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  1. South Shields Season Summary 2021-2022 Our first season in the Vanarama National League and we got close to back-to-back promotion! After a really good run of form during the winter months we suddenly went 7 games without a win, losing 5 of them. A couple of additions to the team in the youth intake saw a return to good form, and we managed to grab the last playoff spot after winning our last four league games. We faced Hartlepool away in the first play off stage and with four wins in a row I was optimistic. Unfortunately it ended with one playoff game as Hartleool won deservedly 2-1. We were tipped to finish bottom of the league so we have to be happy with what proved to be a very good first season in the Vanarama National. Our new GK, Bob McDermott, looks like a big talent and even though he is only 16 he is far better than my other options. At the end of last season it looked like our left winger Sanmi Odelusi would not renew his contract. When he lovered his demands we ended up signing him on for two more years and that was a blessing this season. He didn't perform well at all last year, but this season he bagged 18 goals from left wing and was together with Jason Gilchrist and Nathan Lowe our best perfomers. Nathan Lowe is a fantastic CM that is the heart and soul of my team. In the FA Cup we beat Alfreton in the qualifiers before beating Woking and Macclesfield. In the 3rd round we faced Arsenal, unfortunately at home! That could have given us huge revenue with an away game at the Emirates. We lost 1-3 at home, but to be honest, it could have been 1-10... I am on my way to completing my National A licence. Unfortunately, because of our bad finances, we haven't been able to get any other upgrades. I am sure the media will predict us to get relegated next year as well, but hopefully we can find our way into the play off's again. Season Summary Top perfomers Top talents Season | League | Position | FA Cup | League Cup | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Vanarama Nat. League South | 1st | 1st round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Promotion! 2021/22 | Vanarama Nat. League | 7th | 3rd round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Made the playoffs
  2. South Shields Youth Intake 2022 As I have previously mentioned we have a terrible goalkeeper situation at South Shields, with easily the worst GK in the league. That was the case in Vanarama South last year as well, but a strong offense secured us the title. This year, in the Vanarama National League, we have been doing well, even being in a play off spot for most of the season. A terrible run of form leading up to the youth intake has placed us in the middle of the table. Really frustrating as we concede some shocking goals due to our terrible GK. Last year we got a decent GK in the youth intake, but he proved to be even worse (and short!). Hopefully our solution has arrived this year in the talented Bob McDermott. He has gone straight into the team and even though he is young I will keep him as the first choice. Last year we saw no full backs coming through. We have a decent LB in the team, but our RB is a central midfielder I have re-trained as a RB. And we have no backup on either position, so our CB's have to cover when we have injuries/suspensions. Now we got Adam Patterson, a very talented RB. He also went straight into the side. Other than that we have no real quality in this years intake, but I cant ask for more than a talented GK and RB!
  3. @OlivierL, to be fair I just saw Neil Brock write that it was extremely unlikely that a save would be corrupted during public beta. Probably no need to worry at all!
  4. Thats good. I was more worried about the fact they said you have to make a backup save in case an error occurs in the next few days that can corrupt your save game.
  5. Have anyone here changed to public beta? I fear the risk of an error occuring that might destroy the save game...
  6. South Shields Season Summary 2020-2021 My first season with South Shields and we won the league! We started the season really well, winning our first 6 games, and we didn't lose until mid-October. After this loss we never picked up a great run of form again, but performed good enough to seal promotion four games before the end of the season. Guiseley, our main competitor for the title, had a terrible run of form at the end of the season, winning only 5 of their 12 last games. I think our season can be summarised like this: - Having the worst goalkeeper in the league by far - Being the best team on offensive set pieces! We scored on 17 corners and 9 indirect free kicks! - Jason Gilchrist, our lone striker, scored 28 league goals - Nathan Lowe is probably the best central midfielder in the league I tried replacing our goalkeeper Bradley Skripan with 17 year old youth intake player Kevin Wales-Betts. Wales-Betts saved a penalty and kept a clean sheet his first game, but after this his performances were mostly poor. His potential has also been downgraded from 5 to 4 stars after only a couple of months in the club, but I think we will have to stick with him next year as well. We will probably be losing our best player on paper, Sanmi Odelusi, as his contract expires. He has really good stats, but he is on £2,7K a week and he even wants more... A 6,89 rating from an inside forward position and only 9 goals and 8 assists isn't enough if you demand to be paid more than twice the rest of the team. Sad to see a quality player leave though! Just as concerning is the fact we will lose two back up players on CB and RB. This is the only real back up we have on those positions, but they won't sign contracts if they cant combine it with a sporting director role... yeah, like thats gonna happen... We beat VNL team York in the 4th Qual. round in the FA Cup. Drawing 0-0 at home, but a great 3-2 win away saw us through. We then faces League One side Mansfield. We drew 2-2 at home and then we lost 2-1 away. I got my first coaching badge and we got upgrades to Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment. Goals for next season: Make a desperate attempt to survive in the Vanarama National League Season Summary Key Players Top talents 20 yrs or younger Season | League | Position | FA Cup | League Cup | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Vanarama Nat. League South | 1st | 1st round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Promotion!
