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  1. It can take a little time sometimes as there's no pressure to win a game, let alone qualify for a major tournament, so no sackings. In my FM19 save, I started out as manager, then left just before FM20, but then came back to FM19 and Mirko Palazzi had the job for 7 years. If the job isn't open when you want to start, do feel free to create a temp manager - take the national job and then retire the manager right away, thus opening up the job. Or you can wait. Good luck!
  2. 2039/2040 Season (FM19) - Part 1 National Team We kicked off the final 6 games of Euro 2040 qualifying, with the visit of Holland. To show our progress, I came away gutted at drawing 1-1. We had the better chances and should have beaten them. However, stuffing Moldova 6-0 three days later cheered me up! After navigating two away games to Gibraltar and Georgia, that left us with our final big challenge in Serbia at home. Again, we were the better team, but this time we claimed a big scalp, winning 1-0 in a fairly cagey game. Away to Moldova ended the group and we were 3-0 up at half time and walked it. We finished second and qualified for our second European Championship finals! I have to admit, I don't give the U21 and U19 teams much love - but to underline our growth as a nation, they are doing really well also. The U21's beat Sweden 1-0 and 6 games into a 10 game Euro U21 qual group are 2nd, level on points with Sweden. They've beaten Iceland, Rep Ireland, Georgia and N Ireland. The U19's were even more impressive - they managed to beat Germany 2-1 to actually qualify from the first qual group ahead of them in 2nd place! Overall Save Progress In winning Serie A for the first time with San Marino Calcio, I did it with mostly non-Sammarinese players. The prize money upgraded facilities and the club's reputation. Now, those 10 outfield players are mostly still with me - and are split into 2 separate teams, which I rotate each game. The other 5 are Sammarinese players - some better than others. I've worked out, probably due to tactics, I can "carry" 5 players who my coaches rate as Serie B or C talents. When I get injuries, results can be less certain. By that token, I figure I need 5 or 6 top talents in the San Marino national team and I can "carry" the rest. I have the keeper I wanted in Bronzelli (who my coaches say is now at Serie A level and should still improve - more on him below) and a backup 5* PA in Belotti who is developing nicely (and will go on loan next season) - so we're set in goal. Outfield wise, I have 3 top talents - midfielder Broccoli and strikers Bugli and young Fabbri - so I figure I'm 2 or 3 players away from having a stab at something special. I'll need just one very good, or better, intake - but after last year, I'm not holding my breath!! I have noticed 2 of my Serie C level players are now Serie B talents (which has taken a long time to happen - I'm assuming our improvement as a nation has helped in the background of the game somewhere) and a couple at my affiliate club are also developing nicely (including a left back, which I badly needed) - so we're a pretty good team, but I don't know if we could beat an England/Germany/Spain/Italy level team - with my boring slow possession tactic, perhaps 0-0 and penalties! San Marino Calcio Already running away with Serie A - and still in the Italian Cup. In Europe, Spurs stuffed us 7-1 (4 goals in the last 5 minutes as we threw in the towel), but we did qualify, so I'm not expecting much against Real Madrid in the first knockout stage. I might think about using my slow/possession tactic and see what happens... Our Italian keeper De Luca was getting grumpy about not playing enough as Bronzetti was starting every other game. I tried to keep him happy, but failed - so ended up putting him on the transfer list and selling him for £17.75 million. Ever since, Bronzetti has started every league and CL game - with 17 year old Sammarinese keeper Belotti starting in the Italian Cup. Young striker Fabbri is coming along well also - he has 11 goals this season and already has 9 international goals in his 14 appearances - and he's only just turned 18! The other big name from that class, striker Valentini, isn't coming on as well - but after promoting him to the senior squad and mentoring him with Bugli and Slovenian centre half Pucko, finally his development has moved in the right direction. I've instant resulted less games as I tend to bring him on for the last 20-30 minutes. He's in the San Marino U21 squad right now - and has 4 goals in 3 games this season. San Giovanni I was desparate to get back into the CL group stage, to help grow the league still further - but we lost at the final hurdle to Ajax, who were too good for us. That meant we were in the Europa League group stages - drawn against Real San Sebastian, Spartak Moscow and Stabaek. We were outstanding - qualifying for the knockout stages with 2 games left to spare - and pushing Real San Sebastian in both games. After PSG last year in the first knockout round, I was hoping for a nice draw, but we got... Arsenal. No chance - again. For the first time, I got an offer from a foreign club for one of our home grown players - right back Matteo Fiorini, who is first choice for the national team. The offer was low (£10.75k) and the club was Al-Ra'ed (Saudi Arabia) - but I let him go after a bit of thought and hopefully he grows a bit more than he would in our league. If not, I'll buy him back. Easy in the league, but we did get knocked out of the cup, after a 45 minute shocker where we shipped 3 goals to lose. All our eggs will be in the league basket this year.
  3. 2038/2039 Season (FM19) - Part 2 National Team We've played 4 games so far and have kept 4 clean sheets! Keeper Bronzetti clearly has helped! The away 0-0 bore draws to Holland and Serbia were with a 4-1-4-1 sssslllooowww/boring possession game. I might need to tweak to make us slightly more of an attacking threat, but I don't want the game to open up at any point as we don't have the top pace at the back to deal with counters. We'll have to see if Holland or Serbia slip up to the other 3 teams - but they aren't good, so I suspect not. It might be a close one if we can do OK at home to Serbia and Holland and not slip up in the other games. San Marino Calcio We ran away with the league, despite not playing that well. We got knocked out of the CL in the 1st knockout stage - the games came at a time where we had some injuries, and with the backups being fairly average Sammarinese youngsters, we struggled. Youth Intake And back to being complete garbage... San Giovanni We lost to PSG as expected, but we were in the game in the second leg as it was still 0-0 after losing the first leg at home 1-0. However, going for it in the final few minutes we shipped on the break. Still, it was a solid performance in both legs. We got revenge on Faetano in the Champions Playoff final, winning easily 3-0 - and then struggled more in the Cup - taking penalties to beat Pennarossa. San Marino legend, striker Matteo Montanari, has now retired with 37 international goals from 118 caps and 74 league goals for San Giovanni - plus some crucial European goals when we first qualified for the CL group stages. 2 foreign players are being let go, but we are bringing in an Italian DM as we are poor at the position - he'll be the only foreign player outside of an Italian in the youth squad. Youth Intake Another solid group - but oddly the best 2 prospects are both named Michele Stefanelli!! There's only one... oh wait! Let's hope I don't get mixed up and play the striker in goal or something!!! The striker will replace Montanari next season, so he's a nicely timed gift.
