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  1. The winners for Coppa Italia 2019/20, Supercoppa 2019 and Suppercoppa Serie C 2019 are missing. I know Ronaldo was already mentioned before, but some other players like Cuadrado and Demiral are missing the Serie A 2020 in their milestones too. I have only checked a few, though. Also noticed De Ligt has its Eredivisie win set to 2018, but this should be 2019. Oh, and Jeroen Zoet (Spezia) played 11 league games for PSV last year, not 0.
  2. The Dutch FA decided yesterday there won't be any amateur teams playing in the cup this year due to governmental regulations. Is this going to be reflected in the game too or does it stay as it is now? I'm fine with it either way, but just asking out of curiosity.
  3. Award winners (Golden Boot, Top Goal Scorer, etc.) are missing for seasons 2017/18 and 2018/19 for both tiers.
  4. Now that the Welsh second tier got added last year and the Canadian Premier League got added this year, I hope this means good news for more new playable leagues into the future.
  5. Oh, and some more minor stuff. Gotze doesn't have a transfer fee under his Career Stats tab, that should be a free transfer. Thomas also doesn't have a transfer fee with his transfer from PEC, the exact fee has never been officially disclosed but media speculated it was 2.75 million. Source for Thomas
  6. Oops, sorry! Completely missed that post for some reason!
  7. Jorn Wolf and Boudewijn Zenden are assistant managers too, Schmidt has 3. Source Ernest Faber is HoYD instead of Rick de Rooij. Rick de Rooij should be made U19 coach, he took temporarily over last season when Faber took over as head coach. Source PSV's highest transfer fee received is wrong. Lozano is correct, but it was 40 million and confirmed on August 23 2019. Source Coen Dillen scored 43 goals in 1956/57, not 44. Source Romero got injured unfortunately and will be missing the rest of the season. Source Fein has kit number 11. Source Ihattaren's full name und
  8. I don't know if this is the right topic, but the Nations League groups are wrong. For example, Portugal and Switzerland are in the same group despite both being in pot 1 due to winning their group last edition. Could be done on purpose because of licensing, but I remember they had the correct groups for the Nations League in FM19.
  9. Wow, the first time the 3D ME isn't lagging on my not-so-great laptop. Saving also goes really fast. Well done, SI! Also, happy Canada is a vanilla game league now. Was worried it would stay as a Steam Workshop download, but it's always nice to get new playable leagues from the start. Hope this and the Welsh second tier last year means we'll see more new playable leagues in future versions.
  10. 2) There are some Monegasque people in the game (even a player, all at Monaco) so the nationality does exist in the game, but I don't know if this also means Monegasque players will be created by the game. If they do, I assume they will all have French (or some another nationality) as their second nationality. 3) Yes, the league rules say it splits after 22 matches.
  11. I don't know if some clubs are set to be more sack happy than others, but last year I noticed Mourinho, when he was still at United, could get away with a lot more than Guardiola while performing (far) worse. Guardiola had won the Carabao Cup, was in the FA Cup final and was still in the CL, but was fighting for 4th place: job insecure. Mourinho didn't win anything, was out of every competition and sat in 6th: job safe. Still, I don't think it's as bad as it was in FM17 and 18, where it was almost a guarantee he would be sacked in season 1. Same for Klopp back then by the way, who has been 'fi
  12. I think better AI squad building and dynamic youth rating for countries would be two ground-breaking features. But I don't see those happen anytime soon, if at all.
  13. In FM18 I had Poland beating England in the 2018 final. Anyway, did you select France as a playable country? Maybe the game created a lot of half-French/half-Malian regens who aren't good enough for the French NT but who are good enough for the Malian NT. Also, those finalists are pretty crazy. Messi (possibly) losing another final, then Netherlands losing their fourth and fifth World Cup final before finally winning the World Cup. It also finally came home for England.
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