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  1. I tried Claassen's FM20 San Marino file and it was also bugged. From memory, other teams didn't register their players at all in the first half of the season - although they did sort it out in the January window. Pretty sure I used the file attached without a problem - but it might be for the original build of the database. You could try the builders Facebook group for the current one, as they don't publish on Steam: https://www.facebook.com/groups/643019436087539/ San Marino - 1 league and 2 cups (Campionato Sammarinese, Coppa Titano, Super Coppa Sammarinese)..fmf
  2. I used this as an underdog/possession tactic in FM19 with great success. Against teams much better than me, I make it a 4-1-4-1 - take out the AF and use a DLP on the left of the 2 central midfielders - again, had great success with it - helped me win the World Cup with San Marino. Not sure how good it would be in FM20 though...
  3. This is what puts me off buying the game until the last patch is released. For the most part, I actually enjoyed the pre-release beta ME of FM20 - but unfortunately that just wasn't the case with the other versions and I went back to FM19. Like many here, I would imagine, I've played FM a lot during lockdown, so I feel like FM21 would be nice for something different - but I will wait for a demo and see if I enjoy the ME before deciding. I'm not worried about any new features this year - as I think FM21 was really smooth - the ME is everything for me.
  4. Cheers, mate. Bronzetti's media description is now "World class keeper" - so he certainly made a name for himself!! I'm not sure if I'll continue for Nations League and Euros. I'll have a break first and then see. The club element of the save was getting dull, although San Gio in Europe sprung into life this last season. In the end I think having myself managing San Giovanni as well helped as I could make sure San Marino Calcio rejects were developed correctly. Certainly something clicked for San Gio in the last 1-2 seasons - not sure what as I was youth heavy with the odd San Marino Calcio reject. The trouble is, a few Serie B/C talents I basically hide in the San Marino Calcio team would get transfer listed by the AI right away if I quit as club manager.
  5. 2041/2042 Season (FM19) - Part 3 National Team - 2042 World Cup I use 4 tactics - three are 4-1-3-2 - one attacking, one cautious and the other defensive. After being "FM'd" by the AI a bunch (I've logged 1902 hours on FM19), I also developed a defensive 4-1-4-1 for the big boys - either in Europe with San Gio or with the National Team - I attempt to "FM" the AI. We kicked off the group stage against Argentina - 6th in the world. Buoyed by San Giovanni's Europa League win, I had a feeling we might be ready to mix it with the big boys. I therefore went with my attacking 4-1-3-2 - the base tactic I use in the league with San Marino Calcio and San Giovanni. I knew if we lost, we should beat Canada and get through. However, I had no worries as we scored in the 7th minute and added another just after half time. They pulled one back on 65 minutes, but we gave them very little after that and we got the 3 points and pole position in the small group. I elected to rotate for Canada to help keep the starting XI fresh. We struggled a little to break them down, but Michele Valentini scored in first half injury time and although we didn't add more, we won to top the group. We had a little break while Argentina beat Canada in the last group game - and then we drew Iran - so a nice easy one. I kept most of the backups in and was getting worried as they looked like they might "FM" us - they scored a penalty on 37 minutes - 2 minutes after we had missed one! Stern words were spoken at the half - and we responded well with goals on 58 and 66 - phew! Next up were a better team in Mexico - and the first choice XI took to the stage. This was a complete performance and we stuffed them 4-0 - the result was never in doubt. Onto the Quarter-Final... and France! I had a long think about the way to go tactically here. In the end, I decided to go 4-1-3-2 and cautious - it seemed wrong to leave out one of Bugli or Fabbri - 2 of our better players. They out shot us 30 to 14 - but it was 0-0 and went to penalties. Step forward Michael Bronzetti who saved 3 of their penalties and we scored all 3 we took to advance to the Semi-Final... and Croatia! The boys were very tired after the France game - and so I had to rotate a