  4. 2038/2039 Season (FM19) - Part 1 National Team This was our second go at Nations League Division C and we got a much nicer draw - Poland the hardest game plus Iceland and an easy one in Estonia. We won our first 2 games and we were already 4 points ahead of Poland after 2 games as they drew both of their games. I figured away to Poland a draw would be good enough, so I used my new-ish tactic and we were comfortably keeping it 0-0 - when with a minute to go a long punt upfield saw Andrea Bugli get in behind the Polish back 4 and slot home the winner to put us into a very strong position. We brushed aside Estonia with a rotated team easily 3-0, with all goals coming in the first half - and that meant we were promoted! Not bad with 2 games to play in a 6 game league! We're now ranked 72nd in the world. The European Championship draw has seen us drawn against Holland, Serbia, Moldova, Georgia and Gibraltar. We will have to win all 6 games against the 3 lesser teams and try to take something against either Holland or Serbia. Our first game is away to Holland in March 2039 and that will be a very good test for us. Tactics A quick word on tactics. I have to say I am not a possession system fan in FM - but with Calcio and San Giovanni I get used to teams shutting up shop and playing a slow possession system. There are games we should win that we either draw or lose. As the National Team isn't at that level yet, I've been developing a cautious/defensive short passing tactic - still with a 4-1-3-2 shape (which I've used for many years now and both club sides are built on it) with the occasional 4-1-4-1 against the top sides like when we played Italy. There's no question it has played a big part in our recent success. Dual National Update I have no outstanding dual nationals. I've lost 3 to Italy - striker Muccioli has 11 caps and 9 goals - but left back Mancini only has 6 caps and hasn't been called up in a while. Short central defender Capicchioni also has 11 caps. Squad Development Former dual national keeper Bronzetti has played 14 games for Calcio this season and is developing like a runaway train! Now 20, his club coach report says he's at Serie A level already and could improve a lot in the future. He could be a star! Young striker Fabbri (17) is also developing really nicely - he's only played 4 times for the first team (4 goals!) and is at Serie B level already - but I've kept him in the U18 squad so that our excellent training helps his development. He's going to play in the first team next season as one Italian striker is out of contract and I've already set him for release! The other striker that came in last year's youth intake, Valentini, hasn't developed at all - and is now viewed as a 3* PA guy - he's unambitious, which probably explains it - I'm trying to mentor him, but haven't had much luck with that in the past. Calcio have a lot of 1.5* CA/Serie C talent players who I rather hide and they do well enough. They are 3 or 4* for the NT. I'm not sure if it's the best way to develop them. Our latest attempt with an affiliate club, Santarcangelo, has given better results. They were promoted in the Serie C playoffs and have 3 of our players on loan, all doing pretty well, and they also signed 3 of our players who were out of contract. Left back Vannucci has been the best thing - he was on loan last season, I saw they were interested in him at end of contract, so released him and he signed for them permanently. He's got a 7.22 average rating in Serie B and is developing well - which is excellent as it's a position of need for the NT. This is my 4th attempt with an affiliate club and has been the only one to work really, really well. They have no money and so are more likely to play our loanees, and all who have gone there have played regularly, which didn't happen with 2 of the teams I tried before (the other is now in Serie D, so is only any good for players lower than 1* CA who aren't likely to get a NT call up). San Marino Calcio We're top - and 6 points clear of Napoli - but haven't been playing that well. Indeed, we weren't top for quite a while. But already it looks like Napoli are falling away, which would repeat the last few years in that no one seems to want to challenge us. We again won the Club World Cup - winning the semi with a part U20/part U18 team (4 debuts) and the final with 9 Sammarinese players. San Giovanni It was probably just as well we weren't in the CL - as Faetano drew CSKA Sofia and then Celtic - both of whom we have played far too often - it doesn't help keep the save interesting! Faetano won their first 2 games and then lost to Celtic. The other 2 teams fell at the first hurdle, which was annoying. As for San Gio - well we quite easily got through the first 3 qual legs of the Europa League and then got a tougher test in Rangers. We won the first leg 2-1 - I was a bit worried about the away goal, but we scored twice in the first half and drew the second leg 2-2 to get through to the group stage. There we drew Liverpool, Nice and FC Utrecht. I wasn't expecting anything against Nice away in the first game - but we scored on 4 minutes and then "FM'd" them with the tactic above on defensive and hold shape rather than counter. We beat Utrecht in both games and needed a point against Nice at home to qualify. We were 2-0 up at half time, but were hanging on in the last 10 minutes as they came back well, but we managed to get the point we needed. Our reward? PSG. No chance. Domestically, Faetano beat us in the San Marino Super Cup, so they are becoming an annoyance - but potentially good for the rep of the league if they grow - but otherwise it's been pretty easy. I plan to let 2 further Italians go at the end of the season, as they are in decline and the young Sammarinese talent is at their level. I might have to sign a foreign DM as I have only 3 very poor options at the position. I might try to loan a Calcio U20 DM, but I don't know if the player will be interested.
  5. @mcleera The FM19 OP didn't log on here for a long time, so I decided to get the FM20 thread up early and commit to it for the life cycle of the game (and beyond) - only to switch back to my FM19 save! I have to say I'm enjoying the ME miles more in FM19 - I miss a couple of FM20 features, but on balance I'm glad I switched back! Nice progress so far. Good luck with those dual nationals - I've lost 3 so far - and one now can't get into the Italian squad, which makes it worse! I got lucky with my latest youth intake as we qualified for the World Cup and they wanted to play in that, so that got me 2 young strikers - 1 of which is developing very nicely, the other not so much, plus a keeper who was on the fence at 19 years of age. I'm not sure I'll have as much luck with the next intake, but we are 72nd in the world at the moment, so maybe that will help. I had quite a few weak intakes - last year was my best in quite some time, so I'm hoping for at least 1 or 2 National Team players per year and maybe I can have a dart at getting deeper at the next World Cup. Anyway - keep going and keep us updated - we've got some people making excellent progress and I'd like to think we can get multiple World Cup winners!
