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  1. South Shields Season Summary 2024 - 2025 Promotion! After three years making the playoffs in Vanarama National we had a breakthrough season, ending up winning the league! We finished on 96 points, 4 points ahead of Aldershot in 2nd. I posted earlier today that we lost top talent Bob Sterry, but after Reading put in a bigger bid we got the chance to cancel the transfer. He finished the season in great fashion and that seems like a good decision today. Our striker Jason Gilchrist had his best season so far, finishing the season with 35 goals! Unfortunately our finances are really bad and every year we get another loan from our chairman. This means no upgrades to facilities or recruitment/junior coaches. Hopefully we can manage to stay in League 2 as that should give us some more income. Season Summary Top Performers Top Talents Season | League | Position | FA Cup | League Cup | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Vanarama Nat. League South | 1st | 1st round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Promotion! 2021/22 | Vanarama Nat. League | 7th | 3rd round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Made the playoffs 2022/23 | Vanarama Nat. League | 5th | 3rd round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Lost VNL playoff final 2023/24 | Vanarama Nat. League | 7th | 1st round | 4th Round (FA Trophy) | Lost first playoff leg 2024/25 | Vanarama Nat. League | 1st | 2nd round | 3rd Round (FA Trophy) | Promotion!
  2. South Shields Youth Intake 2025 I was told in the intake preview that we had a really talented goalkeeper on the way. That proved not to be the case and with the low quality of my current goalkeepers that was dissapointing! But thats how it is and at least we got what seems like a very talented central defender in Adam Lewis! Let's hope he can develop nicely over the next few seasons.
  3. This challenge can be frustrating and thats part of the package! Lack of depth in squad, bad youth intakes, general low squad quality etc. etc. But nothing is more frustrating than this!! We are top of the league in Vanarama National and the board decides to accept a bid for a key player, and for what? £205k and a training fixture against Hull! Oh wow, the mighty Hull is coming to town, who wants to attend that... Yes, it does have a 40% of profit from new sale, but I cant imagine that will be anything to celebrate..
  4. Finishing in 1vs1 situations seems to be a lot better. Espescially when the striker is chasing a ball between a FB and CB and then running with the ball at the GK. Before the patch those situations hardly created any goals (for me at least).
  5. @grff having a bad run of form in the Croatian league can be brutal. With so few teams you always have a tough game against Zagred, Split or Rijeka just around the corner!
  6. For me this is the biggest problem with the ME now. Playing in the Vanarama National League and the rest of the ME is actually pretty good I think. It does need work, but its not broken! I do get central play, I get through balls and my striker is scoring between 20 and 30 goals per season (3 star rating). I think it's difficult to get the AMC working properly, and most of the central play is created by my MC's, but its still there, and the team reacts to tactical instructions. But the set pieces, especially indirect free kicks are way too deadly IMO. I concede quite a lot, but also scoring a bunch! Also there is a bug where players change their position on defensive corners (Yes mods, I have created a bug report on it ).
  7. South Shields Season Summary 2023-2024 Another season, another playoff loss. This time already in the first round against Aldershot. We lost 1-2, but it could have been more. No complaints really, they are a better team than us and when we have to face them away in the playoff its a tough task. We played overall okey this season, but our striker Jason Gilchrist scored 20 goals, and even though thats pretty good he had 30 the year before. Hopefully he can find his goal scoring machine form again next season. Defensively we are getting better and better with Patterson and Ireland on the full backs. In central midfield Nathan Lowe once again proved he is the heart and soul of this team, finishing the league with a 7,37 avg. rating. His midfield partner, Arron Thompson, is more of a worry. Originally a creative player he has had the defensive role since I started the save, but it's not ideal for his skills. I might give his spot to an academy player next year and build from there. Goalkeeping position is still hopeless. McDermott went from 5 star potential and is now down to 3 stars... Unfortunately we couldnt get past the first round of the FA Cup, losing 2-0 away to League 2 side Wrexham. Season Summary Top performers Top talents Season | League | Position | FA Cup | League Cup | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Vanarama Nat. League South | 1st | 1st round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Promotion! 2021/22 | Vanarama Nat. League | 7th | 3rd round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Made the playoffs 2022/23 | Vanarama Nat. League | 5th | 3rd round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Lost VNL playoff final 2023/24 | Vanarama Nat. League | 7th | 1st round | 4th Round (FA Trophy) | Lost first playoff leg
  8. South Shields Youth intake 2024 The intake preview in december promised a golden generation with top talent on the full backs, center backs and in midfield. Only one of them came through with a great left full back. Our current starter in the position is getting older and this was a fantastic addition to the team. Shane Ireland will go straight into the team and with Adam Patterson on right back, currently the best player in my squad at only 18, we have a bright future in those positions. Little bit dissapointed not to get a couple more future starters, but maybe Ronnie Kellett can develop into a good player. Too bad about his unambitious personality!
