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{FM24} Lets see a little Mansfield Magic


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I've been debating if this save should be a Forum save or just for me. It's my main save this year so decided I needed to share the pain.

I've been messing around with Chelsea during the Beta, getting used to things and it turns out...I'm a much better manager than Poch. 

I've been wanting to do a proper save with my hometown team Mansfield Town for a while and I've had many failed attempts. This time however, I'm determined, and being on the Forums will make me want to keep going more...cos its not like me to abandon a save...:ackter:



Mansfield Town FC are nicknamed The Stags. We have been floating around the lower reaches of the Football League since as long as I can remember. I've seen them Promoted and then Relegated the season after (conceding 97 goals in the process!). I've seen them drop out the Football League altogether. In fact it makes Luton Town's promotion to the Premier League all that more bitter for us seeing as we beat them out the Conference when we won Promotion back to the Football League in 2012/13. I've also seen them lose the FA Trophy Final with the final kick of the game against a team who are not longer in existence! Basically...what I'm getting at is...its been a rough time supporting The Stags...but its never been dull!

The team had their golden period in the 70s before I was born. During which they won Promotion to Division 2 (the Championship in today's money) where they were immedaitely relegated! Annoyingly this was around the time Nottingham Forest were winning the league and conquering Europe. They reached the Quarter Final of the FA Cup in the 68-69 season with the highlight being a 3-0 win over West Ham United who boasted a couple of World Cup Winners in their Squad. They also reached the Quarter Final of the League Cup in the 1975-76 season. 

One of the proudest days came when they won what was known at the time as the Freight Rover Cup (now called the EFL Trophy) beating Bristol City on penalties in 1986-87. A certain David Moyes missing the cruical penalty for City handing The Stags the trophy. 

But enough history. 

File:One Call Stadium.jpg

Mansfield Town currently play at Field Mill (alright technically its the One Call Stadium but it will always be Field Mill to me!). It is actually the Oldest Football Ground in the Football League with Football being played there as early as 1861. 10000 seats when fully open and room to build...

One Call Stadium | Field Mill | Mansfield Town FC | Ground Guide

The stand to the left hasn't been touched for ages as they couldn't convince everybody living on the street behind to move. I believe at this point we are waiting on one old biddy to pass on and then we can build!
The photo was taken from the North Stand, which is where the travelling fans sit. Which is annoying as one of our chants years ago used to be "You'll never take the North Stand"....and then they did.

The team have found themselves recently constantly one of the favourites for Promotion but seemingly always falling short. Playoff Final Defeat a few Seasons ago (I went...we were awful) was the icing on the cake. So the short term goal here is getting out of League Two. 

With the squad I will inherit from Nigel Clough that should be very achieveable. I will post the squad in depth when the full game comes out.

Basically the aim of this save is to win everything. I have no set goal. I just want to see Mansfield be the best team they can be. If that means winning the lot, then perfect.

In case you were wondering the name of the thread comes from the song Mansfield Magic. Its that bad its amazing. I would recommend sitting back and listening to it at least once!


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On 01/11/2023 at 13:10, Makoto Nakamura said:

Good luck with this Andy! :D

Cheers Makoto!


I thought this might make an interesting comparison.


I am Chelsea during my Beta save and this was how Nigel Clough got on Season 1...well...I say Nigel Clough...he got sacked. The Stags currently have Wayne Brown previously of Colchester at the helm. 

He lead them to the Playoffs after a very disappointing start to the season. Where they obviously lost to Grimsby in the Semi. They threw away a 2-0 home first leg lead to lose 3-0 in Grimsby. 

Hopefully I can fair better!

The standout team is Notts County, our biggest rival currently (Chesterfield will be if they get their act together and escape the Conference). County going good guns in real life only managed to finish 20th. 

Roll on Monday!

By the way I won the League with Chelsea with Man United finishing 2nd...game is literally unplayable...

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Excited for this mate. I did a Mansfield save on FM23 but got sacked by December. Will live through you on this one!

My partner lives in Woodhouse, so I have taken a bit of a liking to Mansfield and go to games when she's working. 

Up the stags!

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Mansfield Town 2023/24

Ok lets get straight into it. I have transfers turned off for the first window so this is you're Mansfield Town 2023/24 Squad.

First up this is the tactic I will be rocking. Its what I did with Chelsea in the Beta and it worked so it makes sense to transfer it to this save.


Praise be to @knap. Its a base of his with a few modifications. Yes.......I am a fraud.


Christy Pym will be my starter. He has the stats and the age over Scott Flinders. I don't normally play with a decent back up keeper. Wasted wage in my eyes so don't expect to see Flinders past this season.


McLaughlin would be my starting LB but he's out for 5-6 months. Therefore Johnson will start. Alfie Kilgour would also be our starter at the back but he's out for 14-15 months....yep that's not a typo. So that seens Brunt (on loan from Leicester and Flinty our starting partnership. Williams starts at the RB position.  Good strength in depth but you'll find that throughout the team.


More injuries wooo! DKD will start at the AML position with Bowery on the other side, it would be Rhys Oates but he's out for 6-7 months. Are you starting to see a theme? My 2 CDMs could be any one of Maris, Reed, Lewis or Boateng really.


Probably our weakest area. Akins and Gale are your starters but Will Swan is one of the few short term injuries. So expect to see him, he will replace...whoever starts the worst.


Financially we are looking stable. A bit more the top with wages but not by a lot, obviously no budget because the window is closed until January. A little bit of debt with a loan but hopefully 17.25k a month isn't going to hinder us to much.

Nothing a good cup run won't solve!


The under 21 side doesn't look fantastic. I want to make an effort to make sure we can rely on our Youth Set Up if need be. 

I'm expecting the first promotion to be easy but anything after that could be a tricky thing. We might need a bit of money to improve facilities and the best way of doing that is getting a gem of a youth player and rinsing somebody for all their worth!

I'm not even going to show you the Under 18. its full of players that won't see the light of day.


The expectation couldn't be more clear. Win Promotion. That's Top 3 in this league. Or Top 7 to give yourself a Playoff chance. I want the Top 3. I don't want the lottery. I'd love a good cup run but it needs to be the league as a focus. 


Media thinks we will be there or there abouts. I'm expecting promotion. I can only be disappionted!


Here's everything you need to know. If theres anything you want to know or want me to go into more detail just let me know! Onwards and upwards!

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Mansfield Town 2023/24


First thing I did was gather all the staff and asked whoever was in charge of Scouting to go get me a Wonderkid! Silence...we don't have any Scouts...not even a Chief one.

RIghto, adverts placed. Lets scout for a scout.

The media introduction was brief, as was the Inter-Squad Friendly...one thing you will learn is...I dont do friendlies. Just get me to the good stuff, espeically with the first transfer window closed. I want to get to Week 1 ASAP.


People who paid attention to the squad post will not be surprised by this.


Nobody expecting us to pull up any trees in the goalscoring stakes. If my Chelsea save is correct this is correct! We scored a lot but they were spread out.



I'm going for it this year. We need to go up Season 1. Anything else is a failure.


Brilliant Pre-Season and we are ready to go all guns blazing!

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Game 1

I will be going month to month but thought, with it being the first game, I'd show you what to expect. I'm playing this as I update, so...expect saltiness.





And its George Maris with the save's first goal. It came from a corner showing all those mintues I put into the Set Piece Creator were justified!

A strong start rewarded.

40 minutes gone and we have a chance to double the lead from the spot.


It was not taken. Swanny rubbing his hands together as we speak.


1-0 at the break, we have been the better side but I really hope that missed penalty doesn't come back and bite us.


Missed penalty? What missed penalty? Atkins makes up for his miss with a lovely finish from a lovely pass from Boateng. I said there was competition in the CDM role and the two starters are doing everything they can to stake their claim.

75th minute and a loose pass sets Crewe going, suddenly they are through on goal but Christie Pym makes a vital stop. We don't want a nervy finish here. In real life we were 2-0 up and ended up drawing this fixture 2-2!


I was screaming at the laptop "Is that not offside?!". It was.


Fair play to Crewe, they finished the game strong but we did enough. Great start!

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Mansfield Magic

League Two 2023/24


So we got off to the best possible start. A clean sheet, away win, good performance.

It was Lincoln at home in the Carabao Cup. I cup I had earmarked for success and a nice way into Europe in the future...but not this season. Feels weird resting players Game 2 of the new season but with the injury list a mile long before we even kicked a ball I needed to rotate. The board only want us to be competitive so I feel I have a free shot here to be spanked.


Ah pain how I've missed thee. We were up against it most of the game, we were 3-1 down and honestly out. Suddenly 8 minutes of dominance and we were level. Straight to penalties in the Carabao. 10 perfect penalties a piece but the guy who scored the 3rd with a brilliant finish to take us here also ensured we left empty handed. Good effort by the lads.

Back to league action next as we open our home account for the league campaign.


Right well, its going to be clear to see what our issue this season is going to be. Strangely I would put our defense as the best bit of the team as a whole. If Morcambe got a shot on target it went in, very frustrating watch. A Flinty double from 2 set plays gave us hope and we had a chance at the death to snatch a point but it wasn't to be. Way to early to hit the panic button but 7 goals conceded in 2 games isn't nice to see. Going 3-0 down was completely unacceptable and the lads got a half time team talk from me that tells them everything they need to know about how this place is going to be run!

No time to dwell, we need to bounce back and quickly and what better way than with 2 tricky away games.


Performances are there, even if we arent getting the results at the moment. What that screenshot doesn't show you is the 93rd minute winner we had chalked off. I had to be peeled off the ceiling. Could we have won? Yes. Happy with the point? Coming from behind twice we have to be.

I shouted at them being 3-0 down at the half but since then I've tried to be positive with team talks. No point losing the dressing room before I even have it.

Grimsby away next, a tricky place to go. I've had a few visits over the years, always a great crowd.

So...no transfers means no free transfers. I saw Danny Drinkwater was an FA and thought a cheeky bid...nope! Maybe in January? I don't want to bust the bank, I need to be careful with money.


Again, the important thing not shown here is a disallowed goal, just before the half for Grimsby which would have changed the game. We weren't at our best today as a whole but we took chances. A brilliant result and one that leaves me very confused as to if we are actually good or not!