  6. 2037/2038 Season (FM19) - Part 2 National Team I wasn't quite sure how to approach Costa Rica and Ivory Coast in our group. So, in a friendly against Trinidad & Tobago, I tried a slightly different tactic - positive, but not too gung-ho - and after winning 5-2 went with it. Both group games were quite drab and tight games - we drew the first 0-0 and the second looked like it was going to end 1-1, but Andrea Bugli popped up with a minute to go to score the winner! That meant we topped the group and drew Paraguay. I knew they were going to be better, but still went fairly positive. The game was very open - the score went 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 3-3 and we finally nudged in front with a penalty from Bugli... all before half-time! My heart couldn't stand any more of that, so I changed to a cautious tactic and we held on pretty easily to progress. We drew France in the 3rd round - and were doing OK, trailing to a very offside looking goal - we went for it in the last 15, but they broke away to finish us in injury time. Still, not too bad. There's no question we're much, much better - ranked 75th in the world. We now have a good keeper (already a Serie A talent and I was holding him back until recently), Bugli up front is still 28, so should be around for the next World Cup, midfielder Broccoli isn't quite as good, but still a good Serie A player and is only 24 (and loves big matches!) with 2 promising strikers who in 4 years time should be of Serie A quality as long as I don't mess up their development! The rest of the team is Serie C standard - and it would really help for us to get 2 strong central defenders so I can play a higher line/press with far more confidence - if I do that now, we struggle. We also need 2 better wide options and full backs. My left back Vannucci was on loan at Santarcangelo and has shown improvement (not always the case with loans unfortunately), so hopefully I can get him up to Serie B level player at least. In a perfect world, we can move beyond the days of trying to develop Serie C level talent as much as possible, but that's likely still a few good intakes away. San Marino Calcio We won 5 out of 6 possible trophies - falling in the semi-final of the Italian Cup to a 10 man Venezia after being 3-2 up on aggregate. All pretty easy and as Tactical Genius noted above, a little dull... Youth Intake My PC was saved by - stop the press - a better intake!! After keeper Bronzetti switched to San Marino (and played in the World Cup, so he can't switch now), I didn't really need a keeper, but I got a good one all the same. The 2 strikers are dual - Fabbri played in the World Cup, I just couldn't lose him, and he actually become the youngest player in World Cup history, plus the youngest scorer after he scored against Ivory Coast. The other striker Valentini has said he'll play for San Marino - I'll call him up for the Nations League. The rest of it wasn't great, but I signed 4 more. San Giovanni Given that the San Marino League is a playoff system - it had to happen - and this season it did. We got "FM'd" by Faetano and lost on penalties in the Champions Playoff final - spoiling an otherwise undefeated domestic season. We did win the San Marino Cup. I did sell 3 of my players to Faetano to boost them as I thought they were improving, so I helped in their rise!! I have been disappointed in Pennarossa as our closest rival, as they haven't kicked on at all - but perhaps the AI will do better with Faetano. I'm moving a few on this year - a couple of Italian players aren't getting contract renewals despite them being good players. We'll see how Europe goes without them... Youth Intake This is the 2nd better intake after a couple of bad ones. The result of the bad spell was the U19's didn't win the U19 league for the first time in forever. Faetano won it, which again suggests they are on the rise.
  7. So close with the World Cup - a pain you have to wait 4 more years now! I'm finding the same with San Marino Calcio. I was expecting other teams to push me in Serie A, but every season it's close in December, but we then pull away. The only teams we struggle against are the odd 4-1-4-1 team and we get "FM'd". It does get old and too easy.
  8. 2037/2038 Season (FM19) - Part 1 National Team The headline: something at times in this save I never thought I'd see - winning our World Cup qualifying group... ahead of Italy! We're off to the 2038 World Cup in South Africa! We've been drawn against Costa Rica and Ivory Coast in our group - not sure how that will go as they are both in the top 20 in the world... We kicked off in September with an easy win against Kosovo. Then came 3 very tough games. Somehow we got a point against Italy. I've been working on trying to limit the damage with cautious tactics with San Giovanni in Europe and used such a one to score a priceless point. We had 1 shot on goal in the entire game - and scored with it courtesy of Andrea Bugli. The next 2 games were away to Norway and Rep Ireland. Despite being a good side, Norway's AI tactics were awful - a slow/cautious passing game and although they had a lot of shots, very few were on target. Certainly I wasn't watching on extended and waiting for the goal to come as they had few highlights. We scored just before half time and won comfortably, I'm not even going to call it holding on. The Rep Ireland game was not easy at the start. Indeed, they scored after 5 minutes and looked like they were going to stuff us. However, after the goal they changed tactics (sometimes the AI is just stupid) and we got into the game. We equalised on 27 minutes after a period where we started to dominate possession. I thought they might put it back up a gear, but they didn't and the game was comfortable. I was happy with a point, but then in injury time we won a corner. Now, I hate short corners - they never work - but 1 out of 6 of my corner routines is a short corner, just for variety. I wasn't confident when I saw that was the routine - but a cross into the box was flicked on by centre half Righi and right winger Massimo Cimmino knocked it home from 2 yards! This Calcio 1.5* CA/Serie C talent guy set up the winner in our first Champions League final win and now scored the single most important goal in National Team history in the save! And now I love short corners! As Italy had lost to Norway at home, that meant we needed to beat the might of Liechtenstein to qualify for the World Cup. The last time we played them at the old San Marino Stadium (the National Team still plays there and not Calcio's new San Marino Stadium) we beat them 10-0 - and we repeated the scoreline with the 10th goal a first international goal from Michele Muccioli - a dual national guy who only just agreed to play for us (he's not the best prospect, but he's 6'7" and does a job). That left a dead game against Italy at home - and we drew 0-0, this time it was us having the better chances and only my club keeper De Luca kept us from a shock win. Dual National News Goalkeeper Michael Bronzetti is the one I really, really, really wanted - particularly after a couple of clangers by incumbent Negri of Pennarossa. Before each set of internationals for 2+ years, I've been asking Bronzetti - but he's not been interested. I had 2 conversations with him where he let me try to talk him into it, but he stuck with Italy. After we qualified for the World Cup, I thought I would try again... and he's said he'll switch to San Marino! I now have to keep my fingers crossed he doesn't flip back to Italy before a competitive game can be played - that will be June in the World Cup. So, to date I've lost 3 - with only the left back Mancini being the one I really, really, really