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  1. I honestly see very little reason to complain here. This is the first time SI have made real strides since, at least, the tactics creator to make the game more approachable to new players. Tactical analysis, with pros and cons, was a much requested feature. It should've been in the game years ago. With this feature you can actually make your own tactics without having to look at 90 minute matches. This is CRUCIAL because a vast majority of players don't do that. Sure, the other stuff might be for finer tuning, but it's great to know that you'll now ACTUALLY be able to use it. Like a lot of other FM players out there I don't have time to spend hours watching full matches to tweak my tactics. I also don't have the footballing knowledge required to always realize what's going on on the pitch or where I'm going wrong. With these new features it seems like I'm going to be given the opportunity to be more actively involved in tactics making. What's more I'm also going to be able to use a much wider variety of tactics because I'll have an ass man that actually tells me if my team is **** for my tactics, where I'm going wrong and what I can do to make it better. This truly looks like a massive reason to buy the game this year.
  2. Thanks. 2Game is much cheaper than what I'm getting on Steam.
  3. This feature looks great. I really like the fact that you can give your scouts a short term assignment to search for a specific player/role from those that are available to you. This was ALWAYS an issue for me as I got later in the game and good players start being rarer and rarer and harder and harder to find. I also like the packages, the ability to scout outside your region and, another frequently asked for feature, the scout's rating. All of these seem to be fantastic improvements to the game,
  4. This feature doesn't look so hot. It continues SI's policy of putting more and more focus on players mental well being without fixing some of the other core issues. This seems like something that only the player will be able to manage properly and the AI will have MASSIVE troubles with. I fully expect that before the 1st patch you'll have major transfer issues in AI squads due to squad unhappiness.
  5. I'm looking to preorder FM 2018 but I have no idea what/how/where to buy from. I haven't preordered in about 2 years and I have no idea how the digital distribution landscape has changed. Can anybody tell me what('s) are(is) the cheapest place(s) to preorder from? Thanks.
  6. About 27 hours. It was Gabriel Hauche (Argentinian striker) in one of the earlier FMs (2009-2010). He went 27 hours without scoring.
  7. Well, I was gonna preorder this anyway since I haven't preordered in years so the more features the better.
  8. Chief Scout Important?

    I can't fully answer your question, but why would you not use a chief scout? He can tell you what players to scout, where to focus your scouting, when to cancel some assignments, etc. What's more, in all of my games I can get at least 1 very good scout that I could otherwise not afford by offering him a chief scout position. I really can't see any benefits of NOT using a chief scout as much as possible.
  9. Promises to players

    Just don't promise players anything. Like almost everything else related to player interaction that's just another broken feature they added for "extra immersion".
  10. @Cougar2010 I don't agree that the two things are contradictory. In fact they actually complement each other. The problem is that the player can easily unsettle players, or they themselves can easily be unsettled by other AIs, and therefore end on the back burner without signing a contract or playing games. This makes it VERY easy for the player to snap them up for next to no money. Now, say, if players wouldn't be unsettled 1 year into their 5 year contract this will automatically drive the prices of available players up because of competition. If this happens, but the AI doesn't spend, we're back to square one. However, if this happens and the AI also spends its money then we have a real life situation, where clubs actively compete for players.
  11. A lot of people in this topic are, in my opinion, downplaying the AI's complete inability to build squads. I play FM almost exclusively in the lower leagues of Europe (Romania, Portugal, Netherlands, Bulgaria, etc.) or in the lower leagues of better footballing nations and it's always the same story: in 2-3 years you've either been promoted to the top level of play or you're fighting for trophies. Hell, I'm playing a game with Leeds right now and, without using any exploit tactics (like the variety of 3-4-3 strikerless tactics) and I finished 6th in the Premier League. I was 4th for most of the season, to boot. The problem remains that the AI doesn't fight you off nor fight you at all for players. After promoting to the Premier League I got Benoit Costil on a free transfer after his club didn't try to sell him in January AND NO OTHER CLUB IN THE WORLD put in a bit for him until May when I got promotion. Ayew came in for 3 million from Swansea, again, with 0 issues. Bartley was signed from the same Swansea for the agreed 2 million euros fee and, despite the fact that he was valued at 10 million and Swansea was out of defenders, they didn't even bother to offer him a new contract. With 2-3 of these key signings every year it's just natural that your team gets increasingly better over time, especially if you also grow your own youngsters (which the AI is completely incapable of doing). And it's not just teams in higher leagues. In 9 seasons I brought a Romanian club from the brink of bankruptcy to regular CL quarter/semifinalists. Even if I didn't win the domestic league in the first 2 years, after selling one of my youngsters for 5 million (who, surprise surprise, was never played and came back a few years later for a fraction of the price) I was able to buy any player I could think of in the league. At that point the game was basically over as I kept buying youth prospects and signing mature players with 6 months left on their contract. The AI "competition" you ask? Well, I've won the title 7 times in a row (even when I was in the lower half of the table by Christmas) and they sit on HUGE piles of cash and continue selling off their biggest players at the first sign of money. Simply put, the AI is incapable of building a squad and has been incapable of doing it since FM 2007. Until this isn't fixed there is no chance that you'll have real competition in lower leagues. The only 4 clubs in this game that generally tend to have good squads even 10 years into the game are Man City, Barcelona, Real and PSG. MC and PSG simply buy the world (the other teams' obsession with the bottom line is not an issue here) and Barca and Real have a huge enough reputation and lots of good youngsters so that they don't croak in the first 10 years. And to top it all off, fixing this is not easy. SI need to make it MUCH, MUCH harder to buy players. One idea would be to make it next to impossible to sign players who are not unhappy with their clubs or in the last 2 years of their contract... which is pretty similar to what happens IRL. Another thing that needs to be done is to give the business side of the club more depth. In reality most club owners want to get their money's worth out of the club. In FM the club gives you back as much as 95% of your transfer income AND can give you a transfer budget worth roughly 80% of the club's balance. Owners never take money out of their clubs, give paltry dividends and are way too forgiving with managers. Finally the AI needs to be much better at telling what actual holes they have in their squad, they need to stop selling their best players just because "it upsets them", they need to manage player interactions MUCH better, they need to spend their ****ING MONEY (I had one game where I joined Bayren and they had a 1 billion euro transfer budget... that's Billion with a B) and they need to build a MUCH better scouting department.
  12. FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    Portsmouth is an obvious choice here. They have history, they have no debts, they'll easily get promoted from League 2 to Championship, they have some interesting players and they have a sizeable transfer kitty. I've also been playing a game with Notts Co. Interesting club, the oldest in the game, but your measure of success will vary. I've gotten back to back promotions to the Prem but I could've easily spent an extra year in League 2 and League 1.
  13. Apparently what ermant said works. I just cleared the filter and then I reapplied it. Granted it still works like garbage but at least it now loads. Thanks!
  14. Bumping this... has no one had this issue? Or issues with player filtering in general? My results list loads up EXTREMELY slowly and it's killing the game for me!
  15. After applying a filter to my player searches the "Players found" column keeps changing and the number of players displayed either increases or decrease. Has anyone else had this? How can you fix it? This bug is making it impossible to browse through my scouted players list, the player search or my shortlist. I'm running the game on Windows 10 and my PC far exceeds all the requirements. I've also done a clean install yesterday and the problem is still there.