One more this month, we return home to face Stockport.

This will mark the first time we have been able to play Will Swan up top. Bag us a hattrick eh.


Look if this save is anything like the first month it won't last long. Because my heart just won't take it.
A screamer of an opener after some early dominance saw us on the back foot. We huffed and puffed and managed to equalise just before the break. We came out fighting in the second half, if one team looked like scoring it was us. Cue another screamer 7 minutes from time. Deflated, until we got a penalty! Missed, deflated. Just as I was about to bemoan my luck we got a last second corner, what happened next was the scrappist goal of all time knocked in by Aden Flint. Some points are better than others, this one feels great and its justified. No team deserved to lose that game.

So after a horrible first month the table looks like this...


2 good wins, 2 hard fought draws and a bit of a bad loss. I don't know what to make of this really. 


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Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

League Two 2023/24


Weird month. We just couldn't get anything going. Even the draws were laboured. 


If this is a normal month then it won't be long until we are in the red. I wouldn't say we have an over inflated squad either.


I don't think the praise for Pym is justified here. It seems every time they get a shot on taget it goes in!



I think I agree with this early assessment.


Only the two home games this month. Although we are unbeaten away and winless at home so go figure.

How many times have we seen back to back games against one team because of the cup. Although they will be seeing 2 different sets of players!

Only the one change ahead of the first Bradford game. Trying to keep the same XI to get links formed. Good links hopefully.


Great comeback here. At half time they had 1 shot to our 12. It was pure dominance from start to finish and we were able to turn around an early hole. Big win. We go again against Bradford in the Cup. Expect changes galore.

They make 6 changes while we have 1 player starting who started in the league and that's Akins, playing on the wing instead of ST. We have a mixture of youth and squad players potentially not playing as much as they would like. If I go out of all the cups in the first round but win promotion it will all be forgotten.


Well...certainly can't grumble there. Red card obviously helped but we were on top before that. Huge confidence boaster for the fringe players.


Maris and Flint were two obvious contract clauses, they can be good this season and hopefully next season in League One...not getting ahead of myself int he slightest.


Now now Jennifer, you think you know him.

I also went to the board and just threw up requests...




Well...fair enough.

Back to the league now and more serious business as we travel to Accrington Stanley. Who are they!? A change of tactic sees Swanny go on the wing and Bowery up front. Bowery isn't a horrible striker...but he's been poor on the wing.


Its almost like I know what I'm doing! Almost.


We are starting to tick a little bit more now. Tactical genius swapping Bowery and Swanny, although Swan had a stinker on the wing so maybe the way I'm set up isn't great for that position!

Two more players have extended their time with us.


Louis Reed started off injued but has the capabilites for us to kick on.


Hartigan you haven't seen yet because he starts on loan at Barnet but honestly would fit in this team alongside Reed. I tried to recall from loan but not able too. Will try again in January but it might be locked until the end of the season.


Two more extension before we start. Williams is a more than capable squad option in the back 4 and McLaughlin has been injured but after 100 appearances for the club I don't want to see him go just yet. 2 more years will see reach 35 and then he will probably sail off into the sunset.

Away to Colchester next which has an early "Promotion 6 pointer" feel to it. They are a good side and will be tricky to break down.


Well. An even looking game on paper but I thought we played brilliantly. The scoreline flattered us a wee bit but I'm certainly not going to grumble! Its a result that, for the first time since Game 1, sends us Top.

We return back to Field Mill (One Call Stadium, whatever) as we take on 22nd place Barrow. First game all season I've looked at and thought, "We really should be winning this" so no prizes for guessing what is about to happen...


It looked like it was going to happen but 2 goals in 3 minutes turned it around and we never looked like losing from there. Scoreline flattered Barrow a wee bit. Great result. Keep the win train flying.

One more this month. Away to Gillingham. Can we back a perfect month?


We can! Great performance only ruined by a bit of sloppy defending when the game was out of sight for Gillingham. Still. Great result away from home.

It leave the league table looking like this...


Top of the tree. Close at the top though, nobody able to pull away. We need to build on this fine month and really push on.


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How to Improve on Perfection

League Two 2023/24



The steady decline continues.



Hopefully the first of many.


Slowly winning the trust of people.


Slightly busier than last month but we should manage.

The first game of the month saw us host Wrexham. Everybody’s favourite rags to riches story….*cough*….

We were absolutely broke playing on the Saturday and then the Tuesday. Several changes were needed due to fitness levels. Fingers crossed they are also struggling.


Started off well but 2 quick goals against the run of play put us to the sword. Luckily a late scrappy equaliser meant we maintained our unbeaten run, this now stands at 10. Last month’s perfection came when we were playing 1 game a week, the first month’s inconsistencies came when we were constantly chopping and changing the line up due to fatigue. Lets see what the Saturday game brings.

We were at home to AFC Wimbledon next, who once again, were at the wrong end of the table. If we are to challenge for Promotion these are the games we should be easily winning.


It was a win. And really, it was easy. Should have been more had it not been for the missed penalty, but I’d rather him miss that one compared to one we really need. Nice to keep a clean sheet as well.

We host Wigan in the EFL Trophy…expect a lot…and I mean a lot of changes. We have Notts County at the weekend and everybody needs to be at their best! They make 6 changes. We make 9.


Well well well! Great result and it means…


Progress into the next round. I always feel this Cup is one that teams don’t take serious until the Semi’s and you come up against other teams that have stumbled through in the Knockouts.

Anyway onto serious business now. Small matter of Notts County at Meadow Lane. IRL we beat them heavily here so it would be lovely to replicate! It is 1st v 2nd in a big game at the top of the league. It won’t be won or lost here, but a big psychological blow could be dealt.


This one sucks a little. We dominated that game from start to finish but only come away with a point thanks for a very soft penalty. Home team in a Derby penalty. Ref wasn’t strong enough for this game. We deserved more.

Big news as one of our first teamers starts his road to recovery...


The FA Cup draw was made this month. A nice home tie against a lower league team please…



Attention back to the league now and a visit from the Vegans of Forest Green. For the first time this save, we name an unchanged side!


Well we missed a penalty (seems to happen a lot, happened a lot in the previous game, its my biggest bug bare of the game) and from then on it was downhill. Heads dropped and we just didn’t perform. First loss since 2nd game of the season, and with the double whammy following the County game I’m not in a great mood.

We need to bounce back straight away. Its demand a performance time. Harrogate away, they are on the cusp of the playoffs so its not going to be an easy game. Don’t win here and suddenly a mini rut has started. Annoyingly to add on the crap it’s a midweek game so fatigue could be high.

Its our first game in our Red kit…our (in my opinion) horrible yet glorious Red Kit. I love it but hate the fact its red…if that makes any sense.


Ok its official this save is going to be the death of me. Course they score a penalty after me complaining and then of course we score a penalty after me complaining. Thought we had it wrapped up but Harrogate out of nothing equalise and then even more out of nothing steal it at the death. Another game we deserved to win, another game we get nothing from. Getting very frustrated now. First water bottle thrown of the save, I imagine it won’t be the last!

Well it appears the squad took offensive to that and called a meeting. I’ve promised them no more thrown water bottles.

One more game this month and if we lose I want to be spanked. Sick of dropping points we have earned, would rather lose 3 points in a game we were never getting anything out of.


Do not tell me Yeeting Water Bottles at players doesn’t work!


Huge result! And just what the doctor ordered after the mini little crisis.

Atkins have been brilliant this season. 11 goals, 6 of them have come in 2 games! He either scores a boat load or none at all, there is no middle ground.

It means after a mixed month the league table looks like this...


We surrender the lead at the top but we are where we want to be for now. Its all still awfully tight.

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Striving for Perfection!

League Two 2023/24


We've been perfect before, can we do it again? We play in 3 different competitions this month including a huge against against Newcastle.........'s U21s.


We will be in the red by Christmas but there's nothing I can do to stop it really. Offloading a bit of deadwood might do the trick but I don't want to be spread to thin for the run in.


I know its only the Conference but honestly, he would get into my team! Why did we loan him!?


These have taken a somewhat understandable drop after last month's mix bag.


Its a decent month with a tricky trip to Manchester.

First up we have the Cup. 1 good draw and our financial "worries" are over. We can't afford to slip up, that being said I'm making a boatload of changes.


No slip up. A late screamer by them made it a lot closer than it actually was. No harm no foul here. Into the hat we go.

Didn't take a screenshot of this it appears...we drew Oxford at home. Tricky tie, they are going great guns in League One. We will have to be at our best if we want the chance of a mouthwatering tie.

Back to League action now and its our tricky away match.


Nearly had a heart attack. I have no idea what happened at the end here but they missed a chance in the 97th minute to equalise. I would have died. We were brilliant for 88minutes. Shame about the rest of it.

We had another chance to rotate in the cup in a match that meant even less than normal because we were already through.


But if there's a game to win you might as well do it in dramatic circumstances! They had the first half, we had the second a little finish from an in form Akins saved us from a penalty shootout.

Once again didn't get a screenshot of the draw, we face Grimsby at home. A winnable game to say the least, although still tempted to rest players.

One thing I did get a screenshot of...


Another long term injury is starting his road to recovery. It means we will have a decision to make up top as both Gale and Akins have had good seasons so far. Better than I dared to dream.

Back to the league now.


A match we should be winning and we did. 1 goal in each half gave us a comfortable win. These are the games I want more of! No drama just a nice easy 3 points!

Two games left and we are looking good this month.


Pretty sure I asked for drama free wins! What a game this way, from 1-0 up to 2-1 down to 3-2 up. It was a rollercoaster and it could have gone either way. I would feel guilty for nicking it but that's never going to happen. 

One more game, can we finish the month 100% once again?


Emphatically yes. This was a brilliant performance. 3-0 up at the half and then adding some icing, brilliant stuff and something we can build on.

It means the league table looks like this...


We go back top. Only on GD but top is top! Look at the amount of goals we are scoring, if the defence wasn't so leaky we would be romping home. 4 way battle for promotion from the looks.

Next up we have the all important December/Christmas period. If we are top in the new year then we can start to believe.

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15 hours ago, theBlackPrince said:

Just catching up but Mansfield should have a squad that can complete this year, which is showing after 20 games. Certainly is a large gap between the top few clubs starting to show which should aid promotion if you can keep up the good form!

