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  1. Are you able to post your tactic? There are some tactically switched on people here who can help.
  2. When doing the San Marino Challenge in FM19, San Marino Calcio (based in San Marino, playing in Italian league system) for sure had the Sammarinese YR. I won 13 Serie A titles in a row and 7 CL and was still getting awful intakes - tied to the level of the San Marino League.
  3. I've had mixed success. I've not settled on one save, so have like 4 or 5 on the go - but I've found the key is to make the tactic fit the team in terms of formation/roles - rather than force a 4-4-2, for example, on a team. One save, I got that wrong and I'm struggling - but then I went "D'oh" square pegs/round holes, so my fault! I have been using a direct game in all, and that's worked nicely. One save, my Advanced Forward is working really well off the Target Man and is the top scorer in the league and I'm top. One thing I have done is to make sure I have 3 different tactics - so
  4. Always very mixed feedback on here, give the demo a try and see what you think - you might love it, you might not! It seems some people are coping with the bugs more than others, but I can't get going on a long term save... The thing still feels like a beta to me.
  5. Brilliant - thanks for your help with this. That would be great for the Spanish one as well.
  6. For some, no - for others, they feel overwhelmed now, so more would likely see them drown.
  7. I'd very much agree with this. If you look at form tables, this kind of thing doesn't happen much - but in FM, for a human manager at least, it seems to happen all the time.
  8. 2043/44 Season - FM19 As I couldn't get into any of the multiple FM21 San Marino Challenge saves I tried (5 or 6 of them - kept running into bugs), I ended up coming back to FM19 and this save. I think this is the end for it though as I've had a few crashes. National Team Winning the World Cup 2 years ago was hard work - but the 2044 Euros were rather easy, in fact. We started slowly - only beating Georgia 1-0 and needing an 87th minute equaliser against Italy - but then came alive with a 3-0 win against Greece to top the group. Ireland were next up - and it was a regulation
  9. We know from the changes made outside of the ME between beta and full release, that just because there are no ME changes, the ME can change significantly - so it could be that again. I would imagine that's where it gets a bit harder because of Covid in terms of collaberation between different teams at SI.
  10. I'm back in FM19 - I was using the Sangue Blu one. I might try the FM Fusion one - they've just released a new one - I put some links earlier in the thread.
  11. I didn't last long with that database, I have to admit - too much money in the bank! Anyway, the only solution I can think of is to go on holiday for a day - and then cancel future friendlies.
  12. I went back to FM19 last week. Just can't get into saves in FM21 - too many bugs and it just pops the immersion bubble. The biggest negative with FM19 is that it's so much slower - including loading and saving - but you get used to it after a couple of days. However, outside of that I'm enjoying it far more and finding it far less frustrating. I'm in 2044 in my save and although it's got a bit easy because after 2,300+ hours I know how to beat the ME, it's less bugged and out of FM19/20/21 is the best ME for me (although the beta FM21 ME was superior - but then they've done something outsi
  13. You can use the L7 one on Steam by Sangre Bleu - and insert San Marino Calcio anywhere from L7 to L4 - I'd say only go L7 if you have a high spec machine though. I'm running L5 on a low spec PC and it's fine speed wise. Not sure if someone has posted above one that's already added San Marino Calcio in the editor. A more accurate one is the one by FM Fusion - but they've only done Serie D at the moment. I believe they are going to release L5 (Eccellenza) shortly. https://www.fmfusion.it/showthread.php?tid=194&fbclid=IwAR2J0tWz6oz8jIH5PqXu_oQQHcG_YqzBqlHCdztM7J6kPKfRnlitLufzCSQ
  14. I guess it would depend on how important role suitability is in FM21. This is a typical thing I would see for a player at a lower level - the more exotic roles are silver stars:
  15. They do have a B team in Serie C - might be them - assume you've applied a name fix from somewhere, may not have quite worked correctly?
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