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  1. Just had a look and I don't think that this is happening to other teams though I feel I have seen it before on another save. Anyway less concerned now it's not everyone.
  2. Tried to do a search but it wouldn't let me search this forum. Why do clubs loan in 12+ players in the premier League? Aston Villa who I just played have a whole squad of loan players and then many of their own. Ruins the immersion a bit.
  3. This is the first time I've done it and it's been a 10 season one with Braga. I've really enjoyed it as it feels like the world has developed quite a lot with new stars etc and my Braga team are right up there now. To be honest I don't keep up to date with football that much so I would probably have kept 21' and started a new game somewhere like Wales, but I think I will get '22 as the start of the season in '21 is annoying due to covid. Plus I am intrigued by the new changes.
  4. Can you skip the end of season meeting? I just tap anything now as it seems wildly out of sync. Also avoid promises as much as possible, but even if I break them I just ignore it and they are usually happy within a few months at most. I really love this year's game after many years out but this area hasn't improved sadly.
  5. I've really enjoyed a ten year save with Braga. I'm not very good, though I have found myself sticking to a few rules. I have now managed to win 2 league titles and get to the later stages of the CL. You can raid South America when managing in Portugal and I've enjoyed building the youth system whilst also signing some older players coming toward the end of their careers that lifted me that extra notch though there was a flop or two along the way. Benfica and Porto were far to good at the start but we can compete now too and our ground is being expanded which has enticed me to play a bit further. I'd definitely start at the bottom of the pyramid in Portugal too. Other than that I have had a really fun game in Wales in FM14 which I played until last year but never managed to dislodge TNS. I would like to try again.
  6. This really affects the game for me. It is so annoying as it can also make it harder to identify where faults are and is totally unrealistic. I've noticed that it's worse if most of the goals are scored in the first half. I can go into half time with 5's across the back line and within seconds in the second half defenders are on a 7 sometimes ending up with an 8 despite losing by a number of goals. Hope it's being looked at for next year.
  7. I'm scoring way to many long shots and letting them in. Don't have shoot more often on and I must have scored 10 screamers already this season in just 7 games. Just had 3 in one game. It's about boring.
  8. One of the mid-table Welsh premier league teams is a must really.
  9. I might be doing this wrong but if not there are some changes I'd love to see for scouting in future additions. Limiting area of search capacity. IIRC when I was at York I could scout everywhere which isn't that realistic I don't think. Individual nations and competitions would be good? The main reasons for starting this thread is it would massively help if you could filter the scout list in the same way shortlists and also a way to start a new assignment which starts a new list without having to clear your scouts individual scout list. It's a bit disjointed to have to look through your whole list to find the one player from Sweden that your scout found. Not sure if I am doing it wrong though? Loving the game though.
  10. I'm a fan of the Welsh league too. Not playing at the moment as I've got a game on FM14 with Connahs Quay trying to challenge that TNS dominance. Will definitely be doing it on FMM after though.
  11. This is my one big wish for future updates. Finances add such a big amount of depth to the game and is a big part of what I miss from past games.
  12. Agree with Lillywhite. I actually quite like the 2D pitch and think it works well on mobile. I'd much rather see things tweaked and perfected. If I wanted anything then increased details around finances for example would give a bit more depth to the game without bloating it too much. Can add a different level of challenge then too. Does anyone know when we expect to hear new details about the next game?
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