little. I kept 2 up front - but Michele Valentini came into the team as Fabbri was exhausted. We gave away a pen on 17 mins - and weren't having much of the game. As the second half went on, I had to go for it - and was rewarded when we won a penalty of our own on 80 mins, which Broccoli put away to make it 1-1. Another extra time game! 4 subs were made as the boys were flagging - but so were they. The board went up for 1 minute of injury time in the second half of extra time and we had the ball on the right with Fabbri as we went into it. He switched play out to inverted left winger Albani, who dribbled forward and put a cross in the box where Fabbri controlled, turned and got away a shot. The keeper got one hand to it, but the ball came out and Michele Valentini toe poked the ball against the inside of the post and it just crept over the line!! He's the first guy I've had real success mentoring - and I am so glad I bothered to do it!!! It is possible I ran around the room at that point - and my virtual self would have done a Porto Mourinho and ran down the touchline to celebrate!! Spain awaited in the final - the number one team in the world. There was no question we had to go 4-1-4-1. They managed 23 shots on goal, but only 7 were on target. We struggled to threaten, which is the problem with the tactic. But, I didn't want to risk changing it - I have to admit I was really nervous! In injury time Spain had a wide free kick and headed down to their striker who put the ball in the net... but the flag was up for offside. For a second, I thought we had lost it - phew!! We went to extra time and they still couldn't break us down - so onto penalties. Our third 0-0 against Spain in recent times! They were first up and a save from Bronzetti - a good penalty, but diving full stretch to his right he tipped it around the post!! Andrea Bugli was up first for us - he went down the middle, but the keeper stayed home and saved it. Their second taker went the other way to the first - but Bronzetti made a mirror image save! Broccoli, another experienced hand, was second - again he went down the middle and again the keeper stayed home to save. 0-0 after 2 each - what pressure!! Their third taker had seen our two go down the middle and thought it would be a good idea - Bronzetti stayed at home and saved a third!! Step forward right back Oliva - the keeper went the right way and got a hand to it, but it went into the top corner for 1-0 after 3 pens! Their fourth attempt was at a nice height for Bronzetti - he made yet another save - an amazing 4 in a row!! Midfielder Vecchio had the chance to win the World Cup - but their keeper made an identical save to Bronzetti's last one - on we went! Finally, their last taker got the job done, although Bronzetti went the right way, it had too much on it. So, another chance to win it with left winger Albani stepping up. He sent the keeper the wrong way, calmly putting the ball into the bottom left hand corner for the win!! The 21 year-old will never have to buy a drink again in San Marino! We had actually done it - 24 seasons - a lot of ups and downs along the way - but so happy to have cracked it!!! Results San Marino 2 - 1 Argentina (Cimmino and Fabbri) San Marino 1 - 0 Canada (Valentini) San Marino 2 - 1 Iran (Vecchio and Fabbri) San Marino 4 - 0 Mexico (Cimmino, Bugli and Fabbri x 2) San Marino 0 - 0 France (advanced on penalties) San Marino 2 - 1 Croatia ET (Broccoli and Valentini) San Marino 0 - 0 Spain (won on penalties)
  6. Cheers, mate - I was quite pleased I actually remembered to put penalties into my training calendar before the final!!!
  7. 2041/2042 Season (FM19) - Part 2 National Team I'll put the World Cup in a separate post - so just the 2 friendlies - easy 3-0 wins over both USA and Ecuador. The squad has been selected: GK: Bronzetti (San Marino - Star Serie A talent); Belotti (Juve - former Calcio youth product, sold to get him first XI football after a Serie A loan move. A wonderkid); Stefanelli (San Gio). DR: Fiorini and Oliva - both former San Gio youth products now in the Saudi league. DL: Zonzini (San Gio - former Calcio youth product who has developed well for Gio); Benvenuti (San Gio top prospect from the 2041 youth group - made 10 first team appearances this season and looks superb - a bit of a gamble, but he's going to be very good). DC: Guerra (San Marino - left footer, Serie B talent); Righi (San Marino - viewed as a Serie C talent by my coaches - but 7.01 Serie A avg rating in 18 appearances, so not a bad