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  1. San Marino Calcio 2026/27 - Serie A - Part 2 With 20 points at the half way stage, we added 2 permanent signings in the winter window - left back Michele Lo Curto for £1 million and Ecuadorian (via Holland) left inverted winger Peter Tromp for £2.5 million - to help us with our two weakest positions. That really helped us - and we were able to secure another season is the top flight with 4 games to spare. We finished 13th with 45 points - perhaps the last game of the season we could have won, but I put out mostly young players and we lost 0-1. We were able to take out our first massive scalp - beating "Zebre" 2-1 away from home - with our 18 year old midfielder Francesco Baroni (all 5'2" of him) scoring the winner in the 86th minute. Youth Intake Not the best, unfortunately. However, with improved facilities due to be finished in November, hopefully things will improve in the next couple of years. We are also going to let our HOYD leave when his contract expires in the summer, and try to bring in someone worthy of Serie A. Overall Challenge Progress I figure I'll throw this in here now we are in the top flight. We have one youth product who is looking like a regular first team prospect. He's French though, so of no help to the challenge's progress. We have 2 players in the San Marino NT - Baroni - and also 18 year old midfielder Matteo Cenci, who got a debut in the last game for the Calcio first team. The NT U21 team has mostly our players - but I don't know many are Serie A players - so there's still a lot of work to do and it's going to take another few years to start to get somewhere with regards to the challenge.
  2. San Marino Calcio 2026/2027 - Serie A - Part 1 Well, I figured this would be hard going - and in places, it has been. However, at the half way point we have 20 points - and if we continue to battle and get around the same number of points in the second half of the season, we should be safe. So far, we've only faced 2 teams who have parked the bus - so we're playing a more direct style. I'm still trying to figure out a system to try to get a point or two off the big boys - but the gap between the top of the table and our area and below seems huge. The TV money is drip fed to you over the season - so that didn't help us financially at the start of the season. It meant signing permanent players was tough - and we are still relying heavily on loanees - 8 of them - our keeper and playmaker staying for a second year with us. I had problems finding an inside forward - in the end trying to convert a striker with good pace and dribbling, but that just hasn't worked - so we've just bid for an Ecuadorian player based in Holland. The finances are now very healthy. £10.3 million in the bank - with more to come! I've already changed the club outside of the playing staff dramatically. The board has agreed to improvements in both youth and training facilities. We've also got far more coaches in - including for the first time a nice number for the U20's and U18's - hopefully development should be stronger.
  3. I'm pretty sure that's there in the original database, so I would tend to agree - bit annoying...
  4. I don't see it as an option to ask the board, so I don't think so - although I have only just cracked Serie A. I don't see why you can't put a B team in via the pre-game editor - there's a L7 database in the opening post, but having played in it, it's not a great standard, so it would take a few promotions for it to help I suspect.
