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  1. So in an effort to see some more dynamic international action, I've been looking at trying to make it easier for players to change their nationality and represent different international teams, but I'm running into some issues: 1. I set every nation's years to gain nationality to zero, but this had no effect, and the default requirements remained. Setting this to 1 did change the number of years to just 1. I was wondering if there was a way to change this further? 2. There's no option to change the number of years to gain eligibility (or get rid of these requirements completely) in the default database. Is there a way to do this in perhaps the rules editor? Or is there any way to do this at all?
  2. I mean FM Touch/Classic/whatever its called now is right there...
  3. Can at some point someone address the 'I've been playing since the x days' meme. No one cares that you're old enough to have the played the game on the amiga, jeez.
  4. ME loophole

    From what I can gather, sort of yeah. I drew 1-1 with Bournemouth as United and I was second best for most of the game, until I too switched to a 4-4-2.
  5. ME loophole

    I don't see this loophole actually working in my saves. I can't get it to work. What has seemingly happened post-patch is that 4-4-2 is autowin for the AI, even against big teams. Bournemouth beating Crystal Palace 7-1 away and Man City 2-1 at home. Brighton beating Arsenal 3-1, Watford beating Liverpool 4-1. All these happened in the space of two matchdays.
  6. Time to gain Nationality?

    Aye, except in nations like Spain where it only takes like two years for South Americans and 5 or more for anyone else.
  7. A fairly minor change, but it would make things a lot more informative if on, for example, the 'General' tab on a nation page, the required number of days to gain nationality was included, as well as any differences in requirements for different nationalities, e.g. on Spain's nation page it would give the number of days for players from South America and the number of days for other nations, which is different.
  8. What league to load?

    Serbia is a good one to load if you're planning on signing players from Asia and Africa who might need work permits. It's the nation with the lowest time to reach nationality, and is treated as EU by the countries you plan to play in.
  9. Time to gain Nationality?

    I can only find it on the player information screen, which only tells you requirements for that specific player in the country they're in at the time/countries they've played in in the past. Which seems like an odd oversight - definitely feels like something that could go on the 'general' page for nations maybe.
  10. Time to gain Nationality?

    If they're from Latin America send them to Spain. Anywhere else? Send them to Serbia. Both take only like three years to gain nationality.
  11. Maybe SI know that people on this forum will complain no matter what, despite the vast majority of customers being satisfied with the game.
  12. Although having said that my team - a second division side in Norway, so not exactly blessed with Nordic Juninho Pernambucanos', just scored two free kicks in a single match so the hell do I know anyway?
  13. Joke posts aside, from what I've seen we're somewhere in this range - shots seem much better, free kicks do not.
  14. Although considering they were originally announced like two years ago... maybe?