Agreed, I wanted Promotion this season and I felt it was more than doable. I'm hoping we can kick on in League One as well!

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Mansfield Park (The Bus)

League Two 2023/24


I hate December in football (I mean as a fan I love it). Fatigue is going to be an issue. Hopefully we can power through.

I've already done this month and forgot to get screenshots of Finances...we are now offically in the red and no signs of it slowing. I'm a little concerned but we will see what happens. I am plodding along in terms of Board and Supporter....support. I also won Manager of the Month to the surprise of nobody!

We start the month with a huge test. Home to Ofxord United of League One in the Cup. I am using this as a yard stick to how next season will go if we win Promotion...


Tis a chuffing good yard stick. Although, the performance wasn't oustanding the finishing was. Brillaint stuff and we get a 3rd Round tie to look forward too...will it be Man United away? Newcastle away? Chelsea away?

It was Birmingham....away. Awful draw really, no tasty big boy and we are likely to be dumped out.

Next up we had the EFL Trophy 2nd Round. As you can imagine looks of changes.


We did enough in this competition to please the board. Am I disappointed? Well I don't ever like losing so yeah but we play them in the league later on the month so if we win that then I'll be happy!

MK Dons up next at the Mill. They were just on the outside of the promotion places so this is a big game.


This game was painful for 2 reason. 1) We dominated and deserved to win, after the terrible start we were brilliant and just couldn't find the winner. 2) You'll notice Rhys Oates go off injured...I put him on for the last 10 minutes to give him some game time and boost his fitness after such a length injury...


At this point it might be cheaper and easier for us to take him out back and shoot him. His contract is up at the end of the season and I can't in good conciousness give him a new one. A sad end to his Stags Career and I honestly wish him the best for the future....BANG.

Basement boys Crawley next and we need to be winning these games.


Its got to be seen as another 2 points dropped. Every time we took the lead I expected us to kick on only for us to be pegged back. It happens, its annoying. We move on...no water bottles yeeted...I'm learnding.

We hosted Crewe next as we reverse our opening day success...


And produce the best 90 minutes of the season. We absolutely blown them away and Lucas Akins...wow...what a season he is having. I didn't peg him as a starter, never mind our (and the leagues) Top Scorer. Hoping Pym has a clause in his contract that means he gets paid for a clean sheet cos we will have saved thousands over the course of the season.


Some draws are annoying, this one was a relief. We were largely second best so to come away with a point againt a tricky Sutton side was great. No complaints with this one. It does feel like its been a while since we tasted defeat in the league.

The Boxing Day fixture next, this was the start of the fatigue bomb that could cause us some issues.


A very hard fought win over Grimsby. What did I say? If we beat them in the league I'll be happy. Well...colour me happy!

Remember me moaning about penalty luck earlier? 11 penalties 7 scored. Zero complains. 4 more penalties than the nearest rival...certainly can't grumble!

Question now was, can we finish the year with a bang? A different kind of bang Oates got anyway...


And how! Another game where it looked close on paper but some excellent finishing meant the scoreline looked a lot more generous than it could have gone.

It means the table finishes the year looks like this...


Its going to be a tasty battle between us and County. It looks like a healthy lead but several teams do have a game in hand but overally I can't grumble...which is unlike me.

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What is Home? 

League Two 2023/24

January 2024

We start 2024 in the most harsh way...


It takes us 20 days to play at home. We also have only 1 home fixture all month! Big month incoming.


I wanted to give this guy a new contract. He is quite integral to my plans but I just simply can't afford the wages he is asking for. I might have to give up the ghost and see if I can offload him for any sort of financial gain.

The reason why Graham Scott dislikes me is because we have tried this dance several times.


We are likely to be a million in the hole come the end of the season. I don't like it!

Stockport away is a very tricky game to start the new year with. If we can get anything from this I'd be happy.


A huge win! The missed penalty was a massive let off for us, we were able to kick on from there. Nervy ending but we deserved the win. Massive 3 points.

Birmingham in the Cup next. Huge test and a nice chance to just play a game without expectations.


Fantastic effort and it took a 25 yard screamer to beat us. No complaints and it gives us some confidence to take forward.

We say goodbye too two players. Neither of them will be missed. Both old, both hardly played. We have a bit of wiggle room with wage budget now. Its looking likely that if Callum Johnson doesn't go in January he will leave for a free in the Summer. He keeps asking for a new contract to which I tell him we can't afford him. Its blown up and now he's unhappy. Transfer listed and offering out left, right and center between now and February. The funny thing is George Williams who has been his back up has come in and done amazingly well.

Morcambe away next. They handed us the first loss of the save so I really want revenge.


Talk about a game of two halves! We were dominant in the first and it looked like an easy day at the office. But since when do we do that?! They destroyed us and actually had a good chalked off in stoppage time, although it was a mile offside. A win is a win and I'll take it any day of the week.

Akins will be released at the end of the Season. Despite his amazing season. Long story short, I don't negoiate with terrorist. He wanted 3 years, he's 34 he isn't getting 3 years. That was a month ago, tried to reopen talks and his agent pretty much shot me down. Ok then. His replacement will be sought out in January. We also have a big in for a new LB. Its the weakest part of the Back 4 and one I want to strengthen heading into next season. Its a player with League One experience. 

We return home! Sutton up next, they gave us a good game in the reverse fixture, this will be a tricky test.


The early penalty settled nerves and we took control from there. We are taking our chances superbly. Sutton are pushing for a playoff place so this sends a real message.


Here we have it folks. The first new signing of the save. I'm pretty happy with this one. He's already my starting LB, he has room to improve into a Championship calibre player, he only cost me 17k to bring in and his wages aren't even close to being bank breaking. He will tide us over for a few years in League One I reckon. There is one thing that worries me and thats his injury prone status. Hopefully we get lucky.

We finish the month with a trip to AFC Wimbeldon who are fighting for their lives. We are reaching the point in the season where games are running out so its more deadly playing a team at the bottom than it is playing a team comfortably in midtable.


Not even 5 minutes on the clock.


Want to see a game you dominate for 80 minutes and lose? Here you go. What a joke! Awful mentally from the players. Anger at full time and in the dressing room. No water bottle thrown but it took every fibre of my being!

It means the table looks like this...


We remain top but that nice comfy lead we had has gone and it makes the next match vital...home to County...but bigger picture is Top 3 and automatic promotion, a nice 10 point gap there.

But the month isn't done yet...we have transfers to sort...

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Transfer Special!

League Two 2023/24

January Transfer Window

We have bought in one already...I'm getting buyers remorse a little. We will see how his career with us pans out!

I have my eyes on a few more, one very short term...one long term.

Both of which have fallen through...this is going to be a very depressing post...well...I could always take part in deadline day...

14 hours to go - Reports than James Gale is leaving...he is currently our 2nd Top Scorer and has been the biggest shock this save...he's going nowhere!

11 hours to go - We bring in a loanee!


We have been crying out for another Striker. We have 4 but at the moment 3 of them are on the pitch at the same time so it doesn't really give scope for improvement off the bench. Callum Marshall will give us that quality and hopefully be enough to get us over the line into League One. He wasn't my first choice but as soon as Hibs went in for my first choice I knew I needed another option! He comes 100% free of wages as well so its a no risk move for us.


The transfer story of the day. Who will he choose!?

5 Hours to Go.


We went for this guy but he rejected us. Not surprising when can play in the Championship instead. I have a feeling next season we are going to be quite reliant on loans. No shame in it...not yet anyway!

1 Hour To Go...

Well... that's that. A few last minute deals didn't go our way and no news on Felipe yet...he's a free agent...but is he going to miss registration? And if so. Is he worth it?

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Mid Season Squad

I think this is a good place to give you my thoughts on the team and what I'm planning for next season in what will hopefully be League One.



What I said at the beginning of the save hasn't changed. Pym was my start and Flinders played in the cup. Flinders contract is up and I won't be renewing. I don't believe in paying stupid wages on a back up Keeper and I will stay this way until it eventually bites me in the bum. Pym only the 8 clean sheets this season. You've seen how even at 6-0 up we can't keep the ball out of their net.



George Williams has come in to replace Callum Johnson when it was obvious he wasn't going to sign a new contract and he's been brilliant. I can see him being my starter for a few Seasons in League Two. Flinty is getting on but is still a rock. No reason to move on from him just yet. Brunt's contract is up at Leciester in the Summer and I will do everything I can to get him long term but I'm not confident he will want to. Even if we are in League One. Jury is still out on Bola really. McLaughlin has done well since coming back but I don't think he's good enough for League One. Kilgour is still my man when he returns. He has potential. Hewitt is a good player to have in the squad, covers two positions to a good standard. 

In the Summer I can see myself needing a new CB and potentially another new LB. I can see that position being a problem child.



Maris and Reed have been brilliant in the middle with Boateng somebody I can bring off the bench. Do I need another? Maybe but its not going to be high on my priority list. DKD has been going from strength to strength and I can see him taking us to the Championship one day. I really want a new AMR, not because I dislike Swan but because he's being wasted there. He would be first name on the teamsheet as a ST so I want to free him back to his preferred position. So AMR is a priority in the Summer for me. I looked in January and anything would have been a panic buy. Its also not been handy having Bowery as my only realistic sub for either man on the wing. Hartigan will come back and slot with Maris and Reed and give me a bit of a selection headache. 



If you had told me I would be stuck playing with Akins and Gale as my strike partnership for the season I'd have come out in a cold sweat. Akins has had the season of his life and Gale has surpassed all expectations. They have been brilliant. I've bought in a risk free loanee just to give me much needed strength in depth but as the leagues top scorers I can't grumble about them in the slightest. What a nice surprise its been. That being said its looking lkiely Bowery and Akins won't be here next season so I will be looking at a new Striker to lead up into League One as priority number 1. Rhys Oates will remain the one that got away.


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A Dish Best Served Cold

League Two 2023/24


Now the dust has settled we can concentrate on the rest of the season. Including a huge game against County to open the month.

Board expect a win, I expect a win, the fans expect a win. Don't let us down!


We picked up the win we deserved back at Meadow Lane! Lucas Akins, I am going to try and give you a contract, you deserve another year. Unreal season.


