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  1. Well done buddy. I went over there and had a look and of course they've not solved this. I have never seen what Jack Joyce is seeing, not once, and I've been playing this game a solid year, and I quite fancy that I'd like to see it since it would be pretty good for immeserion,
  2. Was there ever an answer to this? Because I still have NEVER seen the mix of home and away shirts in the crowd. Never. Not since 2016 version.
  3. That would be the smart option, yes, definitely.
  4. Let us FOR THE LOVE OF GOD edit which strips get worn against which opposition. I can't believe that option is STILL closed off to us in the editor. It would make so many users very happy.
  5. No I mean changing when clubs wear the away kit and when they don't. For example, the editor has Celtic set to play in the away shirt whenever they play the Ibrox club at that ground. That is simply ludicrous. It never happens in real life and never would. Some will say it's no big deal. It's immersion breaking, and completely needless. If we could edit this stuff it would cease to be an issue at once. Play the game long enough, in any league, and you come across strip clashes that are ridiculous and could be easily changed by someone using the pre-game editor. But of course you aren't allowed to mess with it.
  6. You've got to be joking. I have a GTX 1070, and I have NEVER seen anything but away fans in the away shirt. Never seen a home strip in there. The strip issue is ridiculous anyway. The way it selects which kit to wear for away matches is a sodding mess. Celtic playing Rangers at Ibrox in yellow shirts ... and why aren't we allowed to edit that and change it?
  7. I know that you cannot select what kits you wear for away matches / neutral venues etc ... a ludicrous deciion by SI to close that route off to those of us who go absolutely nuts over it ... but has anyone figured out a workaround?
  8. The away shirts situation is absolutely ridiculous. Why are Celtic still wearing away shirts at Ibrox? It's a rookie mistake, and one the editor still won't let us correct. Honestly, what the Hell?
  9. Guys this might sound crazy but I'm running a national team in-game and can no longer find out how you clear the national squad of players prior to a selection week. Also, the player search function used to have a feature for showing only players who were NOT in the National Pool. How do I put that on? Thanks
  10. I do mate and I can confirm that NONE of the internet trickery is working this time, not since the latest update. Really, this is a ridiculous state of affairs SI. Dxdiag version enclosed. DxDiag.txt
  11. One of the best "quality of life" additions to the game in recent years was when they released trophy packs. Going onto your club's main screen and seeing the major honours displayed is great, because you do get a sense of satisfaction when you add a trophy they've never won before and increase the haul of those they have. But I have always lamented that your own individual achievements are confined to a silly text history. I'd love it if managers had their own trophy cabinets, so that you can simply click on your profile and see a graphical display of the trophies you've won; the way it works right now is a very poor substitute. Come on SI, this one would be dead easy to impliment. Perhaps even in time for the next patch haha.
  12. Come on guys, this is ridiculous. And this has happened even AFTER I changed Celtic's banner colours to green on white rather than white on green. This happens with depressing regularity in this game at the moment.
  13. When using "slightly faster" as my default setting on the 3D match engine I am not getting stutter or stagger ... I am getting blurry graphics. Anyone else having the same issue?
  14. Hi folks I've created a competition on the advanced editor - a FIFA Champions League, replacing all the current continental competitions - that has three qualifiers, a group stage with 8 team groups, a fourth round, quarters, semi and a final. All the knockout dates are consonant with Champions League ties, so no problem there. The Group games are clashing with international fixtures. Nothing I try - including adding "4 call-ups to request call of" rules - works. Can anyone help?
  15. Nobody? I've redesigned the Champions League as a global tournament; 256 teams, three seeded qualifiers, then Groups followed by fourth round, quarters, semis and the final. The group stages have 8 teams instead of 4. But the international clash is infuriating and I tried various solutions.
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