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  1. Hi Marc. Yes I applied for several jobs in the Premiership and Championship. I eventually took the job at Dundee in the Scottish Championship. My rating was national. I'm surprised that I didn't get any of the smaller championship jobs I went for.
  2. Not sure if his is a bug or not, but has anyone had any luck with applying for jobs after being sacked? I lead Bristol City to 10th in the Premiership over 3 seasons, we then fell apart and I got sacked just after Christmas. I probably deserved it. I would have expected a good chance to get roles in the championship and other divisions, however so far nothing I've gone for in over 8 months has come off. The only job I've been linked to was Rotherham in League 2 and then VNL team offered me a role. I had expected to do better than that.
  3. Firstly I love this version of FM. It's been a long time since I've been able to enjoy football manager as I don't get much time to play it on PC. I agree I wouldn't mind skipping some Replays. I don't want to see the opponent's 5th goal again. I'd really love more in-depth finances at some point. I think it adds a bit more depth to the game and gives a lot of potential for different scenarios.
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