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  1. There's a monthly Steam survey that has a complete breakdown of the PCs people generally use on Steam. While this survey is optional, and it's very likely that many people who play FM might have poorer hardware, the overwhelming majority of people on Steam have a discrete graphics card. Even if they wouldn't have a discrete graphics card, the graphics in Football Manager are very much behind the times. The character models aren't even PS2 quality. Almost any integrated graphics card, even those from a few years ago, could do better. Furthermore, games now-a-days offer vastly more scalability and you could do loads to tune the graphics for some people that might have poorer hardware. Even people on relatively cheap cards, like the 1050 Ti, can still play most modern games without a problem, on low. IMO graphics are simply not a priority, and I can't really blame SI. Most people that play this game probably don't even bother with the games especially later in their careers. There's an instant result skin that's one of the most popular in the game! Nearly no one watches matches on full time, switching only to key or, at best, extended highlights. Why, in this case, should they bother?
  2. Honestly SI takes a lot of liberties with rules or future events (Brexit, Serbia adhering to the EU, etc.) so I don't see why they shouldn't add this competition in as well.
  3. As far as I know these are hidden attributes and I don't think there's a filter for there's a filter on them.
  4. The AI in any strategy game, be it Football Manager, tycoon games, TBS games or RTSes is inherently flawed and limited by our ability to develop AI. These types of games require the AI to be forward thinking enough to match the cunning of a human player, and as much as SI might try, this is just not something they can realistically achieve given current hardware limitations and their development deadlines. Here's an example of how humans can easily crush the AI at squad building: I was playing a random game yesterday when one of my scouts came back with a scouting report for a 19 year old central defender with 3.5 star CA and 5 star PA. The guy is incredibly well developed for his age with 14s and 15s for all the key stats. However, I already had 4 CBs at the club, all of them extremely good, 3.5+ star CA with some 5 star PAs in the mix. I clearly realized though that this new guy is much better than the defenders in my current starting 11, even if I some of them were 4 start CA. For one he is incredibility cheap (74k release clause) and secondly he wants next to no wages. He's clearly a good piece of business. So I go ahead and unload one of my star CBs for a tidy sum, get this guy for peanuts, and slot him right into my starting 11. Done. I just spent 74k on a player I'll likely get 50+ million for. The AI simply can't and won't do that. They look for a player in a position they need, sometimes they buy them and they don't perform forcing them to straight up throw them out in a season because they don't make the first team and are getting fussy. Sometimes they look for players that they need as replacements and buy what's best at that time. Other times they buy a bunch of youths that they never play because they're not quite at the first team level so they never develop. On the other hand, I was clearly able to anticipate that this guy is going to be worth 50 million based on my game experience alone (this is something deep learning could, in theory, reproduce) and i knew that his stats are so good that I can easily replace a star defender with him and he would outgrow him in half a season. I do this at the next chance I get and the AI will spend 50 million in a year's time to buy this guy from me. I basically "gamed" the system, something the AI simply can't do at the moment. Personally, I think the solution to this problem is to make transfers harder, dramatically reduce free transfers, increase contract counteroffers from clubs, increase release clauses and make players worse overall, with only a few star players.
  5. I never actually played with this option turned off. To me, especially when you're LLMing, it seems pointless to be able to see all players. While it's true that hidden attributes are still hidden being able to see exactly how good a player is technically and physically without scouting him makes it very easy to "game" the system. However, like I said, I've recently seen a lot of people playing LLM with this option turned off so I was wondering if I was missing out on something...
  6. Was wondering how many people actually use attribute masking. I'm looking at some streamers and I've noticed some of them don't use attribute masking, and, apparently, on some websites similar polls have shown that 70%+ of people are also in the same boat. I always thought this was one of the most popular settings to have turned on and I kind've always seen it as "easy mode" since you can easily see all players. What's your take on this ? Do you use attribute masking?
  7. I'm not sure if this was already brought up, but the U21 rule is not working as intended in FM19. The player needs to be homegrown and under 21 years of age to be qualified as a U21 player in the squad, but this is not what the official rules state. https://www.frf.ro/comunicari/comunicate-frf/azi-incepe-liga-1-echipele-sunt-obligate-sa-foloseasca-2-jucatori-u21-in-primul-11/ Translation: Basically, ALL players of Romanian nationality, that are eligible to be called up to the U21 National Team are eligible under the U21 rule. This includes players that have only played in foreign championships (such as Pascanu from Leicester). Is this something that will be fixed in FM 20?
