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  1. My only complaint is that for the second year in a row my hopes that FM Touch or FM Lite would use the same match day screen as the full game has been for nought ... The only reason I don't use Lite or Touch is that I genuinely prefer the match-day screen UI on the full game, without those annoying control bars at the top of the screen. Has anyone been able to successfully port the full version match day graphic to touch?
  2. Download link isn't going anywhere. Can you fix? Looking forward to playing this.
  3. Yeah I think this would solve a lot of the problem's I've been having with my FIFA Champions League files (which are on here). If we could view the Champions League, for example, as it's set up in the advanced editor, that would really give us the tools to make the kind of competitions we want.
  4. Did anyone get any of these issues working right? Be good to get a solution.
  5. I found my way around this one guys, or I think I did, by simply giving the draw a specific date. Which you can only do with the advanced editor. My FIFA Champions League file is on here somewhere (on the Editors forums) with the draws viewable. If any of you can get the seeding system and the other wee problems I mentioned in the thread working, that will be fantastic.
  6. Gents, here's the early incarnation of my FIFA Champions League project. Unfortunately, I'm going to need some help to finish this off. And I'm hoping by making the file available to the advanced editor experts, they can help me. Here is what the file does. First, it removes all the continental club competitions from the database, replacing them with FIFA World versions. It lists the top 128 competitive countries in world football, and assigns teams from those countries to three competitions. 1) The FIFA Champions League. The top three sides from each country. The tournament has four qualifying rounds, the bigger countries entering at round 3. The teams which survive until round 4 enter one of eight groups of six teams, from all over the world. The top two sides qualify for the next round. 2) The FIFA Challenge Cup. This is the equivalent of the Europa League in some respects. The next two top teams from each country will compete in the four rounds of this tournament, to qualify for 8 groups of four. The top two teams progress to the next round. 3) The FIFA Silver Trophy. The Cup Winners Cup. One team from each country, based on their performance in cup competitions. No group stages. Straight two-legged knockout all the way. Now, all these tournaments appear to work well enough in testing. In game, there are problems. 1) The registration system doesn't work. In fact, I think in game it prohibts the top teams from being able to register players properly. I have no idea what half of the advanced editor options do, so I am struggling with that one. In my own game I've removed the 25 man squad registration completely ... but it's retained in this file, for people to mess with. 2) The Group Stage draws, which I finally got to be viewable, are a mess. Something is wrong with the seeding system, which I wanted to set to be based on the club's global reputation. It does not work at all. If you set up a new game, go on holiday until the team you want is about to view the group draw (set for October 1) you'll see what I mean. I have tried as much as I can think of, but nothing gets these teams into seeded, reputation based pots for drawing. 3) The cup final venues. I have tried setting them to be neutral, random and only played in grounds with a 50,000 seat capacity. Nothing works. If someone can crack that, I'll be thrilled. There are doubtless other, smaller issues to contend with here. But those are the annoying ones to me. I leave this competition in the capable hands of you wonderful people, in the hope that between us all we can get this working right. The earlier versions, which I made on the basic editor in FM2012 and FM2013 are a lot of fun to play, and create a very tough, elite football tournament. Adding the Cup Winners Cup was a wee additional extra this year, but it seems to work well. These tournaments have awards too, by the way, but feel free to add others. Cheers in advance guys.
  7. Hey fellas I'm doing my World Cup Club competitions, as ever, and I'm looking, as usual, for the fabled setting that let's you watch as the Group Stages are drawn. I've not found it yet. What I have found is a bunch of settings which I'm hoping someone can explain to me. European Cup Phase 1 Style European Cup Phase 2 Style Anyone have any idea what those settings actually do? Or what they mean? And if anyone can tell me how to make the Group Stage draws actually watchable ... please, feel free to share.
  8. Anyone know anything about this one ?
  9. Wee question for the advanced editors or the team from SI ... Let me tell you what the issue is. For the last three or four years the first (and main) job I've done on the editor is to create a FIFA Champions League tournament, with three qualifying rounds followed by a group stage draw. During the actual game, you've always been able to watch the qualifying rounds being drawn, but the computer draws the Group Stages and you never get that thrill of seeing your name come out of the hat as it were. Is it possible to amend this one wee matter, this one wee tiny glitch, in the new editor? Because my joy would be complete. Thanks in advance SI team
  10. Nothing I have done works. Nothing. I moved the graphics folder entirely between one folder and the other, copied the ads folder to its opposite in the 2014 folder and .... not a thing. And then, just to prove that I wasn't going daft, I re-installed everything back again in the 2013 folder. Works like a charm.
  11. Yeah you guys are right. Adboards aren't working properly. I have white ones all round the stadium at the moment after some experimenting. And when I say experimenting I mean trying everything,
  12. Agreed on all counts, and the minute my refund is confirmed that's what I'll be doing. So has anyone dealt with this mob recently?
  13. Well mate, lesson learned. Oh I am not blaming SI here at all. They're typically straight-up in the way they do things. But I am going to flame this company everywhere I can. Reading the reviews from people here who bought from them last year, they're still a shambles. Wish I'd read that stuff beforehand.
  14. So, last night I ordered my game from ... before I'd read about a bunch of people who ordered 2012 from them, on this very site. To say I'm unimpressed and angry is a huge understatement. Has anyone dealt with these jokers before? It's 17 hours and counting, and no code yet. I'm in some "Queued" system. Let me tell you what it is. They don't HAVE the game yet. They crack open boxes and send codes from them. That's what I've heard. So play early pre-orders? Not a chance. What in God's name is that all about ? Is this company legit ? Are they allowed to pass themselves off as an SIGames affilliate? Let me make this clear to ANYONE who is thinking of doing business with this company BEFORE the 31 October deadline. Don't. I've bought one thing from them. It's the last thing. What's your experience with these people? Has anyone had a refund from them before?
  15. Hi guys I thought I'd share this wee video review for the game with you. I'm publishing a video games/movies/retro/tv show magazine later today (watch out for it!) and this is a wee review of the handheld game from our blog.