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  1. Has anyone noticed reserve teams vanishing when to take over a club? I’m playing with an real Indian league mod from the steam workshop and every club has a reserve team until you take over someone. Game breaker for youth development
  2. Merry Xmas. If it wasn’t for your YouTube channel I would have given up on the game years ago
  3. Have you tried swapping out a few roles? Maybe Belmonte to an Anchorman and then switch Ramos to attack and Skov Olsen to a support so he's driving from a bit deeper.
  4. I’m going to have a look at international management for the beta then start a youth career in Spain with Badalona. I want to overtake neighbours Barca using dirty long ball football.
  5. I’m no expert but I’d be dropping some of those TI’s straight away. You want to distribute the ball quickly And pass into space yet you play low tempo. Then you want to counter press but you don’t play with a higher line of engagement. I’d stick with the top tactic but knock off pass into space, counter press, low tempo and defend narrower. Just set your wide players to mark their fullbacks and start the matches on a balanced mentality for the first 20/25 minutes to get a feel for how things are going. If you’re controlling things and creating chances then leave it till half time. If you
  6. I shall be following this one closely. Love a youth save and also had some great saves in scotland too.
  7. Just been reading through a few of the career threads and some people are calling it a day until there’s a new patch. I’ll be going back to my journeyman save on FM19 where I managed to create a tactic that plays exactly as I want it to.
  8. I Think it’s just the poor current state of the ME. I’ve given up for now in hope of another patch. The feedback thread in general discussion is full of people complaining about poor defending and general lack of any instructions doing what you want them to.
  9. For me, the new patch has certainly fixed the balls over the top problem. Only thing now is that my defenders can’t actually tackle anymore or seem to play the ball forwards. I’m 2 seasons further in after the patch and am constantly pulling my hair out watching fullbacks get nowhere near the wingers and when they do bring the ball forwards, I see them stop and pass backwards too many times. anyone else seeing anything similar or is it just that there have been more changes to aspects of the match engine?
  10. Just took over Wellington Phoenix in the A-League in 2027 after never having played in the league in any FM before. I seem to have a problem where I can't offer any money when I want to buy a player. The cash section is greyed out. Then when I offer players out, I accept a cash offer from another team that then turns to £0 and the board refuse it. Is this a bug or are there rules I'm not aware of?
  11. Saw someone on twitter do it. They were using inverted wingbacks to create the space and trained the CB’s to bring the ball out/dribble often etc. Like Rashidi says though, it won’t happen every single attack
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