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  1. I played until 2046 with the San Marino Challenge in FM19. I had a dual save - San Marino Calcio in the Italian leagues and also San Giovanni in the San Marino League. My experience in terms of producing top intakes was it felt tied to the reputation of the San Marino League. Most of my San Marino Calcio intakes in Serie A after winning the title 14 years in a row and 7 Champions Leagues were awful. My facilities/junior coaching etc. were maxed out - and I had a superb HOYD. I did get maybe 4 or 5 Serie A level talents - 2 of which were well on their way to being world class players (one of whom was a keeper who saved 3 pens in a World Cup final penalty shootout, which we won!). The quality of intakes from the San Marino League went up slowly and steadily over the long save as the league rep grew - and I even started to get some players who top clubs signed (one went to Juve and looked like he was going to develop really well). With one club in the Italian league system - and the game treating them as Italian other than the nationality of the intakes, it made it different to your Iceland save - same with Andorra (FC Andorra in Spanish league). I did try the Liechtenstein Challenge in FM21 - and with no Leichtenstein league at all - I found the intakes with FC Vaduz were really good from the start (and it made it too easy - and no, I don't know what I would want it to be as hard as the San Marino Challenge!!) - I assume as the intakes seemed linked to the Swiss League's rep. What I didn't find was an improvement in youth intakes when the National Team started to win more. I would say the NT's results were really good for the last 6 years of the save - but that didn't seem to do much. Writing about this means I'll probably fire up FM19 tonight!
  2. Assume like in cricket it's "batter" not "batsman" - with women's football coming at some point we can't have Target Man anymore.
  3. I was playing CM03/04 on and off for many, many years and FM19 was my first FM - there wasn't much difference in international management between the two - so it badly needs some love. There was a nice discussion thread on international management in the feature requests section, with some well thought out and really interesting ideas. I'll be very disappointed if nothing changes. SI talk about their high standards, but I can't see how this section of the game comes even close to meeting them. Same with the editor. I have done bits and pieces with the editor for the San Marino Challenge, but am by no means even an average user. However, when the community loses a first class editor like the mighty @claassen because the editor is bugged, there's clearly a big problem - and again I'll be very disappointed if I see bug threads about the editor. There's still some time to go with announcements, so we still live in hope...
  4. Hopefully any Twitch stream would feature Nic Madden in a starring role.
  5. I didn't enjoy this one anywhere near as much as part 1, it has to be said. As many have said, the Deadline Day stuff isn't something I felt was a priority. Again, as others have said, if I haven't finished my recruitment way before deadline day, then I've failed as a "manager". Certainly, if I got 2 or 3 regular starters in on deadline day, it would be fairly deep into the season before my team cohesion was good, and for that reason most "managers"/users will get their business done as early as possible. Perhaps it will flag up the odd player who suddenly becomes available that's too good to ignore - but for the most part, I think it'll be a bunch of button clicks for very little reward. We need less button clicks, not more. The staff meeting - I saw you can set the meetings to "Never" - pretty sure most will do this. I know they are going for realism with the feature - but step one is to make the feedback from AI staff members even vaguely useful and then you can give us something like this. I would much rather the scouting meetings were fixed so that they became useful, as at least I can see that they possibly could be in the game. I'd decided a while ago that I wasn't going to pre-order - I didn't like FM20 at all and FM21, while much better, had too many bugs - particularly early in the life cycle. I have to admit, after last week I was wavering as I loved the changes to pressing/stamina. However, my big concern is that the pre-release beta will come out - many users who download tactics will suddenly struggle and the FM22 feedback thread will have multiple meltdowns. SI will react in the 2 week period - too short a period to make major ME changes and we'll have another FM20 ME (remember the pre-release beta of FM20 was too many one-on-ones - which was SI trying to say playing a high line will be punished - and the ME never recovered at any point). So, I'll probably wait until after Christmas at the earliest and then try the demo. If they get the pressing/stamina right, I'll buy it - if not, I'll pass.
  6. Completely agree with you - and several others made the same point in the FM21 feedback thread. Yesterday was a typical example for me - between work, the commute and family life, I had about 30 minutes free time to play FM. I managed to play one game and clearly I didn't have time to watch on Full or Comprehensive. As such, at times when I'm in the game I feel disconnected - so while I do get the realism viewpoint - SI does have to understand and cater to users who maybe only have 30 minutes a day to snatch a bit of FM.
  7. @pats Any chance you could post a screenshot of your tactic? I'd be really interested to have a look at it. I did something similar with a 4-1-4-1 in FM19 - tended to result in too many 0-0 scores though!
  8. Agreed. Also speed up the animation where the ref walks sssllllooooowwwwlllllyyyy over to the monitor on halfway - takes too long and you generally can work out what the decision is going to be anyway.