player); Berti and Giacobbi (both San Gio and former Calcio youth products - development has been good since the move). DM: Crescentini (San Marino Serie B/C talent - I need a DM for my systems (either 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-3-2) and he's the best of an average bunch); Mina (Santarcangelo - Serie B talent - spent 2 years on loan at our affiliate club and they wanted him when he was out of contract, so I let him leave. Was a MC - but under a new manager (who hasn't been as good for our loanees) has been converted to a DM - good passer). MC: Broccoli (San Marino - now 28 - 1 club guy with 242 Serie A appearances and a Serie A talent); Vecchio (as with Fiorini and Oliva - San Gio youth product who is now in the Saudi league); Ugolini (San Gio - just edged into the squad - might be needed against the big boys when we go 4-1-4-1). ML: Bacciocchi (San Gio - former Calcio youth product who has grown big time at San Gio - had a 7.15 avg rating with 2 goals/5 assists in the Champions League run this season - only 5'5" though...); Albani (Como - bounced around at Calcio originally - loan move to Faetano; then to Santarcangelo on loan and then permanently - now at Serie C Como and has a 7.26 avg rating for them). MR: Cimmino (San Marino - early in his career came on as a sub in a CL final and created the winning goal for our first CL win - now a Serie B talent with 10 assists in Serie A and an avg rating of 7.14); Rastelli (San Gio - another who started at Calcio and has grown big time at Gio). CF: Bugli (San Marino - big news in that he has decided to come out of international retirement for the World Cup! Serie A talent); Fabbri (San Marino - wonderkid and Serie A talent); Valentini (San Marino - a poor personality (unambitious and 4 determination) held him back for a while - but now determination of 11 and a balanced personality. Game has picked up this season - 11 goals in Serie A and a Serie B talent. 6 caps for San Marino - 6 goals - and scored a boat load for the San Marino U21's), San Marino Calcio An 11th straight Serie A title and an Italian Cup win. Out in the first knockout round of the CL to Barca. Youth Intake No help for the World Cup. San Giovanni I mentioned last season that I felt we had taken a big step forward as a team - and that was confirmed in the CL group by taking 4 points from Nantes who won the Europa League last year. The Europa League knockout stages have given us some horrible draws with the likes of PSG and Arsenal - but this time we had Valengra. The Norwegian side were fresh out of a winter break and so I went for them in the first leg and we won 4-2. I wasn't pleased with the 2 away goals - but we drew the away leg 0-0, so they didn't hurt us. I thought pulling Napoli out of the hat meant the end of the line. Despite playing defensive tactics, the first leg (away) was very open - and we managed to get 2 away goals, but lost 3-2. I decided to be less cautious at home and go for it more - and we went 2-0 up. Napoli pulled one back to leave a nervous last few minutes - but we had done it!! Next up was one of the easier draws in Galatasaray. We drew 1-1 in the away leg - and the home leg was comfortable with us going 2-0 up..., until they got one back on 90 minutes. But we held on and drew Chelsea, 2nd in the Prem. In the finest performance of this over 20 seasons save, we went 2-0 up in the first 20 minutes and kept them out - so no away goals! I knew we were better, but not this better!! The away leg was tough. They came after us and went 3-0 up courtesy of a hat-trick from their star striker. However, 2 minutes after he completed his hat trick we got a corner - the ball was cleared, but then a pass to the edge of the area gave Zonzini (playing out of position at right back due to injuries) the chance to shoot and he arrowed a shot into the bottom corner!! That precious, precious away goal saw us through on away goals and into the final!!! In the real world, I'm a Southampton fan - and in the final that's exactly who we played. I went with my defensive/slow/short passing 4-1-4-1 and managed to hold on. Extra time was pretty uneventful, so it went to penalties. We scored our first - but our keeper saved Southampton's first to nudge us ahead. The rest of the boys held their nerve and that was it - we had won the Europa League!! I thought we might have a decent run - but this was above and beyond what I expected! Youth Intake Another cracking group - very much how I wish San Marino Calcio would work!!