wanted as we're very weak at the position. Annoyingly, he's not always in the Italian squad and only has 6 caps for them. National Team Achievements THE man, Andrea Bugli, class of 2026 now has 50 international goals after bagging a double hat-trick against Liechtenstein (the second time in his career he's done that!). And we cracked the top 100 in the world. San Marino Calcio We're 3 points clear in Serie A with 2 games in hand. We won the European Super Cup and Club World Championship (with our reserve XI and U20 XI again) and this year are still in the Italian Cup. We finished 2nd in our CL group and will face Monaco in the first knockout round. The hardest thing has been rotating in the San Marino guys and keeping some of the big stars happy - currently 3 are unhappy about playing time. I'm not holding my breath for the youth intake, but if it's not better than last year's disaster, my PC will be in danger of being thrown out of the window!!! I've ditched 2 affiliate clubs as they were too good and my Serie C level guys weren't good enough to play for them - and got a new one Santarcangelo. I've got 5 players there - 4 have average rankings above 7.00, so that's encouraging. Left back Pietro Vannucci has lots of green up arrows on his profile - and right back Francesco Broccoli has all but 5 of his attributes as improved. Vannucci is now in the National Team (3 caps) mainly because we have nothing at the position, so any improvement with him will be very well received! Striker Muccioli is there and has bagged 7 goals from 14 starts - not prolific, but solid enough. San Giovanni We missed out on the CL group stage, falling at the last hurdle to Celtic. I thought the draw in the Europa League group stage was OK - but we threw away a 2-0 lead in our first home game and then stank. It has to be said, I'm disappointed at the performances. On a brighter note, the other San Marino League teams in Europe did better this year. Pennarossa and Domagnano won their first round qual games (Domagnano beating AEK Athens, which I thought was a nice win), but then lost. Faetano had 2 easy draws in their games - and won easily - but then lost to Club Brugge - but a much brighter story this year. The league is ranked 70th - up from 81st, where it had been for a couple of years. Domestically, we got the San Marino Super Cup back - and it's been easy. The hardest part is keeping my U19 training at a decent level as my coaches keep getting poached! I really miss the filter in FM20 that lets you select coaches suitable for U19 role!
  9. @FoxGe1994 - good going. How close do you feel you are to having a genuine shot at winning the World Cup?
  10. 2036/2037 Season (FM19) - Part 2 National Team Right after a low point in the save (see San Marino Calcio youth intake), we kicked off our World Cup qualifying campaign. We were away to Kosovo first - a team who qualified for the European Championships last time out. We went 1-0 up, but they equalised almost right away. However, 10 minutes later we went 2-1 up and scored again after the break for 3-1 and then walked it 5-1. We had Norway at home next - a team we had drawn at home with in the Euro qual campaign. They rarely threatened our goal and in a game of few highlights, star midfielder Thomas Broccoli scored on 53 minutes and we held on with very few scares to take our first win against a top 50 ranked team in the world. Right after the domestic season we had an easy win away to Liechenstein - but then a tougher game at home to Ireland. We went 1-0 down - but they then had a man sent off. I then went "Attacking" and was rewarded with a goal in first half injury time. We then scored 2 more in the second half. They didn't go quietly, pulling one back on 89 minutes - but we killed the game and held on to remain 100%. So, after 4 games we are top - but the fixtures get tougher - both games vs Italy and away to Norway and Ireland - plus home to Kosovo and Liechenstein - but we have a chance. Dual National Update We have now lost 3 dual nationals. Left back Davide Mancini was gone in my last update - but Napoli central defender Capicchioni now has 2 caps - and also San Marino Calcio DLF Fabrizio Muccioli (suddenly valued at £44.5 million after 16 Serie A appearances this season with 6 goals and a 6.89 avg rating - so valued more than his performances deserve for me). Muccioli scored against Kosovo for his first international goal. To rub salt into the wound, FM asks me if I want to congratulate him on his first Italian cap and then goal. Not really! Goalkeeper Bronzetti is starting in the Italian U20 World Cup squad. I held him back only playing him twice and will continue to do so next year. His coach report tells me he's operating at a Serie A level at 19 years of age, so I'll probably end up losing him down the road. The other guy is another Muccioli - Michele (and I have another one in the Calcio U18 squad - greater variety of new gen names please SI!!) who is a lower ranked player - current Serie C talent and only a 1.5-2.5* PA - but he's still waiting on Italy - not even an U19 call up to date. I might get him - he's 6'7" and would back up Andrea Bugli in the DLF role should he see the light and take the San Marino route! San Marino Calcio We walked the league again - but got upset in the first round of the cup. However, we did better in the CL, ending up winning it comfortably beating PSG in a stroll 2-0 in the final. Youth Intake I have to say this was a low point in the save. I nearly quit as this was complete garbage with state of the art facilities and a very good HOYD. Most of these wouldn't even be of use to San Giovanni! San Giovanni We won both Champions Playoffs and Cup. The Champions Playoff final was tight against Pennarossa. They beat us in the league 3-0 as well as in the Super Cup, so I was more careful with my tactics. We beat them on penalties (I actually remembered to add them to training before the game, not sure if it helped!) 5-3. The Cup win was easy. I mentioned Faetano being better in my last update. They signed former San Giovanni and Calcio striker Marcello Volpinari in the winter window - he didn't have a club (originally with San Gio, I released him as I had too many strikers - thought someone would sign him, they didn't so I signed him with Calcio. I couldn't get him a loan move, so played him in Serie A where he scored a couple of goals - the next season he was on loan in Serie C and scored 11 goals. I released him as I felt sure someone would sign him, but it took until the winter window for it to happen!) Anyway - he led the league in goals with half a season's work (14 in 16 games) and earned a National Team call up. We beat Faetano easily in the playoff semi - but they won the 3rd/4th playoff and seem to be on the rise. I hope they can be the team to win a European game or two to help out the status of the league. Pennarossa have failed in this despite being our closest rival in recent years. Youth Intake A decent group, although not super deep. We do seem to have quite a few young MC's coming through. Riccione HOYD Test With my Sammarinese HOYD at Serie D club Riccione, the test was to see what impact the nationality of the HOYD had on intake nationality. With zero even dual Sammarinese, I think we can say zero... For what its worth, I kept playing and we won in the Serie D playoff final, but didn't go up and I retired the manager.
  11. I think San Marino Calcio database was for the previous build - I did try to get it working, but I'm rubbish with the editor and failed!! Anyway, welcome and enjoy!
  12. Depends how quickly you get through a season - but we've got 5 months until FM21, so I would think you can make some real progress in that time.
