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  1. Loving this. What stats does your HOYD have? Determination and personality are important but I always look for judging ability and potential too. Search for the very best you can get
  2. I've always listened to youtube or twitch streams whilst playing up until full release this weekend. Now when I put some tunes on YouTube and click my FM17 icon, it cuts it off. Is this intentional?
  3. FM 2017 Defence engine

    Just finished my first season and have to say the defending is slightly better. Only thing is, goalkeepers seem to have some shocking moments. Stupid own goals, leaving back passes, not making any saves at all. Hope they get tweaked.
  4. I've given up with it after a season. Goalkeepers are shocking in general. Hope they are tweaked soon.
  5. I'm far from an expert here but how can playing wider help with short possession football? Surely if the players are further apart they'll have to make longer passes?
  6. Do you just leave passing to default or select direct passing?
  7. Jones and McCombe are both very slow but great in the air. Gonna have to play deep or risk pacey forwards tearing you apart
  8. only 500 hours compared to 1350 on FM13
  9. I've used the same shape for a couple of years now but after reading about a certain Barca game I used a TargetMan on Support with a ShadowStriker just below to the left.
  10. Could someone please kindly point me in the direction of the page where you see how your team compares to all the others such as worst passing side etc..
  11. [FM14] The U's and Me

    can you not try a system restore?
  12. How do you specific man mark the full backs on FM14? Used to be a quick easy way on FM13 on the same tab as target opposition player but it's gone now
  13. On other FM's, you could select specific man marking quickly during games but the old option isn't there now. Can you still do it?
  14. In all previous FM's I've always played with a pressing tactic which I selected through the team instructions. This effected all 10 outfield players but now the options have been removed how does it work in FM14? I've gone through individual instructions and the odd player can be told to close down more. Do all teams just press at the same basic level now or am I missing something?
  15. Excellent read this. As a PNE fan. I've been to Walsall many times over the last 20 years or so and have always had a good day out. Massive respect to them for the way they are running things and the way they are healthily taking the club forwards.