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  1. Thank you to both of you. I will be making updates later today and it was both a very big pleasure to get promoted but also a very big challenge to go from semi Pro to Pro. Ole Dk
  2. April 2022 - Vanarama National League Welling from VNS was our opponent in FA Trophy 3rd Round at home at Bulpit Lane. With a fine performance we won 3-1 and was qualified to the quarter finals in FA Trophy - the best result in the club’s history. Before the quarter final we had a job to be done in VNL if we were to keep our place in the top fight. We made a remarkable performance in our away match in Wrexham - one of our opponents in the top fight. After four goals from young James Griffiths we managed to win a fantastic 5-3 victory. The Wrexham manager lost his job after the defeat. James Griffiths became Player of the Month and Young Player of the Month in February 💪 League rivals from Gateshead was to be defeated at their home field in the quarter final. We were very lucky to get a draw away in Gateshead after a 89th minute equalizer to 2-2 by Chris Sadler. We were looking forward to the replay match at Bulpit Lane but after a poor performance from our side in first half (behind 0-3 at teatime) Gateshead qualified to the semi final after a 3-2 victory 😩 We could now focus 100% on our league matches. We had played two draws and suffered a 0-2 defeat at home to Dover before we were to play away against Fylde in a top match between no. 1 and 2 in the table. Midfielder Bradley Bell secured a very important victory for our side with an early goal. We were now leading VNL with only six matches left in the season! Our next league match at home against Tranmere became quite an ordeal for our fans. After 10 minutes we were behind 0-2 but we never stopped fighting. James Griffiths once again became our one-man army with his 1-2 goal before teatime, his equalizer in second half and his winning 3-2 goal in injury time. What a performance! 👍 After another fine win with 3-1 in Aldershot we were in the lead with five points down to Port Vale (Port Vale with seven wins in a row) with four matches left. Our four matches were against Maidstone (18th), Macclesfield (14th), Barrow (16th) and Dulwich Hamlet (23rd) - not a difficult programme for us. We would definitely end at least in the playoff matches but we wanted more than playoffs! 😈 However, we needed to bear in mind that our youthful squad had little experience with this pressure and we failed to win our first of the four matches - lost 0-1 at home to Maidstone despite 14-7 in shots at goal in a hard-played match with 11 yellow cards (7 to Maidstone). We desperately needed a win away against Macclesfield and this time we delivered as wished with a 3-0 victory after a fine display by our side. We now only needed two points in the two final matches (probably just one point) to achieve a sensationel promotion to League Two. Only Fylde could possibly catch up with us. We had a home match against Barrow in 45th Round and the match started out great and after 33 minutes we were in the lead 3-1 but after a goal to Barrow just before teatime the young players once again became insecure and after a 90th minute goal we lost 3-4. But Fylde lost 2-0 in Dover so we maintained our lead. HUNGERFORD WAS PROMOTED TO LEAGUE TWO!
  3. January 2022 - Vanarama National League Our participation in the FA Cup tournament begun with a home match against Concord Rangers from VNS. A match in which we were big favourites and after a solid effort we won the match 2-0 after goals from our young midfielders John Dickinson and Craig Taylor (both 19 years old) in second half. I hoped for an easy opponent in First Round of FA Cup. That hope wasn’t fulfulled but after all we were happy with the draw anyway. We should play at home against Charlton from League One and with only 75-80 miles in distance between Charlton and Hungerford we were hoping for a big crowd at Bulpit Lane. We were even more happy when we heard the news about the match being shown on tv with a £35K payment to us in tv money 💰💰💰A lot of money for a club in our size! The previous attendance record at Bulpit Lane was 1,717 from our FA Cup defeat two years ago to Rochdale but since then the capacity at Bulpit Lane had been increased to now 4,300. The record was effectively smashed by a crowd of 3,022 (1,000 from Charlton) was our new record high. The gate receipts - £60K - was also a new record high for Hungerford. But how about the match? We suffered two injuries in first half which ended goalless. Charlton took the lead in 49th minute but we were awarded a penalty 10 minutes later. Unfortunately the pressure was too much for our young striker Chris Sadler (18) so he shot beside target 😟 Perhaps I should have elected another shooter in such an important match but I didn’t think about it until it was too late 😩 However, I had to admit that Charlton deserved