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  2. I think That will be the case he seems completely lost at times on the wing
  3. Anyone have any suggestions? Please hlp. This is the only modification preventing me from starting a new long-term save. Thanks for any help.
  4. Season 7 - 2025/26 Overview DFB Pokal Season started with a couple of tough games against last years winners and Schalke with two successive defeats. Thought that I wouldn't last long before the Board decide to pull the pin on me especially after giving me an E performance last season for missing out on Champions League qualification. For there the season really took off winning games with big scorelines which in the end counted for everything! We found ourselves in top spot for majority of the season however never able to shake off both Schalke and then Bayern who made a strong charge in the second half of the season. With 4 games to go we were on top by a point to Bayern but had a difficult fixture needing to play 3 away with Bayern away in the next game and Dortmund away in the last. We ended up losing to Bayern and top spot. 2 points behind our next game was at home which we won but Bayern also won keeping their 2 point gap. They had Schalke up next away and we had Mainz who were 6th away. We dominated but needed an 85th minute to win 2-1. Bayern were held 0-0 so we were on top by goal difference. Last game of the season meant we won the Bundesliga by 4 goals! I thought it would take the third season before we could seriously call ourselves title contenders so to win it especially in this fashion im absolutely over the moon. Its only the second time Wolfsburg have one the Bundesliga which was 16 years ago. DFB Cup we didn't really look like losing any games conceding only 1 goal along the way. Had some easy games at the start we used a rotational squad, then played Schalke and dispatched them easily. Both us and Bayern were on the other side of the draw when it came to the semis with both our opponents being from the 2nd division. After winning the league on goal difference, we added some salt to the wound winning the Cup final. Like the league, this was the second time winning the domestic cup with the first being in 2015. Key players: Behrend crucial up top winning the top goalscorer with 26 league goals and winning the European Golden Shoe Poulsen Danish left back was brilliant and won the player of the season for us. 20m pound purchase two years ago was an absolute bargain buy We loaned 3 players in who were also great, will try to turn them permanent but we don't have the buying power unfortunately as we hemorrhage about 10m pounds a month. Our stadium only seats 30k and the Board have announced they are looking to build a new stadium so see what happens there. Not sure what to do next season whether to go for the Euro Cup or move on, don't think we have the financial power to compete (we were knocked out convincingly by Lazio in the Europa Cup this season). Top Domestic Leagues 1 / 10 - Bundesliga (Wolfsburg 2026) Cups 2 / 10 - Betfred Cup (Arbroath 2023), DFB Pokal (Wolfsburg 2026) Continental 0 / 6 International 1 / 5 - AFCON (Senegal 2023)
  5. Season 5 - 2021/2022 We now have a 3rd kit. ________________________________________________________________________________ Transfers - Just under £250m spent! Other players left including Ragnar Klavan and Jesus Navas both retired. Navas has returned to club, he is now assistant manager to our Under 18's. He replaced Glenn Whelan who left to join Chelsea in same role.
  6. You are right, reserves leagues were created but Algeciras Reserves is not playing them in second season 20020-21. Attached screenshot of Spain competitions for second season. As you can see, Algeciras was promoted from Seg. Division B Gr. 4 to Segunda Division Española. The first season in Seg Division B Gr. 4, (2019-20) Algeciras Reserves was playing in Reservas Español del grupo 2 (find next two attached pics) Is it normal to promote first team and to be eliminated from reserves leagues? I have to offer on loan all of my young players in order to play matches and competitions. Find attached two screenshots from first season (2019-2020):
  7. Yup, that's classic defending in FM 20. Running attacker being completely ignored by CBs who even go towards him. Awful.
  8. @navas27 Have you dealt with it yet?
