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    Been playing FM for 10 years or so now and still terrible. Enjoy writing up the odd career update here and there.

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  1. Hi, I am currently 8 seasons in on a save and I have England loaded down to Conference North/South. Many of my players once leaving my team, currently go on to retire, which I think is very unrealistic. Even at the age of 23/24. I have noticed that there is an extension which takes the English footballing pyramid down to step 20. Is it possible for me to add these new leagues in mid save or will I need to create a new save game? Thanks
  2. I had to pay for the in-game editor and do it myself
  3. Any luck? If this is not a bug, I will just carry on playing.
  4. Hi @Christopher Lewis did you manage to spot if this was a bug? Lockdown with no FM is killing me 😂😂
  5. Let me know if you need me to do anything else. Thanks
  6. As well as uploading under the file name above, I have also re-uploaded with the title below if there was an issue with me uploading with the same file name as previously. Thanks Uploaded files Fola Zorya.fm National Eligibility.fm
  7. Hi @Christopher Lewis - I have uploaded. Thanks.
  8. Please can this be looked at today if possible. Thanks
  9. Just checking this has been acknowledged? Thanks- is this a bug?
  10. Hi @Christopher Lewis - apologies I know you're probably very busy at the moment but just bumping this up to make sure it's not been missed. Thanks
  11. Also something seperate to the above, am I missing something here? This guy below has been capped for Isreal. But when you go on his eligiblilty section, it is blank. Should he now not be able to apply for citizenship because he has lived in Ukraine to reduce the foreign player limit? Or in this example am I wrong? Thanks
  12. As you can see the issue I am having here is that you can only have 7 non Ukraine national players in the starting 11. I now can no longer bring in non Ukraine players because players are still being counted as foreign when they have actually filled the eligibility status and can now be counted as Ukrainian. Would really like to get this fixed as I have invested a long time on this game and this has kind of ruined it for me. Thanks
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