to win so we could accept the 0-1 defeat to a better opponent in all ways. I decided to spend some of our FA Cup money (£9,700) on staff improvements. So far the youth intake had been less than impressive (best player is a defender in second team who is not even close to first team and with an unambitious personality (...) so I decided to replace our Head of Youth Development Richard Parsons (age 50) with a more suitable candidate. I decided to offer a contract to 41-year old Michael Nelson with experience from more than 600 league matches from Championship to League Two in a fine career that lasted 17 years! After this substitution it started to look better regarding our staff. Next person to feel the pressure could be our Director of Football 😈😈😈 We could see a fine development among many of our young players. Lee Williams (young midfielder) became Young Player of the Month in November (and I became Manager of the Month too) and after seven matches undefeated we had climbed back in first place 💪 and should play a home match against second-placed Bromley. Unfortunately our fine defence (conceived only 17 goals in 23 league matches) crackled and we lost 2-4 (didn’t deserve much better on the day either 👎) But young John Dickinson made it to both Player of the Month and Young Player of the Month in December after many good performances in the Month! With 2/3 of the league matches played we were positioned on a very fine 2nd place in the league table with 55 points - three behind leaders Bromley and just five points ahead of last season’s 8th place. Actually we had only earned two points extra compared to a year ago but it was a lot more close this season so anything from first place to 12th place was still possible for us. I hoped we could keep up the good form for the rest of the season and avoid the frustrating season end we had last season. Dartford from VNS would become our first opponent in FA Trophy (First Round) at home at Bulpit Lane. An easy match we would expect but we failed to concentrate us and after a late equalizer from Dartford the match ended 1-1. A bit unnecessary but we dealt with the matter and went home from the replay match in Dartford with a 2-1 victory (Dartford scored their goal in 89th minute) and should now play away against King’s Lynn from Northern Premier League in 2nd Round. Yet another “easy” match we should believe but King’s Lynn gave us a shock with an early lead but this time we managed to break down the “easy” opponent and went home with a fine 5-1 victory. More about our FA Trophy run in my next update! I signed two young players in the period: left winger Gary Barlow (18) from Ipswich and striker Garry Dennis (18) from Exeter. Unwillingly, I said goodbye to two right backs who went home to their home countries; Lawrence Mensah (18) to a club in Ghana and Jack James (23) to Derry City in the Irish First Division. Instead I promoted 19-Year-old Ashley Webb from the reserves as backup (joined us from Southend in June). Midfielder Stan Brightman went on loan at Alfreton and goalkeeper Christian Mbeta went on loan at Hendon to get more match experience. We terminated the contract with 24-year-old striker Josh Walker who didn’t impress enough in his five first team matches - I preferred to focus on the young talents in the squad instead.I believe our squad is a lot stronger than a year ago so I was looking forward to this season’s end! Ole DK
  4. October 2021 - Vanarama National League We started our second National League campaign with a 3-1 win at home against Dagenham & Redbridge. Important for us after the weak season end to get a fresh start. Stephen Edwards had made his way to central defence together with Scottish Greg Brooks on left midfield and James Griffiths in attack plus Tom Arnold instead of an injured Tommy Ouldridge on right midfield as debutants it marked a stronger lineup and with more offensive firepower this season. We had a small increase in our season ticket sale (from 121 to 129) but welcome to all new fans - we need you! At times, there were more away fans than homeside fans at Bulpit Lane so if Bulpit Lane should become our fortress, more fans would be required 😀 The fans had a good time when viewing our games in the beginning of the season. We went through our first nine matches undefeated and after 15 matches we were placed 3rd in Vanarama National League just one point away from top spot 😀👍 The Board was almost ecstatic and offered me a contract extension until 30 Juni 2023 with a small rapse to £925 per week. Naturally, I accepted the offer !