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  1. A great read - look forward to more moving forward!
  2. My feedback on the patched ME. My opinion was that I was enjoying the game when the beta was first released - but not as much after the first patch. This has been much more enjoyable to watch/play and has for sure seen me playing the game more. A lot of posters have talked about long balls and 1 on 1's - and while they are there, I wouldn't say I'm seeing a massive amount. Now, I do play with a standard defensive line/lower loe - and against a direct team last night, I changed my fastest CD to "Cover" and also made sure I selected "Regroup" and I won 2-0 - and a comfortable 2-0 as well. They got behind me once all game with a long ball and my covering CD got back and blocked the shot. Against a team that was pressing me high up, I played more directly and I did see more 1 on 1's - but that's exactly what I wanted. I would say they aren't being scored quite enough - but I am seeing some converted. We scored a goal last night that was superb - quick, short passing in a central area and a through ball for a nice finish - I didn't see goals like that in the last ME - so that was great to see. A winger on attack is acting exactly how I would expect - running at defenders and crossing. I found my fullbacks ratings were really low in the last ME - that's been fixed. I would say maybe a Box to Box Midfielder seems a little underpowered and he's not shown up much - but I will admit to him not being the best player in my team! The number of goals from corners feels right. I thought it was overpowered in the last ME. I do notice a difference in how I play depending on my tactics - and if I get it right, the result often follows - if I get it wrong, that's not on the ME, it's on me - but it does matter what tactics I use. You need a plan of how you are going to play in each game and to be aware of the weakness of your tactic. When I get it right, it does feel rewarding - and hey, when I don't I just click my heels three times and wish I was Rashidi!! Things to Tweak? I saw on the last page of the thread the issue of too many red cards was raised. Last night in a stretch of 8 games, I saw 6 red cards - 2 for me, 6 for the oppo. I'll post the pkm's when I get home tonight as that feels a touch high. Oddly, it was only last night I saw this issue... Indirect free kicks from out wide are overpowered - I've scored and conceded what feels like too many - all with balls to the far post. I'm still seeing too many offside goals - I'll keep an eye on that tonight and pkm any games with 2 or more. Too small of a sample size I guess with penalties - but 2 of 3 have been saved - I'll keep an eye on this. Overall I personally am enjoying playing a lot more since the release on Tuesday. I do have to stop and think before each game - but that's part of the challenge. So, well done and thank you, SI.
  3. Cheers - January window at the moment and hoping we don't lose our best players. Amateur contracts mean we can lose people for nothing. Europe is the answer and turn the club pro. The way the divisions are in Italy, the step up from Serie D to C - and then C to B is big - but hopefully you do better than expected. 19 for determination for your centre half is excellent - hopefully he really develops for you.
  4. I believe the editor has been fixed - but still no 100% confirmation: https://community.sigames.com/topic/503370-fm20-wip-leagues-european-pack-by-claassen/page/3/
  5. Was going to ask the same question - hoping claassen can get cracking now!
  6. No mention on the changelist, but Neil did say "Has been many fixes and tweaks across the game including, but not limited to those listed below" - so here's hoping...
  7. Someone above said the issue was in place in other creators works too and it was an editor bug.
  8. And there's also an editor bug in the San Marino League file he's put up there - the AI doesn't register players. Oddly, their teams fixed it in the January registration window - but start of season 2 this is the kind of thing I see in some teams we play against: So, effectively, the AI didn't register players at the start of 2019 - then registered them in January 2020 - and then un-registered them for the start of the new season. Editor bug - so not claassen's fault.
  9. San Giovanni 2020 Group A So far, so good for San Giovanni - with another first place finish. In home games, I've switched from a 4-1-4-1 to a 4-1-2-2-1, which has seen more goals - hopefully we can keep the form going in the second part of the league. San Marino National Team - Nations League 2020 On seeing the group, I thought we could do OK - but we got thumped by the best team in the group, Latvia, 4-1 in the first game, so I wasn't thinking promotion. However, we won our next 5 games, including a 4-0 win against Latvia to gain promotion. We actually went 1-0 down in the last game to Liechtenstein after 90 seconds - but we scored twice before half time and held on. We earned promotion ahead of Latvia on a head-to-head tie breaker - which we won 5-4 - so Berardi's goal away to Latvia in that first game was anything but a consolation goal.
