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  1. I've never used it, but i assumed the 'use Fake Players' does something like that? It would also be great if you can save your save file as an editor file. But probably a bit of a nightmare on the coding end of that..
  2. It would be great if you could auto-populate teams with regens in the editor. It would basically be the same thing that happens when you start the game and it adds players and staff, but you can have a consistent database to share.
  3. How do I un-apply a mod? I downloaded the Esequibia mod and stupidly I didn't back up my files. I thought I'd deleted all the relevant files but in the Editor Esequibia still keeps coming up instead of Ireland (pre 1922).
  4. Is there any way to change that in pre-game settings, or other preferences? I want to use FM to sim a league and present highlights for a project I want to do.
  5. I want to be able to watch the goals, or better yet extended highlights from all games in a league. My manager is unemployed, with only one league loaded. I have tried to watch goals or game highlights but I can't seem to view them. I'm probably doing something wrong, or I have the wrong setting. I try to holiday one day past the game, then click 'Watch Goals' or 'key highlights' etc but nothing seems to load. The game comes up paused, hitting spacebar just advances time a day, clicking 'paused' does nothing. What am I missing?
  6. I want to create a league, then view highlights from all games in the league (for a video series). I tested this out but I am unable to view any goals, key highlights, comprehensive highlights etc. It's probably something I'm doing wrong or that I've set up wrong. Anyway if it's not possible, is there any way to set up a league so that no two games can happen on the same day, and thus I can spectate all games to record highlights? For context I want to create a fictional nation, league and teams and present the highlights in a weekly review show, something like the MLS Review show.
  7. Absolutely! I suggested in a previous discussion it would be really interesting if instead of using real player photos they used an image of the player as a computer model, so they are consistent with the regen pictures. It would be much more immersive that way imo.
  8. There's no need to rewrite the game engine, they can just improve it incrementally as they do in new versions. And they don't have to code the graphics engine much at all if they use a pre-existing framework, you use the API and the existing tools.
  9. If the graphics engine is inextricably intertwined with the match engine in some spaghetti then no offense, but that's bad coding, you should know that as a software developer. There's no reason SI can't do what FIFA or PES do, they don't even make their own graphics engine they just use pre-existing ones, in FIFAs case Frostbite wasn't really designed for FIFA and that's part of the reason for it being clunky. They already do motion capture, that can be applied to any graphics engine using the existing data. It's not something magical and special that EA do, they just have a higher budget to hire more devs and get the latest shiniest motion capture tools. And they also have access to a decent graphics engine, but now so do SI via Epic Nah I have no interest in FIFA, I was simply making a suggestion for the devs for consideration, they can take it or leave it as they please. It's probably not gonna happen, although I appreciate you saying they can't do it cuz they are now more likely to take the challenge just to prove you wrong
  10. Strangely enough, this is very similar to what i want to create. I want to create San Theodoros, a fictional banana republic from the Tintin books. It's in almost the exact same region.
  11. Are there any good posts, videos or blog posts etc on creating a new nation, league and teams? Doesn't matter which version, but should be usable in FM21.
  12. How would you feel about an 'HD' version of FM, using Unreal Engine or something similar? To be clear, the normal game would remain as normal for us using older PC's, this would be an additional 'premium' option aimed at the types who pay $70 for the newest FIFA and play it on high spec gaming PCs. Now that FM is on the Epic Store they wouldn't have to pay a licensing fee to use Unreal Engine 5, which looks amazing, arguably better than FIFA's Frostbite engine. The counter point is to concentrate all efforts on continuing to develop SI's own graphics engine which is great. But I think it's fair to say there's a large market that want the newest shiniest most ridiculously detailed graphics.
  13. I agree, you can do this for loans and for national team callups so it's already a feature in game, it should be added to the reserve and youth squads.
  14. When you attend another teams match in FM as a spectator you can get a good idea of players abilities by watching them, but this isn't reflected in the game with increased knowledge of the players abilities. I think depending on your Managers Stats you should get a narrowed down ability range such as you'd see from preliminary Scouting Reports on players, eg Pace 11-15, or if your judgement stats are really low maybe 9-16 or something. I don't know if this is something a real life manager may do though.
  15. The only thing I can do is try to pause the game when the dugout shows up, or quickly hover over it when it shows up which stops it disappearing. As soon as you click something it will disappear though
  16. I have a much neglected YT channel, and I've been thinking for a while I'd like to create a custom database in FM21 with a full league of fictional teams. I want to run it in 'real time' and have highlights of games on a weekly basis, as well as maybe doing some commentary, discussing the latest transfers etc. There are no real managers, it will all be simulated by FM and I will only make editor changes if necessary to keep it running. First of all would you be interested in this project to any degree? If so, what would you like to see, I was thinking of making a fictional South American country, but it could be in Europe, or anywhere else. What kind of things would you like to see, what could make you interested in following the league or a particular team? For instance a background story, the ability for viewers to have input and so on?
  17. I believe African leagues should take priority over adding lower leagues. I'd love to see them all of course, but of all the Continents Africa has the least leagues, and it is arguably bigger in World football than CONCACAF.
  18. I assume this mod will remove the teams from their original leagues https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2461984710
  19. Wow! That is amazing! I didn't expect to see the exact thing I mentioned!
  20. If you've ever done a career save building up a small club to domestic or European champions etc, please show me your teams new stadiums if you can take screenshots. I'd be really interested to see like a Blyth Spartans 70k seater stadium.
  21. This topic will be controversial, so it requires some discussion, maybe a poll, to gauge what people think. But how would you feel about including some of the less pleasant aspects of football? This example isn't relevant because you don't see players in enough detail, but when you watch real games you'll see at least a couple of instances of players spitting on the ground. Understandably this isn't the kind of thing they use in FIFA preset cutscenes however. Other things like purposeful diving are obviously excluded. How would you feel about an option to allow this kind of stuff (maybe limited to steam buyers over 18). Obviously there's a limit to it, I would personally say there should never be fights, pitch invasions, fans fighting, racism, objects being thrown etc. But some of the more inconsequential things like players separating others, going to the referee to argue, maybe if you use too many aggressive shouts your manager figure is seen gesturing at officials, they could all add to a tense atmosphere and the inter personal relationships of players in the game, possible even team and fan rivalries becoming more dynamic and influenced by high importance games. Anyway no offense intended, I'd just like to hear people's thoughts, especially from SI.
  22. Ghana, my favorite AFCON nation. I just did one in FM17, now I'm going to do one in FM21. But I'll look for a few custom African leagues first
  23. Sorry I know you didn't put this as a discussion, but this has come up before and the answer was in regards to copyright issues. Can I ask to clarify what that means? Using that example, Paul Scholes is already in the game, he can be bought and sold, he has a likeness, and as an NPC he can even become a manager in the game. Why is it different to use him as a manager? Sorry I just don't know much about copyright.
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