  8. 2041/2042 Season (FM19) - Part 1 National Team Our group turned out to be pretty easy. I thought Ukraine might be tricky, but we beat them twice. We were able to draw again with Spain 0-0 with my defensive/possession based 4-1-4-1 tactic - we finished 2nd in the group but qualified for our second World Cup finals fairly easily. I might ask striker Andrea Bugli to re-consider his retirement - nothing like a World Cup finals to tempt him! Sadly, we have no dual nationals who might help us who I can tempt in the same way... Our World Cup group is Canada (who we beat 2-0 with a rotated team in a friendly in September and should pose no problem) and Argentina, ranked 6th in the world. We're now ranked in the top 50 in the world! San Marino Calcio Not much to report - Milan and Juve are pushing us in Serie A, but likely will fall away. We won the World Club Cup with our U20's winning in the semi and a San Marino heavy team winning in the final. We've drawn Barcelona in the CL 1st knockout. It's all about the youth intake - the last good one we had was before a World Cup - so fingers crossed, although pretty safe to say I won't hold my breath!! San Giovanni We got nice draws in CL quals and got through to the group stage again pretty easily after we nearly dropped the ball and lost in the 1st round, winning on penalties! We drew Schalke, Arsenal and FC Nantes in the group stage. Nantes won the Europa League last season and beat San Marino Calcio in the season curtain raiser (the Euro Super Cup), so for our first group stage game, I thought no chance. However, after falling 1-0 down in the first half, we equalised in the second and held on for an amazing point. We then lost 3 in a row - before we had home to Nantes, who had also lost there last 3 games. I knew a win would mean we finished 3rd, so I went 2 up front (although still cautious) and we scored just before half time and again held on for the best San Gio victory of the save so far! We've drawn Norwegian side Valerenga in the Europa Lg 1st knockout round - they will be in their pre-season, so won't be as sharp as us - so hopefully that will give us an advantage. Our players have drawn a little interest from English League One teams, but no bids so far. The Saudi league has now got 3 of our players - although I'm not sure selling them there has helped development. We've got so many young players coming through, it's still pretty easy to keep the standard - and actually in most cases, the young players are better once they've got a few starts under their belt.
  9. 2040/2041 Season (FM19) - Part 2 National Team We kicked off the World Cup qual campaign with an easy 5-0 win against Belarus with a rotated squad. I kept my best players fresh for a trip to Spain - and with our defensive 4-1-4-1, we managed to get a point courtesy of a saved penalty from Serie A and Champions League Goalkeeper of the Year Michael Bronzetti, who at 23 my coaches now rate as a star Serie A talent. The penalty was a good one - the save better. There's no question he makes a huge difference to the team. We then had both games against Kosovo - both were fairly routine, although the home game we didn't score until 67 minutes, but quickly got a 2nd before they got one back in injury time. The U21's had a big win in a friendly - beating Finland U21's 4-0 away from home as well as a 10-0 win vs Malta and 9-0 vs Lativa. The U19's drew away to Germany U19's 0-0 and also drew against Sweden 2-2, but did lose to Holland and England. We're currently 53rd in the world. San Marino Calcio Very easy in Serie A, as Milan fell away and we walked it. We went with our strongest XI for the semi and finals of the CL - beating Arsenal in the final in extra time. Our 34 year old DM Mathias Belli will be leaving as his contract is up and he's in decline - in his last game for us, he got the winner, so a nice way to finish. With nothing coming through the youth ranks, I've made a few signings just to make sure I've got enough depth. We actually managed to win all 6 trophies this year, the first time we've managed that. I did take get umbrage at FM telling me to "Use Youth Facilities" - stop giving me garbage intakes then!! Youth Intake For the second year in a row, our top prospect is Italian. There's a 3.5-4.5* PA Sammarinese player... but he's a keeper and we already have 2 who are at Serie A level (Belotti has been on loan to Empoli and looked very good - with 12 months left on his contract, we'll have to sell him as he wants to be a first teamer and I can't give him that). The rest is garbage and we'll have problems fielding an U18 XI. San Giovanni A pretty easy treble - I felt we were better this year, while the others in the league were all bunched in a group behind us. Youth Intake A really good group.
