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  1. 2019 San Giovanni in Europe Having won the league and qualified for the CL prelim - I wasn't expecting much. My team is young and I only finished 6th in the league. I drew Lincoln Red Imps (Gibraltar) on a "neutral" site - but in Gibraltar. We went 1-0 down, but went 4-4-2 and came back to 1-1 - but their left back hit a 25 yarder and that was that. That meant we were into the Euro cup qualifiers - and drew a side from Luxembourg. Now, I did think we might stand half a chance here. The first leg was open and we won 4-2 - it was 4-1, but they got a second late on, which left me nervous for the second leg. We lost 1-0 - but just got through. We then drew Cork City - and they were clearly a better team. We got through 1-0 overall - a free kick the difference in the home first leg. Oddly, they went 4-4-1-1 for the home second leg and we were comfortable. I knew the adventure was over when we got Rosenorg in the next round - and so it was. We lost 1-0 in the first leg at home, and actually played pretty well. The second leg was 0-0 and I started to look for a goal, but their winger was twice as fast as anyone we had and they got 2 goals. So, a fun little journey - and for sure punching above over weight so early in the save. The finances look pretty good too...
  2. As I saw one or two issues with the database I was using, I decided to abandon my save and start again - this time using Claasen's database. I liked @Lewis89's idea of having a second team, one in the San Marino league to keep the save interesting - so elected to go with one manager for San Marino Calcio/San Marino National Team - and another for San Giovanni, a team who has won nothing according to Wikipedia. San Marino Calcio Unlike my first save, the season got off to a slow start - too many drawn games. Indeed over the season, I only lost 3 games - but despite that it was the playoffs. I had a great run of form, but lost it at the wrong time. The end of season I drew 2 and lost 1 - and then lost in the first round of the playoffs. I was disappointed initially at not getting promotion, but I figure another season in Serie D will allow a few young players to get some time. I've already used the off-season to jettison a number of out of contract players, so the squad is looking much leaner now. I need to find some answers up front though, as the strikers I had were awful. San Marino Calcio Youth Intake CD Riccardo Gatti highlighted this class - I was struggling to find a second first choice CD and he went straight into the team. He also went straight into the National Team. There's plenty of promise for the future here. San Marino National Team Not much to say here. I did pretty well in the Nations League in attempt one - but lost every game this time! I'm playing a number of 16 year olds - short term pain for hopefully slightly less longer term pain!! The European Championship campaign has been oddly better - with a home win against Azerbaijan. I also scheduled a friendly against a team higher in the rankings (South Sudan) and managed to beat them 2-1 with an injury time winner. San Giovanni The San Marino League allow 11 foreign players to be registered - and Italian = foreign. On taking over San Giovanni, they had 15 Italian players and not a great deal of quality. The squad was thin and the U19 squad was empty. So, it was a case of signing as many free agents as possible and releasing some of the Italian players. This is an amateur club, so releasing a player comes at no cost to the club - although other teams can poach your players for nothing, so it's not all good news. The first part of the season was hard work against the better teams - but I managed to qualify for group 1 of the second stage. On the last game of the season, we needed to win to finish 6th and therefore get a Championship Playoff place - and we managed it. In the Cup - we also made it to the semi-final, so the schedule was busy for a thin squad. I elected to give the playoffs priority. The quarter-final we played Libertas and won the home first leg 2-0. The second leg was tense, especially when we went down 1-0 - but we held on to progress. In the meantime, the Cup semi-final with some young players getting a chance struggled against Tre Penne - losing 3-0 away in the first leg (two late goals). The home 2nd leg we went 1-0 up and then went for it, but they hit us twice on the break to mean we lost 5-1. In the second leg of the playoff semi-final, we were up against La Fiorita - who finished top. I wasn't expecting much - but was given hope by the home leg - a 1-0 win with a goal from our left winger Riccardo Drogoni. Still, I was fully expecting to lose the second leg - but we held on for a 0-0 draw and we were in the final! The Playoff Championship final was against Tre Penne who had just stuffed us in the Cup semi-final. Again, expectations were low - but playing our