  5. Cheers, mate. Struggling to sign players for the new season though - so it might be a short stay!!
  6. San Marino Calcio 2025/2026 Season - Serie B Our first season in Serie B saw us sign basically a new team - including 7 loanees. We did manage to sign two outstanding players permanently - a striker and left footed central defender. With team cohesion not great, it did take us time to figure it out as a team - but generally results improved from December. We were in the playoff places for much of the season - rising to 5th at the end of the season. The first round of the playoffs was a one leg home tie against Parma. We were the higher seed - so a draw would see us through - and we played a cautious game, and in the end won with a late goal. The semi was two legs against a long ball side in Casertana. I ditched our usual tactic and dusted off one I had used with San Giovanni in Europe, which made sure "Regroup" was used to get us back in shape. Another tight game saw us get a gift penalty to give us a 1-0 lead on the hour - and we kept it tight for the win. We got off to a horrible start in the second leg, falling behind to a set piece on 2 minutes - but a cross from the left saw our right winger Paoli stab the ball home from close range to give us back the aggregate lead - and we held on. The final was against Udinese - who finished below us - so we only needed to draw on aggregate as there was no extra time or penalties. The first leg saw us away and in a very open game we drew 2-2. Our best player - loanee playmaker Morabito was injured - so I threw in one of our youth products (who has been coming along really well), French U21 midfielder Benoit Besnier - and it was he who scored a goal from 30 yards to secure us the 2-2 only 8 minutes after we went 1-2 down. The second leg at home was nervy - and we fell behind on 34 minutes. After the break, we played more attacking - and went 2 up front with 20 minutes to go. We were rewarded when our leading scorer, loanee Luca Lazzaretti vollied in a cross from our left back after a poor Udinese goal kick. We held on to secure the 3-3 draw and get promoted as we were the higher seed!! The down side to 7 loanees is that we'll need to bring in a whole new team again - so our scouts will be busy! Our finances are bad (-£778,000) despite a takeover - we've already got one bank loan - so the £2 million prize money and Serie A TV money should sort that out - and hopefully lead to some money left over for investment in facilities. Youth Intake Some potential - but I'm still awaiting that one who can come into the team from day one...
  7. OK, have struggled through enough games to give feedback. Context - I'm playing in Serie B and have put together a team that I hope can push for the playoffs (currently 6th, so doing well). I'm over half way through the season now - I got a few loans in, but have been working on teamwork in training and team cohesion is now good. I wanted to give that context as it's not like I'm in the relegation zone and losing most games which might impact my enjoyment. Tactics wise, I'm not great - I'm okay - but I have been trying to use my own tactic. A 4-1-2-2-1 - standard d-line - lower line of engagement and I don't counter press. It's a solid, balanced tactic. Mentality adjusted depending on opponent, but mostly on cautious or balanced - so sensible stuff. I do like to control possession - but against better teams, I am very prepared to adjust and be more direct and counter. My experience with FM20 was that I was enjoying my beta save (Danish 2nd div - playing a direct counter attacking style, which saw me win the league and get promoted) - but enjoyment after that has gone down with each patch. The recent beta patch, I found too "arcadey" - even with a sensible tactic, I found many games to be stretched and I felt I had no control. Now, this patch I feel is better in that regard. I see some wonderful passing triangles in the first 2/3's of the pitch. Then, it hits the final third and it just stops. A ball out wide, or maybe to the inside left/right channels - but those quick passing combos vanish. My best player is a loanee who is my playmaker - he's viewed by my Asst (17 judging player ability; 14 judging player potential) as playing at Serie A level with 18 passing and good associated attributes - but in the final third he does very little - even when used as an advanced playmaker. Overall, I'm afraid I find the gameplay dull. As many other people have found, set piece goals are too heavy (near post corners are the most OP - plus free kicks from deep). I'm finding finishing pretty woeful in this ME version - I find a lot of shots are hit straight at the keeper. I'm seeing less 1 on 1's - but I wouldn't say I'm seeing more converted. I do also want to make the point of the AI "director" if you will. Playing on extended highlights, I am given some really weird patches of game play - just goes nowhere and suddenly cuts off. This AI "direction" is much poorer than FM19. Now, I'm big enough to admit it could be my tactics. So, I tested with a couple of knap's - and then last night with a couple of TFF's - and I saw the same thing - dull game play and lots of set piece goals. Knap's tactics shouldn't work - everything set to max - I should get murdered on the counter, especially against better teams - but I didn't. Indeed, I saw attackers get behind me more when I was using my sensible