  8. IMO, this is a problem in FM in general. It's very easy to overachieve, both for the player and the AI, but once you get to a certain level and need to proceed further the game suddenly becomes far harder. Case and point: you can take AFC Telford to the PL because the AI is dumb as bricks and you can easily outmaneuver them in the transfer market. You can buy god-like players for the lower leagues, nurture them to become superstars and sell them for a lot of money to go up the ranks. However, once you reach the PL and face some real competition (Arsenal, Chelsea, MC - teams that buy the world in FM) you get crushed.
  9. Nearly every player in my first 11 is constantly on "Very high injury risk", especially during the fall season when my team plays ever 3 days. Yet, despite all this, my injuries, according to the Sports Scientist, are 50-60% lower than the other teams in my league and are lower than the previous year. My training is completely handled by my ass man. Effectively, the information that my players are highly susceptible to injuries is useless because those injuries never happen and that information is constantly repeated and blanketed to every player in my squad just because they played in my starting 11. The only time that information is even remotely useful is when throwing a recovering player into your team. Then, indeed ,the screen does let you know that they have a extremely high risk of injury and, sometimes, they actually get injured.
  10. But that might also be because many of those tabs are useless. Let's take the medical tab. I rarely use it, maybe once a season, but that's because all the information there is useless stuff that doesn't help me in any way. After every couple of games my whole first team is on "very high" injury risk. Besides the fact that rarely do any of those injuries ever happen and this information doesn't help me at all. What could I possibly do? Stop using my first team every 3 days because they're at high risk? Obviously not! Put in a rotation system? I already did that as most FM players with a few years of experience have kind of gotten the hang of how everything works. So what's the point of telling me my players are at a higher risk of injury when I still need to play them? Obviously people will ignore the information and, sooner rather than later, they will start ignoring the tab. The social media tab is even worse. It's completely useless and non interactive. You can't use it for literally anything. It doesn't even gauge how supporters truly feel about what you're doing because there's always a more or less equal number of negative vs positive comments even in completely stupid situations (i.e. you win 5-0 against a title rival). On top of that it's not even good for entertainment because in one month you'll have seen all the messages some can post to "social media". So why even bother clicking on it then? There's loads of these useless tabs in the game. Finances? Pointless. The financial model in this game is stupidly easy and the key to success is very clear: buy low, sell high and get prize money. Having everything broken down by categories when you (mostly) can't do anything to influence 60% of what's on there is useless information. Hell, I would argue even the training tab is filled with useless information you can't do anything with.
  11. Kind of interesting how opinions on difficulty levels shifted. A year ago nobody wanted to even hear a mention of them and now they seem to be on everybody's lips. Truth be told, FM doesn't need a difficulty level but just a bunch of difficulty options. Give players the options to choose Ironman mode, or no-downloads mode, or whatever else you can think of, just like you can now choose to view players stats or not.
  12. @Raulic OK I understand your logic but the club's own former president declared that Baptista's contract isn't 50000 per week. And even if it is going to be 50000 with the start of January, wouldn't it be better to just make it an average of those 2 wages? The problem is that, as it stands, using information based on speculation and hearsay he has 53000 net per week in game wages. Within 3 weeks in game my club is already in the red and my transfer income is reduced by 40%. By the time the contract is done I'm left with millions in transfer revenue from his contract and the ability to attract top European talent with my wage budget, which is simply not realistic. Within 2 in game seasons I can regularly offer 4, 5 or even 600 K salaries to players. I think it would be far more realistic to leave his salary either as Iuliu Muresan declared, or a similar value, and (if he's still a player for CFR Cluj in January) then he can get the raise just like it was in previous FMs where speculative deals and future unarranged transfers were not put in the DB until confirmed. Case and point.