usual 4-1-4-1, we kept it tight and were in the game just enough to give me hope. After 90 minutes, it was still 0-0 - and then came two massive moments. Two of their players already on yellow cards got second yellows - and all of a sudden they were down to 9 men. I knew we might never get a better chance, so went on the attack. I didn't think we were going to score - but on 120 minutes, our midfielder Ugolini, just inside the penalty box - with his back to goal - was hacked down and we had a penalty!! Up stepped 36-year-old striker Giovanni Tani - who hadn't scored in 10 hours of play to take the penalty. The keeper went the right way, but the penalty was perfect and on 121 minutes we were 1-0 up! The final whistle went 30 seconds later - and in a major upset, we had won the Championship! San Giovanni Youth Intake A 5* CA CD Federico Gasperoni was the jewel of the crown. Unfortunately, I couldn't play him in the league as you can't register youth intake players until the start of the next season. His debut was in the cup - although by then he had already played for the National Team! There's some real promise here, that's for sure. 2019/2020 Season The hope with San Marino Calcio is promotion. I do need to find a couple of strikers from somewhere though... With San Giovanni, it will be take the money from Europe to help us build - an unexpected early save windfall. The National Team will be to try not to lose too heavily and wait for a second Nations League campaign.
  3. I quite like looking at the average positions - I tend to have a look at 15, 30 and 45 minutes of each half. I look for pockets of space, or you can see if defensively the opposition are overcommitting to one side of the pitch.
  4. I've been managing in the San Marino League, so low level - and was giving up a lot of goals like this. I have one CD who is excellent at this level... other than his lack of pace. So I put him as a CD-Stopper - the other (faster) CD as CD-Cover - and these kind of goals went away (watch me concede a bunch tonight when I play!). You could also try using the offside trap, I guess, but you'd need the right players, which it sounds like you have more chance of having than me! I guess a Sweeper Keeper might help as well - can't say I've trusted mine in such a role - goodness knows what he'd do!
  5. If you set the database version back to 19.1 in the top right hand corner, it should work - at least it did for me. It doesn't work with the latest database release, 19.3.
  6. For a large debt, it will take good runs in the Champions League and selling your best players, for as much as possible. Obviously, the two don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. It might be concentrating on developing your youth players might be the way forward in the long term. Sell anyone early in the save who is on top wages and most certainly anyone who is not performing well enough to justify the high wage. I would guess domestically, you should be able to play some young players in games against lesser teams and not suffer results wise, so the youth development should be at a decent rate. I would say try to balance winning the league and therefore getting into the Champions League and playing young players. Maybe rotate and if you have a big CL game, get the big guns out for that to try to advance. Other than that, just common sense. Watch your wage bill (including staff); if you sell a young player always put in a sell-on clause - sometimes dropping the asking price a touch and upping the sell-on clause to 50% will pay off in the longer run; if a player is on a long term deal and you can't sell him, try re-negotiating his contact for a shorter term; make sure there's no increase each year in wages when negotiating contracts - and reduce other bonuses as much as you can; maybe try to loan players in from top clubs - perhaps you could get someone decent with the club not asking for a contribution to their wages (not sure how many loan players the Turkish league allows); keep on the lookout for promising young players (check out the Turkish U21 team, for example) - bring them in cheap and sell them for a profit; look to schedule friendlies against bigger reputation teams - they'll charge a fee, but I would imagine with your capacity you can make a profit. Looks like it could be an interesting save, keep us updated!
  7. I used the one in the OP of the thread, but wasn't happy with it, particularly in terms of the San Marino League. So, I've started again using Claassen's - it's not updated for 19.3, but for the purposes of this challenge, it doesn't matter. Good luck!
  8. I had the same problem with corners at one point. I took the 2 defenders off the post - now have a few zonally mark in the 6 yard box and my 2 CD's marking tall players - and that greatly improved things, and indeed with the 2 defenders off the post, I tend to see a few disallowed goals for offside. Good luck!