  13. At the moment, none - I've got a decent young right back with a release clause of like £140,000 for foreign clubs, but zero interest in even our best players who are in the National Team. Indeed, I've just had one import go to a Saudi club after 2 seasons with us.
  14. 2036/2037 Season (FM19) - Part 1 National Team After walking our Division D group last time out in the Nation's League, I was hoping to be more competitive than we turned out to be in Division C. We stayed up by 1 point - which was a 1-1 draw at home to Poland. We managed to beat Bosnia at home - the rest of the games we lost. In our World Cup qualifying group, we have drawn Italy, Norway, Rep Ireland, Kosovo (who like us qualified for the last Euros, so harder than it looks) and Liechtenstein (who we beat 10-0 2 years ago!). On the dual front, left back Davide Mancini is now a full Italian international . It wasn't a surprise, as at 22 years of age, he's a 4.5* CA guy in a very good club side - but still... No movement on the others - I badly need a keeper, but I suspect Michael Bronzetti will go the same way. He's 18 and already a 2.5* CA and developing without me really trying. Striker Fabrizio Muccioli is now playing in the San Marino Calcio first team (10 appearances - 5 goals at 7.05 avg rating) and is 3.5* CA with a lot of arrows pointing up. He's 19 and in the Italian U21 team. By the time he's too old for U21 football, I suspect he's going to be pretty good - but I just couldn't hold him back any longer - perhaps I need to... I did give this guy a call up as he wanted to play for San Marino, but as you can see, he's not amazing (3rd or 4th choice centre midfielder - but with some potential). Those arrows are the wrong way around too - perhaps as I had been using him off the bench a little for the first team. I'll leave him in the U18's for the next couple of months so he can get the more intensive training and hope to see some up arrows soon!! San Marino Calcio It's all getting pretty routine. So much so, I've done instant result in some games for the first time. I was using a rotated team quite often (full of Sammarinese players), but after getting thumped 4-2 at Fenerbache in the CL, I made changes. I now use 2 teams, rotating them every game - each team has 5 first team players and 5 backups (most of which are Sammarinese). That's worked a treat results wise - but development of some of the lesser players isn't great. Oddly, our top scorer is a 1.5* CA guy who I play simply because he's the best option for the National Team and I don't want him retiring! A bit odd with many of these 1.5* guys that their average ratings in Serie A are good (I've got a left winger at 7.2, central defender at 7.02, right winger at 7.1 and Zonzini at 7.09), but development is poor (most are late teens/early 20's - Zonzini is older so I'm not expecting him to develop more). San Giovanni Our first two European qualifiers were easy, as has become the norm. Last year CSKA Sofia knocked us out of CL quals - and we were far from their level. So, I wasn't happy when we got them again (happens too often across all the various draws). However, there must have been development with this group as we won both games 1-0 to go through. That left us with Polish side Legia in the final hurdle. We drew at home 0-0 and I thought we had lost the chance. We went 1-0 down in the 3rd minute of the 2nd leg, so nothing changed my mind! However, we kept it tight and then I subbed both strikers on 67 minutes - and 2 minutes later, backup DLF Berti scored. We held on fairly easily to make it to the CL group stage for the 2nd time. Our reward? Real Madrid, Man City and Atalanta. Needless to say, we got stuffed out of sight in all 6 games. Fairly normal domestically, although we lost the San Marino Super Cup game for the first time in the save! Oddly Pennarossa, who beat us, haven't started the Group 1 campaign well, dropping 2 games - but we are only 3 games in. We'll see if someone else overtakes them as our nearest rival. I did see Faetano signed a few San Marino Calcio rejects, who are good for this level, so maybe them... I have been thinking about where to go with San Giovanni. I could be aggressive and sign imports to do better in Europe and take the next step, but it has little value to the National Team (and there's no financial need for Europe as the last upgrade to facilities is paid for, so we're "state of the art" for everything). So, the imports I have will stay unless there's someone behind them who might be better with playing time, but I'm not going to sign further imports. Our young keeper might end up starting for the National Team soon - his development has been good - but I wouldn't say development is great in this league. It's a better league than at the start of the save, but still far from Serie A. Europe does help development - but getting thumped by the likes of Real and Man City probably doesn't! HOYD Experiment I'm interested in the impact the nationality of a club's HOYD has on nationality of the youth intake class. As there are zero even half decent Sammarinese HOYD for the Serie A level, Calcio has an Italian HOYD with no San Marino knowledge (2.5 years in and still zero knowledge). Anyone half decent in recent intakes is, at best, dual. So, I added a 3rd manager to the save of newly promoted to Serie D side FYA Riccione (just to the East of San Marino). They didn't have a HOYD, so I gave the job to a Sammarinese guy. I'll see how many, if any, Sammarinese players come through in the intake - just out of interest. They won't be any good as it's a Serie D club with poor facilities, so won't impact the integrity of the save - but I just wanted to experiment! Actually, I've played out quite a few games and am finding something new is more interesting than being in easy/Hulk smash mode with both San Marino Calcio and San Giovanni. Tipped to get relegated with a poor squad, we currently sit 4th.
