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  1. A high difficult level in FM means: Realistic injury rate Harder to keep squad morale high Harder to convince players to join your team/agree a wage/transfer fee - particularly if you aren't established as a massive club & top manager More competition for player transfers Make transfers and wage negotiations take longer to conclude. Currently they can be done in 1 - 3 hours in the game world time Board are harsher with you when your reputation is low
  2. You actually make a really good point. I've never been against press conferences as I'm pretty neutral when it comes to them, but you are right, since their impact on what happens in the game word is somewhere between minimal to negligent, they serve no purpose and should be removed or changed. Its a waste of time and resources when they add more questions to them as the dont have any significant impact on the game world. I think hardly anyone thinks press conferences have had a significant impact on the outcome of their FM game/career.
  3. Transfers is the big one that can also be easily solved by SI implementing a realistic DoF feature/functionality. The board shouldn't have any expectations on the manager regarding players bought in/player sales. Currently you are so you can actually get sacked/get warned because the DoF didnt sign players in line with the boards expectations
  4. Miles says in this that with FM23 they failed with making features for the hardcore players and that they will learn from it. I'm actually really glad to hear him admit this and it makes me more optimistic for FM24
  5. Thats happened in a match for me before and I've seen a goalkeeper get injured once. I don't think goalkeepers are capable of fouling a player though unfortunately, which is the main way keepers get booked in real life.
  6. Exactly, doesnt make any sense for it to be an objective for a manager/coach
  7. Yep agreed, probably not cost effective, but purely from a users point of view it will bring much more variety. Would have to testing around how often it adds things that aren't factual /true though
  8. A player should play at a level that is appropriate for their ability. So if they are good enough for B team football they should play there. If the B team is in a senior professional league then yh its a professional level.
  9. There was quite a big discussion about this video on these forums when the video was released
  10. You havent even mentioned the broken youth teams that arent able to promote ANY players to the first team or reserves
  11. The vast majority of people only have one league set to full detail so I dont think that really matters. But yes the more people that show their results the better. Ill post my results today
  12. Yep which is why its not worth the effort. I dont think the news items and match reports are repetitive or important enough to warrant having a rewriting
  13. The reduction in injuries is worrying tbh. Really really want SI to make realistic injury rates possible in the next FM. I know that the injury rate was probably above their wanted threshold, however that threshold is already too low for people that want a more realistic injury rate.
  14. Nah you wouldnt do this, instead you input the existing match report and get it to rewrite it, possibly with different tones or emphasises. It's good at summarising or rewriting text so I dont think it would often make up things that arent in the existing report.
  15. Finances aside, changing to a subscription model would completely change their development cycle. The whole business model is built around getting new features out for an November release. If they didnt have the pressure of a strict November release every year then they could be more flexible with what they spend development time on and when. Who knows how it would impact things if it was actually implemented but it's wrong to say it would make no difference and there are potential benefits if you just look at it from a development point of view.
  16. I know its just an example but I dont think using it to get info about a city is that useful - thats something I would look at, at most once maybe twice in my whole playing time and would have no impact on my enjoyment of the game. Also I dont see what difference there would be between the actual Wiki article and a rewriting of the wiki article by ChatGPT or some other LLM. I dont think my point had anything to do with ambition, its about making the right investments to improve the game, and I dont see how ChatGPT could improve the game without significant investment into making it an interface between user input and the game mechanics - however doing that is very time and cost intensive and I think quicker and immediately more effective workarounds are a better call. For example the current player interaction system is not great because 1) Players make complaints that dont make sense within the context of the game and 2) the answers you can give back to the player do not include sensible responses. ChatGPT wouldn't be able to solve those 2 problems unfortunately. All it could do is rephrase the complaint the player gives you. (I actually think ChatGPT would make things worse if was used to rephrase complaints but I wont go in to that here) Because of this I said that I think its only use would be to rewrite news articles - but I dont think this is worthy of the time or effort either. Some day in the future I hope LLMs can be used to enhance player interaction - but I dont think that time is now. But who knows maybe Im proven wrong.
  17. Mostly agree which is why I dont think its worth the effort (I dont think buggy is a given). I think simple things like news reports and can be rewritten using LLMs though to get rid of the repetitiveness. Would have to do some testing to see how often the rewriting loses the original meaning though. You could do the same for player interactions and press conferences however I think we actually want the interactions to be repetitive in this case and instead want our range of responses to be adequate - which is completely separate to any type of ChatGPYT technology. Ultimately though I would guess that the cost likely wouldnt make sense. If it uses an API from OpenAI for example it would be expensive and require the internet or require the user to run it locally on their machine which may or may not alter the system requirements in a significant way. Regardless I hope they are putting A LOT of resources in to improving interactions and immersion.
  18. Can you share a screenshot of your Staff Responsibilities Screen under the Transfers section
  19. You can change it in the Staff Responsibilities screen
  20. Yeah it is an issue, hopefully it's fixed in the winter update
  21. Nah the ME is the same sine December, but yeah watching full matches does make a difference in terms of your understanding of how the game is panning out
  22. I've had the goalkeeper handball it outside the area a couple times and I'm pretty sure he got a yellow. Seemed more like a glitch that's handled by giving a foul rather than a feature tbh
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