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  1. I think better AI squad building and dynamic youth rating for countries would be two ground-breaking features. But I don't see those happen anytime soon, if at all.
  2. In FM18 I had Poland beating England in the 2018 final. Anyway, did you select France as a playable country? Maybe the game created a lot of half-French/half-Malian regens who aren't good enough for the French NT but who are good enough for the Malian NT. Also, those finalists are pretty crazy. Messi (possibly) losing another final, then Netherlands losing their fourth and fifth World Cup final before finally winning the World Cup. It also finally came home for England.
  3. During the 12, 13 years I've been playing FM, I always felt NT management could be improved to make it more interesting and make it feel more alive. 1. Rest during international breaks should be an option for NT managers. It doesn't make sense you can't rest your players during tournaments, causing your players to have low conditions at the end of the tournaments. I think the Training function in general should be in, because I can't imagine that a national team doesn't do any focused training at all during international breaks. 2. More Interactions with your players. If you don't call up a certain player, let us be able to tell them why you didn't call them up, because for example they're not part of your plans anymore because they're too old or because they haven't performed for too long at his club or with the national team. They and the other players can even react to your decision, maybe even causing a rift in the squad because one part of the squad agrees with your decision and the other part disagrees with your decision. Or the whole squad rebelling against you because they think your decision was unfair. 3. International tournaments just... happen if you're a club manager. Sometimes you get a message about your players' performance on the tournament, but if you didn't know better, you wouldn't even know there was an international tournament going on. I admit this suggestion is harder to pull off and would make it more tedious, but maybe after a good or bad performance by one of your players at the tournament, have a journalist ask you about what you think of their performance. Or if your reputation is high enough, have the media invite you to watch a few games and answer a few questions about the game after it ended. The first suggestion is also for FM Touch, as Rest and Training are also in that version of the game. I understand national team management isn't SI's highest priority, because I think everyone, including me, cares more about club management than about national team management, but I still feel NT management is more barebones than it needs to be.
  4. Pretty disappointing none of the things I requested to be fixed, some back at release, have been fixed, even things that got logged twice. For example the John de Jong and Vennegoor job positions.
  5. I thought the rights to the 3. Liga and the German national team were both of the DFB? Weird they'd agree to give SI the license of the logo's, kits and names of the 3. Liga teams for the Winter Update, but don't want to have the German national team licensed anymore.
  6. The German NT was actually licensed this year, so players didn't have to do the thing they always had to do: Could be a bug. Worth raising it in the Bugs Forum.
  7. I don't know if this belongs in this thread or if I should go to the Europe Data Issues thread, but Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan) has a typo. In-game it's called Baki. Other translations may also have this typo, haven't checked.
  8. Honestly, I'd be fine with any new playable country from the start, but if I had to choose one per poll: Cyprus - BIggest UEFA-country to not be playable. My personal preference would be Luxembourg, though. Egypt - One of the, if not the, biggest leagues in Africa. The rivalry between Al-Ahly and Zamalek is interesting as well. Biased option: Dutch 3rd tier - Although it'd only be an option if promotion from the 3rd tier becomes obligatory and knowing the Dutch FA, it probably won't, despite the current plans to do so. Unbiased option: 4th tier from a top league - Italy, Spain and Germany all have 3 leagues. France has 4, but the 4th is only playable if you relegate from the 3rd. The prospect of building a club from the lowest depths of a top league that's not England sounds interesting to me.
  9. Not right now, but I'm currently considering if I should start a challenge involving every FM from 07 to 18.
  10. Nathan Aké International caps: 7. International goals: 1 (against Italy on June 4th 2018)
  11. Ricardinho (FC Twente) doesn't have a set shirt number. It's 2. Jari Oosterwijk's 2017/18 records (22 appearances/7 goals for Jong FC Twente in the Derde Divisie) are missing, although maybe this has to do with Jong FC Twente playing in the reserves leagues this season? Tweede Divisie history page is missing their 2018 history: 1. Katwijk 2. Kozakken Boys 3. HHC Hardenberg. The clubs who were active in the Tweede Divisie 2017/18 are missing their individual league history of that season. The clubs who were active in the 2016/17 season do have their league history saved, though. Achilles '29 are still Professional in-game. Should be Amateur.
  12. Is it just me or do players rarely retire from international football this edition? I have currently two saves, one in July 2023 and one in July 2022, and in both saves only a handful of (high-profile) players have retired from international football. I know not every player retires from the national team until their mid or late 30's or even retire from football altogether after an international tournament, but almost everyone? The squads in 2023 are still mostly the same as they were at the start of the game. In one save Ramos retired in July 2021, which I thought was weird too.
  13. Nowadays it's not so bad, but I've had some saves I quit because of a minor database error.
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