😱 In the first two months of our season we did attract more experienced players as support for our youngsters and also a very promising Welsh midfielder: Jack James 🇮🇪 DR, 22, free transfer from Luton (25 league matches for Dartford) Johan Abdoul 🇫🇷 DC, 22, free transfer from Boreham Wood (29 league matches) Ashley Harper, MR, 23, free transfer from Eastleigh (59 league matches) Lee Williams 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 MC, 18, free transfer from Crystal Palace Max Smallcombe 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 MC, 22, free transfer from Exeter (37 league matches) Callum Jones, ST, 22, free transfer from Colchester (1 league match) Jamie Philpot, ST, 24, free transfer from Welling (129 league matches) The competition among our players for first team playing time was hard and first team players like Morgan Jones, Sonny Haynes, Bradley Bell and Ralph Graham now had to see the matches from bench or from the spectator rows. Transfers out: Joshua Ede, AML/ML, 20, released (25 first team matches) Adam Davie, ST, 22, released (15 first team matches) Zach Robinson, ST, 19, free transfer to Nuneaton (9 first team matches)
  5. Pre-season 2021 I was really looking forward to strengthen our squad in the summer of 2021 to put even more quality into my first-team squad but out of nowhere came a bid for our captain Tommy Ouldridge. The bid from Boston United was only on £10,500 plus bonuses (I suppose I could increase their bid to £15K-£20K through negotiating) and I had signed two young promising right wingers, aged 17 and 18 and being 22 Ouldridge could probably be in his final season with us if the two youngsters developed as good as I was hoping they would. I simply had to take a break from the game to think it through. Tommy Ouldridge was on a £300 p/w contract so I could probably strengthen our financials with £30K-£35K through a sale. But selling our captain and basing our hopes on two youngsters in right midfield was not attractive so the final decision: I declined their bid (even though it would have been a record sale for the club). The expectations for the seasons were still very low. The Board expected us to fight to avoid relegation (probably based on the poor season end last season) and the bookmakers also predicted us finishing 21st (meaning relegation) but I added a bit to the Board’s expectations and they provided me with a wage budget of £10,443 per week and a transfer budget of £32K. A total budget of approximately £575K which was far above our previous budget. It meant we could attract a bit more experienced players now. The Board announced a new partnership with Ascot from Hellenic Premier. We already had a similar (free) partnership with Winchester from Southern League Division One South so to be honest I found it a bit difficult to see the purpose of this partnership - I’d rather find a promising youngster for my squad for the same amount 😩 My good Assistant Manager received a offer from Chelmsford to become their First Team manager and when I heard about the offer I knew I couldn’t hold on to him. So I went to see who was available and suitable in the rolle of our future Assistant Manager (my third in this Hungerford career) and I decided to offer the job to 33-year-old Stephen Brogan with an active career with 228 league matches as defender from League One to non-league football. A very suitable replacement instead of Paul Agu but with different strength areas than Agu. Besides these activities we did sign new players. A lot actually 💪 Alex Higgs, GK, 18, free transfer from Burton Lawrence Mensah 🇬🇭 DR, 18, free transfer from Barnet Stephen Edwards, DC, 18, free transfer from Leicester Rian Bray, 23, DC, free transfer from Hampton & Richmond (a total of 93 league matches) Callum Martin, DL, 20, free transfer from Coventry Tom Arnold, MR, 18, free transfer from Boston United Mark Baker, MR, 18, free transfer from Walsall Craig Taylor, MC/DM/DC, 18, free transfer from Oxford George Hughes, MC, 22, free transfer from Hereford (a total of 87 league matches) Greg Brooks 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ML, 18, free transfer from Bristol Rovers Luca Carter-Henry, ML, 20, free transfer from Leyton Orient Chris Sadler, ST, 18, free transfer from QPR James Griffiths 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ST, 18, free transfer from Oxford Josh Walker, ST, 23, free transfer from Barnet (a total of 52 league matches) Note the many new players with attacking qualities. Now we should score some goals ⚽ I has great hopes for Sadler and Friffiths in attack and Edwards in defence. Transfers out: Michee Mbuti, DC, 21, released (62 first team matches) Ollie Swain, DC, 20, free transfer to Welling (6 first team matches) Luke Dunn, DL, 22, released (15 first team matches) Tom Hillman 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 MR, 20, released (10 first team matches) Darren Foxley, MC, 23, free transfer to Chelmsford (91 first team matches - a key player in my first two seasons at Hungerford) Lezion Cela 🇦🇱 MC, 22, released (8 first team matches) Callum Fullwood, ST, 22, free transfer to Welling (45 first team matches) Brandon Taverner, ST, 23, released (7 first team matches) Archie Elemore, ST, 19, free transfer to Chippenham (6 first team matches)