tactic with a standard defensive line. One game I went 85 minutes with this high line and nothing got behind me - I then went to my normal tactic on cautious to ice a 1-0 lead and the oppo got behind me almost immediately with a long punt! Bizarre. I was closest to seeing something I could watch with interest with one of TFF's - but that was one out of six tactics I tried. So, I can understand that some might see a ME that is OK - but for me, the actual games are still not fun to play. I am running the San Marino Challenge thread - and I really wanted to give it a good go this year. As it's a long old challenge, I need to play a fair bit to hope to get the club into Serie A and then develop some good young Sammarinese players. Despite going from L7 to L2 in short time in game (5 promotions in 6 seasons) and now in a playoff spot in Serie B, I've been playing very little. Now, SI's job is really very, very hard. You only have to read this thread to see the variety of opinion. SI also have to cater for a lot of people using these crazy tactics with everything set to max and expecting to win most games - as well as people like me who are trying to struggle through with our own tactics and learn little by little with the help of the wonderful resources this community offers. Unfortunately, for me, the FM20 ME just hasn't delivered. This patch gives you some different things and some things unchanged - but still it's not an enjoyable experience, which is a problem - as at the end of the day, it is a game and should be fun to play! I know SI love to talk about immersion. I think a big part of my lack of connection with the ME is that bubble has been well and truly burst with all the ME patches. I feel like I'm playing a game and wrestling with a weak ME - and not managing a team pitting my wits against other managers. When CM/FM is at its best, you should not feel you are battling an AI ME. It should give you genuine moments of joy when your squad building and tactics come together and you win something. Even when I win, I don't feel that I'm afraid. Since Christmas, I've been playing another game far more in my spare time - and thinking about how I'm going to play etc. when I'm at work (don't tell the boss!!). That was FM, but that has gone. I do want to crack on with the challenge, perhaps with TFF's tactic that saw slightly better gameplay, but in reality I can't see me playing FM20 that much more. I know there's still a patch to come - but SI seem to have gone down the wrong road and now can't find the way back. In summary, I don't want to vilify the developers or good people who no doubt work hard on the ME, but it does have to be said as a customer of SI, I am not pleased with the ME or attempts to patch it. My customer satisfaction and trust in the SI "brand" is very low right now. As someone with experience working with a company who had a very successful "customer delight" focus, I do believe there are bridges to build for the company with many customers - many of whom are longer time FM players than me. I hope that every single resource SI have in terms of time and personnel are concentrated on the ME for the next few months. The game outside of the ME is bloody brilliant - so, for me, FM21 has to see a massive change to the ME to match the rest of the game. If the only new feature in FM21 is a much improved ME - then so be it (indeed, if I was in charge I'd leave everything else untouched outside of data - and make sure the ME was fit for purpose and gave an enjoyable experience). Without that good ME, playing the game is like wading through treacle. I do hope something major can happen with the last patch, but the trust I put in SI when I pre-ordered FM20 well before release has gone, so I'm not thinking it's going to happen, which is a shame given how slick everything but the ME is...
  8. Welcome @Kazushi80 - as long as you downloaded both files in the original post (the Serie D database and the CC San Marino club one) you'll be fine. Good luck and enjoy!
  9. The reputation of the club is going to be higher than most at that level. San Marino Calcio were a Serie D/Level 4 club - so putting them back at Level 7 means they are a big name. Imagine if Bury re-appeared at L7 - they'd be the same. I personally found everything until Serie C fairly easy - even Serie D I found easy enough, I think I recall correctly that we were undefeated. The Cattolica save file - if you load the Serie D database and the other file in listed in that first post, it will give you Sammarinese intakes - you can always holiday forward with a test file just to check for your own peace of mind - but as long as you load both files, you should be OK. With international experience, I didn't mind as the challenge is such a long and difficult one, by the time you are talking World Cup winners, your manager stats will be up there anyway. Plus, you wouldn't need to be great to play for San Marino - although the game probably is thinking more Frank Lampard than Andy Selva!
  10. Happens to me also. I control individual training for U23 and U18 teams, so put it down to that - but to access staff, I have to go into the U23 or U18 squad and then select staff from there.
  11. I added an achievement - seems like something like that should be celebrated! Well played, mate!
  12. I did - sorry about that!! Great work on both counts
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