  9. January Update - Season 1 - 2018/19 San Marino National Team It was a case of down to earth with a bump after two wins in the first two games. I was hopeful of at least a point against Luxembourg, but that hope evaporated very quickly as they took advantage of our weakness (left back and left midfield) to ping in two crosses in the first six minutes, both of which were converted for a 0-2 deficit. We never recovered and they were comfortable winners, adding a third in the second half. In the next game three days later, we did better - we took the lead on the road against Moldova through 17 year-old Mauro Bonini (who became San Marino's youngest ever goalscorer). However, a debatable penalty changed the game and they scored twice just before half time to make my team talk a very different one. They added a fourth before Filippo Berardi continued his goal scoring form with a consolation (his third of the season). The next two matches were pretty good. We lost at home to Belarus - 1-0 - but we were unlucky to go down to 10 men on 52 minutes, when Tosi was sent off for a firm, but not dirty challenge. It changed the complexion of the game and they scored shortly after. The final game in the league saw us take on Luxembourg again. We managed to win 1-0 with Nicola Nanni getting his first San Marino goal late in the first half. We couldn't add a second, but the defense was solid and we took the three points. That meant we finished third in the table, a point behind Moldova and three behind Belarus, who were promoted. In general, it wasn't a bad campaign - but we do need to get greater quality at the full backs particularly and on the left of midfield. The European Championship campaign will be tougher, that's for sure. The draw has seen us matched against Holland, Romania, Montenegro and Malta - perhaps could have been worse, but still tough enough. San Marino Calcio The league campaign is going really, really well. After 18 games, we're top of the table - if only by 1 point. The Highlight has been the home game against then 5th placed Calvina. They looked like a decent team, probably the best we'd seen to date, moving the ball very quickly - and as such took a 1-0 lead fairly early. I feared the worst, but we showed some real determination to battle back for a 2-1 win. Loan striker Nasif Djibril (Bologna) has been the main goalscoring threat with 8 - but a few others have chipped in from midfield. I've been playing a 4-1-4-1 for the most part - but have used a 4-5-1 in a couple of games, primarily to get DM Stefano Pellini to keep a DLP quiet (which has worked). One nice surprise has been young DR Marco Mazzotti, who was signed on a long term contract before I took over. He's 20 with 2* CA, but 3.5-4.5* PA - his average rating has been 7.21. The only problem is that playing him means San Marino international Alessandro D'Addario gets left out of the team. Could it be San Marino Calcio would give the national team a run for their money if they were to play each other?! The finances were starting to get a bit concerning, but the board has injected some much needed cash. In a 1st vs 2nd clash at home, we drew only 330, so it's your typical lower league issues. We did take advantage of a 2 week break to schedule a friendly with Inter, which drew a full house - and was televised to make us £18,000 in all. I've managed to get through the transfer window unscathed, with just 3 players going out on loan. I elected not to bring anyone in, as the squad seems pretty happy right now and I didn't want to risk anyone getting upset with lack of playing time.
  10. I've only just started a San Marino challenge, and am enjoying it so far - so I can see why you'd have a third crack at it! I've been unsure about the quality of the database I'm using - what one have you used? I'll probably keep my current save going for now, but if I have a second go, it would be good to know. I like the idea about using a second manager with SS Virtus and the U21/U19's. Good luck!
