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  1. I like to find interesting saves - in this save United are 10th after 26 games.
  2. This is pretty much the only way you're going to be able to do it. I did a similar thing with the north west for Manchester United and just used the editor to find out all the towns in the game that fit that region, then added them to a filter in the player search in the editor one by one. If a town didn't add any players, I eliminated it from the list. You can do similar with clubs as well. The thing about Bilbao is how flexible their definition of 'Basque' is - being trained in a club in the region is enough, as is having fairly removed Basque relations. Laporte for example only qualified due to having Basque great-grandparents and had never played in the region prior to agreeing to join Bilbao, who then facilitated a move to a youth team in France near the border that is in the greater Basque region. So you can be fairly wide in your definition of the 'north-east'.
  3. I'm playing as Manchester United and just got passed the first week of March and realised I didn't get a youth intake - in fact no countries have had one. I don't think this is a bug but can anyone verify if your start date affects whether you get one or not? I'm using the Swedish early pre-season one, which starts the game on February 19th.
  4. Can't get Paqueta now - his confirmed transfer to AC Milan is now in the game. Also I kind of disagree with the OPs assertion. You don't have enough money to strengthen without selling and for the AI at least, Spurs under perform just as much as Arsenal do - in both played saves and saves started in mid december using the Brazil start date, Spurs never seem to challenge for the title and often are out of the top 6 entirely.
  5. Love the beta thus far but one admittedly minor change irks me - you can no longer give out opposition instructions to multiple players at the same time, you have to do it one by one, which is an annoying time waster. Also the 'dark' theme has far too much white on it.
  6. Technically not true - Rangers have won the most top tier League titles in the world, but Northern Irish side Linfield FC technically have won the most league titles of any football club - 57 to Rangers 56.
  7. Thinking Lyon. Good players, high potential, but in a league where financially they are outmatched by PSG and AS Monaco.
  8. So I'm playing as RBL and promised Timo Werner to sell him to Man City or a similar club if they meet the asking price of £75 million. Man City came in with a bid that may have eventually reached £73 million. The game is now saying I failed that promise and Werner is upset that the promise wasn't kept. Is this a bug? Am I missing something with the deal (See spoiler below) that would put it above £75 million?
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