  15. 2035/2036 Season (FM19) - Part 2 National Team It was pretty much as expected in the European Championships. Drawn against hosts Portugal, Germany and Russia - I figured we were still some distance from competing. However, after going 2-0 up against Russia in the opener, it was disappointing to only draw. Even more disappointing was the fact it was another injury time goal conceded - the team just can't stop the tide when the oppo goes "Attacking". We got stuffed by Portugal - but did better against Germany. They scored through an own goal by our keeper (palmed a corner into his own net!) and then a late penalty as we chased an unlikely draw. Dual National Update There are now 5 dual players who would walk into the National Team - and I couldn't get any of them to join us for the Euros. The best is left back Davide Mancini who played 22 games for the Calcio first team with an average rating of 7.48. I fully expect to lose him to Italy - and even San Marino Calcio as big clubs are taking strong interest. The other 3 are involved with Italy U21's - and there's one new one who was in the most recent youth intake. A striker, he listened to me trying to talk him into playing for us, but opted to wait for Italy. Obviously, I can have another go before the Nation's League. Interestingly, the central defender Capicchioni played 36 games for Napoli. You may remember this is the 5'10"/9 jumping reach central defender who I sold for £10 million at 16. When Calcio played Napoli in the Italian Cup Final, I put THE man Andrea Bugli on him. Bugli scored with a header and Capicchioni was so stressed, 5 minutes later he put one into his own net - so his first goal for San Marino Calcio!! I'm not too worried about him as we are short enough as a team anyway and he would add to the problem - although I could play him at right back (where I was initially training him). San Marino Calcio We had a 15 point lead in the table as Napoli fell away. So, it was a good time to play young players. That resulted in poor form - lots of draws and then some losses. In the end we won 3 games in a row in May (one of which was the Italian Cup Final) and that was enough for the title - but only just as Lazio were on a roll. The last 2 games, we went very young and lost both - Inter thumping us 5-0. In the CL, we lost to Liverpool 1-0 on aggregate in the semi - we hit the post 3 times and had 2 ruled out for offisde - such is life. Due to injuries to both of my normal starting central defenders (an Italian and Slovenian), 18 year old Michele Giacobbi got thrown in at the deep end. He was a 1* CA/2* PA guy - but he's Sammarinese, and I had few other options in a bit of an injury crisis at the position. He played 6 games for us with a 6.92 average rating and is now a 1.5 CA player - his form got him a call up to the National Team. My dual striker is now 3* CA at 19, but struggled for goals - just 2 in 8 appearances - 1 a direct free kick and the other a tap in I would have scored! Outside of that, no massive development. A lot of 1.5* CA players played a lot - 3 of them had 17 or more appearances with average ratings above 7 (right winger Cimmino was 7.2 with 6 goals), but development was limited. A number of players were out on loan. I tracked their CA/PA before and after the season and only 1 player developed - so that's not really working. It might be best to keep them with Calcio as my training facilities are state of the art and most of the training categories are 4*+ with senior, U20 and U18 teams. However, it does give the Sammarinese guys some Serie C/D visibility and might prevent them retiring if I have an injury crisis with the National Team. Youth Intake This was a better group - although the best prospect is... Italian. The striker Muccioli is 6'7" so would lend some height defending corners..., if I can get him to play for us. He's not been called up to Italy U19's yet, so hopefully I can get him onboard for the Nation's League campaign. San Giovanni Not quite normal service, as we lost to Tre Fiori in the Cup semi. The 3-1 loss after a 1-1 first leg was our first Cup loss in a long, long time. However, after a slow start in the Champions Playoffs, we walked the semi and beat our closest rival (and the only other team to get through one round in European qualifiers - but just one!) Pennarossa 3-0 in the final courtesy of a hat-trick from veteran Matteo Montanari (leading league scorer with 16). Youth Intake As with Calcio, this was much better.
  16. 2035/2036 Season (FM19) - Part 1 National Team This part of the update features the last 4 European Championship qualifying games - plus we also had a friendly against Scotland. We started out away to Switzerland - and I thought we were going to "FM" them, as going into injury time it was 0-0. Unfortunately, they scored in the 91st minute to get a deserved win - after all they had 30 shots and we had... 1!! After that, we rotated against Scotland in a friendly and lost 2-0 - we played pretty well though and just conceded 2 back-to-back right before the half. At home against Norway, we played really well. We were 1-0 down - but managed to equalise through San Marino Calcio's Alessandro Zonzini on the hour. We were out shot 26-8 - but hung on for a valuable point. 3 days later, we were away to Northern Ireland. Still in with a vague chance of qualifying, I decided to go for it and went "Positive". That was rewarded with an early goal - just 4 minutes on the clock when San Marino Calcio's 18 year-old right winger Nicola Ceccoli struck. The game was open - with both sides looking dangerous - but it was Northern Ireland who got the next goal on 24 minutes. The game remained end-to-end, but on 64 minutes a long punt from San Giovanni left back Davide Zonzini put through THE man Andrea Bugli (now valued at £44.5 million!!) - his first shot was saved, but he made no mistake with the rebound and we had the lead again! We managed to hold on for a big win! That left us with 1 game to play - but Switzerland had 2 - home to Northern Ireland and away to Armenia. If they won both, they were 2nd. We took care of business in our final game, beating Armenia 3-1. Switzerland meanwhile crumbled under the pressure and lost 2-1 to Northern Ireland! That meant we were 2nd - and unexpectedly had me waiting for the last games to be played in other groups. We actually managed to qualify without going through the playoffs! It's probably going to be another "careful what you wish for" moment, but still I was very surprised we finished above Switzerland! A "thank you" card went to the Northern Ireland squad! My first choice XI features 7 San Marino Calcio players, 2 from San Giovanni, our keeper is at Pennarossa and our left back La Fiorita (although he's had just 3 starts for them this year, so his place has to be under threat). 