  10. 2040/2041 Season (FM19) - Part 1 National Team A few game days after the Euros, the National Team took a big hit. Our best player, striker Andrea Bugli, elected to retire from international football at the age of 30 (111 caps, 61 goals). That's one of those annoying ones - particularly as I'm a big rotater with both club and country, so it's not like I work him into the ground. So that takes the team down to 3 top players - and was one of the lower points in the save. Nations League Div B gave us a decent draw - Croatia and Wales. I went 4-1-4-1 for the first 2 games and we drew both 0-0. After a rotated team lost 2-3 to Scotland in a friendly (I gave keeper Bronzetti a rest - and the difference was obvious shipping 3 goals, although the Scotland winner was a highly dubious penalty), we drew away to Croatia, which I was very happy with. After another friendly loss where we gave a few players a look, came home to Wales. Every game in the group had been a draw - so I knew a win would be enough for promotion. So, I went attacking and was rewarded with an easy 3-0 win. I suspect we might come straight back down, but we're in Division A. We're ranked 55th in the world. Our World Cup qual group is Spain, Ukraine, Belarus and Kosovo - so we'll have to try to finish 2nd as Spain will walk the group. San Marino Calcio We're 2nd - but with a game in hand. All fairly easy - although we do seem to struggle more against lesser sides than top sides - as we beat AC Milan 4-0! Keeper Michael Bronzetti won World Goalkeeper of the Year at the age of 22 and is rated as a leading Serie A player. Striker Fabbri is now a wonderkid - now 19, his development is looking excellent. The other striker who came through with him, Valentini, is finally developing - I've got 2 of my senior guys mentoring him - his determination is up to 10, although he's still "unambitious" - but he has lots of green arrows, which is more encouraging. I've not used him with the National Team in the last year or two, he's been scoring regularly for the U21's- 9 goals in 8 appearances, including 2 against Spain U21's. I'm not sure how long I'll keep playing - given I've put so much into the save, I want to win the World Cup - but the poor youth intakes are really annoying me and the game is so easy with both club teams, so we'll see. I didn't play that much after Bugli retired, but I've played a little more the last few days. San Giovanni This year, we managed to avoid the big boys in CL quals - getting Dundalk in the final playoff, who we brushed aside comfortably. Our reward in the CL group stage? PSG, Real Madrid and AC Milan. 6 games, 6 losses. Domestically - just one loss - otherwise pretty easy stuff. Elsewhere in Europe - for the first time in the save a team other than us qualified for the Group Stage of the Europa League. Pennarossa finished bottom on their group, but it's progress. Faetano and Domagnano both got through the first 2 qual rounds and then lost.
  11. I'm in control of San Marino Calcio and San Giovanni in the SM league. With Calcio, I was pretty aggressive with recruitment to get money in and facilities upgraded - but really outside of 1 year, I've had very poor youth intakes. I think the San Marino league reputation growing will be something that helps the Sammarinese youth players that Calcio get. I suspect there's something behind the curtain that means despite outstanding facilities, most of my Calcio intake are Serie C level players. I'm actually in a bit of a rut with the game at present. With so many young players coming through that are poor, do I keep them and basically hide them in my Calcio team, or let them go elsewhere and maybe they'll latch on somewhere else and develop better? But even then I need 4 or 5 Serie A level players with a couple of world class players if I'm going to have a real go at the World Cup, and I'm not sure where they're coming from atm...
  12. 2039/2040 Season (FM19) - Part 2 National Team Last time in the Euros, we had a tough group - Portugal and Germany. This time we got an easier one - Poland, Bosnia & Herz and the #1 team in the world, Spain. We started out with a tight 1-0 win against Poland, the goal a scrappy yet beautiful effort from 2 yards after a corner caused chaos. Knowing Spain would likely beat Poland (which they did 3-0), I knew a win against Bosnia would see us through, so I went with an attacking formation and was rewarded with a very comfortable 2-0 win. The 2nd round saw us get Switzerland - I went cautious, but kept 2 up front and we were pretty comfortable at 2-0 up - they did get one in injury time, but we saw out the game nicely. I thought Italy in the quarter final would be the end of the tournament for us. We went with a defensive/short/slow passing 4-1-4-1 and managed to go 1-0 up on 35 minutes, when a corner was only half cleared and right winger Cimmino fired in a shot from the edge of the area, which former Calcio keeper De Luca probably should have saved. It was all looking good until the 86th minute, when dual national Calcio striker Muccioli