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  1. Never managed Palermo but I have Ruggiero & D'Amico in my Villa side that have just finished 2nd in the Prem & got to Europa League final. Ruggiero's fantastic but D'Amico is out of this world, in the past 2 seasons he's scored around 60 goals and got over 60 assists, mainly playing as an attacking right winger. Good luck keeping hold of them though.
  2. I'm finding that a IF on one side and a winger on the other is very effective. Also, using attack duty rather than support should increase their contribution but beware of attacking full backs not being tracked, especially against bigger teams.
  3. I usually have a few on the go at a time but I get engrossed into one at a time, so i'll play one continuously for a while then may lose interest a bit and switch to another for a while but I couldn't like play one save one day and another the next and keep rotating.
  4. Thanks for the comments, I have sorted my squad out and am 10 games into the season and going well, currently 4th on 21 points so very pleased with that! Just so you know what signings I made: DL - Managed to sign Josh Tymon on a permanent deal, cost £22.5m but well worth it. DR - Got in an 18 year old Serbian regen who isn't quite Prem standard yet but not far off and huge potential, great backup for Bree. MC - After UK left the EU I was able to sign Grujic who had left Liverpool at the end of his contract. SC - Got Romero in on loan and he's a beat, also signed Mayoral as competition and a long term option.
  5. I've struggled for a while with wingers but the 433 wide i'm using with Villa is working a treat so far, kept us up in our first season and we got the League Cup Final. 9 games in to the next season we;ve got 20 points already and have beaten Arsenal in the league and in the cup and also beaten Spurs in the cup. D'Amico is ridiculously good, he's got 13 assists and 4 goals in 11 starts. I'm using him on the right and Andre Green on the left as an inside forward with either Romero or Mayoral up top and we are deadly. I've found that by having a well balanced and fairly defensive midfield trio the front 3 can just enjoy themselves.
  6. I have to agree with @Welshace re. Keinan Davis, he was very average and even with regular football in the Championship he never progressed so I let him go. @Wyer I'm guessing you've moved on Andre Green as you're not using wingers? He's been sensational for me. Update I've progressed a bit with the save last night and have managed to secure the signing of Grujic on a free now that the UK has left the EU, I've also managed to sign Tymon from Stoke as they got relegated but he cost me £22.5m. Up top i've got Maxi Romero in on loan and he looks perfect, looking to sign a hot prospect to provide some cover there, and also still looking for a right back, either on loan to provide cover or a young prospect. I want to keep Bree playing as much as possible to continue his progression.
  7. In the topic you ask for help to improve the tactic and then when people give their opinions about it you shoot them down and tell them how amazing it performs. I'm really confused. On the face of it the tactic looks unbalanced and very open. How you don't get destroyed down the flanks, especially against a team like Real Madrid who will usually have attacking wing backs overlapping inside forwards, is baffling. Having said that, both teams will effectively just be fighting fire with fire.
  8. It would be really useful in journeyman type saves if you could fund your own coaching course so you aren't always relying on a financially sound club to progress your coaching ability, this would also bring some meaning to earning a wage. For example, 10% of your weekly wage could build up in a separate pot then if you have enough funds in there and your club refuse to send you on a course you could get the option to self fund the course from your earnings. The study time should also increase if you self fund the course as you would have to do it in your own time.
  9. The most recent ridiculous situation from my FM18 dynamics experience... Andre Green approaches me and demands a new contract, I tell him that's fair enough he has earned it and I will offer him one. I try to offer him a deal but he says he will not talk about a contract until we have mathematically secured our Premier League survival, he comes back days later and cries because I haven't given him a new deal and then the entire squad turn against me because of it... The dynamics feature is potentially brilliant but please fix the damn thing! That scenario almost undone 3 years of hard work at Villa for me and there's nothing I could have done to prevent it.
  10. Hi Guys, So I am at the end of season 3 with Aston Villa, I won the Championship in season 2 and have just finished 13th in the Prem and runners up in the League Cup, however I'm losing a lot of talent that had been on loan with Josh Tymon, Moise Kean, Andrea Pinamonti & Marko Grujic all leaving, I can't sign any of them on loan or permanent which as you will see has left us very light on quality. I've got £46m available for transfers and around £450k to spare in the wage budget so a decent amount to work with. I generally play a 433 wide, well organised and deadly on the break, or at least that's the aim. What I Have GK - Nicola Leali, Sam Johnstone DR - James Bree DL - Neil Taylor DC - Waldemar Anton, James Chester, Bally Cargill MC - Sebastien Rode, Nathaniel Chalobah, Conor Hourihane, Birkir Bjarnason, Henri Lansbury AMR - Felice D'Amico, Max Sailor (Newgen - fantastic prospect) AML - Andre Green, Jack Grealish SC - Scott Hogan What I Need (Most important First) SC - To replace Pinamonti's 20+ goal haul, needs to be fairly quick, hard working & clinical. Open to trying a target man as we score from crosses regularly. DL - Taylor doesn't cut it, we need someone better. Has to be a good defender as our FB's don't attack much. Good passing would be nice too. DR - Need some depth here, as above really but only looking for cover for Bree who has impressed so far. MC - Looking for a well rounded centre mid, want him to be involved in everything so a roaming playmaker type would be good. Looking forward to any suggestions you might have.