  7. South Shields Youth Intake 2021 Our first youth intake! No full backs which is a dissapointment and some of the personalities werent impressive either. But we got a goalkeeper, he has potential, and he will go straight into the first team. Eddie Sheridan also looks good, but we have to do something about his terrible personality.
  8. South Shield FC Youth Intake Preview 2020-2021 We have two areas of the team where we are either lacking quality or lacking quantity: We have the worst goalkeeper in the league, and from what I'm seeing, its by a wide margin. We have good quality wingers and a good left full back, but no backup whatsoever. The youth intake seems to cover the wide areas of the pitch, but no goalkeeper in sight.
  9. I have a 17 year old, who is even worse, and he's potential is not bigger than Skirpans current ability... I just have to keep my fingers crossed for a good GK in the youth intake.
  10. South Shields FC New challenge October update After winning the Croatian Premier League with NK Zadar and realising the CL would be too tough a challenge I started the challenge in England. I picked South Shields, which I have to say is a really good team for Vanarama National League South! In our starting eleven we have several players with 4 stars or better. Except our goalkeeper. He is one star and so bad its just laughable. We are lucky not to concede many chances, because he cant save anything to save his life. 1vs1 a problem in the ME? Not against us. But regardless of this we have started the season in a fantastic fashion. We lost our first game of the season in the 20th round. Hopefully we can carry on and push for direct promotion. Our coaching staff and youth recruitment is poor, so if we can beat York in our upcoming FA Cup 4th Qual. round we can hopefully see some income. I have to say its really strange that the oppositon teams rarely rest players. Its not uncommon that we face teams that start the game with several players on 75% condition... Screenshots attached of the league table, our top two performers and our shocking goalkeeper!
  11. I know, it's terrible! I love Club Vision as a feature, but SI needs to adjust it so it becomes much more realistic than it is now. We are winning the league with 100% academy produced players, have the best youth facilities in the country and state of the art youth recrutiment and youth coaches... what more can i do!
  12. Thanks @OlivierL! No one got any caps except for Drazen Surbek in his last season with me. But I think he only has the one cap! I think Dukadjin would have gotten a few caps in the near future, but the Croatian national team was really strong in my save. The board refused to allow me to get affiliated clubs to provide me with more players for our youth intake, so our squad was 100% Croatian. Btw, after we won the league the board were really dissapointed that we missed out on a element of our club vision: Develop the best youth academy in the country
  13. NK Zadar Season Summary 2030-2031 Champions of Croatia! 10 years in the top division and we have finally won the title. After finishing runners-up the last two seasons I am not that surprised we managed to win it, but after losing Drazen Surbek, our star striker, last summer I thought we would need some more time to rebuild. It was the season when our best player Matko Dukadjin stepped up and delivered stunning performances the whole season. Playing as an AM (attack) in a 4-2-3-1 system he delievered 15 league goals and 10 assists. We faced title rival HNK Rijeka in the 33rd round of the season and it was always going to be a title decider. After going 1-0 down after just three minutes we managed to turn it around with two quick goals. Rijeka came back after 25 minutes to make it 2-2 and the game was an even affair well into the second half. The decider came after 84 minutes when Dukadjin got the ball on 35-40 yards. Faced with three defenders between him and the goal he smashes the ball into the top corner. Goal of the season in the title deciding game! What a moment! We beat Dinamo Zagred in the next game before securing the title in the 35th league round at home to relegated NK Lokomotiva with a 4-1 win. Next to Dukadjin, who was by far our best player, our left winger Frank Gabrijelic had a really good season. He struggles a bit in the first half of the season, but from January he was awesome. 11 goals and 6 assists in the last 19 games, he was a constant threat to the opposition. On the right wing we had Stipe Roguljic, who might not deliver fantastic performances, but he is always working hard for the team and rarely performes bad. We had a decent Champions League, considering that every other team in the competition is better than ut. We lost our group, but draws against Feyenord home and away and a draw against Chelsea away is still good! We have some exciting players coming up and young RB Goran Bulat played his way into the team this year. Just 17 years old he has a bright future. On the opposite side of the defence we have Antonijo Bulas developing nicely. I usually dont loan out players before they are 18 but he played as a first team starter for top division side NK Varazdin after christmas and did really well. We have won the league and have exciting prospects coming up, but I am still thinking of quitting the challenge now and start up somewhere else. When players reach a certain level they refuse to sign contracts without buy-out clauses. And with even talented players being valued really low the buy-out clauses are really easy for top clubs to match. With that pattern repeating itself I just dont see us competing the challenge by winning the Champions League. I completed the challenge in Spain last year, and even though it might be easier to win domestic trophies in smaller leagues, its difficult if not impossible to win the CL in a minor league. Anyway, I will continue the challenge in another league. Season Summary Top Performers Top Talents Season | League | Position | League Cup | Europe | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Druga Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 1st | Semi-final | N/A | Promotion to top division first year 2021/22 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | 2nd round | N/A | Stayed in the league. Good first half of the season 2022/23 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | Semi-final | N/A | No improvement on last year, only worse finances 2023/24 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | Qtr-final | N/A | Another 7th place finish 2024/25 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 5th | Qtr-final | N/A | Decent progress, finished just outside a European spot 2025/26 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 3rd | Qtr-final | N/A | Great season, bronze medal and European spot 2026/27 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 6th | 3rd round |1 KO-stage Euro Cup II | Good European season, average league performance 2027/28 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 5th | Qtr-final | N/A | Qualified for Europe, facilities upgraded 2028/29 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 2nd | Qtr-final |1 KO-stage Euro Cup II | Runner up in the league 2029/30 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 2nd | Qtr-final | EL 2nd Knockout Stage | Runner up in the league, second year in a row 2030/31 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 1st | 2nd round | CL Group Stage | League winners!