  10. Dan mentioned it in his thread - saw on Twitter a response from Marc Duffy saying the bug wouldn't be hotfixed. Assuming claassen has hit the same bug as Dan.
  11. I assumed he has run into the same bug that Dan ran into. Dan won't release anything until it's fixed, so don't believe claassen will either. I saw on Twitter the editor bug isn't going to be hotfixed either - it will be in the December patch, which could be 2 or 3 weeks away. So, we just have to be patient, wait and don't annoy these amazing people who are sinking a lot of their own time and effort into projects like this - otherwise they will throw in the towel, which would be a massive loss to the community. And that's a Southampton and Portsmouth fan 100% agreeing - so it must be the truth
  12. @viney Welcome to the San Marino Challenge - I believe that's called a baptism of fire!! On the plus side, the only way is up (surely?)!
  13. If you are playing as San Marino Calcio, if you find a decent FM19 logo pack, they should be in there. I'll post it from home later (if I remember - it's an age thing! )
  14. San Giovanni 2019/20 Update Part 2 We managed to qualify for the Champions Playoffs with 1 game to spare - finishing 5th in the end - not bad with the board's objectives being "avoid finishing bottom". However, the playoffs were over right away against Tre Fiori. It was 1-1 after the home leg - we gave up an awful own goal - and we lost the second leg to 2 corners and a penalty. Still, overall a solid first season. Youth Intake A pretty normal type of intake for this league - lots of 4 and 5 star potential players - but training only two days per week as an amateur club, it's hard to bring them on. Hopefully, I can give one or two a go in the first team, but there aren't a massive amount of fixtures, so tough to do without upsetting first team players. National Team Just two friendlies to report on - a 0-0 draw away to Malta - and then another win! We managed to beat Azerbaijan away 1-0 with a scrappy goal from Matteo Vitaioli - but it looked like a thing of beauty to me!! So, that's unbeaten in three games and two clean shots in a row! Happy days!
  15. Noticed this also - indeed I think my San Marino League team, the mighty San Giovanni, is better supported away than home!
  16. Yes, very much a long and winding road in the Serie C playoffs - good work so far, good luck tomorrow!
  17. Love the board doing that! Keep an eye on him - maybe down the road, you can sign him again. Good luck in the play-offs!!
  18. I noticed this also since the change in ME. I raised this thread in the bugs section: Feel free to add your own pkm's to this.
  19. Claassen will activate them in the editor and will publish the file on the Steam workshop. But it's a work in progress, so they aren't done yet.
  20. I'm playing a direct 4-1-4-1 - with "Regroup" and not "Counter-Press" - and I'm also not using wingbacks, which seem pretty common. Play on cautious or balanced - only my striker, inverted left winger and one central midfielder on attack. I'm playing as a poor team in a poor (San Marino) league, so didn't feel we were even remotely good enough to counter-press - even though I'd probably get good results if we did. Qualified for Group 1 of the league and hopefully going to make the Champions Playoffs (weird league system in San Marino) - and my striker is my top scorer. Will try to remember to post when I get home.
  21. The qualification period is 30 years, so only very rare cases should occur in game. If they are dual - then if you can pursuade them (easier at the start of the save), then you can use them.
  22. I'm no super tactics expert, but I've been playing with a more direct style myself, so a few comments. You've got "Hit Early Crosses" selected - but if you ping the ball into the box early, then you might have 1 or 2 who have had time to get into the box. I see where you're coming from, but I would try without it - let people get in the box to support your striker. Floated crosses suggests your striker is strong in the air - but if he's not, low or whipped would make more sense - but perhaps just go for a mix. Your two flanks are identical. Perhaps try one winger as an inside forward or inverted winger to support your poacher. I would say on that side, make your FB attacking and leave the overlap (although you don't need it for that to happen) - and on the other side have your winger as attacking - but take off the overlap or even think about going FB(d). I might think about changing your attacking playmaker to a straight CM(a) - a direct style suggests you are going to bypass him. If you want play to go through him, perhaps a slightly less direct style might work better for him.
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