The rest of the month looks like this. We lost back to back against Forest Green and Harrogate earlier in the season so revenge is on the mind here.

I cancelled the contract to the player choosing between us and County. He couldn't be registered so he would have been a waste of wage. See what the Summer brings.

So revenge begins at The New Lawn.


Nope. Not good enough. Its bizarre, we have spanked some teams when its been a fairly even game but it appears when we destroy a team it ends badly. I've played enough of this game now to know when a goal is likely to happen and I called the late equaliser a mile away. No revenge and a nasty taste in the mouth.

The quest for revenge continues as we host Harrogate. Mid-week game, first we have had in a while so it means changes will have to be made. Real test for the current strength in depth of the side.


Successful revenge I suppose. I'll take any 3 points. First goal for our loanee striker which is good. Bola once again limped off. He is looking like a liability at LB.

Ok after my quest for hot murderous revenge has been quenched attention turns to Walsall away. We are getting closer and closer to Promotion. Just need to keep picking up wins.


A rare clean sheet and the absolute definition of "Can we play you every week" after scoring 9 goals in 2 games against them. The good times keep on coming.

We close out the month against Salford. They have picked up form since the last time we played them so it won't be an easy win to say the least.


He certainly took his time deciding. Less money than what we offered as well. No sure the benefit but hey ho, its their club.


I'm sorry what?


His contract isn't up until the end of next season but already that's a bitter blow before we have even confirmed promotion! Might mean an interesting sale in the Summer. One I hadn't planned on at all. The good news with all of it is with Hartigen coming back I have a ready made replacement just waiting in the wings. He won't need replacing per say and any funds could go elsewhere. Lets see what happens, he might change his mind when we go up?

Yes...I said when!


Just your classic standard 4-3 win over Salford. 2 penalties for them wasn't stopping us. Akins continues to be amazing. I'm giving him a contract. I simply just can't not.

Another great win completely a great month, not perfect but close enough. It means the table looks like this...


Its looking very good nice. 15 point lead with 33 to play for. 5 points over the nearest team. Surely I can't mess this up from here.


Maris wanting to leave has shook me, so wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be blindsided by another good player. DKD is mine for 2 more years.


I only wanted to give Akins 1 years but he has been adament on more, he wanted 3 at the start of me asking, so 2 was a compromise. Its the least he deserves after this season.

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16 hours ago, Emozil said:

Absolutely loving the updates mate. Doing much better than I ever did haha. Up the stags!

Why thank you. I was a little cocky heading into this season, I knew we had the squad so it was just a case of the squad fitting how I wanted to play. Luckily they have so I was confident of promotion...its next season I'm worried about haha.

16 hours ago, Deisler26 said:

Champions-elect. Start planning for next season

Way ahead of you! Love the Squad Planning screen. I didn't really need it last save as it was a Youth Only. I need a CB to replace the loanee, I need a RW to take Swany away from that position and I reckon maybe 1 more striker. 

12 hours ago, theBlackPrince said:

Walking to promotion, but I know you'll be wanting that first place trophy still!!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bothered! Although if MK Dons beat me to it I'll be less upset than if it was County!

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Promotion or Bust

League Two 2023-24


This is the month we can officially bag promotion. 15 points with 33 to play for and 6 games. You do the math....cos I don't want to.


Always start on a high eh! When the team is scoring 98 goals in 35 games its not an issue. But maybe next season there might be cause for concern?


3rd of the season but first since November!

B's accross the board in regards to backing from the club and supporters and the finances are just tumbling down and down.


I've not showed this screen yet so here you go. Great atmosphere as you can imagine from the current situation and the players are starting to warm to me as their manager. No Team Leaders which, I don't know if that's a bad thing or not. Maris or McLaughlin could be favourite to jump up, just because of how many years they have spent at the club. Although Maris...I'm still bitter about that!


More home than away. Is it me or does it feel like I've only had like 10 home games this season?

Without sounding to big headed here the question I have is how soon can I have promotion wrapped up? Everything after that is a bonus.

Trip to Wales to start the month, expectation? Win.

Noooo its the red kit!


Love that red kit. We weren't at our best at all but if you can win this well while not being brilliant then its only positive signs. 2 minutes of Mansfield Magic (he said it!) helped ensure we travelled home with all 3 points.

Current gap to 4th 16 points with 30 to play for.


Oh man this hit like a dagger to the heart! I backed down. I might need friends in high places later on down the line!

I've stuck him back up front, he won't be a poacher like Moyse want's but its a compromise hopefully he will be happy with. Swany goes back on the wing.

Home to Swindon next, another game we really should be winning.


What did I say earlier, the even games we dominate, the games we dominate we struggle to come out with 3 points! Brilliant performance and a brilliant result. Not only for the 3 but the fact teams around us dropped points as well.


The bare minimum has been achieved.

Gap to 4th 19 points with 27 to play for. The net is closing in.

Tranmere away next, the only thing that worries me about this game is the fact its a midweek game. Fitness once again will come into play.


Huge win, we were under the cosh the last 20 and we played with 10 for the last 10 minutes after McLaughlin saw red. I'd made all subs so tactically I was limited to what I could do to counter. Flat back 3 we fell into. Brilliant job to hold onto another big win.

Gap to 4th 19 points with 24 to play for.

We have technically now reached the point where promotion could be achieved after this game. Bradford away will be a tricky game, fatigue still a factor. I'll be happy with anything out of this game. We have given ourselves a cushion to even 2nd so any dropped points here wouldn't be the end of the World. Board and fans expectations are to win. Maybe I'm being a bit negative!


Cool to see. Technically our first International Call Up. Albeit from a player on loan from West Ham. I'll take it as the first unofficial call up! Be a while I imagine until a Mansfield player gets called up, unless some players have a second Nationality in Grenada or something.


Well it turns out I was being very negative. We were brilliant in the first half. Sloppy in the 2nd and when we got our penalty to kill the game it was actually against the run of play. But who cares eh! Another huge win!

At one point 4th placed Colchester were drawing late into the game but they grabbed a winner. So its now 19 points with 21 to play for. Our next game? Home to Colchester.

One point, that is all we need to secure Promotion.


Oh lovely stuff, never even thought about records but I must be close to breaking a few in regards to goals scored.

Annoyingly we are without Marshall for the next few games as he's away on International Duty!

You know what...this sort of games deserves its own post...

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Mansfield Town v Colchester United

Gameweek 40

We all know the situation. Win or Draw and we are Promoted. Lose and we have to wait 1 more week.



Well I'm so glad I made this game it's own post! The game has been awful. No quality on either side and you'd be thinking we are battling at the other end of the table!

"Shooting hasn't been good enough" is the team talk. Lets take control.

65 minutes on the clock and we haven't had a single highlight this second half. Changes have been made.

It took us 8 seconds from the end of the alloted added time to have a meaningful shot. It was saved.


That is honestly the most boring game of the season so far and it got its own post! I don't even have anything else to say about it.

It does mean however...


Job done.


Wage budget has increated, we have at the moment a massive 32k p/w to spend. It means we can probably increase the transfer budget as well. I always make sure there are no wage raises per year as well. They can always lead to some nasty surprises. We should have more than enough to bring in some League One calibre players.


Yes yes. I am amazing.


Oh please stop your embarrasing me...ok keep going!


Wooooo I'm having a Chinese tonight!

The table looks like this...


Things are looking amazing at the top. 6 games to go. 18 points to play for and we are looking at maybe a 10 point lead with County's game in hand. One hand on the trophy surely?



Edited by andychar
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Title Run In

League Two 2023-24


Technically we will start this post in April. One more game to round up the month and its away to Wrexham. A lot of people were expecting big things from Wrexham but it hasn't materialised here. They will still be a tricky game, hopefully we came come away with Wales the same as last time...with all 3 points.


Took the lead twice but pegged back twice. Disappointing but it was always going to be a tricky game.

2 draws in a row now...wheels falling off!

Its good job we have it all sorted now because on paper it is not an easy finish to the season.


Accrington, MK Dons and Gillingham are near the top while Crawley and Barrow are fighting for their lives. Not an easy straightforward game left.

Still only B's accross the board for Support. I've done everything they wanted. Fingers crossed it will go up as soon as I get the Trophy over the line.


We blew them away, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried when it was 4-2. But the second half we dominated. Great victory.

It means we have 12 points to fight for. County have 15 thanks to that game in hand and the current gap to them is 11. Obviously could be down to 8.


I don't play a Poacher. Well...maybe burnt some West Ham bridges!


Ah Moysey, can't stay mad at me.

Crawley Town up next. 

But before then its Intake Day!


And its very disappointing. Only these 3 have a chance and even then...I'm not going to bust my balls in bringing them up.

 If, and at this point its a big IF, we get out the red the first thing I'll be doing is improving the Youth.

"Would you like to hold a Team Meeting?"
"Absolutely not"

So back to Crawley, if we were able to slot 5 in against a team in the playoffs, what can we do against a team who are 8 points adrift with 4 games to play? I've played enough FM to know exactly how this is going to go!

That game in hand is throwing me, I'm not sure if the title can be clinched today or not!


Yep that looks about right. Like a book!

MK Dons have won promotion and County are 1 point away. The Top 3 have dominated this season. 

I have 9 points to play for and the gap is currently 10 over MK Dons. County have 12 points to play for and sit 12 points behind us. The title is ours. Its just a case of when now. Our lead over County in terms of Goal Difference is 32.

We do have MK Dons away next. So if we get spanked 5-0 and County win 5-0 I'll start to get worried.

Peterborough beat Brighton U21s in the EFL Trophy Final to the joy of absolutely everybody who enjoys football.


County drew their game in hand haha!


I am just amazing.

It does mean I will Quick Result the rest of the season because honestly, I couldn't give a monkies about getting 100 points or anything like that.


There is nothing I am going to be able to do to keep him. I will sell him in the Summer... I've asked for 1m to start but I'd be happy with 500k!

Ah Quick Pick and Instant Result...name me a better combo...


You can't! A better combo doesn't exist!

County limp over the line with another draw. The top 3 are set. Can't wait to see them both next season. I'll go through the football leagues in a post after the season has ended. I also need to trim some playable leagues I have no idea why I loaded in the first place.


Can I get a woop woop.

Turns out I got it wrong. Gillingham aren't near the top, they are in fact 2nd bottom....