  13. Hi Romanian research team. I'm having an issue with CFR Cluj's player contracts, especially the amount of money Julio Baptista is earning. Firstly Julio Baptista's contract is way above even the most adventurous estimates from the press. https://www.prosport.ro/fotbal-intern/liga-1/bani-de-seminte-ce-salariu-a-acceptat-julio-baptista-la-cfr-dupa-ce-a-primit-milioane-de-euro-de-la-marile-cluburi-ale-europei-17444994 According to the club's former president he's paid about 10000 per month. Currently he earns 90000 in game. Additionally, there's a clause in his contract that, should his contract be extended for another year he'll go from his current wage (estimated between 10-12000) to about 50000, but nowhere near 90000. https://www.gsp.ro/fotbal/liga-1/exclusiv-tensiuni-la-cfr-cluj-jucatorii-au-fost-pacaliti-de-conducere-detalii-din-interiorul-campioanei-urmeaza-un-nou-scandal-553133.html Currently his contract is 21000 p/w (90000 p/m) in wages with a duration of 2 years which is wrong. His contract should be about 12000 + tax / month with a 1 year extension option. Furthermore it seems that the entire wage pool for CFR, at least, is out of sync with what the press has reported. According to the press, and assuming a wage of 50000 p/m for Baptista, the club's budget in net wages is about 500,000. https://www.gsp.ro/fotbal/liga-1/bugetele-mari-de-la-cfr-si-fcsb-se-vad-si-pe-teren-doar-dinamo-face-exceptie-negoita-plateste-pentru-locul-4-dar-a-ajuns-pe-12-551961.html I understand that the taxation laws were changed and taxation is now handled differently, but it's handled differently on a personal level, not on a business level. The salary budget for football clubs should not be affected by this change. As it stands the club is spending almost 10 million euros per year in player wages alone in FM, whereas in reality the club's entire budget is between 10 to 12 million: https://www.fanatik.ro/bugetul-cfr-ului-pentru-sezonul-2018-2019-ardelenii-au-la-dispozitie-o-suma-uriasa-18481385
  14. There is one thing above all else that makes this game easy: squad building. On every level and from just about every perspective squad building can easily be abused by humans. It's much too easy to get players that are MILES above your league level for next to nothing or even for free. The AI is the main culprit here as it's simply not capable of retaining players nor does it realistically compete for free signings or players with 6 months left on the contract. Additionally , when a player isn't unsettled at their club and isn't one of the club's best players the AI doesn't even bother to try buying them, even if they would improve their squad. This is an issue when, for example, that player is loaned to you by a club that could use it, but you can continually keep renewing the loan until the player runs out of contract. This has happened to me on several occasions as I had players that I load in the 4th tier and that I kept with me all the way up to the 1st tier. No matter their form the AI never recalled them from loan and didn't even offer them a contract, despite the fact that they were leading stars in the Championship with huge potential. And this issue with potential leads me to another issue, a much bigger one which is unlikely to be easily fixed: the AI is not capable of appreciating potential. To elaborate, unless a player has gob loads of potential AND can be at least on rotation the AI won't bother bidding for them. This leaves me with an ENORMOUS amount of high quality players to choose from. Since FM favors young players with potential, this means that I can end up with a squad of 120 CA / 150+ PA world beaters within the first 2-3 seasons. It's pretty much the patented way of playing the game that basically every streamer and Youtuber uses. The AI doesn't properly "see" nor can it develop youths so this pretty much gives you free reign over something that should be one of the most contested areas of the game. Let's not forget that there are clubs who send their scouts to U17 tournaments and that, by U19, most of the youths from major nations are already signed with big name clubs. In FM you can still find massively good prospects with poor clubs even in their early 20s! Finally the AI simply doesn't spend enough money. In a journeyman career about 1 or 2 FMs back I ended up with Bayern Munchen after about 11 seasons. I DISTINCTLY remember this because it shocked me: Bayern hadn't won the Bundesliga in 4-5 seasons but was sitting on a MASSIVE 1 billion (that's billion!) euros in the bank and another 300 million in transfer money. And I actually went about testing this at multiple levels and found out about the same thing: teams have huge cash stashes that they don't spend. This leads to squads aging rapidly and top teams falling out of form, therefore making the game easier. It seems that unless a club has a sugar daddy they simply don't spend enough money. All of this, in my opinion, makes it very easy to overachieve. Which, in turn, makes the game very easy. So long as you don't gimp yourself and continue to buy the recommended youth players that you've scouted, you're pretty much guaranteed to start winning silverware in 3-4 seasons or less, depending on your team of choice.
  15. OK, so if the relatively simple solution of difficulty levels is such a bad thing, then what is the solution to make the game harder? And I don't mean "change your team harder" but actually harder, where I can't take a mid-table Championship squad and make them a Top 4 side in 5 seasons?
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