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  1. Struggling to the score goals against the weaker sides, which is probably down to my stubbornness in refusing to change mentality?
  2. It's worth noting that I have the player instruction (stay wider) set for the Tarcisio Burgnich role as he was classed as a 'center-right defender' or a 'narrow positioned right back'
  3. It's something that will be worth a try and is probably my preferred combination when using a shadow striker, but I always find the advanced striker works better in a counter attacking system, but then we do need to make the most of the shadow striker if we are to replicate the system.
  4. I've gone back to structured as it didn't seem to be working, Lukaku playing as a target man wasn't working either and Lautaro Martinez has been terrible so far. nevertheless we haven't conceded a single goal in our first 4 league game's so hopefully with a bit of tinkering up top we can gain some ground on juventus.
  5. All player names on 2d are bright white for me (when normally they are faded) maybe this is part of the same problem?
  6. The player names on he match engine are in bright white for me after the release of the full game, im sure they are normally faded? and they looked better that way?
  7. Are player names on the 2D bright white for anyone else? normally they are like a faded grey?
  8. Do you think it's a little too easy to score near post corners?
  9. First game of the season and a brilliant 1-0 victory against Napoli at home, I must make it clear that we never change from defensive mentality, if we end up having to chase a game i will change team instructions, player instructions etc but never mentality.
  10. I agree, I'm thinking perhaps Lukaku as a TM-S and Martinez as the SS could work nicely.
  11. Catenaccio has worked almost perfectly in pre season and we are yet to concede a goal, of course that could change once the season starts but the early signs are good, We are playing some very nice counter attacking football and when the opposition do attack they often find themselves swamped by our defenders and with no passing options. Achraf Hakimi seems to be covering the right flank very well as a defensive winger on support and I sometimes change him to defend if we are leading. The one thing that isn't matching up with Herrera's catenaccio system at present is the Mazzola (trequart
  12. I've been undecided what to do with the Jair role, I've been back and forth between complete wingback support/attack and defensive winger, the constant references of him being a winger that defended well made me go with the latter, I mean if i was building this system myself it would have been an easy choice with a wingback, He's also always much further forward then the wing back on the opposite side on formation diagrams and Faccheti himself it seems was a very attacking wingback. "On the other side was Brazilian Jair da Costa, tasked alone with covering the entire right flank for Inter
  13. I've decided on these roles and duties (and starting 11) to start the save with, it has become clear from reading inverting the pyramid that the centre back on the left side was a stopper so i have changed that duty, there is a stand out quote from Herrera in the book which is “In attack, all the players know what I wanted: vertical football at great speed, with no more than three passes to get to the opponent's box. If you lose the ball playing vertically, it's not a problem—but lose it laterally and you pay with a goal” This is why I have gone with more direct passing coupled with extremly h
  14. I've decided my FM21 save is going to be with Inter Milan and I want to try and replicate Helenio Herrera's catenaccio system and be successful with it, I'm very skeptical about how well lower mentalities work on the game and I'm hoping to prove myself wrong with your help. What is Catenaccio? Catenaccio (Italian pronunciation: [kateˈnattʃo]) or The Chain is a tactical system in football with a strong emphasis on defence. In Italian, catenaccio means "door-bolt", which implies a highly organised and effective backline defence focused on nullifying opponents' attacks and preventing go
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