But maybe not any more haha. Oh well. Useless chuffing Insta Result.

We finish the season away to Barrow who are...23rd...uh-oh.


Two late goals doom Barrow back to the National League.


We will try not to spend it all at once.

Final League Table looks like this...


Record was 102 points...shame but oh well. Brilliant Season 1 in the books. Nice to see County come up with us to be honest, be nice to have that rivarly still next year.

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Mansfield Town

League Two 2023-24

Round Up


Christy Pym stayed our Number 1 and is likely to hold that for next season. Not going out looking for a replacement although if one were to fall into my lap I wouldn't say no. Flinders won't be retained.


We are losing Callum Johnson, he's going up to Scotland, I don't want to lose George Williams so will be doing everything I can to keep him. I'll listen to offers for Cargill and Macdonald although I'd aware we will be thin on the ground to begin with once we lose Brunt. I'll try to get him but not expecting miracles. Bowery will be leaving us and I am looking forward to the return of Kilgour next season. He can do a job for us in League One.


Hartigan will come back and is an immediate replacement for Maris who I've already accepted I won't be able to keep. I offered 1m to which people laughed. Next offer is 700k. I don't want anything less than 400k. Oates and Clarke will be leaving us. Great seasons for DKD and Reed, two players who I can see taking us to the Championship if we can keep them. 


Akins and Gale, two complete shocks this season. Delighted and both have earned new contracts. I still want a new AMR so Swan can play up front but I'm happy to give Gale and Akins a go next season, they have both earned it.

As mentioned before plenty of scope to bring in players as this squad will be trimmed for next season.


Chesterfield finally end their Non-League hell with Promotion to the Football League. Dag and Red will join them, returning to the Football League for the first time since 2015-16 Season. Southend were relegation thanks to the points deduction! Otherwise Goal Difference would have saved them.


Can somebody make this make sense please and thank you.


Stockport will be joining us in League One next season after a dominating performance in the Playoff Final.


Derby head back to the Championship, a great season for Midlands/Derby this season. Wigan fight off a points deduction to claim promotion, they beat Oxford United 2-0 at Wembley. Charlton also earn promotion. Carlisle survive by the skin of their teeth. I will always remember seeing Mansfield v Carlisle one cold wet Tuesday night. There were 3 fans in the away end (long trip for them bless em). They took the lead and you could see them jumping up and down celebrating, you couldn't hear them but you could see them. Now I'm a firm believer when the annoucement is made of the away following its always exxagerated a little bit...nothing could be done when you can physically count them haha. Anyway sorry, rambling on.

Championship finished like this...


Leicester missed out in the Playoff Final in what can be seen as a shock. We will be playing Preston, Plymouth and Huddersfield next season. All 3 of them will be favourites to bounce straight back up. Although we will be probably looking at the other end of the table.


Spurs have just won the FA Cup so I assume that means United miss out on Europe altogether...which is quite funny.

No real shocks at the bottom although Fulham might have been harshly done by. Forest, brilliant season for them. Really was a great year to be a fan in Nottinghamshire this season. Hopefully one day they will be our bitter rivals.

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B- for winning the league with 101 points. Heaven forbid I only got playoffs!





Just look at how many goals he won that by. Dominance.




Cool new screen.

Right. Now we turn our attention to next season and who is coming or going. No rest for the wicked.

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Mansfield Town

League One 2024-25


I've been quick to dip my toe in the market. Issue is, I seem to be getting outbid a lot by bigger clubs. I don't want to throw stupid money at players and end up regretting it.

Before any signings have been made we are expected to finish 17th according to the Media. If that was true I would 100% take that as a good season.

So obviously after what I said the first new signing is going to be a GK coming to us on a free from Norwich. I'll post him when he joins on the 1st.

The second is a huge gamble. Not fully scouted cos he's out of range. He will come to us either as the greatest player we have, or a complete bust. We will find out on the 1st! He is suppose to be a Striker but if he came back being a caretaker I wouldn't be surprised.


First Round of the Carabao Cup is drawn and its a very tricky home tie against recently relegated PNE. I'm not expecting to win that one. Luckily the board just want me to be competitive so no pressure.

The 3rd new signing is confirmed. A person to hopefully take hold of the AMR roll so Swan can play up front.


Well that's Flint going! Due to his age I'm happy to see him see out his contract. We can get one more year out of him before he moves on. He is still in my plans to be a starting CB this season.

Right here we go...3 new signings...

Door number 1 sees who I hope is our next Number 1...


At the age of 23 he has scope to improve unlike Pym. It make sense to bring him and with such a low wage I was delighted to be given the chance. I'm going to be happy with this Position for the next 10 seasons I think.


Here was the gamble and I don't think I've done too badly here! Decent stats where it matters, he could be very good in League One.


Harry Anderson comes in as my AMR replacement. Not a horrible signing. Think he will do the job Swan does meaning I can move Swan back up top to pair with my new Bulgarian.

Leaves me needing a CB or maybe even 2!

I have to leave it for now so Part 2 coming soon!

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League One 24-25

Pre-Season Part Two



We start the season with the board on our side but we have a bit of work to do to appease the fans. It seems promotion and champions just wasn't enough!


My future plans are crumbling it appears! I made the mistake of annoying Maris, this time I want to keep Reed onside so I've gone along with it, in the hopes he will change his mind.

The funny thing is....I've just offered him a new chuffing contract!


Well ok then. If you do want to leave at least I've got you for 2 more seasons. I don't have to worry about this until next Summer. Can't grumble.

New signing alert...


Ayala comes to us on a free from Blackburn. Aging yes...but will do a job for us. Big wages for us but I'm happy with the aquisition.

One more potentially to come in.


Not happy to have to get rid of Maris, but we had to take advantage while we could, didn't want to lose him for nothing. Gives us a lovely wad to use. That being said, I'm not 100% wanting a new player. Maybe one more CM to replace Maris.

I went CB crazy.


Very happy with this one because we stole him from under County's nose. He will be our star defender going forward.



If I remember correctly nobody was favourite last season and Akins won it by a Country Mile. Rule us out at your peril.


Our last full time signing (I'm looking at a loan to bring him). He's better than Maris and younger. We basically traded him for a younger model.


Own new loan signing. I'm very happy with him, he gives us an option on both sides of the pitch so DKD has a good back up.


This is fair enough.

I tihnk that's me done. 


We are currently predicted a nice comfortable mid-table finish. I'd take that in a heartbeat.


I've been asking for upgrades since the start of the save and I'm pleased to announce our first one.


One flop in pre-season but overall not bad. Lets take a look at the squad.



Edited by andychar
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1 minute ago, Deisler26 said:

Good to see Reed getting a new contract. Not enough iron fist for my liking though :D

I am being very weak while I'm in a vulnerable state :lol:

Mansfield Town 2024-25 Squad



I went into the transfer window with an open mind about Keeper. If somebody came up I would but I wasn't chasing. Archie Mair fell into my lap and I think I might be sorted for the next 5/6 years with this keeper. Pym isn't getting a new contract. He will likely go for nothing but I might try and sell.



Starters are looking to be Bola at LB, Kirk and Flint at CB and Williams at RB. We will not be giving new contracts to McLaughlin, Macdonald, Cargill and maybe Ayala despite he only just arriving. We will be losing Flint and there's nothing I can do about it. Happy with the strength in depth we have for now in this area.



I think we have made some positive strides in this area. I'm looking at the CDM partnership of Reed and Moxon, AMR will be Paddy Lane and AML will continue to be Keillor-Dunn. Louis Reed doesn't have the OPT symbol so I'm thinking we got away with that one! Good job we offered him a new contract just before he complained!


Gale and Akins were brilliant last season, so naturally Swan and Kun will be out starters for next season.

I'm happy with the squad and the best thing is we have the finances in place for improvements in January if needed. I'm not expecting a promotion push but I don't think we will be looking at relegation.

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Mansfield Town

League One 2024-25


I've already played this month (and one game into September!). So lets just get cracking.

We start the season away to Barnsley, not an easy start, a nice tester to see where we stand early doors.


I...erm...have no idea where we stand. What a chuffing game! 3 players scored on their debut. 3-2 at the half and I was happy to still be in the game. Then Alex Kirk's equaliser just opened the flood gates. 3 goals in 5 horrible minutes for Barnsley and suddenly the game has got away from us just when I thought we had got back into it. But amazingly 2 goals in 3 minutes gave us hope. You can't see DKD's equaliser on the 81st minute but it completed the most remarkable of games. Barnsley were the better team no question but neither side deserved to lose it. What a start to life in League One.

You'll remember from my opening post, the last time Mansfield Town were in the 3rd Tier they were relegated concededing over 100 goals. We conceded 6 in the first 70 minutes of the season. Not sure it bodes well!

Preston in the Cup next. I don't care about the Carabao or the EFL Trophy. Destractions at the moment. When we can give the League Cup a proper go I will but for now I made 10 changes.


Two late goals were a sucker punch. Annoyed? Yes. Bothered? Not really. Good to see Akins still knocking the penalties in after my grumble half way through last season!

We opened our home campaign with another tricky game. Reading this time.


Weird game this one. Can I be annoyed we didn't win with the amount of chances we created? Well no not really because you don't win many games where you couldn't hit a barn door! Luckily Will Swan continued his fine start and we were able to score the only time we really troubled the keeper. I'm happy with a point I think. We didn't justify anymore.

Burton away followed in our horribly amazing Red Kit.


Now this is the game we can be annoyed we didn't pick up 3 points. We dominated, they did our trick of scoring with only shot on target but we were on top for most of it. Kun's first Mansfield goal was an absolute belter! One of those that watching made me go "Ooooooooooooh!"

3 draws to start the season. Positive is we haven't lost! Negative is we haven't won haha.


Now we have arrived! What a performance, slightly annoyed with conceding but can't complain at all, we wiped the floor with them. Could have been more. Impressed with Swan's start and Moxon in CDM role has really started strong. Paddy Lane is on loan and he's hot and cold at the moment, amazing when turns up but can go missing.

I picked up another loan player because the team are complaining we don't have enough talent up front.


