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  1. Here’s a tale for you mate. My dad reckons he was on Deepdale watching PNE vs West Brom years ago, and their fans were in the top of the old West Stand (Now the Tom Finney Stand). There used to be wooden benches up there instead of seats And their fans spent the majority of the match jumping up and down on them. Some of them starting singing Boing Boing Baggies Baggies until they were all at it. Could be Bollocks like lol
  2. Great to see you finally go up. Hopefully the improvements can help you push the club on
  3. Shame there was never a reply for this, I’m struggling now to get reports for all the players in my scouting pool
  4. I have a few different groups with one significant mentor and a couple of youngsters in each one. Seems to be fairly easy to get the personalities changed but raising determination is a long drawn out process.
  5. Why the different formation away from home? Could you not just change a couple of roles/duties and play counter attacking up to your 3 forwards?
  6. Always wanted to mate but haven’t got a clue how to post the pics and links. Nearly 40 now and played every version since champ man in 92 so about time I learnt really
  7. I’m having success changing mentalities through mentoring but the determination stat is a very slow painful thing to raise. If I have a youth sign on that needs mentoring, I move him to the first team squad and have him and a couple of others work with a suitable team leader. Then I just make him available for all u18 games so he’s still playing
  8. I was manager of Kings Lynn in the National league and got offered the Bolton job in the championship. Must be a bug surely?
  9. Noticed a couple of times on my current save, players coming to me with questions about strengthening the squad or asking for game time. When I go into the conversation, the matter just ends right away with the player either unhappy or happy with my answer (that I didn't even give). Anybody else seen this?
  10. Love following your saves. Just wondering how you are going on with mentoring so far? Have you managed to raise the determination of players much?
  11. Do you have graphics packs such as logos added in? Seen a few people having crashes this year because of this. Only thing I do is download the real names fix every year.
  12. Reached my 6th season with San Marino after reloading 14 times to get them to come up. Only using regens so its very hard but just finished my first season in serie B rock bottom on 8 points. The hardest part of this challenge is every time I get a promising youth, my board accept stupid bids for them. Lost 2 keepers, a quality lb and cb, 2 cm's and numerous forwards. Some before they even kicked a ball for us lol. Finances are always on the down too due to the average gates of around 1000. Only thing that keeps me going is the attachment you get to your team when doing a youth only challenge.
  13. I'll be following this as I'm a PNE fan that's lived in Brig for the last 11 years. An older mate of mine played at the back for them when they got battered by the C.Republic. Alwys love Preston's pre-season freindly at Irongate.
  14. Loving this. What stats does your HOYD have? Determination and personality are important but I always look for judging ability and potential too. Search for the very best you can get
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