6 of the rest of the squad are from San Giovanni and 5 from San Marino Calcio - with just a Cailungo keeper rounding out the squad. So, pretty clear to see the rest of the San Marino League isn't helping much! I'm desparate to get left back Davide Mancini to declare for San Marino. He's 21 now and was in Italy's U23 squad for a recent friendly. For Calcio, I couldn't hold him back any longer and he's now our first choice left back with a 7.61 average ranking in 17 games. I fear we might lose him. Central defender Federico Capicchioni, who we sold to Napoli for £10 million, is now 20 years of age and is in the full Italian squad, although still uncapped - they have 2 upcoming friendlies, so could still switch even if he plays in those - although it looks like we might lose him also. I hope Italy leave both out of their European Championship squad - but hopefully it will be timed before our squad is decided so I might have a chance... San Marino Calcio Calcio have moved into a new 19,571 capacity stadium (the National Team is still in the old San Marino stadium - although San Marino U21's get to play in the new stadium!) - the crowds witnessing another strong season. We won the European Super Cup with a strong team as we lost last year and I thought I'd give it more of a go this season. In the league, we're undefeated - after a little run where we had some draws where we couldn't break down a parked bus, we've picked up and have won 12 straight in all competitions. After an easy Club World Championship win last year, I left the first XI at home. My second XI won the semi 5-1 and I then played my U20 team in the final. A team featuring 6 Sammarinese players and 1 dual managed to win - although it did take penalties! I have the big 2 - Bugli and midfielder Broccoli in my first choice XI, plus dual left back Mancini - and have been working in 2 or 3 U20's in most games - more in those against teams near the bottom. It's a shame there's not a league cup equivalent to help - the Italian Cup we were straight into the first round and Fiorentina and then a Q-F against Roma, so no lower league fodder! Anyway, a central defender, Righi, has started 6 games and 3 sub appearances with a 7.33 average rating - he's rated as 1.5 stars CA with another black star on top for PA. Another central defender, Guerra, with the same CA, but slightly higher PA (2 gold + 1 black), has 6 starts and a sub appearance with a 7.43 average rating. One success story has been Alessandro Zonzini. Out on loan last year with Monza in Serie C, he scored just 3 goals in 30 appearances for them. Now 26, he's not going to get much, if any, better. However, with 7 starts and 9 off the bench, he's bagged 7 goals for us, which included a hat-trick in the Club World Championship semi-final. So, more goals with us already this year than last year on loan at a lower level! It's crucial to carefully pick the games he starts, as against the top sides he'll probably struggle - but I can hide him to a degree if I start him with our strongest team. In the U18 team - there's just one 5 star PA player - dual keeper Bronzetti, who is 17. He's in the Italian U20 squad atm. Hopefully, this youth intake will feature something better - all facilities etc. are now "state of the art", so I am hoping!! San Giovanni Our first two CL qualifiers were easy - 5-1 and 4-1 first leg wins meant the ties were effectively over. However, CSKA Sofia were too good for us in the next round. We lost 3-2 on aggregate - but were out played in both games and never looked like beating them in either game. CSKA were a 3* rep team - and I was expecting another tough game against 3* rep Maribor in the Europa League qualifier. That didn't happen, as we smashed them 7-0 in the first leg! We played a very young team in the second leg and got stuffed 4-0, so perhaps not the best idea!! That gave us another year in the Europa League group stage - but a tougher group. We lost both games to a French team and could only draw with Celtic at home, a game we needed to win, and lost to them at Celtic Park. We drew with Austria Vienna away, in a game we perhaps should have won, and beat them 1-0 at home - but finished 3rd and are out. Smooth sailing in the league and Cup - undefeated, so that's 1.5 years domestically without a loss. I'm playing 2 separate teams to help with development - I was playing my strongest team 2 games and the weaker 1 on a rotation - but now switch game-to-game. Our backup keeper has really benefited from this and he might push our #1 keeper who is now 23 and unlikely to develop a huge amount more. One thing I like to do is scan the San Marino National Team Pool and check if any players are without a club. Two were in the summer - a left winger released by Calcio and former San Marino Calcio legend, central defender Riccardo Gatti (now 33 with 121 caps!). We had an import left winger and 2 promising backups, so I ignored the winger - but I was able to sign Gatti pretty easily. I didn't want him retiring - and I had a slot, so pounced! He's an excellent mentor - and that will help with some low determination players in the first team squad. As we approached the transfer window, we received a bid out of the blue for our Italian left winger - £500,000 from Saudi club Al-Ettifaq. With the player wanting to go, I accepted the bid - and then quickly signed the released Calcio left winger, Luca Zanotti, who has 11 appearances for us with a 7.64 average rating! He's got 15 pace and 15 decisions - but got lost in a log jam at the position with Calcio.
  17. I just tried in my FM19 save and I couldn't. It's interesting because I've got the 2 club thing going on in my save - both of my HOYD's are relatively fresh appointments. My Calcio guy was 1.5 years ago - and my San Giovanni guy only at the start my current season (currently in December). Both are Italian and had zero knowledge of San Marino. My San Giovanni guy though has already started to get some knowledge of San Marino - but not my Calcio guy, in post longer, who still has Italian knowledge only. Perhaps it's hard coded to the country of the league, not the country of your club? Clearly a very specific and rare circumstance with San Marino Calcio. I think with one other, Croatia Berlin, that's hard coded for them to produce mainly Croatian youth intakes, but not sure if that was ever done with San Marino Calcio (which is the same club as in FM19, but made un-extinct in the editor). I do know the original Cattolica SM club in FM20 was hard coded to produce Italian intakes and we couldn't change it in the editor. I guess I'll just keep checking to see if any staff new gens pop up with better attributes I guess - perhaps as San Giovanni and the San Marino League continues to evolve...
  18. It's up to you if you start the save as manager of club and country, or just club. At the start of the save managing the San Marino National Team you will get thumped fairly frequently. However, the Nations League is a pretty cool thing and it does afford you control in who you call up and when you play them, which can help in Serie C and D club wise. I recall the Serie C playoffs clashed with a National Team friendly, so I left out a couple of big names as I needed them for club! With the signings, you can sign whoever you want for the club. One way to go about it for sure is to be aggressive with recruitment to get you up the leagues and into Serie A ASAP! Once there, the TV money makes it far easier to invest in facilities and hopefully better youth intakes. At some point in the save you have to change to being far more aggressive with developing your Sammarinese young players - but for me that's really only just starting to happen and I'm in December 2035! Earlier in the save I got relegated twice (C to D and B to C) which slowed me - I should have been less loyal to players who got me promoted! Thinking about my save, I should have started that earlier - but my intakes were complete garbage! Now, I'm trying to get the maximum out of every single Sammarinese player - even if they are only a Serie C/D talent. Good luck - and have fun!
  19. I found that in my save as well. I was trying to be clever tactically and got run over by some teams (Man U in the Europa League Semi beat us 5-1 on aggregate) - so in the end went for broke - high press in place and attacking - and we started to win those games. Weird! Now I find CL games easier - as most Serie A teams park the bus and I get "FM'd" at times... Feel the pain with the youth intakes - I'd love a real game changer of a group, but still waiting! I've been wondering if my HOYD not having any knowledge of San Marino isn't helping - but all the Sammarinese HOYD's are garbage!