His wages cost us nothing so its a no risk loan. Annoyingly this signing wasn't enough to complete the promise I made to strengthen the squad although he was happy I made an effort he gave me more time to do it in January. I know I am making @Deisler26 angry with my weak management but at the moment I just want a happy squad! So I will be using the Maris money to buy a new Striker in January. This will 100% mean Akins and Gale are screwed for playing time. I don't think they will be good enough to bring forward either way so its probably a good thing long term.

Back to the football now and we finished the month away to Carilise. We must have played them last season at some point because I remember telling you my Carilise story.


Stunned with this. I didn't know if I should have been happy. 2-0 down with 4 minutes to play and an amazing 5 minutes took place. We suddenly had hope, then we had 1 point then amazing we had all 3. Then with the last kick of the game Carilise equalised and we both left with a point. I don't think I can be upset, I think a draw is the fair result. We were seconds away from an amazing comeback. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this save will kill me.


Early table looks like this. Only one of 5 teams unbeaten, not finishing teams off when we can, but I've rescued at least 1 point in 2 of those draws. Got to be happy with the start. If I finished 10th then it would be classed as a very successful season in my eyes.

Bonus game takes place in the EFL Trophy, which is probably why I just played it to get it out the way.

We made 10 changes and we managed to beat Liverpool!...........s U21 Side.


That missed penalty making the difference. I don't care about this trophy but the board want us to at least reach the knockout so I want to keep them onside.

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We Are Never Losing Again

League One 2024-35


Yep we 100% going to lose the next game. 

Its a tricky "start" to the month either way.


We host a team who came down last season. Massive test of where we are this season.


We aced the test! What a performance that was. Paddy Lane is somebody I am going to do everything in my power to bring in full time. He has arrived. Huge win against a team I thought would destroy us.

Another home game next and a chance to get back to back wins.


We aren't just winning but we are playing well. I think its safe to say we belong in this divison. We don't look out of place at all. 

Stockport away next. They came up with us and have started even better than we have. Good to see, can we keep the wins coming?


Nope haha. We were awful first half, it wasn't just 2 minutes of madness, they deserved the lead. I gave them an ear full at half time and we turned it around brilliantly. We were pushing and missed a few chances to take the lead but were dealt a sucker punch. It was a lucky goal as well. Bounced around in the box and fell to an open striker to knock it into an open net. Disappointing to lose when I don't think we deserved too. First loss in the league but we take it on the chin and move on.

Last game of the month we face fellow relegation candidate Stevenage.


Another brilliant performance. We actually lose Kun to an injury he picked up playing for Bulgaria. Forgot to mention we have a fully blown International! He's back and scoring again. Paddy Lane is brilliant. I need him! Will Dickson missed a penalty for his hattrick. He isn't a penalty taker and it showed!


Brilliant start to the season. Only the 1 defeat and that was unlucky. We are flying at the moment and if you offered me this I would bite your hand off!

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Back To Earth with a Bump?

League One 2024-25


We start this month with an absolutel huge game. Home to County. If we only won one game all season it needs to be this one.


A very cagey first half, both teams feeling each other out but we came out like the clappers second half. Kun made himself a instant hero with the fans and what followed was 7 brilliant minutes. Take that County!

EFL Trophy next, as you can imagine, changes galore.


A little bit of revenge as Grimsby knocked us out last season. It wasn't a great game and we didnt look great until some late changes. One of those changes baging the winner and ensuring our place in the knockouts. Personally I don't care but it keeps the board happy.

Back to league action next and a tricky trip to Milton Keynes.


This game was that awful it warrented its own post. Like, literally, nothing happened, all game. It was dier! But its a point on the road. Can't grumble.

Another tricky game against top of the table Plymouth. I'm not expecting miracles here.


We won a lot of games last season by not nessessarily dominating but by taking our chances. Plymouth did that to us here. We played really well and I thought we were unlucky not to take anything, I told them that at full time and they were confused and annoyed!? Like really, on paper this is the hardest game of the season and you did really well! Well I promised to "not be as confusing in the future". Last time I yeeted a water bottle at you lot you called a team meeting. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?

Anywya back to the Mill for a couple of games in a row and a chance to put that unpleasantness behind us.


Got to be happy with this point. To come from 2-0 down at home against a team recently relegated is big. Sure Preston are the wrong end of the table but on paper they should be beating us. I'm taking this one as a positive point.

And speaking of positive points...


We were battered...for 90minutes. This one is certainly up there with a good point. Its another game avoiding defeat but we are now 4 games without a win to close the month of October. Cracks? Or good results against a tricky run?


The league table speaks for itself. Drawn half the games so we are tricky to beat and we are staring at a playoff place at the moment. Its all so very tight though. 2 losses can send you tumbling down the league. Its also important to remember we are the same amount of points away from promotion as we are relegation. No time to rest up yet.

Bonus game as I started the new month with a FA Cup match against League Two Bradford. We are the bigger team now so should be winning but its a banana skin.


One we just about navigated. Away to Burton Albion in the 2nd Round. They are rock bottom of League One but its a tricky game. Would love to get to the 3rd round and face a big boy.

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Bumper Month

League One 2024-25


Honestly I took one look at November and said "You kidding me?"


It feels massive (that's what she said).

We start with a midweek game. You know how I feel about fatigue and midweek games...we have a lot of them this month! Away to Bolton will be tough and one of those fixtures I can't really expect anything from.


It wasn't pretty, it wasn't entertaining but its a huge win! Maybe I'm not giving this side enough credit. Massive result. "Nobody gave us a chance out there"...yeah....me included!

Shrewsbury away next. This is another game that can go either way. Its one of those if we were fighting at the bottom we would look at and think "Yeah a point would be good." But because we are fighting near the top at the moment I'm thinking, "Is it a must win?". I don't like it!

James Gale is unhappy he isn't getting played. It escualted and now he's on the transfer market for 500k. If I could get 250k I would be delighted as he's reached his ceiling and selling him would fund a new striker in January. Lucas Akins came to me with the same issues and accepted the fact he's a squad player. He can stay till his contract runs out next season!

Speaking of which. I believe its time I got some players who are starting XI a new contract. After looking at this, there's only 1 player I want to give a new contract too. The rest are mearly squad players and not good enough for the team at this point. Its the harsh reality of this buisiness. We are going to be losing some firm fan favourites as well. I can't be sentimental if I want to move forward. There are only a handful of these players good enough for the Championship which is where I see us in a few years time.


I can't decide if this is two points dropped or one gained? For large portions of the this game we were second best. We deserved to be behind both times. Then amazingly, out of nothing we turned it around and looked like snatching all 3 points. A ridiculous wonder strike in added time put a stop to that. But I don't think we really deserved one point never mind three. So at this point I'm happy with a point here. Keeps our mini unbeaten run going and its 4 from 6 tricky away points. The huge talking point is Will Swan who went off injured...


Doesn't seem long but that's like 10 games at the moment!

Luckily we have a little bit of time to breath as this mid week game is a EFL trophy match that means absolutely nothing. 11 changes will be made!


None of our players made the list this year. Will Swan was robbed.


18 changes betwen the two teams. Both sides through, neither really care. I don't know why I didn't just Instant Result to be honest but I didn't. I watched. Some youth players got a run out, some fringe players got a run out but at the end of the day we got battered. At least we got a consolation. Not nice but don't care really.


Such an inspiring draw.


Harry has done enough to show me he deserves another year playing for us. Been a good Squad member. Still a lot of players whose contract is up who will probably be let go.


Gale going. 250k. I'm happy with that. With the way the wage budget works, I'll not be able to replace him but I don't think I need him really. If you look back to that very first squad post he was worth 0-60k. He had a good season in the division below and I've managed to get quarter of a million for him. I'll take that!

Exeter City at home next. They are near the bottom so for the first time this season we hit a game I'm looking at and thinking "We really should be winning this."


Course I sell Gale and he turns into Haaland. Well I'll be happy to take advantage of those goals for another month. Big win and a big statement I think. Down to our 3rd and 4th choice strikers and we scored 5. Can't grumble with that. Gale even missed a penalty before finally bagging his hat trick.

We have a bit of time off. No midweek game! Before we face Oxford United away. They are the wrong side of the table and another game which, if we are serious about a playoff push, we need to be winning.


Snatch and run yall! For the first time this season we have won just as many as we have drawn! Does this win prove we are serious about a playoff push? I don't think it quite does, it wasn't convincing in the performance but it was in the scoreline. I'm not complaining though!

Amazingly, still two more games this month. One in the league one in the cup. We host yet another struggling side in Wycombe. Its a midweek game so anything can happen! Can we finish the league month with another big win and keep the pressure up at the top?


Great performance. We are beating the teams at the bottom and convincingly which is great. We aren't going to be struggling to survive. Midtable at worst at the moment and that was all I wanted at the start of the season.


Its been a brilliant month and we actually have a nice gap to 7th. Are we a playoff side? Maybe. There are games in hand all over the shot due to various competitions but the fact is we are 4th at the moment and breathing down the neck for automatic promotion.

One more game to go and its one I'm taking seriously. We reached the 3rd round last season where we got Birmingham away, not a great draw. I want a big boy (that's what she said).


Its a huge win, its a huge performance. Now give me a huge draw...


Another Championship away side. Yay.


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December to Remember

League One 2024-25


I've played this month already (and 2 games in January) so thought I'd better catch up!


We started with a competition I really just do not care about. It showed in my squad selection and it showed...


In the performance. We were actually decent but we had too many "crap" players on the pitch and it showed. Nothing up front, wasted chances and once again we fall at the 2nd round. Shame.

First up in the league is a tricky game on paper...


But it was the best 90 minutes we have put together this season. It was over by 25 minutes but what a great game from Kun. I reckon this could be his breakout game. Brilliant performance.

Blackpool are up there with us so this is a big game. 


This is 2 points dropped. Some points are better than others, this isn't good. We were in control most of the game but a lapse in concentration and suddenly a nice day at the office turns into one of frustration.

Wycombe next and a chance to bounce back as these are down at the bottom. This is one of those games that if we are serious about promotion we need to be winning.


2-0 up and we threw it away, this one was hard to take. Add the missed penalty and it was just awful viewing. We went from promotion hopefuls to "are we frauds" in 45 minutes.

We need a bounceback game and a bounceback performance...


