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  1. Never seen that one before Looks like I'd have enjoyed it.
  2. One to read on the lunchbreak guys ... if you're not tinkering with team sheets and tactics http://reloadeddigital.com/just-another-game-a-journey-through-a-football-manager-addiction/
  3. They've done the best they could. They've tackled it in a way that reflects the uncertainty. I understand WHY that's a problem for a lot of players ... I've yet to experience it in my own save, but I know it'll come ... but it's also painfully realistic at the same time. I can see the reasons why some want a Brexit "on-off" switch. I wouldn't mind one myself, but not for the game
  4. Yeah they've taken the Brexit scenario and added a randomiser. In my opinion that's the best way - the only way - it could have been done. Because in case the thread's creator hasn't been paying attention, the government which inflicted this shambles on us hasn't a clue how to untangle the mess they've made or any plan for what the consequences might be. You think you've got a lot to bitch about just now? Wait until this affects your favourite club in real life. The guys have done an EXCELLENT job on this aspect of the game. From where I sit - and I'm a football and politics blogger, so I do have some insight - they are amongst the only people who've given ANY long term thought to the impact this will have on the sport. They deserve credit for it.
  5. I've been playing with the new build for Andromeda for a few days now, and it's defo working. The memory issues I had were clearly related to the skins.
  6. Neil, just to let you know that the guys behind the Andromeda skin have released a new version and it's pretty sweet. No crashes and I've played a full season. The same applies to the new Vitrex skin. Bug free, no hassles at all and they look great. Thanks for your help. You and the team do some job on here.
  7. Hmmmm ... here's a question for you Neil I have disabled autosave, and I don't like the rolling autosave. Is THAT the problem? Would that make a difference?
  8. No that one works fine, as I said. All the default stuff works perfectly well. The additional graphics and logos - all the fan-made add ons - all seem to work with the default skin. Any other skin crashes. One other thing ... I did install an early version of the Andromeda skin on the demo. And there were no problems at all, all the graphics, the skin included, worked fine. Hope that helps some.
  9. You misunderstand me Neil I've tried a couple of skins. It doesn't work with any of them. The issue I've got appears to be related to that; I say appears to be, but how do I know? It's as if the game, for some reason, just starts to eat all the system memory. I've checked it out on TaskManager and it goes as high as 98% of the system resources. How the Hell can that be happening?
  10. Out of Memory error

    This is clearly a MAJOR issue, and it's a game-killer. And yeah, I've already submitted my own thread on this.
  11. The issue definitely appears to be caused by using additional graphics. The problem is gone when I revert to the game as loaded. Here's a theory; as I was using the graphic packs with the demo, and they seemed not to affect it, is this issue affecting certain skins? I was using Andromeda BLK, which was only released after the full game became available. By the way, I've used every trick suggested; deleting the cache file, increasing the Match memory and a host of others. Using no additional graphics has turned the trick. Is this something you guys will be able to replicate, and fix?
  12. Can someone who's messed with this provide a list of some sort for what all the stadium graphics segments do? This would be most useful.
  13. This will sound ridiculous but the reason I play the full game and not the FMT mode is that the match screen is less cluttered, and with mods etc you can get scoreboards and stuff on it. I dislike - strongly - the match screen on FMT and don't see a need for you being unable to hide the icons etc.