  20. I've gone back to FM19 and a long term save - the San Marino Challenge. I'm playing as manager of 2 clubs - San Marino Calcio and also San Giovanni in the San Marino League just to make the save more interesting. With San Marino Calcio, I've been able to get to Serie A and win it and the CL - but the traditional way with signings. With the money earned from the success, facilities are now "State of the Art" and I'm trying to develop young players far more - who can in turn help the National Team (we just beat Northern Ireland 2-1, so finally some hope on that front!). Anyway, like most I guess, I've been playing far more at the moment - but have a few stupid questions on different things! Developing Young Players Quite a few of my recent San Marino Calcio youth intakes haven't been great - but I'm trying to develop every single Sammarinese player as much as I can so it helps the National Team. If I develop a player into a Serie B or C talent, that's still a help. With that in mind: I read somewhere that at the age of 18 players need game time most at a suitable level. Would playing an 18 year old in Serie A actually hurt his development rather than help it - particularly if he's only ever going to be a Serie B/C talent and is currently a Serie C or D talent? I can perhaps hide some youngsters in the first team if we are playing a team near the bottom - perhaps less so against Inter, AC Milan etc. The other option for a player at 18 is to loan them out. If I loan a player to a Serie C club, they are in the vast majority of cases going to have average, at best, training facilities. As long as they are playing regularly, is it best to send them on loan to a club with lesser facilities - or keep them in the U20 setup? I did get an affiliate club with good facilities, but there's no guarantee they will play them (even if they look better than what they already have!) and so that hasn't worked as well as I had hoped... International Management It doesn't look like I can hire a Data Analyst and therefore get a pre-game Analyst Report - which I personally find to be a really helpful tool (the 2 pie charts - length and direction of passes I rely on a lot to decide pressing intensity and defensive line/line of engagement). Is there any way to get one - I can't see anywhere to request it... Assessing the Oppo I've had quite a few good runs in Europe with my San Marino League team - cracking the group stage of the CL once and also the knockout stages of the Europa League. I find I'm playing teams from all over Europe, but it's quite tough to judge just how good they are. For example, we played CSKA Sofia 3* rep and were well beaten. That dropped us down to the Europa League qualifiers and Maribor - again 3* rep and we won the first leg 7-0!! We were underdogs for both - pre-game odds about the same, but clearly CSKA were miles better than Maribor! I find it hard to tell how good we are in comparison to other teams (and this applies in international management now San Marino are getting better) - what's the best way of doing this? Head of Youth Development How much does knowledge of your particular country matter with this member of staff? The best Sammarinese HOYD's in game are garbage - so I've gone for an Italian - but he has zero knowledge of San Marino. Is this a big deal? Thanks in advance for any help!
  21. 2034/2035 Season (FM19) - Part 2 San Marino Calcio In another year, we probably wouldn't have won Serie A. We dropped points fairly regularly after AC Milan beat us 1-0 in a real smash and grab job in the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-final. We also lost the second leg, so didn't win that trophy. However, everyone else dropped points too - Inter fell away, Juve made a charge and then fell away - so in the end we won with a game to spare - but it wasn't convincing. The last game of the year, away to Roma, was 3 days before the CL final and we played 10 youth players - 9 of which were Sammarinese - we lost 1-0, but did OK. The Champions League seemed easier than Serie A - perhaps as teams didn't park the bus against us. Having said that, Bayern in the final were defensive, and that was harder work. It was 0-0 with 2 minutes to go - the ball was with an 18 year old Sammarinese right winger, Massimo Cimmino (on as a sub) and he crossed for our Swedish superstar Jonas Moberg to head home - a nice FM moment made cooler by the fact a young Sammarinese talent set it up. Youth Intake I ended up signing all the Sammarinese players - although another fairly weak crop... San Giovanni In Europe, we drew Sporting of Portugal in the first knockout round of the Europa League. I wasn't expecting much at all, so imagine my surprise and delight when we were 3-0 up at half time of the first leg (at home)! They pulled one back, but we got another - but they got a late one to make it a 4-2 lead, but those 2 away goals loomed large. Having been on the end of mostly slow passing/defensive formations this season in the league, I decided to try doing the same to Sporting. It worked a treat! They struggled to create anything - but did get a goal on 83 minutes. Those last minutes could have been nervous, but we kept cool and held on for a 4-3 win! The next round saw us draw Lazio, again with the home leg first. We kept it tight and held on for a 0-0 draw! I was thinking we'd get heavily beaten in the 2nd leg, but amazingly we took the lead on 7 minutes! However, their class was too much for us and they scored on 36 and 71 minutes - adding another late on as we chased the game. Still, our best showing in Europe and we did push Lazio! Domestically, we didn't finish top of Group 1 for the first time in years - with lots of draws against parked buses (plus Europe taking it out of us). However, we didn't lose a game domestically, so I finally got that achievement!! We won both Cup finals fairly easily, with our shot count miles higher than the oppo. Youth Intake Better than last year with 3 who look to have potential to help the first team in time. National Team The green shoots of growth are very much in evidence with the National Team - and I have to say it's a joy to play their games for the first time in this save. We started out our European Championship qualifying campaign with the 2 top seeds - and were able to get a point against Switzerland, and indeed had the best chance of the game - but the man, Andrea Bugli, fluffed his lines with a good early chance. Norway on their patch were too good for us though - we lost 3-1, with our goal a late one. To finish the 2034/35 season we had Northern Ireland at home and then away to Armenia. I figure Norway will come top and Switzerland second - but as you never know, I figured to stand any chance we had to beat Northern Ireland at home (and maybe away also). So, I went positive - and was rewarded with an early goal - but they equalised with a slightly lucky goal. We kept going though and took the lead on 58 minutes through Calcio's star midfielder Thomas Broccoli. We held on pretty easily to get a big win. Armenia were poor and went with a narrow 4-2-2-2 - so it was easy to get space wide and put crosses in. San Giovanni's Matteo Montanari got a hat-trick for an easy win. That leaves us 2nd in the group - but we've played one game more than everyone else.
  22. Cheers mate - that's good to know, particularly at this stage of the save - never thought I'd play enough to get this far tbh!!
  23. See what you mean about the Nigerian guy - wow!! I like the keeper as well. This guy was the top prospect from my 2032 class. He's a 5'10" central defender with a jumping reach of 9. I was training him as a right back, but then Napoli bid £10 million for him, so I sold him! He's got the wonderkid label, so I'm assuming he'll end up with Italy - but I still wouldn't quite know what to do with him... The left back I spoke about is this guy - again a little shorter than ideal which does concern me a bit - I've had him out on loan 3 times and he's ready for the first team, but I do have 2 good left backs, so that's bad planning by me! Certainly harder with San Marino Calcio and long contracts - with San Giovanni turnover is much higher and easier with 1 or 2 year contracts - but hard to plan as you never know your intake in 1 or 2 years time... I've also got 2 younger guys who have refused the San Marino call up. This guy is a striker and I think could be really good. This keeper also has potential, but I need to keep him training hard to improve that command of area, which is a lot lower than I like - but he is only 16. We had good keepers early in the save, but the current national team is a San Marino League guy with Pennarossa and nothing super special, so this guy is better than him already. The 2 pure Sammarinese guys I have playing in the San Marino Calcio first team are these two. The striker, Bugli, is the man: The midfielder, Broccoli, I have done a pretty good job developing him - pushing him into the first team at a young age and he's still developing. 16 decisions is a nice one - and he's good with set pieces too.
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