Obviously I new we had it but wow! What a brilliant game of football this was! I don't think we have scored 7 in a game in this save? A James Gale 97th minute goal is the one that's missing. I'm really regretting selling him, we will miss his goals. Will Dickson and Paddy Lane are brilliant and I want them both, I don't think we will get to keep either.

The day is Boxing Day. The game is Notts County away. I could ruin Christmas for every single Stags fan, including myself. Lets destroy them.


Get in! Huge win, the double over County. Hoping this is the last time we face them for a while. I do have dreams of Promotion and this helps a lot.

We finish the year at Field Mill and a match with MK Dons, they came up with us and are up there with us going for back to back promotions. Big game.


We finish 2024 with a good performance and a brilliant result. 

I can't show you the table cos I've played a league game in January so lets just catch you up with those...

We started 2025 with another big league game, spoiler alert for the table but we came into this game 4th and we faced 3rd place Peterborough. This was a real test if we can keep up with the teams around us.


What a performance! We were brilliant, we dominated from start to finished and showed the importance of playing till the final whistle!

Next up was a cup game against Sunderland. Christmas period was tough, we were looking tired and I made the decision to treat the FA Cup like the EFL Trophy. I rested a lot of players. Started fringe players. I need to take promotion seriously if we are to do it...


It didn't go well haha. I instant resulted so luckily I didn't have to watch it but can you imagine a more even 5-0 loss?! Crazy.

Hopefully it doesn't have too much affect on morale. On paper the next game is tough, Preston North End have had a rough season even though they have a strong squad and are financially better off than every team in the division.


Man we had chances! It should have been a win but instead they hit us twice against the run of play and we stare at back to back losses. Tough to take but we need to pick ourselves up and move it.

So that's it. You are caught up to where I am!

Table looks like this..


Don't really know why we have the games in hand but if we win them and teams around us in them then we are 3rd, 2 points off 2nd and a huge gap to 7th. But game in hand aren't points so at the moment we are 6th. I'd be delighted with a playoff place but we need to push for that automatic. We have a chance at it.

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Transfer Window

League One 2024-25

January 2025

So we have played 3 games in January already and there have been some outgoings as well.

Stephen McLaughlin and Elliot Hewitt leave for 5.5 and 45k respectively. James Gale going for 250k you already know about. The former two are players whose contract wasn't being renewed so I saw fit to get rid now while I could.

You have also seen my failed efforts to bring Will Dickson here permenant. I was a little bit reluctant splashing the cash but thought it was best in the long run to do so. Turns out it mattered not. 

I also have a few unhappy players in the team.


4 out of 5 don't worry me but the Tolaji Bola one I don't like. Basically the story is, he wanted a new contract, I was more than happy to give it, but it turns out we were close to the Wage Limit for League One and complying with FFP. So we couldn't offer one and I had to break a promise. I asked him to wait until end of the season because I knew we would have more than enough...he didn't want to wait so instead I had to let a promise break and now he doesn't trust me. I have till the next of next season to convince him to stay otherwise I'm going to need a new LB.

Anyway we "start" January with a very tricky away tie at Lincoln City, this follows a tricky away loss to PNE. We have the games in hand but honestly, I'd prefer the points. This is one of the games in hand. Midweek game obviously so fatigue isn't going to be at its best.


The goal was a belter. The save was brilliant. This was a magnificent 3 points to pick up under difficult cirumstances. Proud of the lads.

This month is huge. Next 3 games we have 11th, 6th and 5th. If we can come out of those games still with Top 2 in our hands or even not too far off it we will have done brilliantly. Get the feeling the next 3 games are slightly make or break.

We start with 11th at home in the form of Carlisle. Must win in the context of the up coming fixtures.


New signing but not until the Summer. I am preparing to lose Paddy Lane and Will Dickson and this guy can play both Winger positions and up front so I think its a no brainer. Happy with this one on a free. I could buy now for 120k but honestly I don't see the need. One loanee player replaced already. Will need a striker for sure in the Summer. I'll have a look what else I'll need once the deadwood has passed.


We will see you next month. A much needed rest although it means a problem down the line as these games in hand continue to mount.

It means Plymouth at home is our next game. Huge game in the context of the season. We will be fresher then them at least.


He hasn't played much this season but I have this strange faith in him that has made me keep him around for next season. If we go up then boy, is he going to be out of his depth!


Holy. Forking. Shirtballs. 

Outstanding. Truly outstanding. Best result of the save by far. What a performance! Shame it was only worth 3 points! We were leading the GD battle before, this won't hurt.

Huddersfield away next, very tricky game and we will do well to get anything from it.


What a point! What a fightback and honestly we deserved to win it. Brilliant result on the road this. We battled well. Will Swan is on fire at the moment.

One more game to wrap up the month and its another away one. Portsmouth are at the wrong end of the table but still pose a threat on paper. It won't be easy.

We might be making a few splashes in the market before the end. I have my eye on two players.


My first job interview offer. Obviously turned down but its nice that I'm being headhunted.


Well it wasn't a stellar performance but its another huge 3 points for us. Games are coming thick and fast at the moment but we are dealing with them well.

Right. Deadline Day. We take part because there are a few loose ends to tie up before we race towards the end of the season.


Showed you this guy before, well we decided to spend 40k to bring him in now. With injuries and fixtures piling up I figured I could do with him now. He will be a good addition to the squad and it means...


We finally appease George Williams who is happy with our signings. Two birds one stone sorted with 40k.


So this is new to me. We want to bring Halid to the club but he had work Work Permit appeals rejected. However we have something called an ESC, we have two of them and we are taking up on slot to sign him and he can still play. It means I can welcome...


To the club. He's an improvement in a position I didn't 100% need but I liked the look at him for this level. I think he can improve to be Championship standard if we do go up.

One more player eyeing up short term with the hopes of it just give me some much needed depth.


Lankester gives me another player who can play AML just to boost numbers up front for the run in. Very little wages so feels like its guilt free loan. The permenant signing for this position I was hoping was going to be more upfront.

That's me done with a flurry on Deadline Day.

So now January is over here is what the table looks like...


Barnsley are walking it but look how close it is between a few teams. Game in hand all over the place at the moment but we are where we dream of finishing. Currently 2nd. Huge game against Peterborough next month.

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Mansfield Town Squad

January 2025

Time for the "Mid-Season" update. Good to take stock of what the club looks like after January Transfer Window had concluded.



Pym has accepted he will be back up until his contract runs out and he is released. While Archie Mair is looking like a steal. He will be getting a new contract in the Summer. He is somebody I want to keep going forward. Think he's Championship quality. 



A new RB was bought in with Williams looking like he was going to be unhappy. Well...he might be soon with lack of gametime. The biggest worry at the moment is Bola. I'm hoping a promotion will convince him to stay. Otherwise we might be forced to sell him in the Summer. He will be good enough to play in Championship as well if we go up. Watts and Kirk look to be great addictions. Kilgour I've decided to keep around another season, he can provide depth but Flint, Macdonald, Cargill won't be here next season. Aaron Lewis is a good Swiss Army Knife so I'm thinking of keeping him around for the forseeable.



You can ignore some players on this screenie as the won't play in CDM or AM roles. 3 loanees worry me but I've done what I thought I needed to in order to have a successful season. Portsmouth won't think about loaning Paddy Lane again because he's too good and they will want to cash in. Will Dickson won't join us because we aren't good enough, maybe a promotion might change his mind, he is good enough for the Championship. Suddenly CDM is our weakest position. Reed hasn't kicked on like I wanted him too and Hartigan is seemingly letting me down! Harry Anderson is great as a sub, when he comes on he does a job. 

Players like Boateng, Akins are either not going to be here or see their role all but disappear. 

Moxon has been a good signing, I feel I need to pair him up with somebody better. This is going to be priority in the Summer. Nabil I think has the makings of being a terrific signing as he can play 3 key positions to a high standard. One I think if we do go up will be vital in the Championship.



You've seen all of these in the other screenshot. Will Swan is a beast. We will do well keeping him if we don't go up. Kun has been a brilliant signing as well. Adding Nabil is great, I'm not concerned about this position. Just wish I could convince Will Dickson to stay and we would be ready made for a good Championship run. Good to note the age of these players as well. We could be set for a while if things continue to progress in the right way.

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Busy February

League One 2024-25

February 2025

Suddenly, out of nothing, February is both a huge month and a busy one.


6 games crammed into a short month but just look at it...5 games at home. This is the month we could take an absolute stranglehold of that 2nd Automatic Spot.


Well you can say it was a good month!


A great month!


Like the best!

Stockport (surprisingly) at home to start the month. They came up with us, they are in and around the playoffs. Won't be easy. Some players are a little tired, but they are just going to have to play through it.


Yep you are seeing that correctly. 4 penalties, all dispatched. Kun is proving to be a brilliant signing while Lankester wasted no time introducing himself, albeit off the bench. Great win!

Peterborough up next. 2nd v 3rd. If we win we open up a gap between ourselves and the chasing pack...well...with games in hand anyway...Could do without it being one of those pesky midweek games!

There are some tired legs out there. Can we take a huge win?


Oh boy do we not win. It wasn't a must win but I thought it was a must not lose, we were wasteful and they weren't. Gotta say it looks like we were robbed but watching it I didn't feel like it. We just didn't play well and were so wasteful. Was one of those games. Hopefully we move on quickly.

It doesn't get any easy, a game on the Saturday away to Bristol Rover and the legs get even more tired. They are midtable, one of those games that's going to be hard to call. Very easily losable.

The Shrewsbury game that was due at the end of the this month has been bumped to March because they decided to go on a nice cup run!

I didn't realise we have hit a little bit of an injury crisis as well as fitness...should make for an interesting game. 


Strange game, don't know what to make of it really. Disappointed to go behind from a winning position. Happy to get a point? Its bizarre. 1 point from 6 isn't promotion material and a month that could have been us take a stranglehold is seeing us lose our grip on the Automatic places.

We finally have a weeks rest between games. Fingers crossed we go into the next game against Bolton with no fatigued players. Although injuries are slowly mounting.


Can argue 3 starters 1 on the cusp and Hartigan haha.

Its highlighting area's we need better depth in, primarily CB and CDM.


Despite the injuries we do bounce back and pick up a win. Close on the scorecard but a game we never really looked like losing. Great win.