  9. Hi I've attached two photos. These are my defensive set piece instructions. They are the same, except for the AMR and AML switch on staying wide. I only want my AMR to stay wide, but the game keeps changing it. That is an issue, but the fact it also changes in defense is worse. As you can see I use my DCL, DRC and MCL in zonal marking. But every game, if i change from the tactic called "4-2-3-1 kontring" (kontring means counter in Norwegian and is my team mentality setting for the tactic) to the tactic "4-2-3-1 kontroll" my MCL and MCR changes position. This is really frustrating and leads directly to letting in goals. I can change it, but you know how it is, it's not something you always think about. I have not downloaded a set piece tactic btw.
  10. Possible to get feedback from a mod if this issue is beeing looked at? My defensive instructions on corners keep changing, without me doing anything. I suddenly have my smallest player marking zonal marking at the first post...
  11. Yes it should. But we are four months after release and player instructions on set pieces are still changed in the middle of a game without the user doing anything, we have shocking defending, most games are based on goals from set pieces etc. etc., so I wouldn't excactly keep my hopes up on any major changes to club vision...
  12. Agreed! But I went from the lowest level of youth recruitment, junior coaches and facilities to the highest level on all of these. Maybe except for youth facilities, those were upgraded that same season but not completed.
  13. Players keep changing instructions on defensive set pieces. My left winger goes from having an instruction to mark tall player and then when the game starts the role has been changed to stay up top with my striker... how is this a thing?
  14. We are already having a terrible time with no good goalkeepers in the club. On top of this we are getting poached!!
  15. South Shields Season Summary 2022-2023 Loss in playoff final Another season finishing in a playoff spot after being predicted relegation. We finished 5th place in the league, an improvement on last years 7th place and this got us a home game against York in the first playoff game. We beat them 3-1 but it could have been more and we were never really threatened. The next game was tougher, Swindon away, and this time we were big underdogs. Left winger Odelusi gave us the lead after 30 minutes, before Swindon made it 1-1 early in the second half. The game winning goal came from left back Blair Adams, scoring with a fantastic long shot in the 88th minute. In the final at Wembley we were facing Wrexham. They finished 4th place in the league, one spot ahead of us, and had surprisingly beaten Morecambe in the playoffs. The game was even throughout and we blew a couple of huge chances in the second half. Wrexham scored the winning goal after 75 minutes, the only goal of the game, and we never managed to create any real chances at the end of the game. Close, but no cigar! Of course I was hoping for a promotion when we got this close, but we wouldn't have been anywhere ready and maybe this is for the best! The season overall was fairly decent. We had some hot and cold streaks, but overall I think we have found a system that works good. I adjusted the set pieces (as FM keeps editing set piece instructions from time to time...) and this made us a lot better on corners the second half of the season, on both ends of the pitch. Hoping to make that an even stronger weapon next campaign. Right back Adam Patterson is developing at a crazy rate, he is a class player at the age of 17! Long term injuries to both my wingers (2 months each) also gave my young winger Eddie Sheridan some deserved game time and I did see some immediate improvement. We got to the 3rd round of the FA Cup and faced Premier League side Brighton. They took the lead after 3 minutes, and then we came back to make it 1-1 only 5 minutes later. Get in South Shields! Then we lost 7-2! At least it was away so it got us good income. Income that we need, as our finances are terrible! Our chairman has to give us a new loan every year! Goals for next season: Reach the playoffs and be more consistent. Season Summary Key Players Top Talents Season | League | Position | FA Cup | League Cup | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Vanarama Nat. League South | 1st | 1st round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Promotion! 2021/22 | Vanarama Nat. League | 7th | 3rd round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Made the playoffs 2022/23 | Vanarama Nat. League | 5th | 3rd round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Lost VNL playoff final
  16. @vikeologist, congrats on a great season! Seems like Juve has a few steps backwards the last couple of season!
  17. Yes it was just ridiculous. Even though they thought i failed miserably I still kept my job though, but they were furious.... I really love club vision, but there is some work to be done!