  6. Thanks hoping for playoffs next season if it works out for us!
  7. Season review 2020/21 Despite the disappointing season end we could be proud of ourselves. To finish in the best third of Vanarama National League in our debut season in the league - and thereby making the best result in the club’s history was far better than anyone could have expected from us. At the same time, our squad was very young (average age 19.8 years) and with a prospective future ahead. Many players had developed well in this season. The following players had represented Hungerford this season (five first team matches as minimum): Bradley Foster-Theniger, GK, 19, 40 matches Christian Mbeta, GK, 20, 10 matches Blaine Rowe, DR, 19, 47 matches Joseph Jarvis, DR/MR, 20, 24 matches, 1 goal, 1 assist Avan Jones, DC, 19, 47 matches, 2 goals, 3 assists Regan Ganley, DC, 19, 47 matches, 1 goal Jordan Dyer, DC, 19, 23 matches, 1 assist Duncan Idehen, DC, 18, 10 matches, 2 assists Joel Whittingham, DL, 21, 50 matches Ryan Law, DL, 21, 11 matches Tommy Ouldridge, MR, 22, 49 matches, 6 goals, 3 assists Tom Hillman 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 MR, 20, 9 matches Bradley Bell 🇮🇪 MC, 21, 48 matches, 4 goals, 11 assists João Rangel 🇵🇹 MC, 19, 42 matches, 1 goal, 3 assists Ralph Graham, MC, 21, 26 matches, 4 goals, 4 assists John Dickinson, MC, 18, 17 matches, 4 goals, 1 assist Stan Bridgman, MC, 19, 16 matches, 1 assist Harvey Moss, AML/ML, 22, 44 matches, 5 goals, 10 assists joshua Ede, ML/AML, 20, 11 matches Sonny Haynes, ST, 19, 51 matches, 19 goals, 2 assists Morgan Jones 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ST, 22, 51 matches, 17 goals, 3 assists Rio Douglas, ST, 19, 12 matches, 1 goal, 1 assist Maxwell Chimenes, ST, 20, 9 matches Zach Robinson, ST, 19, 9 matches Brandon Taverner, ST, 23, 7 matches Archie Elemore, ST, 19, 6 matches Many of the players from this season became members of Best 11 among them Morgan Jones with now 50 first team goals and Joel Whittingham with 144 first team matches. Our fans elected Bradley Bell as Player of the Year and also as Young Player of the Year. Our young defender Avan Jones was elected Signing of the Season. The Board decided to increase our youth development budget. In future, we could hope for better youth players. At the moment we had a couple of our own youth players in our reserve squad but not with substantial potential. Our financial situation was also improving. After a £73K profit of the season we now had accumulated more than £140K in the bank - fine for a VNL club.
  8. April 2021 - Vanarama National League The success we had enjoyed in the first two-third of the season had put us in the top of the league with good chances of qualifying to the playoffs. One of the primary reasons for this had been our talented strikers Sonny Haynes and Morgan Jones who had scored 14 league goals each out of our total of 51 league goals. But both of the strikers dropped in efficiency in the final third of the season and that had a massive negative effect on our results. I tried to rotate more (Rio Douglas was given some starts) but nothing seemed to help so in the final 15 league matches of the season they only scored a total of four goals. The goal scoring crisis had great negative impact on our results and our fans’ happiness 😩👎 After only two points in five matches in January/February (goal score 2-5) we had fallen to 8th place which wouldn’t qualify for the playoff matches. However, our defence was still very solid and the following five matches (goal score 6-1) earned us a total of 13 points which mad us climb back into the playoff zone. After three defeats in Round no. 43, 44 and 45 (in which our defence crackled in a 2-4 defeat away to Sutton. The situation before last Round was that we were placed 8th one point behind Fylde and two points behind Dag & Red in 6th place. A win in our last match at home against Hartlepool (placed 4th) was necessary for us. The final match was a good reproduction of our season finish. We failed to score but our good defence kept Hartlepool away from goals so 0-0 and a finish on 8th place - one point behind the playoff zone 😡 Despite the disappointing season finish it still had been a great debut season in Vanarama National League for us and our strikers ended fine in the goal scorer list, too. But it was necessary for us to improve our efficiency next season to survive in VNL next season! But at least one thing went my way in the spring of 2021: 💪 Beside from renewing contracts with all first team regulars not a lot happened on the transfers. We signed a 22-year-old striker Brandon Taverner on a free transfer from Welling as backup player in front. Grimsby showed interest in our former first team keeper Craig Foxall (20, 36 first team matches) and I decided to let him go on a free transfer as he was only our third choice in goal. Midfielder Joe Re (22, 8 matches) also left us on a free transfer in favour of Worcester.
