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  1. How do you know if you prefer a toned down version if you have not even tried the latest version? No one can actually tell you what your going to like better so just download the demo and give it a try.
  2. If he is already transfer listed by request then you will not get more than his value. You will be lucky to get his value. His value will be lower already because he has requested to leave.
  3. I offered him 150k which was a bit more than the 90k he was on but his agent walked out saying we were to far off to negotiate.
  4. PSG offered me 40m for Emre Can, I negotiated it to 80 and hit suggest, thinking the would walk away... They accepted. Learn to negotiate to get the best deal buying and selling.
  5. 2019 and ive taken charge at Barcelona. Current team is full of AI transfers. Players with 2* CA/PA on more than 200k a week. The wages that club was paying out was shocking. Messi on 500k a week? a handful on over 300k and a ton on over 200k the rest of the squad between 80 and 200. Its no wonder there wage bill for last year was 188m wtf. Anyway. Planned to rebuild Barcelona for a couple of seasons before shifting on. First signing i tried to make was a player who excaped from the youth, Rafinha. Anyway. 55m bid accepted and he was 350k a week wages?? WTF ive never seen anything like this
  6. I thought the same thing. I was googling my problems with losing and drawing away from hoe. It ended up it was my tactics. I have played many football manager games and never really struggled with the tactical side of things as much as i have with this version. I am slowely but surely getting it. I am 3 seasons in and i have almost mastered it. They away loses seem to have subsided. I used to dominate the games with 3-5 clear cut chances and still lose 2-0. Just kept tweaking my tactics until i got it. I suspect your issues are the same.
  7. I am Juventus. Its 2021 and my stadium capacity got increased to 52k about 6 seasons ago. I run at around 98% capacity all season. I have 200m in the bank. I am repped as the top club in the world. I know i can fill a bigger stadium but the option is never there. Is this because my stadium is only new? Built 2011?
  8. I am a seller in fm15. I used to always be a keeper on previous versions of fm but not this time around. I signed a 4.5 star potential regen for 15m. He turned into a world class player and was in my first team. PSG bid 64m for him and I let him go. Same for Kingsley Coman who was a smasher in advanced playmaker, always scoring. City bid 60 odd million for him too and I accepted. Keeps the team fresh and allows me to change formations. Before when I was a keeper I would get to attached to a tactic that worked and a set of players who were good. I am enjoying this way now. Selling Lucas Moura
  9. Its a nice touch of realism. Id be gutted if it happened to one of my record breaking signings though.
  10. I have never noticed this in previous FMs. Carlos Vela was signed for 34m by Real Madrid, played 9 games then broke his leg. His natural fitness dropped to 6. He played 6 games in the first half of his second season and was sold in Jan to Sassuolo for 3.4m. Seems the injury has killed him>?
  11. Playing my first save as Real Madrid. I get to around december. I have a fringe player that I planned to play a lot in my second 11 but with the sheer amount of injuries i have been unable to deploy my 2x 11 system. The player in question is Nacho. He comes to me to complain about not playing and I told him I was prepared to give him some cup games. He was unhappy at this and said he wanted to play in the first team in the league?? WTF? He is a 1.5 star current with a 2 star potential (according to my coaching staff) How can he complain about this? He is lucky he is even fourth choice. Anyway
  12. After purchasing the game the beta instantly starts downloading.
  13. Does anyone know what the potential max capacity is for the Bernabeu after expansions?
  14. If i was to take a pre season tour around America. Will it help my merchandising sales by extending my fanbase in america? Or is it better to propose friendlies with popular sides and make money that way?
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