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  1. Fired the game up last night for the first time since early December. I've been awarded 9 penalties in my first 8 games. Scored them all. Anyone else experiencing anything similar? Maybe a freak occurance, I appreciate 8 games is a small sample size.
  2. The layout of the tactics screen on my tablet is awful. Hard to explain but I can't pick my team while having the expanded view of the formation. If I minimise the view of the formation I can't actually see the formation. Really frustrating.
  3. It works on mine. 3d isn't great which surprised me as the specs of the tablet would suggest it could handle it, the near touchline glitches out and flashes. Not a big deal for me as I play in 2d.
  4. Yeah I know it happens. But it seems to be happening way too often. F**k me, I guess.
  5. I wouldn't really want to spend 8 hours a day picking up dog sh*t with my teeth. But for the right money? Hmmm.
  6. My wife, work and a slight addiction to internet pornography.
  7. I've always said the game isn't truly ready to play (and for me... worth buying) until January. I'm not complaining, I've always felt this way and still don't follow my own advice. I just can't resist a shiny new version of Football Manager. I'm starting a new non league save tonight. I'll plough on and see how it goes. Plenty of previous versions of the game in my steam library to keep me occupied until January if necessary.
  8. I'm having the exact same problem this year. Started my usual 'big team beta save' three times, Man United, Barcelona, Chelsea. Started one as Peterborough and one as Kings Lynn. I'll probably just mess around on the Peterborough one for now and start my first real long term save on release day. I'm wanting to experience lower league management outside of England. Or maybe a top flight team in Mexico or Colombia. Inter Miami also appeals, purely for the aspect of having to start from scratch. If only I could get my head around MLS, the transfer system in particular.
  9. I rarely talk to players individually like that , the potential morale boost usually isn't worth the risk of the hassle that can come with a negative reaction.
  10. Ricky Jade-Jones of Peterborough United is black, not white. Marcus Maddison's pace and acceleration ratings are off. 7 pace? 9 acceleration? I know it's already been mentioned and rejected but those stats need bumping up a couple of points in my opinion (Posh season ticket holder for nearly 20 years).
  11. Having players that get the crowd going, try tricks, dribble more, stuff like that might help too? We'd all rather watch Zlatan or Neymar than Ashley Barnes or Danny Drinkwater, right?
  12. In principle I like the idea of an MLS save, in particular with one of the expansion teams. I tried it a few years ago but the transfer system was a turn off for me, just couldn't get into it. But if you can get past that, I reckon it could be fun. I've done the English leagues to death, same for Spain and Italy. For me it helps if I have a connection to the team/place, no matter how small. I had a weekend in Venice a few years ago, amazing place. Got home and started a Venezia save, on FM15 I think. I was at Camp Nou last weekend, got home and started a Barca beta save. I've managed Brackley, Cheltenham, Worcester and of course Peterborough, just because these are places I have lived. I think this year my first long term save will be in Mexico, maybe Argentina or Brazil. Football Manager has never once taken me to that side of the world. I'll load up as many leagues as I realistically can, start over there and just see where the game takes me. My most memorable saves have always been my 'sleeping giant' saves. Leeds, Forest, Newcastle and Napoli. There are loads of them out there in Europe that will offer the right level of difficulty. A solid fan base, a half decent stadium, decent youth set up and some history... find one and away you go.
  13. I pretty much always play on 2D. Being able to see player positioning and the way my tactics are working (or not working as is often the case) is much easier in 2D. I tried out 3D following the latest patch, to my surprise my crappy laptop handled it well on medium setting. Not sure I'll be converted to 3D just yet though, it just looks too 'cartoonish' . With 2D you use your imagination more, and all goals seen with a combination of 2D and your imagination are better than 3D... for me anyway.
  14. Early impression of the latest update/patch... Big thumbs up. The issues with match engine seem to have been ironed out. I did only manage to play three matches on my Barcelona save last night, but the signs are promising! Also, even my poverty spec laptop is running 3D at medium quality nice and smooth. Might turn the graphics up a notch and see how she goes!
  15. I guess they think you're wanting the player to leave if you're offering him out, so perhaps you'll accept a lowball offer. Depends on the player in question and the finances available to the buying club, but in my experience other clubs will come in with low bids if they feel you are actively trying to sell a player.
  16. Any player that hasn't scored yet that season... always seems to get his first of the season against me. Not sure why it winds me up, but it does.
  17. FM15 for me. I put a lot of hours into 13 too if I remember rightly. And CM 01/02 will always have a place on my laptop. I usually boot it up a few times a year and just lose myself in it for a few weeks. So many great players. And I love how modern machines can comfortably run all the leagues on full detail and still allow you to plough through a season in no time.
  18. So Jordi Alba has 12 months on his contract, refuses to even negotiate because PSG are interested. I do the sensible thing (I think) and manage to get PSG to pay nearly £50m for a player they could sign for free in 12 months. My parting comment to him was something along the lines of wishing him all the best.... he replies by saying he never wanted to leave. Now Messi is in a mood about it. Brilliant.
  19. Barcelona. I always pick a giant for my beta save, but I'll probably continue with it after release this year. I quite fancy the 'challenge' of handling Messi's departure/retirement when it comes. Bit disappointed that I haven't managed to get Newell's Old Boys to agree to play me for his testimonial, too far to travel apparently. Hopefully it can happen within the next couple of years or so. Come release I'll most likely start a save with the team I support, Peterborough United. Or maybe a National League North/South team. Would also like to experience lower league football in a foreign league, not something I've done in recent editions of the game. So many possibilities... and so little time to play. ☹️
  20. I want to say a big thank you to all of you that are persevering with the beta. I've seen people reaching a second season already, fair play to you. I can't handle it in its current state, at times it feels like the best Football Manager in years, at times it's maddening and almost laughable... but that's a beta for you. I gave my feedback several pages back, I'm having the same issues that many others are having. I trust most of them will be sorted by release day and I can't wait to get properly stuck into this beautiful bastard of a game.
  21. Hello fellow FM nerds, it's been a long time since I posted here. Good to be back and I've enjoyed following the forum over the last few days. Loving the beta so far. Looking forward to the 19th. I'd just like to state my agreement with regards to comments about the crossfield passes and one on ones. Seems to me that my fullbacks are able to ping it touchline to touchline like Beckham in his prime, multiple times per match. And my striker is missing one on ones more frequently than Diego Forlan in those dark early days at Manchester United. My sample size is a relatively modest 10-15 games. Currently have two saves ongoing. Peterborough United and Manchester United. I'm also noticing that defenders seem very slow to react to long balls over the top, which is resulting in the majority of these missed 1v1 opportunities. Big thumbs up for the development centre and the addition of the loan manager role. I can't really comment on how the 3D mode looks as I don't use it, haven't for several years. I'm too much of a fan of the 2D view. And the manager hairstyles, not really a game breaker, but yeah, I literally laughed out loud when I saw them.
  22. Probably my Newcastle United save on CM 01/02. Built an incredible squad. Ronaldinho captained the toon army to back to back Champions League titles and various domestic honours.
  23. Extended mostly. Sometimes comprehensive, mostly for key games or when changing things tactically. Always 2D.
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