  9. Three points away from medals but also three points above 7th place and Relegation Group. I hope you qualify for European Group 👍
  10. Winter 2020/21 - Vanarama National League The ground expansion of Bulpit Lane was completed mid-October as planned. Bulpit Lane’s capacity was now 4,300 (800 seats). Between 750 and 1,000 spectators per match had been attending our home matches so far this season. And now the facilities were very suitable for our fans 👍 Until now the record attendance at Bulpit Lane had been 1,684 in a match against Sudbury in 1989. This record was about to be beaten 😱 In FA Cup we had started with a home match against Hemel Hempstead from VNS which we won 2-1 after a solid but not impressive performance. In First Round we had drawn Southend from the top of League Two in an away match. Southend had 21 shots at goal (11 shots on target) but a great performance from Christian Mbeta in goal and our defence in general we went home to Hungerford with a sensationel 2-0 victory 💪😀 after two goals by Sonny Haynes. For the first time in my Hungerford career (and probably in the club’s history) we had qualified to Second Round in FA Cup. The £18K bonus also did well on our bank account! We picked another top team from League Two (Rochdale) in Second Round at home at Bulpit Lane and with 1,717 attending the match we had a new record 😀 and also new club record with £35K in gate receipts (previous record £28K). But how about the match? We put in a fine effort and did fine but Rochdale showed their class and they pulled a close 1-0 victory home to Rochdale - like most people had expected in advance. But we had earned much pride from our performance in FA Cup this season . We made new contracts for 2021/22 with most of the first team regulars but I could not convince one of our most important players; left-back Joel Whittingham wouldn’t extend his contract with us 😩 and we received offers from Torquay and Chester but both were non-negotiable offers with 0 transfer free so I turned down both of the offers. I was hoping he would change his mind on a later stage but the odds for an extension of contract were not good. The squad was still under development. I promoted 18-year-old midfielder John Dickinson (free transfer from AFC Telford in June) and striker Archie Elemore (18 - free transfer in June from Shrewsbury) from the reserves after a fine development and Rio Douglas re-entered first team squad after fine performances in our Reserve matches. I had quite fine hopes for the future regarding Josh Dickinson who - with further experience could become a very fine player for us). We had to say goodbye to further reserve players, most notably former first-team regular right-back Marvin Ekpiteta (25, 72 first-team matches), Joshua Emmins (21, DL, 5 matches) and Hugo Skepelhorn (22, ST, 10 matches). Our league performances were quite difficult to predict in advance. We had a fine period in October/November with four wins in five matches (only defeat 0-1 at home to leaders Stevenage) and 13-7 as goal score but after this followed a period with only one point in five matches in November/December (goal score 3-7) until beating Sutton 2-0 at New Year’s Eve but after 31 rounds of VNL we were sitting in 6th position with 7 points down to Dover in 8th position below the playoff zone. We had reached more than 50 points already so another season at this level had been secured and now we were hoping to qualify for the playoffs or at least finish in the top half of VNL which would be a very fine result in our debut season in VNL. We had drawn Maidenhead from the top of VNS in First Round of FA Trophy. We should play in Maidenhead and despite dominating the matched we failed to score. 0-0 and a replay match at home at Bulpit Lane. The replay match was more succesful for us with a 2-0 win without major difficulties. Our opponent in Second Round would be York from the top of VNN which could become a fine chance for us both to qualify to Third Round like last season but also to get revenge for our FA Cup defeat last season. Let’s admit it. For the neutral viewer the match was awful. After 85 minutes there had only been five shots on goal (4 from our side) and only one shot at target (ours) but the match seemed to end goalless and therefore we could have a new replay match at home until defender Regan Ganley decided to kick the ball back to our keeper but hit it a little too hard and beside our keeper so the ball ended behind our keeper as a shameful own goal. We pressed a lot in the final few minutes but ended as losers. I was 😡 very angry but nothing could change the fact that our cup run of the season had ended 👎😩 So we could now focus on VNL and the battle for playoff seats ⚽️
