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  1. I'm a fan of the Welsh league too. Not playing at the moment as I've got a game on FM14 with Connahs Quay trying to challenge that TNS dominance. Will definitely be doing it on FMM after though.
  2. This is my one big wish for future updates. Finances add such a big amount of depth to the game and is a big part of what I miss from past games.
  3. Agree with Lillywhite. I actually quite like the 2D pitch and think it works well on mobile. I'd much rather see things tweaked and perfected. If I wanted anything then increased details around finances for example would give a bit more depth to the game without bloating it too much. Can add a different level of challenge then too. Does anyone know when we expect to hear new details about the next game?
  4. Hi Marc. Yes I applied for several jobs in the Premiership and Championship. I eventually took the job at Dundee in the Scottish Championship. My rating was national. I'm surprised that I didn't get any of the smaller championship jobs I went for.
  5. Not sure if his is a bug or not, but has anyone had any luck with applying for jobs after being sacked? I lead Bristol City to 10th in the Premiership over 3 seasons, we then fell apart and I got sacked just after Christmas. I probably deserved it. I would have expected a good chance to get roles in the championship and other divisions, however so far nothing I've gone for in over 8 months has come off. The only job I've been linked to was Rotherham in League 2 and then VNL team offered me a role. I had expected to do better than that.
  6. Firstly I love this version of FM. It's been a long time since I've been able to enjoy football manager as I don't get much time to play it on PC. I agree I wouldn't mind skipping some Replays. I don't want to see the opponent's 5th goal again. I'd really love more in-depth finances at some point. I think it adds a bit more depth to the game and gives a lot of potential for different scenarios.
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