so we have to find the right balance! Goals for next season: Survive! Summary Top performers Top 3 prospects Season | League | Position | League Cup | Europe | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Druga Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 1st | Semi-final | N/A | Promotion to top division first year 2021/22 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | 2nd round | N/A | Stayed in the league. Good first half of the season
  18. It's not unrealistic that the board forces a sale of players, it's the very uncritical way they often do it on FM. Not just in certain regions. When we have positions with basically no cover and we start selling players in those positions for an extremely low price, I call that unrealistic. And this is a repeating theme on FM, it happened on this challenge last year in Spain when I managed there. Luckily I had the opportunity to talk to the board about it then, and they changed their mind, after threatening to resign that is..
  19. A great youth intake. I have gotten a couple of improvements to our Youth Coaching Budget and its paying off. Simic, Maric, Grgic and Zeljkovic all have massive potential so this is promising. Until our board sells them all over my head, but that seems to be the club strategy!
  20. So rewarding when the board starts selling players over my head. An offer of 20k for our only talented RB? No problem at all, just sell him..... Extremely unrealistic and a terrible feature in the game btw...
  21. Would be interesting to hear some general principles that others here follow for youth development. Training and playing for U19 vs loans for example, as well as exposure to first team football. Can it be too much? When I did the challenge on FM19 I didn't loan out players before they turned 18, but I gave several plenty of first team football, as well as making them available for the U19s. Completing the challenge I must have done something right, but interested in hearing other views. Especially regarding where young talents should be, in the first team or U19s!
  22. As a Norwegian this will be great to follow! Flekkerøy in the Champions League sometime in the future? Who would have thought!!!
  23. I would challenge you to post from the first season! As @darren1983 said, everyone is cheering each other on here, and everyone can relate to the struggles. And it's a really great challenge, for me the best one on this forum. Completing it last year was the greatest feeling I've ever had on FM, and i played it since the start of the series. And @XaW hits the nail on the head, youth development (and especially here when its forced) is addictive!
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