  11. My 2 bigger saves on FM18 have been with Hertha Berlin & Aston Villa, here are my favourite players so far... Andre Green - Right or Left wing, absolutely destroyed the Championship (2nd season) and is impressing in the Prem too at such a young age. Assists & Goals for fun with this guy. Andrea Pinamonti - Still young but he is absolutely deadly, do feel he is better in a 2 up top formation though, struggles on his own. Josh Tymon - Another youngster, left back, had him on loan in our Championship winning season and first season in the Prem, so good already and always improving. Predrag Rajkovic - Absolute bargain keeper, was a monster between the sticks for my Hertha side in Bundesliga & UCL. Only cost me around £7m in 2nd season. Jordan Torunarigha - Young Hertha centre back, immediately became our rock at the back, a few errors here and there as he developed but fantastic player. Niklas Stark - Dominant centre mid, was so good for me at Hertha before Bayern snapped him up. Mitchell Weiser - If you're looking for an attacking right back he's your guy, can go missing defensively but has enough pace to recover, fantastic going forward.
  12. Sorry I meant control not counter, I've edited it now. I think it would be sensible to ask for more out of the left back going forward and getting beyond Sanchez. Potentially think losing the ball winner and slotting in Ozil behind Cavani but don't wanna overload and make it too crowded.
  13. Not something I notice too much as i'm managing Arsenal,so generally I guess they show more respect and sit a little deeper than they would against WBA. One simple change that might be useful would be dropping one of your CM's in to the DM role and have him mark their AM out of the game, this way you are man for man in central midfield, your wing backs can pick up their wingers or the outside DC's if their wingers drift inside. By doing this you avoid one of your back three being pulled out of position to deal with their AM which creates the additional space they're looking for to breach your back line.
  14. Hi All, I'm in my second season at Arsenal and things are going fantastically well against top sides, I won the Champions League in the first season beating Barcelona, Dortmund & Juventus in the run and also fared well against the top English sides with a 4-1 win over Chelsea and 6-1 over Man City being the highlights but it seems we can only do it against teams that give us space to do it, if we come up against Burnley, Hull and the likes that just sit and defend we just can't win, no matter how much we dominate! I'm looking to start training the team in an additional tactic & style to combat this issue so wanted to seek some advice first. So, I generally change the teams mentality between Standard & Control and change shape between Flexible and Fluid, depending on the difficulty of the upcoming match. In terms of our style we are attacking and possession based as promised to the board when I took over, so we play out of defence, mixed passing with retain possession selected, play fairly wide to stretch the pitch, close down more in attempt to win the ball back as quickly and as high up the pitch as possible and change between normal and high tempo depending on the circumstances. Best XI, Formation, Player Roles & Duties: GK - D Donnaruma FB - S CD - D CD - D FB - S Zappacosta Koscielny Rugani / Mustafi Zeca / Coentrao BWM - S Camacho AP - S CM - D Xhaka / Ramsey Adrien Silva W - S IF - A Chamberlain Sanchez AF - A Cavani In terms of player instructions I don't change much, generally ask my defence (and Camacho) to pass shorter so we retain possession better, Donnaruma to roll it out, Silva to hold position against good opposition and Sanchez to roam and pretty much do what he likes! I've experimented while Sanchez was out playing Cavani as a Raumdeuter from the left and Lucas as a False Nine through the middle which worked out well on occasion but doesn't suit when Sanchez is fit. The way I see things is that when we move forward the full backs provide extra width around the halfway line so there are always passing options, the AP has to try and unlock the defence by picking out the movement of my wide players or Cavani and a big source of assists should be crosses from the right as Cavani loves getting on the end of them, but obviously that doesn't work well against tight defensive units. Should I change Silva to a box to box so he gets forward more against weaker sides? maybe make my left back attacking so he moves beyond Sanchez when he drifts inside?
  15. Is it just me or is player power a huge issue in FM16?? Especially when it comes to rejecting transfer bids, i've lost loads of players because they whinge after I reject bids to the point that they turn the whole squad against me so I have to give in and let them go to avoid a revolt! This isn't realistic at all, players don't know about every single bid that is made between clubs so why would they start whinging about it? Surely it should only happen when a transfer offer is leaked to the press!
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