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  1. Yeah, they changed the league for this season. Gone are the old Group A and B - leading to Group 1 and 2 - it's just one big division with no split. They also increased the foreign players allowed on the pitch to 9. Quite a few Sammarinese players now seem to be dotted around the lower league Italian clubs, like L6 and 7 - so hardly great for the National Team. It does seem San Marino Calcio will be back from the dead next season though at L5 - and there seems to be more of a focus with developing homegrown talent while doing this - so I would guess the rule might change again next season
  2. I'm looking forward to following your journey. In FM19 I did a dual save - San Marino Calcio/San Marino National Team with one manager and added another manager with San Giovanni so I could help drive up the standard of the nation. I played the save until the end of the 2044 season (won the World Cup and European Championship) and at certain times, San Giovanni was the more enjoyable of the two. With San Marino Calcio, once I won Serie A once, we dominated with 13 titles in a row and 7 Champions League wins - all a bit easy. With San Gio domestically the league was easy - but because o
  3. It is - but equally in the 4-2-3-1 the front 4 looked pretty isolated against Scotland. 4-3-3 would hopefully link play better.
  4. There's an open thread/discussion on improving international management - please do add it to the other stuff in there:
  5. You're right - but he did nearly score with that first touch after coming on - then nothing!
  6. I was actually at the game where Ali Dia came on as a sub! He actually almost scored right after he came on - Matt Le Tissier put a free kick into the box and Dia was about a yard wide with a flicked header. Then he hardly touched the ball again and the sub got subbed off!
  7. I've had similar before - particularly if my team isn't predicted to do well. Basically, the AI will adjust to you as you're doing well. That means they are less likely to commit players forward and making it harder for you to counter. So you either have to tweak your tactic to encourage them out so you can still counter them (and as someome mentioned above, I would recommend watching the Bust the Net Gaming channel on YouTube) - or be a little more aggressive with your tactic. That doesn't mean you have to go Attacking with a high line and counter press. Example, my base formation wa
  8. I get where you're coming from - feels like despite a better ME than FM20, there are too many bugs with FM21. I had one that won't get sorted now that was really bursting my immersion like a pin to a balloon at the start of a save, but just had to live with it. Given the lack of collaboration with forced working from home, I do understand why there are too many bugs though. I can't see SI changing the development cycle as their financial model will depend on the annual full price sales and they can't give it away, or give massive discounts without job losses (jobs will be the first thin
  9. I wouldn't say disable morale impacting the game - but I would reduce its importance. The 10+ games without losing are too common (which forms a big part of the "too easy" argument) - and conversely long losing runs can happen if you're not careful - and I think irl they happen less. I know you can look at a Bolton on the good side and a Derby on the negative side this season, but most teams will have a 4-6 game good/bad patch and then things will change. I have to admit, when I have long runs either way like this, I tend to lose interest as it feels off. I would say complacency is some
  10. I used them in the early days of my San Marino challenge - because, well, we were rubbish!!
  11. Having jumped from playing CM03/04 off and on for many, many years - FM19 was my first FM and there wasn't much difference in international management in all that time! Certainly, it feels like a bolt on and far from SI's usual standards, so 100% agree with the OP that improvement is needed. For me, having managed San Marino for 46 seasons in FM19 and currently trying a FM21 save with Liechenstein, the key things are: Improved scouting of opponents - particularly being able to hire a Performance Analyst. There should be no other international teams where you scouts can't get you a
  12. Really like this idea - it's also tied in with the fact that your B/U23/U18 teams don't always use your first team tactics - if both could be fixed that would help development at another position.
  13. If you look at the league table, then from one of the menus you should see a "Rules" page - that will tell you.
  14. Thanks for the reply. With San Marino, the qualifying period was 30 years - so wasn't part of the plan - but you're right, it should be in this case. I can also try to sign young players who haven't been capped (likely anyone who has been wouldn't sign for us anyway) and if I can keep them for long enough can switch.
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