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[Discussion] Lock player into position for Reserves/U18

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2 hours ago, Big Daddy Moses said:

I have a youth that would make a great (other position) and I want them to gather match experience in that position.  In order to get them into that position, I need to take over lineups for the Reserve/U18 teams.  I want to give an instruction on the player that says, Only Play As, Position / Role.  Then if a Reserve Coach or U18 Coach wants to play the player, they must be inserted into that Position/Role.

This is similar to the feature in OOTP where you can instruct a manager the exclusive position a player is to be played as.

I agree, you can do this for loans and for national team callups so it's already a feature in game, it should be added to the reserve and youth squads.

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Really like this idea - it's also tied in with the fact that your B/U23/U18 teams don't always use your first team tactics - if both could be fixed that would help development at another position.

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On 22/05/2021 at 23:18, johnarsu said:

It is already there of sorts, select them for the position and they will be played there.

Yeah I do this all the time for multiple players/positions. The problem is those players will be selected and play every single match (even when recovering from injury if available) which is not ideal for managing fitness, fatigue and injuries. OP makes a very good suggestion imo.

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Agree. It would be valuable for both team selection and training. The development plan for a player can´t only exist in the mind of the manager, the whole coaching staff should work towards it.


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