The postponed game against Carlisle up next as we round off February.

Mini spoiler alert. 2 goals and 2 injuries in the first half. All my way.


Just cut off is Touaizi getting his first goal for the club in a very impressive victory. We have bounce back well from middle of the month set backs.

The two injuries to Bola and Swan resulted in no time at all out so we got lucky.

It means the league table heading into March looks like this...


I don't mnow what's happened to Barnsley but they have been in freefall! It means not only are we sitting in 2nd place but we have a chance to cement that place with games in hand! Nobody really near the top in amazing form. With 10 games to go (well at least for us) it could be anyvbodies from Peterborough down to Huddersfield!

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March...ing On?

League One 2024-25

March 2025

Big month. 10 games left, 6 of them this month including at least one game in hand I know of.


There isn't an easy game, there isn't a game that isn't huge. Lets see where it takes us.

Exeter up first, we beat them 5-1 at the Mill. Got to fancy our chances here right?


This is why I didn't want Williams unhappy! He's been brilliant this season.


But not this game! Defenders let us down massively. We deserved to take the lead in the first half then proceeded to lose our heads. Despite coming from behind twice in the second half I see this as 2 points dropped. We shouldn't have been in the position where Kun needed to claw us back time and time again. A disappointing result from what was a decent attacking performance.

Reading away next, unlike Exeter they aren't really looking over there shoulders at the drop. Canter to the end of the season for them.


Come on lads its a celebration!


Carbon copy of the Exeter game. Came from behind twice but still see it as 2 points dropped. These games could have easily been 6 but they could just so as easily have been 0. Weird games!

8 to go. 4 this month. We return home against Shrewsbury in the game I know is the one in hand...although its played on a Saturday...so I don't know! They are fighting for their lives. So this won't be easy, by any stretch.


It was an easy game and that's how you bounce back from 2 potentially depressing results.

And with 7 games to go...


Less said about the amount of goals conceded the better however.


This guy we randomly got on loan from Cambridge on Deadline Day has been nothing sort of brilliant. 8 games 5 goals 4 assists 1 POM and an average of 7.47. He is good enough for the Championship? I dont know, last season he was on loan in Australia, but can't argue with those performances!

A nice week rest now as we prepare for Port Vale away. They are one place above relegation so again, won't be straightforward.

Ok so apparently the game in hand I have is Barnsley. Which at the moment is 2nd v 3rd. Cracking stuff!


Well this is new!


Oh my word I can't do this anymore! They hit the bar with the last kick of the game! A late sub and a dramtic winner. Welcome Nabil, the fans will love you forever if we go up.

Table looks like this...


6 games to go and its tight. Huge game against Barnsley next. The run in deserves their own posts I think!

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League One 2024-25

Gameweek 41

We have 7 days to prepare for one of the biggest games in the Clubs History. Win and we have a gap over 3rd. Draw and we maintain a lead over Barnsley. Lose and they leap frog us into that Automatic Promotion place.

Is this a good time to mention we will be down 2 players because of International Call Ups. One of which is our star striker and the leagues top scorer. Why haven't I been given the chance to postpone? Or does it require at least like 3 players?

We are 2 players short of our strongest XI. Louis Reid is still recovering from an injury that has kept him out for 5 weeks and Kun is on International Duty. Swan is on a drought at the moment, be a great place to end it!

We are the only game this Saturday. After this game the League will all be even and we will know where we stand with 5 games to go. By the way...win and we go top!

Last time we played it finished 6-6. Now it has its own post 0-0 incoming...


2 minutes on the clock and we should be leading! Will Dickson is played through and he fluffs his lines!

14 minutes on the clock and Barnsley have their first shot in anger. Harmlessly over the bar.

31st minute. Barnsley have gotten stronger as the game has gone on, they force the first save of the game from Mair.

34th minute. We are having the chances. DKD should have squared the ball instead of shooting. Instead its a shot blocked and its still 0-0.


And we are made to pay for it immediately. Barnsley go down the other end and make no mistake. can't say it hasn't been coming on the run of play.


Some poor decision making is the difference at the break. We are still in this game but a huge 45 coming up.

Not a single player can hold their hands up at the moment and tell me they are having a good game.

50th minute. Lewis in for the injured Reed forces a save from the keeper.

62nd minute. Changes are made. Anderson, Hatigan, Lankester all on.


And I'd love to say it made the difference but it was Bola the LB who learnt from DKD's mistake in the first half and squared it for Will Swan to end his drought with the easiest of tap ins. Its been coming in the second half. Will this game see a winner?

I'd take a point right now.


I can say for a fact the subs didn't make the difference :lol:. Planned changes go ahead.


Out of absolutely nothing. A curler from the edge of the box stuns the home faithful. 


Heads have dropped. Its been completely one sided this half then suddenly a killer blow.

Defence and keeper have let the team down once again in a huge game. Really disappointing.


And that's how it finishes. You look at those stats and you wonder how we didn't win, instead its a bitterly disappointing and quite frankly hard to take loss.

We go down to 3rd and first the first time in while, with 5 games to go. Promotion is out of our hands.

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League One 2024-25

Gameweek 42

We stay at home as we face 9th place Burton Albion.

We've played them twice this year already drawing in the league and thrashing them in the cup, both away from home. I'll take the cup performance please.

If I recall they were bottom when we played them last so they have come a long way since then. 9th place 8 points off playoffs. Maybe a bridge to far but they will be wanting to keep faint hopes alive. We however need to win, we forfeited any room for error with the loss to Barnsley.

Barnsley are away to rock bottom Stevenage so we can't be expecting any favours there while Peterborough host 20th Preston so the same there really. We HAVE to win.


Well that's good. I was getting slightly concerned! We are however, still 1.6m in the red. With no improvement on the horizon. There's not much else I can do to improve the coffers. I've not once been over budget...so....close my eyes, stick my fingers in the ears and go la la la la la.


Only one worth looking at from Youth Intake.


And he doesn't look amazing.

Forced into one change as GK Mair is injured. Pym will come in and prove to me why I always need a decent enough back up! Kun back into the line up after Internationals. We missed him and the 26 goals he has bought this season.


Boom! Bola gets only his 2nd of the season with a cool finish. Great start.

39th minute and its a penalty to Mansfield a chance to double the lead before the break...It will be Kun stepping up...


And it will be Kun delivering! Big goal and really, we haven't done anything this half other than score.


Its that man again! Bulgaria's finest. I said he was either going to be a brilliant signing or a massive flop. I like it when I get one right.


This is what I meant. We have been clinical. That's been the difference. Both Peterborough and Barnsley are 0-0 at half time.

We've seen 3 goal leads slip. This isn't over.

Two early goals in the other games.


Figures, can't grumble, I'd be annoyed not winning that game.


Now then! I may have been slightly misleading saying they were at home to 20th. 20th being Preston. Good on paper still!


Barnsley makes it comfortable, they aren't slipping up today.


Now then, a nothing second half suddenly feels a bit nervy. 15 minutes is plenty of time to throw this away!


We do manage to hold on. Good overall performance.


Two late Stevenage goals made things interesting but Barnsley held on. Peterborough got an 87th minute equaliser to save a point. It means we are 2nd but GD. That sweet sweet GD could easily be the difference maker come 4 games time. Its going down to the wire this one.

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15 minutes ago, warlock said:

Exciting stuff... probably a lot more exciting than you'd like :lol:. One last push!

Its a lot more exciting than I was expecting. I thought I'd be IRing until the end at this point!


League One 2024-25

Gameweek 43

14 days between fixtures. Perfect timing. Give us chance to heal and regroup. We take on 6th place Lincoln City at home. Not an easy game, they will want to cement their place in the playoffs.

Barnsley are away to Reading the Friday night. So we will know if we have a chance to leapfrog them or not before we kick off. Reading won't be easy, they can't really make the playoffs but they will make life hard for the Champions elect.

Peterborough are at home to 15th place Oxford United. A game they will be marking down as a must win. As are we.

Thought the EFL Trophy was split into North and South until the Final? So quite how we got a Bolton v Barnsley Final I don't know. Anyway Barnsley won 4-0.


Maybe it set them up to fail here! Big Friday night game and we go into our game with Lincoln knowing a win sends us top and a point at least keeps us 2nd.

No first half updates. I'm going to start it running and then make a brew...priorities!

We go in with what I believe is my strongest XI. Although DKD could easily be replaced at this point and I don't think he's good enough if we do go up, which is a shame because I thought he would be.



Couldn't tell you how the game has gone but I'm sure as hell happy with the half time score!

Peterborough went into the half 0-0.


But not anymore. They finally break the deadlock.


A nothing second half and I'm all for it!

Peterborough added a 2nd.


Blackpool in 4th can still go up automatically but they aren't worth adding to the screenshot. 

3 to go.

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League One 2024-25

Gameweek 44

Leyton Orient away next. They currently sit 23rd but only 1 point away from safety. Huge game at both ends of the table and at this stage of the season its not straightforward at all.

Barnsley are at home to 11th place Carlisle. Peterborough face a tricky game away to 8th place Bristol Rovers. 

For once we have the "easier" game. Lets take advantage and maybe, just maybe open up some daylight.

For the first time in what feels like an age. We keep the same Starting XI.


They are fighting for their lives. This will NOT be easy.

3rd minute and its an early penalty! What a start this could be for The Stags.


Kun gets his 29th of the season and makes no mistakes. Brilliant start!


Will Swan doubles the lead in a game where we have done nothing but score. 


Peterborough take a huge lead for them.


Barnsley have taken advantage of two penalties to take charge of their game.


Owen Moxon hits the scoresheet as we score 3 from 3 shots.


Disaster for Posh, limbs for us. If this holds its huge.



We are finding the back of the net at the most criucial time of the season.

55th minute and Kun is going off injured. Dickson on but fingers are kept firmly crossed its nothing serious.


Dickson. Not long on. Makes it 4 and any nerves in the away end gone.

And we will finish with 10 men as Will Dickson limps off. Bad news comes with an impressive victory.


Big win and if results held up elsewhere we could realistically be 3 points away from Promotion.


They did, thanks to that GD we are 1 win from 2 games away from promotion to the Championship. Technically the Title could be wrapped up next week!

Both Kun and Will Dickson will miss the rest of the season. Bare bones time up front.


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