  9. Please could you explain what changes you made and the rational for the changes? thanks a lot for your help.
  10. @CJ Ramson .pkm uploaded from Rangers v PSG with a number of good examples of ME issues: 12.10- PSG attacking throw in the Rangers half to a player totally unmarked 12.55- Rangers 1-1 missed ( saved) 14.56- Rangers 1-1 missed ( saved) 20.00- Rangers 1-1 missed (saved) 22.24- Rangers player through on goal and lobbed gently to the keeper 23.26- Rangers 1-1 missed 50.57 Rangers 1-1 missed 69.02 Rangers 1-1 missed 89.35 PSG 1-1 missed ( saved )- after saving, the Rangers GK lays the ball down on the ground and runs about 5 yards away from it while the ball is still in play. FrazT-Rangers v Paris SG.pkm
  11. Update News! I will update previous two posts soon. Last season we gained promotion to the......... ________________________________________________________________________________
  12. Hi, and welcome to FM Stories. While we would love to see more from your story, you're going to want to have a read of the rules regarding posts in this section of the boards, and amend your posts accordingly. I've pasted the link below for you.
  13. Yes, time machine would be perfect for such issues. Unfortunately people do not use it...
  14. So this is my squad 2021 - 22 Gray will be out for 3-5 months these are the league teams, we are favorites ...of course and this is the schedule. I ll play a few games and we talk again
  15. Gib Reg 2025 Youth intake Having expanded the youth facilities I usually get crap youth intakes and this year was no different. Golden generation you say? Well, not really. There a 5* potential player and 2 4.5* but I don't like their personalities or skills.
  16. September 2030 Another poor month. My job is precarious and I need 9 points in the next 5 games otherwise this save is done for.
  17. TRANSFERS This one will be my starter GK I signed him for 1 year ,will be a backup My starter ST. For a backup, or when I play with 2 strikers
  18. Season 3 - 2019/2020 Update coming soon! ________________________________________________________________________________ Season 4 - 2020/2021 Update coming soon! ________________________________________________________________________________
  19. Gib Reg 2024/25 Winter It was the night before Christmas, so I asked the chairman for more youth upgrades and having negotiated for a while we ended up maxing out youth facilities and junior rec. It took us only 5.5 seasons to max them out and the new board was responsible for most of it. It does mean we need to get through at least a couple European qualifying rounds or win the league every year as we spend 35k a month on youth. It was the new year's day as it was announced that Mboopi has now won 4 Ballon d'Ors in a row, at only 26 years of age he could end up breaking Messi's record of 6 in this universe. Surprise, surprise, we were still in Europe after new year! Roma was our opponent and we were quite unlucky not to get anything at home as we matched Roma for a very long time against their ridiculous narrow formation. It was a completely different story in Italy as we got smashed yet ended up conceding less. Somehow this counted as a humiliating defeat worth a fan refund as my board was quite livid with this showing. Really not sure what this is all about, frankly. Domestically it's been a stroll as a mixture of my first and second team has been roflcopting all over everyone. Even Red Imps got smacked 4-1, they also managed to lose in second round of the cup. I wonder if there is any chance their manager might leave.. But it's unlikely, we're just 6 pts atop the league but the rest of pack is dogfighting. College Europa has recovered to third but it's all fine margins there. Mons Caipe and Europa Point are both professional clubs, so I really hope they stay up. One last thing, you may have noticed we had a 2250 attendance in our last match - we moved back to our expanded stadium! Still, terraces only but it's now the biggest in the country.
  20. Season 1 - 2017/2018 Update coming soon! ________________________________________________________________________________ Season 2 - 2018/2019 Update coming soon! ________________________________________________________________________________
  21. Yea I think the mentality calculator should still be reasonably accurate, as that's all still clearly going on under the hood. The tactics creator itself just has a much diminished ability to control it, unless I'm missing something. I am certainly not up-to-date, but as of 2019 even whether it was just a label or actually doing something under the hood which we lost control over was ambiguous. I've seen lots of people claiming that it's only a label, but it's been shown that it does have an effect in the tactics creator and I've never seen a comprehensive answer to this. Personally I am inclined to be more confident in what's seen in the Tactics Creator. It's a ridiculous debate. If it's just a label, what on earth is the point? Ironically we would know for sure, easily, if the interface for individual mentality was better Not wanting to take this thread too far off topic, I've just loaded up FM 2018 again
  22. SEASON 2021 - 22 LEAGUE ONE Finances Club vision Facilities Staff I made some transfers in the staff I replaced my assistant manager with this one This one seems very good this lady also
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