  11. Autumn 2020 - Vanarama National League Bulpit Lane was the scene of our first match in Vanarama National League ever in the club’s history. The opposition team was Dagenham & Redbridge who - of course - were favourites to win. Dag & Red had the lead 1-0 after only 13 minutes bit we were the best team on grass rest of the match but it took a long time until Morgan Jones scored the equalizing goal after 71 minutes. We should have won the match but failed to score on our chances We gave debut to four players from start: Bradley Foster-Theniger in goal, Avan Jones in central defence, Stan Bridgman in midfield and Sonny Haynes in attack. During the match, Blaine Rowe (DR) and Zach Robinson (ST) also made their debut for Hungerford Town FC. We followed up to the draw with three wins in a row among them a merit 3-0 victory away against Macclesfield before Aldershot beat us 2-1 at home in our first defeat in the season. We remained seated in top half and after 15 rounds (one third of the season) we were sitting comfortably in 5th position in the playoffzone 👍 with 13 points down to the relegation places. My calculation said that 50 points are necessary to avoid relegation and we already had 27 points in our possession. I Think we can start dreaming about more this season 🙏 Sonny Haynes (7 goals) and Morgan Jones (6 goals) had been very good for us and also fine performances by midfielders Bradley Bell and Harvey Moss. The Board was very happy with our results and already in October they offered me a contract for next season (10 months in advance!) with a small wage rise to £875 per week. I accepted, naturally 😀 The squad was strengthened in midfield when signing a contract with 19-year-old Portuguese midfielder João Rangel 🇵🇹 from Mansfield (former youth player at Barnsley) who seemed as a very promising player. Our depth in midfield was fine and Darren Foxley had difficulties maintaining his Seat in the match squad. Despite only being 23 years, Darren was passed by younger players in the struggle for first team matches. I also said goodbye to a few reserve players: Jamie Smith, DC/DR, 22, free transfer to East Thurrock (8 first team matches) Josh Paskell, MC, 21, released (37 first team matches) Josh Masters, AML/ML, 20, released (25 first team matches)
  12. Welcome back to the FM Universe Good luck with your career at Aber - looking forward to following this!
  13. Pre-season 2020 Being debutants in Vanarama National League everyone said we were favourites for a quick return to VNS. The bookmakers gave us only a small chance to survive with the odds 1-5 to be relegated but I convinced my Board that we could avoid relegation and they handed me a budget of £7,276 per week in return (more than a tripling of last season’s budget and £378K per year) The extra funds were also very much needed as it was obvious that we needed to strengthen our squad to survive in our VNL debut season. As in previous seasons our target were young players with no transfer fees required. After many attempts we agreed with Swindon’s young midfielder Ralph Graham about an extra season on loan at Hungerford Town but our central defender Joshua Ryder decided to leave us on a free transfer after many complaints last season about more playing time. Instead we loaned 18-year-old striker Sonny Haynes at our affilliate club Swindon. Haynes could become a very important player for our side this season with his fine pace and accelleration. The first team-squad was strengthened with the following players: Bradley Foster-Theniger, GK, 18, from Derby U18 Blaine Rowe, DR, 19, from Coventry U18 Avan Jones, DC, 18, from Luton U18 Duncan Idehen, DC, 18, from Lincoln U18 Ryan Law, DL, 20, from Plymouth Tom Hillman 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 MR/DR, 19, promoted from reserves (last season free transfer from Newport U18) Stan Bridgman, MC, 18, from Portsmouth U18 Sonny Haynes, ST, 18, loan from Swindon Zach Robinson, ST, 18, from AFC Wimbledon U18 Maxwell Chimenes, ST, 19, from Port Vale U18 We said goodbye to: Joshua