  18. South Shields Youth Intake 2023 A decent intake for us both regarding quality and quantity. Three players stand out, but unfortunately its only David George who has a decent personality. Bob Sterry is a mercenary and Cole Wilson is unambitious. I have HOYD who is a model citizen and I wonder why I time and time again get youth players with poor personalities...
  19. Seems like the goalkeeper position at South Shields is cursed! My rewgen that came up last season has gone from 5 star potential to 4 stars from April to December. He has played every game and we have three star ratings on the goalkeeping training. Hopefully he can develop into a decent goalkeeper, but his progress has not been good at all! On a side note: I love playing challenges, for me its the only way to play FM, and this one is by far the most entertaining. But this year thats more important than ever, as this ME is so bad its laughable.
  20. I had the same requirement in my club vision when i managed NK Zadar in Croatia. I took them from being a newly promoted team from the 3rd tier to winning the Croatian Premier League 10 years later, using nothing but academy developed players (I played the Youth Academy Challenge so that was the rules). We also got to the group stage of the Champions League and to the later stages of the Europa League. Every single player in my starting 11 came out of my academy. We also sold three players to Liverpool for around £30 million pounds and took our training facilities, youth recruitment and youth coaching from the lowest level to state of the art quality. The boards verdict: We failes miserably in developing the best youth academy in the country........
  21. Our RB Adam Patterson is really progressing nicely. His progress from May to October has been really good. He has a long term contract with an option for 3 more years, let's hope I can keep hold of him!
  22. Congratulations winning promotion @grff! I played with NK Zadar as well, winning the premier division in 2031, but only got to the group stage of the Champions League before quitting the challenge. Lets hope you can take them all the way to CL glory!
  23. South Shields Season Summary 2021-2022 Our first season in the Vanarama National League and we got close to back-to-back promotion! After a really good run of form during the winter months we suddenly went 7 games without a win, losing 5 of them. A couple of additions to the team in the youth intake saw a return to good form, and we managed to grab the last playoff spot after winning our last four league games. We faced Hartlepool away in the first play off stage and with four wins in a row I was optimistic. Unfortunately it ended with one playoff game as Hartleool won deservedly 2-1. We were tipped to finish bottom of the league so we have to be happy with what proved to be a very good first season in the Vanarama National. Our new GK, Bob McDermott, looks like a big talent and even though he is only 16 he is far better than my other options. At the end of last season it looked like our left winger Sanmi Odelusi would not renew his contract. When he lovered his demands we ended up signing him on for two more years and that was a blessing this season. He didn't perform well at all last year, but this season he bagged 18 goals from left wing and was together with Jason Gilchrist and Nathan Lowe our best perfomers. Nathan Lowe is a fantastic CM that is the heart and soul of my team. In the FA Cup we beat Alfreton in the qualifiers before beating Woking and Macclesfield. In the 3rd round we faced Arsenal, unfortunately at home! That could have given us huge revenue with an away game at the Emirates. We lost 1-3 at home, but to be honest, it could have been 1-10... I am on my way to completing my National A licence. Unfortunately, because of our bad finances, we haven't been able to get any other upgrades. I am sure the media will predict us to get relegated next year as well, but hopefully we can find our way into the play off's again. Season Summary Top perfomers Top talents Season | League | Position | FA Cup | League Cup | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Vanarama Nat. League South | 1st | 1st round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Promotion! 2021/22 | Vanarama Nat. League | 7th | 3rd round | 2nd Round (FA Trophy) | Made the playoffs
  24. South Shields Youth Intake 2022 As I have previously mentioned we have a terrible goalkeeper situation at South Shields, with easily the worst GK in the league. That was the case in Vanarama South last year as well, but a strong offense secured us the title. This year, in the Vanarama National League, we have been doing well, even being in a play off spot for most of the season. A terrible run of form leading up to the youth intake has placed us in the middle of the table. Really frustrating as we concede some shocking goals due to our terrible GK. Last year we got a decent GK in the youth intake, but he proved to be even worse (and short!). Hopefully our solution has arrived this year in the talented Bob McDermott. He has gone straight into the team and even though he is young I will keep him as the first choice. Last year we saw no full backs coming through. We have a decent LB in the team, but our RB is a central midfielder I have re-trained as a RB. And we have no backup on either position, so our CB's have to cover when we have injuries/suspensions. Now we got Adam Patterson, a very talented RB. He also went straight into the side. Other than that we have no real quality in this years intake, but I cant ask for more than a talented GK and RB!
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