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  2. 2021 youth intake: We have now added a goalkeeper, a defender, 2 midfielders and a striker via our youth set up. The defender and the attacking midfielder look especially promising.
  3. I think it may be a good idea for you to create a topic in FM Career Updates Forum to record the growth or depravity of these wonder kids.
  4. looks really good....whos that boy in the pic if hes a newgen?
  5. Hi, this isn't a league specific issue, this is an awards issue. Can you post this in a new topic on the "all other gameplay" forum so our tester in charge of awards can take a look? Cheers.
  6. free transfer start of the season after being released from a team in chile called audax italiano..was only worth 47k before he left
  7. Hello everyone! I'm recreating the club World Cup with 24 teams using the advanced editor. I want it to be played every year and organized by one nation like the nations World Cup. The problem is even if it is written in the game that the competition is organized by a specific nation all the teams keeps playing in its own stadium and not in the stadiums of the country. How can I fix it?
  8. Hello everyone,, On my journeyman save I realised (after moving countries for the first time) I have a very bad adaptability rating of 2. I was at aberystwyth in Wales, then made the giant leap to Dundee utd in the Scottish championship. I joined at the back end of the season, and got them promoted after only 6 games in charge. Problem is.. My relationship with the squad is marked as "very poor", after promotion the premiership. I've already had crisis talks with key members of the squad who have made it clear that I'm not welcome and they want me gone. I can only assume this is due to the massive jump in job, and my adaptability rating. I've won every game in this club, and I'm particularly worried that a loss or two will get me sacked quickly. How do I improve my adaptability rating? And how would you suggest dealing with the relationship? I will lose games, we've just been promoted and will be playing the likes of celtic and rangers in a few weeks. For a point of reference, right now the reason for the very poor relationship is listed as "lack of positive relationships with players", but the reason has changed 4 or 5 times in about 2 weeks..   Thanks in advance!
  9. So, I'd like to put the players in DLP role if they both suit the roles of DLP and BWM to match my tactic plan. But if the player is a top player and very suit to play as a BWM I will use him as a BWM and change the tactics.
  10. Afraid not. Won the PL first season, just won it again with 5 games to go second season, in the QF of Champions League, only lost one league game all season (away to City). Here's what I'm using if it helps: And here's how we stand: Best offence and best defence in the league. In addition to Rashford's 27 goals Lukaku has 24 and Mason Greenwood has 9 or 10. It plays well, with a good variety of goals and seems to me to be pretty true to the United tradition. First season I brought in Max Aarons to backup Dalot at RB, and Tierney for rotation at LB. Donny van der Beek to backup Pogba. Second season I think I've only signed Jadon Sancho as backup to Martial at IFL. Can't get rid of Sanchez but he's a pretty good utility player and can do a job at IFL, WPR or either of the striker roles (when Lukaku is unavailable Sanchez plays DLF-sup). Tonali was signed as a replacement for Matic but since I don't need or want another playmaker in central midfield he's a bit wasted, although he's pretty good at both B2B and Mez-sup when necessary. Board just gave me £333m for season 3 transfers, but I have no idea what I'd spent it on. Probably need a replacement for Mata who's declining, and an upgrade for Smalling who has been the weakest of the four CBs. Real Madrid have talked up a "big money move" for Pogba in three windows so far, but never bid. If he does go it would be a straight swap for Milinkovic-Savic and profit in the bank.
  11. Yeah, it depends on a player's personality (hidden attribute) and player traits. However, the player will tend to receive more yellow/red cards in the role of BWM than DLP in my opinion. In BWM duty, the players have to tackle harder in some situations.
  12. My dilemma is that I (obviously) want an active and competitive transfer market and realistic world football environment. The best way to achieve that seems to be by loading as many playable leagues as my PC can manage (not very many btw). However, I only intend to manage Liverpool. So I do not need other leagues to be playable. So, ideally, I would choose English top 4 leagues as playable and then every other country's top league as view-only (detail none). Then add to that the players from the top teams of each continent. But that doesn't add enough staff for me. However, I noticed on FM 16 (gave 17 a miss) that unless other leagues are playable I get a much shallower pool of staff to choose from. I am currently thinking of using the large/huge database and adding a few more playable top leagues from the really significant footballing nations and leaving the more peripheral ones as view-only. Is there any way to load more staff into the game without making leagues playable?
  13. If there is a press conference before match, journalists will ask some questions of players milestones. Also, you can see the milestones page after match. Not sure whether it's removed in FM2019 as I don't notice to it.
  14. Not that I know of which is unfortunate. I remember in one save I had I noticed Stoke City were buying a lot of players and they finished 3rd in the league challenging for the title, thought it was odd, only then did I check and confirm they'd had a tycoon takeover. They became the best team in Europe the following years, being a thorne in my side and my biggest rival as Everton manager.
  15. Very much depends on the player. I had Michael Bradley playing BWM for Toronto for 2 seasons and he never got banned. Meanwhile, I had 2 players rotate in the other CM slot (either as DLP or CM(s)) and they got a combined 4 bans between them in the same 2 years (3 for reaching number of yellows, 1 for a straight red).
  16. I've only ever had one happen to me in several iterations of the game and several 100s of hours. That was with Everton in FM2015. It actually kind of ruined my save as I just bought up the worlds best talent and the idea of blooding youngsters became completely unnecessary. I'd love to have another one though, would have been amazing to get one with my Torquay United save in the lower leagues this year.
  17. There goes my first choice right winger,luckily the second choice isn't much worse than him as they are both rated at 1.5* CA!
  18. I prefer to use DLP, which couples with a BBM in a 4-2-3-1 formation. The reason is the DLP is more creative while the BWM is more likely to get yellow/red cards.
  19. I see, thanks for your for the reply.
  20. February 2023 Back to the draws, but any month without a loss is a good one!
  21. Exactly and as a human manager I do it. If I get multiple offers for one player, I see this as multiple attempts to get the highest fee so he will inevitably go for over the asking price.
  22. 2034 Youth Candidates Not amazing, but 3 people could make the first team eventually.
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