equalised. Extra time was fairly uneventful and so we went to penalties. Both teams scored their first - but then keeper Bronzetti made an excellent save, guessing correctly and tipping the ball around the post! We were able to hold our nerve, score all our pens and get a massive win! England in the semi was the end of the road. They scored early - and as I've found being the favourite with Calcio or San Giovanni, that generally means you go on and win big, or in this case as the underdog, lose. We did get a goal, but got stuffed 5-1. Overall though, a superb showing. We're now 56th in the world, but I feel we should be in the top 20 or 30... San Marino Calcio Serie A was easy - we won with 5 games left and it was never in doubt. The Champions League was miles better this year, which was a surprise. We tended to be at home in first legs come knockout stage and went for it at home - and then cautious in the second - which seemed to work perfectly. I did go with my strongest team in the final, but that was still 4 Sammarinese players in the starting lineup - it went to extra time, but we managed to get the goal to win it. Youth Intake 1 4.5* PA player... but he's Italian. The rest were, once again, garbage. State of the art facilities etc. clearly count for nothing. San Giovanni We did manage to score against Arsenal in the Europa League - but lost 2-1 at home and then 2-0 away. We didn't get stuffed - but never looked like winning. That left us with just the league, and we won 2-0 in the final against Domagnano. Youth Intake After a couple of bad years, a change in HOYD has seen much better intakes, and this was another good one. Our U19 team didn't win their league 2 years ago, but we've won easily the last 2 years, so I'll keep this HOYD. Riccardo Gatti A quick word on Gatti. He was in my first ever intake for San Marino Calcio when we were in Serie D - and went straight into the team and the National Team. He grew with us and finished his career with 135 international caps. He's staying with me as he was a player/coach and I've signed him up as a straight U19 coach. He didn't play much this season, indeed once he announced his retirement he just played a couple of times. However, I put him on the bench in the final and gave him 5 minutes at the end. Fittingly, he had the last touch of the game, so he finished his career on the ball in a Champions Playoff winning game.
  13. It can take a little time sometimes as there's no pressure to win a game, let alone qualify for a major tournament, so no sackings. In my FM19 save, I started out as manager, then left just before FM20, but then came back to FM19 and Mirko Palazzi had the job for 7 years. If the job isn't open when you want to start, do feel free to create a temp manager - take the national job and then retire the manager right away, thus opening up the job. Or you can wait. Good luck!
  14. 2039/2040 Season (FM19) - Part 1 National Team We kicked off the final 6 games of Euro 2040 qualifying, with the visit of Holland. To show our progress, I came away gutted at drawing 1-1. We had the better chances and should have beaten them. However, stuffing Moldova 6-0 three days later cheered me up! After navigating two away games to Gibraltar and Georgia, that left us with our final big challenge in Serbia at home. Again, we were the better team, but this time we claimed a big scalp, winning 1-0 in a fairly cagey game. Away to Moldova ended the group and we were 3-0 up at half time and walked it. We finished second and qualified for our second European Championship finals! I have to admit, I don't give the U21 and U19 teams much love - but to underline our growth as a nation, they are doing really well also. The U21's beat Sweden 1-0 and 6 games into a 10 game Euro U21 qual group are 2nd, level on points with Sweden. They've beaten Iceland, Rep Ireland, Georgia and N Ireland. The U19's were even more impressive - they managed to beat Germany 2-1 to actually qualify from the first qual group ahead of them in 2nd place! Overall Save Progress In winning Serie A for the first time with San Marino Calcio, I did it with mostly non-Sammarinese players. The prize money upgraded facilities and the club's reputation. Now, those 10 outfield players are mostly still with me - and are split into 2 separate teams, which I rotate each game. The other 5 are Sammarinese players - some better than others. I've worked out, probably due to tactics, I can "carry" 5 players who my coaches rate as Serie B or C talents. When I get injuries, results can be less certain. By that token, I figure I need 5 or 6 top talents in the San Marino national team and I can "carry" the rest. I have the keeper I wanted in Bronzelli (who my coaches say is now at Serie A level and should still improve - more on him below) and a backup 5* PA in Belotti who is developing nicely (and will go on loan next season) - so we're set in goal. Outfield wise, I have 3 top talents - midfielder Broccoli and strikers Bugli and young Fabbri - so I figure I'm 2 or 3 players away from having a stab at something special. I'll