  11. I'm probably not going to get through a season that fast - work tends to get in the way, unfortunately - that and I take my time with games. As such, here's an early season one update. San Marino National Team My first competitive action of the season was the National Team and the European League. Away to Belarus, ranked 82nd in the world was the first test. Lacking up front, I went with a TM(s) in Stefanelli. I went with a pretty defensive set up - all four at the back on defend (mainly as no one looked like they could do anything but), a defensive midfielder in front of the back four and then a ball winning midfielder on defend in the midfield four. Both wingers were inverted, ideally I'd play with one and the other a normal winger, but slim pickings forced my hand. The remaining midfielder was on attack. Despite 22 shots, the hosts only got 9 on target as my back line was pretty solid. My plan was to counter, but I didn't feel we had enough movement up top, so replaced the target man with someone who I called up from the U21 squad - Nicola Nanni. He's a dual nationality guy and I wanted to get him his first cap anyway. And so it was on the break, he had a little more pace and on 59 minutes, his pass set up right IW(Att) Filippo Berardi to finish a counter attack worthy of Italy (almost!). From there, it was backs to the wall at times - but we held on to secure a cracking win! With another game 3 days later, and the boys having worked so hard in Belarus, it was a case of forced rotation for the home game against 172nd ranked Moldova. The lack of depth worried me, and so I played with an Anchor Man - Luca Censoni - who is a DC or MC(def) - so a round peg in a square hole, but as he's normally a centre half, I hoped I would get away with it. I replaced both wingers as they were below my 90% threshold. I also gave Nanni a start up front. This game was one way traffic - even more so than the Belarus game. Without our keeper Benedettini, this game would have been over before half time. As it was, we were fortunate to go in at the break at 0-0 - although the best chance fell to Nanni who put his shot straight at the keeper, when either side would have been a goal. Some of the boys were tiring, so a couple of changes - but it was still 0-0. With 6 minutes to go, I could have taken off any one of three players who were tired. I elected to pull off the right winger, Vitaioli (winger-sup) and replace him with Belarus match goal hero Berardi, making him an inverted winger on attack, and changing the other inverted winger to support. On 90 minutes, Berardi picked up the ball on half way, cut inside and drove at the Moldova defence. A nice cross found left IW Tomassini in space from about eight yards, but at a narrow angle. His shot was saved - but he got the rebound. That shot was blocked, but the rebound came to Berardi, who got away a shot, but again it was saved. The rebound came to him and at the fourth time of asking, he stroked the ball into the far corner to spring jubilant celebrations! Fortunately, I remembered to hit pause before jumping out of the dugout (a.k.a. my chair) - quickly changing some duties to defend and ensuring we slowed the game down. Despite late pressure and five long minutes of added time, we held on for a second 1-0 win! So, that leaves us top after two games - and up 8 ranking spots - although staying there is another matter! But a good start and I'm definitely into this save, that's for sure! San Marino Calcio A long but busy pre-season was completed. The busiest personnel were my scouts, as they were sent to Serie A/B teams to get team reports as I searched for suitable loan players. I also brought in a number of trailists, four of whom were signed (all on a non-contract basis as hot prospects, which helps with the wage bill). I also signed five on loan, a keeper, centre half, attacking midfielder, right sided winger and a striker. The Serie D cup was first up - and a pretty dull 0-0 game went straight to penalties. Both teams scored all 5 - and a sixth - but it was our free agent pick up Mariani who had his penalty saved. That was that - but no recriminations to anyone in terms of a penalty shootout. Fortunately, my Serie D Group D debut was much, much better. An away trip to Sasso Marconi saw us come away with a fine 4-1 win. We opened the scoring on 23 minutes, a free kick from the left saw the initial header saved from CD Salcuni - but loan striker Djibril was on hand to smash home the rebound for the deserved lead. A set piece also led to our second. A corner was cleared - but Djibril picked up the loose ball outside the area, span and crossed the ball - for CM Tommaso Minocci (on loan from Fiorentina) to hit a stunning left foot volley past the keeper, who could only admire the shot as it flew past him. Things looked even better after half time, Mariani made up for his penalty miss in the last game, by earning a penalty, which CM Gasperi finished perfectly for a 3-0 lead on 63 minutes. 4 minutes later though, we let them back into the game, this time it was us giving away the penalty which was converted for 3-1. But, fear not, we controlled the game and it was another goal from Djibril to cap a man of the match performance on 81 minutes, peeling away at the far post to nod home a perfect cross. Fingers crossed for the rest of the season!
  12. Really well done on two counts - an amazing save and a cracking read! *Follow*!
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