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  1. This is just a **** take now. This update has actually RESTORED the problem which prior ones had removed. I took posession of my brand new computer today, even more powerful than the one I had before. I have the stutter on both of them. This is a stutter, not a slow down, not a frame rate issue. The frame rate is steady. This is a stutter, and it's annoying as Hell. I do not believe that SI is going to solve this. This title is, at present, an unplayable waste of money.
  2. Here's my latest PKM ... what an utter travesty of bug-ridden crap this match engine is for some of us. And some of us - who've experienced this problem for years - will never buy another iteration of this game until someone solves this problem. This is beyond a joke. This is with half the settings at medium, on a machine easily good enough to handle these specs ... it handles much more complex titles easily. Do SI even know what's wrong? If this game had competition would the makers have allowed this to persist for years? I doubt it. Beyond belief now this is. Aberdeen v Başakşehir F.K..pkm
  3. Here goes then ... a formal submission. I have tried EVERYTHING to make this work, including all the solutions from yesteryear. Nothing has done it. I have messed aroudn with every setting on the NVIDIA control panel ... some work for a brief time and then a game later it's back the way it was. The most recent patch seems to have made it worse than it was before, the previous patch had sort of smoothed it out a little but not completely ... I've turned down settings. Updated drivers. I have a frame rate counter on the screen ... I'm getting a good 144 as I should ... but the engine still stutters and jitters. It's unplayable in the current form. Jack Joyce knows I experiment with every setting, cause I've done this every year for the last three or four. Something usually works. This year, it's a bust. So what files do you need to take a look at?
  4. I'm just about ready to chuck it this year. Look, Jack, you KNOW I try everything to get this to work ... and some things DO for a brief time, but then a game or two later its back to as bad as ever. Are you guys EVER going to get to the bottom of this???
  5. Here's something I'd like to know ... Is it possible that the lag is somehow dependent on your internet speed? Now, I live in one of those areas where there is no superfast broadband, so I am stuck with a lousy 5mb ... And I find that the more I'm doing in the background - streaming etc - the worse the lag gets. Playing the game in offline mode resolves this entirely. Has anyone looked into that prospect?
  6. I have banged on about this on several other threads, because I don't know whether it's a mistake or bad editing, or whatever ... but the fix is simple. The way the game assigns away strips is horrendous and broken. The editor data clearly shows that certain shirts are assigned to certain matches via the Home/Away index number; a home kit is 0, and away kit is 1, the third kit is 2. It shows you all these in a nice wee row ... and just looking at those rows, and that of my favourite club Celtic, reveals how horrible the methodology is. Third kits for cup finals against your biggest rivals, where there's no clash to speak of? Horrific. Now, let's be honest; if your club is playing a European tie against some Slovakian team you don't care what shirt they wear ... but a domestic cup final you do. So although some code might need to be re-written to make it less likely that the wrong shirts will be assigned in those games where the computer has to choose that, most of us would be satisfied if we, ourselves, could select the kits our teams wear for big games in our domestic leagues and cups. The editor CLEARLY has this data in it ... JUST LET US CHANGE IT. The highlighted line is a Celtic v Rangers neutral venue match, with Celtic in the THIRD kit when that's wholly ridiculous. Just give us the ability to change, and save, the home kit index number ... and most of us will do it ourselves for our domestic leagues and consider the matter closed for good. If you guys work on a coding solution, great, but we'll not be complaining either way because we've fixed it ourselves.
  7. The highlighted match, of course, is Celtic v Rangers ... note that Celtic is assigned Home Index 2 as with several other matches. Just give us the ability to change that number. That's it. That would resolve this to our satisfaction.
  8. Jack I bring you back again to the absolute TRUTH of this ... the problem is in the data. The editor has all this information displayed in it ... See the attached screenshot ... those are Celtic's kits for neutral venues. It's a mess. A total mess. This could be fixed EASILY if you gave us the ability to edit it ourselves ... but that option is locked in the editor. Just unlock it. Give us the ability to add and delete kit priorities for certain matches and most of us will consider this issue resolved.
  9. The way the game assigns what strip the clubs wear in certain games is ludicrously broken. It's clear that this is something to do with the editor data ... just look at the screenshot of how the database chooses which shirts Celtic wear for neutral venue games like semi-finals and finals. Absolutely rank. What some of us would like to be able to do is actually FIX THIS OURSELVES as SI clearly has no intention of doing it. So give us the ability to change THIS in the editor, PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Stuart You have said that the strip issue is NOT a database issue ... but it's right here in the database that the problem can be seen. In the editor data the Celtic THIRD kit is specifically selected for multiple games at neutral venues. The third kit, when in reality, as you well know, that would never happen. Look at some of those, and the highlighted one in particular. Now, I am NOT suggesting that the game be patched with these re-done. That's a lot of work for someone. But the editor LOCKS the ability for US to change it ... all I'm asking, all many of us have asked, is the ability to UNLOCK that feature. It would make a huge different for many of us. It is clear that this IS a database problem ... let us fix it ourselves.
  11. Between sorting this and the notorious away strips in games where they shouldn't be used issue, you guys could make this game a must-buy this year even for guys like me who were going to skip it. Had a go of my cousin's version on my own machine tonight and today's patch has sorted the lag issue ... so fair play to you guys for getting that fixed. One step closer to placing my order.
  12. The game's been out for well over a week now, and it's frankly unplayable for some of us in the current state. The lag is unreal. In previous years this was not such a major hinderance, as the SI guys were on hand to help us with workarounds etc, but this year it's a write off. Nothing that has been proposed fixes it. Some things make it less noticable, but nothing, so far, has returned us to the smoothness that came with the fixes - and that's only they were, this issue was never patched out - from 2019. I am using my cousin's version of the game, as I flatly refuse to buy it this year due to this and a number of other issues I've raised on these threads. Those issues are being investigated like this one, but I wonder how optimistic we should be. The timeframe for a release to patch this game is another issue again; I understand that SI don't release details of the timetable but for now this game is a write-off. If these issues aren't resolved there's no chance of me buying this game next year either. Or again, maybe.
  13. This is incredible. In the 2019 version some of us really thought we'd narrowed this down to a NVIDIA issue. Haiku, I've seen that solution work mate. I've also seen SI Games suggestion of turning off Core 0 when playing the game do some good. Really odd this one, it's persistent, like the flu. Ever bloody evolving and hard to grab hold of.
  14. Yeah There's clearly an issue with NVIDIA cards, it's been a long running problem here. Last year, in one of the fixes, they actually did solve this problem completely and people have said the Beta version was smooth ... I didn't find it to be, I have to say. But yeah I think it's definitely an NVIDIA thing ... so hopefully the lads are working on it.
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