Ryder, DC, 20 (39 first team matches), free transfer to Hampton & Richmond Liam Bishop 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ST, 19 (17 first team matches), free transfer to Maidenhead With 10 players joining first team squad and only 2 players leaving the club so far some players were demoted to the reserves. Most notably striker Rio Douglas due to the new and better players. But Rio Douglas is young (19) so I hope to keep him at the club and hopefully he will come back to first team later. Other players would probably leave us in the coming months if they were too far away from playing time in our first team squad. The Chairman announced a partnership with Winchester City (35-40 miles from Hungerford) from Southern League Division One South (Tier 8). I used the opportunity to send some of our young players with no chance of getting playing time here at Hungerford on loan at Winchester hoping they could develop better there. The ticket office informed about a doubling in sale of season tickets - from 56 to 121 💪 Let’s play! ⚽️⚽️⚽️
  14. Season review 2019/20 The promotion to Vanarama National League was the best result in the history of Hungerford Town FC and therefore the season could only be categorized as a major success. But getting to Third Round in FA Trophy (personal record and maybe also for the club) and reaching First Round in FA Cup (as last season) were definitely also good results and better than expected. The squad had improved a lot since last season despite losing two key players after last season (Michael Luyambula and Josh Martin, both returned to Birmingham after loan spejls at Hungerford). Rio Douglas in attack, Regan Ganley and Jordan Dyer in central defence and Joseph Jarvis in right back had been great and many of the profiles from last season had developed well. Many of our players made it to the top lists of VNS. Among those league top goal scorer Morgan Jones and Harvey Moss with the best ratings 👍 The following players had represented Hungerford in the season (minimum five first team matches): Craig Foxall, GK, 19, 36 matches Christian Mbeta, GK, 19, 15 matches, 1 assist Joseph Jarvis, DR/MR, 19, 50 matches, 6 assists Marvin Ekpiteta 🇳🇬 DR, 24, 20 matches Regan Ganley, DC, 18, 49 matches, 2 assists Jordan Dyer, DC/MC, 18, 45 matches, 1 assist Michee Mbuti, DC, 20, 12 matches Joshua Ryder, DC, 19, 11 matches Ollie Swain, DC, 19, 6 matches Joel Whittingham, DL, 20, 50 matches, 2 assists Luke Dunn, DL, 21, 11 matches Tommy Ouldridge, MR/MC, 21, 43 matches, 13 goals, 9 assists Jack Henchcliffe, MR, 19, 12 matches, 1 assist Bradley Bell 🇮🇪 MC, 20, 47 matches, 3 goals, 10 assists Darren Foxley, MC, 22, 41 matches, 4 goals, 3 assists Ralph Graham, MC, 20, 26 matches, 2 goals, 1 assist James Whiting, MC, 19, 12 matches, 2 assists Harvey Moss, AML/ML, 21, 48 matches, 14 goals, 15 assists Joshua Ede, ML/AML, 19, 14 matches, 1 goal Morgan Jones 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ST, 21, 51 matches, 26 goals, 5 assists Rio Douglas, ST, 18, 50 matches, 23 goals, 6 assists Callum Fullwood, ST, 21, 22 matches, 6 goals Liam Bishop, ST, 19, 17 matches, 1 goal, 3 assists Harvey Moss was elected Player of the Season by our fans and also Young Player of the Season. Rio Douglas was awarded Signing of the season by our fans. The Board was very happy and I could probably not get much more confidence from the Board than right now. Due to extra league requirements of VNL the Board decided to expand Bulpit Lane once more so that the future capacity would be 4,300 fans. However, only 497 had attended our home matches in average (growth 20%) so it was not a demand from our fans. A big investment for a small club (£700K but partly paid by local authorities) I decided to spend £8K on improving our medical staff (because of extra League matches next season) by hiring a new head physio (Josh Price, 28 years old) and sack our present (Liam Sterling, 30 years old) head physio. Almost all stats and personalities were in favour of our new head physio 😀 The financial situation was still okay with a £41K profit and with £67K deposits in the bank 💰 Harvey Moss was elected Player of the Year in VNS and I was elected Manager of the Year in VNS 😀 We were ready for our first season ever in Vanarama National League 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
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