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  1. I totally missed out the word 'Italy' in my post. My bad.
  2. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    People wanting to see dramatic year on year improvements really don't understand how yearly releases work, do they? Sometimes getting stuff in the game as a foundation for expanding and tweaking for the game after is going to happen - case in point, data analysts and sports scientists. This seems like a good improvement to what was already on the back-end.
  3. Arsenal in general seem to overrated. And every FM seems to have 300 or so wonderkid midfielders which isn't the case at all.
  4. 180-182 cm Goalkeepers

    To be fair, of the 20,000 or so goalkeepers (out of 34,000, rounding down) in the 17.3 data with heights actually in the game, 6,000 of them have heights between 158 cm (height of the smallest goalies in the game) and 182 and that include some good goalkeepers, mainly planning in the Spanish or Portuguese leagues. so its not an impossibility for what you're seeing to happen, despite being statistically anomalous. What do other leagues look like in your save?
  5. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Man Utd, as I'm a fan, and if Arsenal aren't overrated like they are on 17, probably them. Rebuilding jobs are always fun.
  6. The Big Dilemma

    Save, accept job, save as new save. Play each save as you fancy.
  7. Became bored

    Use one of the mid-season start dates (e.g. Brazil December 2016) and go with whichever club in whichever league that started in August/September seems most interesting. A play-off challenge for an underachieving club? Saving the bottom side from relegation? Massive turn-around for a title challenge? I had a save with Spurs last year where we won the league from about 18 points back starting mid season.
  8. CA/PA List

    If he doesn't appear in the list I posted, then he's -85 or below, or has a set PA. The latter is more likely.
  9. CA/PA List

  10. Wasteful Shooting

    Look at the analysis tab to see where the shots are being taken from. If it's from mostly far out, try selecting 'work ball into box' in your team instructions. You could also try selecting 'shoot less often' for some of your forward players, especially those with low composure or decision making attributes. Or you may just need better strikers.
  11. The UI for the setting up a game is so nice.
  12. Brexit and FM17

    Check out Miles twitter. He's confirmed that no Brexit is also in the game.
  13. Fulham and MK Dons as well. Throw Wolves in there as well.
  14. Brexit and FM17

    Article 50 hasn't been triggered, and until it does, you can't really say it will happen. And a hard Brexit means you'd have to sell most of your non-UK players. Players like Payet and Kante who would've failed work permit applications had they been from non-EU nations when they came to the Premier League. That's one of the outcomes and it's decided at the start of a save but doesn't come in until much much later. That will be save breaking, definitely.
  15. Brexit and FM17

    You get told Brexit negotiations begin, yes. You then get told the outcome. Which would potentially mean I'd then have a year to sell most or a large part of my squad. That's save breaking, especially if Brexit is always going to happen which to be honest, is a stretch when Article 50 hasn't even been triggered.