  14. NK Zadar Youth Intake 2031 A good youth intake for us! Hopefully CB Zvonimir Abramovic can become a first team starter in a few seasons. Andrea Mijatovic maybe has the best potential, but I also think the coaching staff is underestimating Nino Barac, I think he looks like a top prospect!
  15. During the whole save we have only gotten one player poached by another club before the youth intake. Antun Pejovic was picked up by Hajduk Split, and what a player he is. They sold him to Napoli for £20 million and now they received £31,5 million on a sell-on clause! What a loss this has been for us!
  16. Another upgrade of our facilities was just completed. Things are looking quite good in that department now and the board immediately granted new upgrades to both Training Facilities as well as Youth Facilities.
  17. Our Champions League adventure ended, as expected, in the group stage. We managed to get three points, drawing both games against Feyenord and a fantastic 0-0 draw against Chelsea away. We played Chelsea away in the last game and unfortunately Feyenord managed to draw against PSG, despite having two players sent off. That gave them Europa League on goal difference. Our biggest loss came home against PSG, a depressing 0-7 loss! Oour U19 team managed to progress from the group stage which was very positive.
  18. I agree with you XaW, in the way that I am also enjoying the game, as well as the match engine. It does have some overall flaws, especially regarding defensive headers and players keeping the ball in play and just letting an opposition player take it away from him. But I know from the Youth Academy Challenge that you are not playing in a top league and neither am I. It does seem that issues regarding 1vs1 conversion and penalty conversion are working quite a lot better when you're playing outside the top leagues. I think it was @Neil Brock who mentioned that this might be an issue (sorry if i'm wrong on this Neil). But outside some of the issues with the match engine, the overall game is far superior to any other version IMO. Especially the Club Vision and Development Center. Youth development feels a lot more real now, maybe except for those strange cases when you have really, really talented players that seemingly no other clubs are interested in taking in on loan!
  19. I've only had one player being poached. He went to Dinamo Zagreb and i think he was sold for £30 million to Napoli at the age of 18. Crazy good!
  20. Champions League here we come! After two very dramatic qualification rounds! We went into the Champions League Best Placed 3rd. Qualifying Round, and our first opponent was Rangers. We lost 1-0 in Scotland, in a very even game. The return leg saw two unlikely matchvinners for us, our central defenders. Marijo Loncar made it 1-0 after 45 minutes, and CB partner Marko Perisic scored 2-0 on a corner in extra time! The last hurdle was CSKA Moscow, a team miles ahead of us in quality. We lost 2-1 in Russia, our goal scorer being DM Ivica Keran, with only the second goal of his career. We managed to hold on for the rest of the game, taking a pretty decent result back home to Croatia. At home we went 1-0 up after an own goal from a set piece. And then, again our defenders step up to the challenge with Marko Perisic again becoming match winner with a 2-0 headed goal! Champions League here we come, and £13,690,000 in group stage bonus! We got a pretty tough draw with Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Feyenord. Hopefully we can get good results against Feyenord, as I fear we will see zero points against PSG and Chelsea. PSG away, how tough will that be.....
  21. Working a lot better for me now as well @bakersdozen22. Played 5-6 games on very high. Still have all the settings previosuly mentioned here (vertical sync etc.). I would say that it's performing at 95% now. Any lagging I have to actaully look for, and that might also be because I am playing on very high.
  22. I hired a development manager on my save. He does a really bad job at loaning out players, so I took control of that part myself. But every few days (sometimes 2-3, sometimes a wekk), the changes are reset and he has control over outgoing loans. I then have to change it again, and cancel the loans. Has this been raised as an issue?
  23. I will check. The update before this latest one was terrible, so I actaully rolled my driver back. At work for now, but will download and give it a go. Are you using any additional settings like vertical sync, threaded optimization, shadows off etc.?
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