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  1. It seems that, with every passing year, FM is starting to become one of those yearly releases that you're better off skipping every now and then rather than buying it every year. I skipped FM21, so FM22 was a no-brainer, but if this is all we can look forward to from now on I personally think I'm gonna start taking 2 year breaks between games. Having said that, I simply cannot fathom what made SI decide that Deadline Day was a headline feature. The concept of deadline day goes against everything that makes a manager successful in FM. If you're only sealing the deal during the last day of the transfer window you're failing as a manager. Players that are signed on DD aren't fit to play, don't know their role in the squad and, realistically, should only be last minute replacements for a poorly planned transfer window. Making this "feature" one worthy of a highlight is baffling...
  2. What's the cheapest place to preorder FM22 with Beta access? Does anybody know of any good deals?
  3. Every year this topic comes up and every year the same people answer with the same arguments. It's like beating on a dead horse. "Hey n00b, of COURSE you won the league 10+ points ahead with Milan! They're a huge club! Big clubs SHOULD win every game in the league! Want a real challenge? Try winning the Premier League with Ballsack Town in the 15th tier of English football! Now THAT's a challenge!" The fact is that it shouldn't be possible for any club to dominate their domestic league in the first 6-7 seasons of the game. In truth, this happens all the time. Unless your name is PSG or Juventus or you're playing some super powered club in a league of minnows it shouldn't be this easy to achieve domestic success. Hell, there's a youth only challenge that six people finished last year, five of the managing to win the league title and CL in less than 30 years! That shouldn't be possible even if you have a golden generation of Thor, Goku and Jesus Christ playing for your team!
  4. That's the result of years of players never being consistent. All players feel the same, there's nothing truly distinctive about them. I remember, back in FM2007, I used to sign Freddy Guarin. He had 20 long shots, but was otherwise more or less useless. HOWEVER, when I slid the long shots slider all the way up the guy would CONSISTENTLY score 10-15 longs shots per season. Was that one dimensional? Sure, but it made players good at certain things, according to their stats. And it made playing against the AI more interesting because their star players preformed just like they should. That hasn't happened in FM in the last 10 years!
  5. You know, if software would be build for the fans, or at developers' whims or simply for the betterment of the software itself we'd be living in a different world. A make-believe world where pigs fly, no one ages and everybody that wants a 10-inch shlong gets a 10-inch shlong. In REALITY we live in a world where software is designed by R&D, built by developers but mandated by whatever makes more money or can be sold quicker. Simply put, someone from SEGA has decided that re-working the match engine, adding dribbling animation, making better AI, etc. is not going to influence sales at all, because no matter how much 99% of people here whine about these problems they'll STILL buy the game.
  6. This is one of the worst feature lists in the history of this franchise, no joke. A bunch of interactions everybody delegates to their assistant at the start of every game, another bunch of useless and (most likely) confusing UI changes and some more "meetings" that will bring nothing to the game. At this point the only thing I care to see in this game is a match engine where players can achieve at least a minimum level of consistency or where I don't hit the post 2+ times per match or where my start striker that I brought in for 150+ million is actually capable of scoring regularly and not going on 450+ minute long goal droughts. Judging by this list of "features" I can probably safely skip this version as my wish list is most likely ignored in favor of frowny face and crossed arms emojis..
  7. The 352 works slightly better than the other tactics I've tried but NOTHING actually works in this piece of **** of a game! It still boggles my mind as to why we go through this crap every year and buy this extended beta test well before it's done. This year they don't even have the excuse of adding "new features", as they basically only changed a few fonts around and this match engine is STILL absolute garbage. Your strikers constantly miss one on ones, an issue that has been plaguing this game for YEARS! The post is still hit 2 times per match, on average. And, obviously, the over-the-top ball is again the most effective scoring maneuver the AI has, despite you never being able to pull it off as a player. There is zero tactical or player consistency, and there hasn't been for years. A striker that scores 15 goals in the first 10 games of a season REGULARLY goes on a 10 game dry spell. Tactics that worked perfectly fine until 2 matches ago suddenly stop working because the "brilliant" AI "figures them out". Spare yourself the annoyance and just wait for the 3rd major patch , like every year, when they finally ****ing fix the game you pay for 6 months in advance.
  8. knap, any idea why my team can't seem to learn the tactics? Their familiarity with tactics, even though I've set them in all 3 slots and played 10+ games in the preseason, is still no more than 2/3 full by November. Is this another bug?
  9. I've tested your 4231, 433 and 433 DM with Leeds and Portsmouth. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if the ME is just as ****ed as it ever was pre-spring-patch but these tactics are defensively appalling. With Portsmouth, although I'm 1st in League 1, I am 14th in goals conceded. With Leeds it was even worse, the 433 could never get me anywhere and I was barely able to keep in the top 3, despite being predicted first. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? Over the top balls are KILLING me!
  10. There is actually a very simple solution to this problem: tell you're players that you're only selling them for X amount and then lower the asking price to a number below the agreed amount. The AI will NEVER EVER EVER bid above the asking price and your player will never complain because his asking price is not met. Problem solved. Maybe an exploit? Sure. Dumbass players that throw a hissyfit that you won't let them go for less than you bought them, an ongoing issue that hasn't been touched in years? Equally as true!
  11. This is nothing new, it was happening in other versions of the game as well and I've long stopped thinking it would be fixed (or that it's even a bug).
  12. I found it eventually, but it's not there like "normal" it's in a sub menu that needs to be selected from a dropdown otherwise it doesn't show up. I really have no clue why the interface for this game needs to change EVERY year for no good reason. Thanks for the answer though.
  13. Does anybody know how I can change my wages display to go from per annum to per week?
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