need just one very good, or better, intake - but after last year, I'm not holding my breath!! I have noticed 2 of my Serie C level players are now Serie B talents (which has taken a long time to happen - I'm assuming our improvement as a nation has helped in the background of the game somewhere) and a couple at my affiliate club are also developing nicely (including a left back, which I badly needed) - so we're a pretty good team, but I don't know if we could beat an England/Germany/Spain/Italy level team - with my boring slow possession tactic, perhaps 0-0 and penalties! San Marino Calcio Already running away with Serie A - and still in the Italian Cup. In Europe, Spurs stuffed us 7-1 (4 goals in the last 5 minutes as we threw in the towel), but we did qualify, so I'm not expecting much against Real Madrid in the first knockout stage. I might think about using my slow/possession tactic and see what happens... Our Italian keeper De Luca was getting grumpy about not playing enough as Bronzetti was starting every other game. I tried to keep him happy, but failed - so ended up putting him on the transfer list and selling him for £17.75 million. Ever since, Bronzetti has started every league and CL game - with 17 year old Sammarinese keeper Belotti starting in the Italian Cup. Young striker Fabbri is coming along well also - he has 11 goals this season and already has 9 international goals in his 14 appearances - and he's only just turned 18! The other big name from that class, striker Valentini, isn't coming on as well - but after promoting him to the senior squad and mentoring him with Bugli and Slovenian centre half Pucko, finally his development has moved in the right direction. I've instant resulted less games as I tend to bring him on for the last 20-30 minutes. He's in the San Marino U21 squad right now - and has 4 goals in 3 games this season. San Giovanni I was desparate to get back into the CL group stage, to help grow the league still further - but we lost at the final hurdle to Ajax, who were too good for us. That meant we were in the Europa League group stages - drawn against Real San Sebastian, Spartak Moscow and Stabaek. We were outstanding - qualifying for the knockout stages with 2 games left to spare - and pushing Real San Sebastian in both games. After PSG last year in the first knockout round, I was hoping for a nice draw, but we got... Arsenal. No chance - again. For the first time, I got an offer from a foreign club for one of our home grown players - right back Matteo Fiorini, who is first choice for the national team. The offer was low (£10.75k) and the club was Al-Ra'ed (Saudi Arabia) - but I let him go after a bit of thought and hopefully he grows a bit more than he would in our league. If not, I'll buy him back. Easy in the league, but we did get knocked out of the cup, after a 45 minute shocker where we shipped 3 goals to lose. All our eggs will be in the league basket this year.
  15. 2038/2039 Season (FM19) - Part 2 National Team We've played 4 games so far and have kept 4 clean sheets! Keeper Bronzetti clearly has helped! The away 0-0 bore draws to Holland and Serbia were with a 4-1-4-1 sssslllooowww/boring possession game. I might need to tweak to make us slightly more of an attacking threat, but I don't want the game to open up at any point as we don't have the top pace at the back to deal with counters. We'll have to see if Holland or Serbia slip up to the other 3 teams - but they aren't good, so I suspect not. It might be a close one if we can do OK at home to Serbia and Holland and not slip up in the other games. San Marino Calcio We ran away with the league, despite not playing that well. We got knocked out of the CL in the 1st knockout stage - the games came at a time where we had some injuries, and with the backups being fairly average Sammarinese youngsters, we struggled. Youth Intake And back to being complete garbage... San Giovanni We lost to PSG as expected, but we were in the game in the second leg as it was still 0-0 after losing the first leg at home 1-0. However, going for it in the final few minutes we shipped on the break. Still, it was a solid performance in both legs. We got revenge on Faetano in the Champions Playoff final, winning easily 3-0 - and then struggled more in the Cup - taking penalties to beat Pennarossa. San Marino legend, striker Matteo Montanari, has now retired with 37 international goals from 118 caps and 74 league goals for San Giovanni - plus some crucial European goals when we first qualified for the CL group stages. 2 foreign players are being let go, but we are bringing in an Italian DM as we are poor at the position - he'll be the only foreign player outside of an Italian in the youth squad. Youth Intake Another solid group - but oddly the best 2 prospects are both named Michele Stefanelli!! There's only one... oh wait! Let's hope I don't get mixed up and play the striker in goal or something!!! The striker will replace Montanari next season, so he's a nicely timed gift.
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