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  1. Portsmouth is an obvious choice here. They have history, they have no debts, they'll easily get promoted from League 2 to Championship, they have some interesting players and they have a sizeable transfer kitty. I've also been playing a game with Notts Co. Interesting club, the oldest in the game, but your measure of success will vary. I've gotten back to back promotions to the Prem but I could've easily spent an extra year in League 2 and League 1.
  2. Apparently what ermant said works. I just cleared the filter and then I reapplied it. Granted it still works like garbage but at least it now loads. Thanks!
  3. Bumping this... has no one had this issue? Or issues with player filtering in general? My results list loads up EXTREMELY slowly and it's killing the game for me!
  4. After applying a filter to my player searches the "Players found" column keeps changing and the number of players displayed either increases or decrease. Has anyone else had this? How can you fix it? This bug is making it impossible to browse through my scouted players list, the player search or my shortlist. I'm running the game on Windows 10 and my PC far exceeds all the requirements. I've also done a clean install yesterday and the problem is still there.
  5. Knowing that patch 3 is coming up soon I'm interested in buying FM2016. Anyone know where I can get the cheapest digital copy of the game?
  6. OK, this is getting even weirder... it only happens after a certain date. The transfer window in the Romanian First Division, where my club plays, starts on the 13th of June. One of the players I'm trying to sign is from that league and the other is from the Argentinian Premier Division. It seems that if I wait until the 1st of July multiple transfers can go through but until that date I can only sign one player. HOWEVER, this seems to be influenced by other factors as well. I will investigate further and come back here with a more detailed set of steps.
  7. It has happened with 2 players I tried to sign. I loaded and tried to sign one of them first and then sign the other but regardless of which one I choose to sign first the second one will only come through in January. Both players are at their clubs, so they're not loaned out and both clubs are from countries where the transfer window is open.
  8. No, he's 26... and this seems to happen only after I make one transfer. So, I make 1 transfer and then I try to make a second one and the second one only goes through in January...
  9. Has anyone encountered this problem before? I'm trying to sign a player during the summer transfer window and I "can't" sign him immediately, I have to wait until January! The transfer offer clearly states "Next available" and the transfer window ISN'T closed! Is there a solution to this problem?
  10. I play various forms of the 4-1-2-2-1. Either a straight up 4-1-2-2-1 or a 4-2DM-2WM-1AMC-1ST formation. As a result I'm looking for something that would only require a single striker. A 4-4-1-1 would be pretty good, as well as a 4-1-3-1-1.
  11. TheBetterHalf, I'm looking to implement a counter/defensive tactic for my team, yet I'm lacking the required players upfront to play 4-4-2. Is there any way to make a defensive tactic that ISN'T a 4-4-2?
  12. I just finished my first match with beverage's modifications and the results are promising. I watched the match on extended highlights and all of the opposition chances came down the middle. My DM got his highest rating of the season 7.9 and the opposition wingers and FBs were in the lower 6s. The team was less attacking than in other games but I think I'll try and not tightly mark their wingers as I've noticed my own IFs are staying a bit low on the pitch (which should be expected, with all the tracking back). On the other hand I was susceptible to a number of through passes, about 3 in total, which were very dangerous. I'll try to see if another LD(D) CD(X) pairing won't stop that and maybe have my DM close down less. Early results are promising, I'll keep you updated. EDIT: BTW, when you say "show them on the inside" I'm assuming you mean show Right footed players on their Left foot. Am I right?
  13. Ok, so it's not just me, apparently defense just doesn't work that well. Now, the logical question is, would it still be a good idea to keep the fullbacks on Automatic or should I set them up as attacking and support for a IF/Winger pairing?
  14. I've been playing around with the FM 2014 Beta for about 2 days now and after a number of experiments I settled on a 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1 to be more exact) that's set up as follows: --------GK--------- FB(a)--DC----DC-----FB(a) ----------DM(d)---------- -----BWM(s)-AP(a)------- --IF(s)------------IF(s)-- -------------AF---------- (PS: Drawing is NOT one of my skills ) The two central defenders have been mixed and matched quite a bit. I had them both on CD Defend for a while, then on LD Stopper, then on CD/LD (Defend/Stopper). The FBs are automatic because I thought this was best for the team I played. The wingers are support players because they track back much better. Now, the thing is I'm not feeling very conformable in match with this tactic. I'm 4 matches away from finishing my first season and I'm placed fourth with an expected 3rd place finish and even though this is not bad I've played some truly awful games. One game, for example, the league topping team beat me with a disastrous 4-1 scoreline on home ground! Other times I seem to be unable to cope with teams playing a counter attacking/through ball style. Overall though, while the tactic has gotten me SOME decent results it feels like it could be better, considering I also had a chance to to improve my squad in the transfer window I should be doing much better (at least 2nd place). So here's a few questions and I would really appreciate some help: 1. Is my midfield trio set up correctly? I followed a 1D-1S-1A set up that fits my players' profiles best. 2. Should I take another approach with my wingbacks and full backs? This is where most of the goals seem to come from. I can't tell if they're not set up properly or it's just the lack of closing down. 3. Should I take another approach with my wingers? Like a IF/W combo? Any other things that are "wrong"?