  9. Year 6 (Stage 3) Last season, we started the year losing 3-0 to AEK and had to play catch up. This season, we had the same fixture to start the year, but we won 3-1 - and with a team boosted by huge wins against Molde and Malmo in Champions League qualifiers, we started the year like a house on fire and were top of the league after 3 games and stayed there all season. We had a couple of dips, but were able to win our second Greek title. We had an easier Cup draw this year, and beat AEK 2-1 AET in the final for another double. In the Champions League, our group was PSV, Man City and Barcelona. We won at home to PSV in the first game, but then had a problem as Man City away was sandwiched by PAOK and Olympiakos in the league. So, I elected to rotate against Man City to keep the boys fresh for the big league games - which were two wins - but City stuffed us 7-1! We lost to Barcelona, but then managed to beat PSV away - giving us a solid shot at third I thought. However, Man City at home was a different game. Our keeper was man of the match - and somehow we clung on to win 1-0. We lost again to Barcelona, but City drew with PSV and somehow we were through to the knockout stages! We drew Chelsea - and lost both games 2-0 - not really being in either, so that was that - but some nice cash for the club. So, with 2 titles and 2 cups - that's stage 3 complete. I can't see us winning the Champions League (the board accepted bids for 2 of our players but I complained and they changed their mind) as I suspect some of this group will want to move to a bigger club. There's nothing around jobs wise right now, but I'll keep an eye on it - but will start the new season if nothing is around. Season Stage Club Country League Pos Domestic Cup Europe 2020/21 1 SKN St. Polten Austria 8th 2nd Round N/A 2021/22 1 SKN St. Polten Austria 7th Won N/A 2022/23 2 FK Austria Vienna Austria 1st Semi-Final Conf League 3rd Qual Rnd 2023/24 3 Panathinaikos AO Greece 4th 6th Round Conf League 2nd Knockout Rnd 2024/25 3 Panathinaikos AO Greece 1st Won Conf League Group Stage (3rd) 2025/26 3 Panathinaikos AO Greece 1st Won Champ Lg 1st Knockout Round
  10. This would certainly mirror many of the top clubs. That would also need a change in training, so along with Technical - Attacking etc. etc., we have Set Pieces as a new category. Also Set Pieces would need to be shown as a coaches attribute. So, for it to work fully, that might be a ton of work for SI. The other different type of coach with many top academies etc., not currently in FM are "Individual Coaches" - for example Mikey Harris at Southampton. I would say this might be a little easier to implement. For your U18's you could assign certain individual training to certain individual coaches (if you have more than one) - or if you only have one, it would impact the effectiveness of your players improving in the areas you are trying to improve them - or the effectiveness of any traits you are trying to teach them. Premier League teams with individual coach(es) would learn traits and improve with individual training a little quicker than teams that don't have individual coaches.
  11. Year 5 (Stage 3) Recruitment was tough in the off-season. We were able to bring in midfielder Nicolas Madsen for £1.4 million from FC Midtjylland - bringing much needed height (6'3", jumping reach of 16) as we shipped too many set piece goals last season. Right back and central defender were harder - in the end, with the season looming large, we had to use the loan market - bringing in Filipe Cruz and Morato from SLB in Portugal - possibly our next nation. We qualified for the Conference League group stage, but the priority was the league this season. Things started poorly with a 3-0 loss to AEK and although form then was excellent, we were playing catchup to AEK and also PAOK were above us. We hit a bump in the road in November - losing the first leg of our Greek Cup 6th round tie, 2 Conference league group games and also to Panetolikos in the league. December was better - drawing at home to AEK and almost beating Olympaikos - conceding a dodgy penalty in injury time for a 2-2 draw. Our form stayed excellent in February and March. After the league split into Championship and Relegation Groups - crunch time arrived. We somehow held on for a 0-0 away to AEK in the first game after the split - but then broke through the glass ceiling rather with a 3-1 away win against Olympaikos. April saw us win against AEK, PAOK and Olympaikos again to put us top. Then in May, the nerves hit. We lost away to Atromitos - but still needed 1 win to clinch the title. We scored after 20 seconds at home to Asteras Tripolis - but they equalised from a set piece on a rare trip into our half. However, AEK got stuffed 5-1 by Olympaikos - so the 1-1 was fine for us to win the title! In the Cup, I was hoping for easy draws, but we drew PAOK in the Q-F, Olympaikos in the semi - and having beaten both, AEK in the final. We went for it in the final - with AEK not in a good form and managed to win 3-2 for a double! So, one more title win in Greece and it will be time to move on. It won't be easy if we can't get our two loan signings to either come back next year or sign permanently. Season Stage Club Country League Pos Domestic Cup Europe 2020/21 1 SKN St. Polten Austria 8th 2nd Round N/A 2021/22 1 SKN St. Polten Austria 7th Won N/A 2022/23 2 FK Austria Vienna Austria 1st Semi-Final Conf League 3rd Qual Rnd 2023/24 3 Panathinaikos AO Greece 4th 6th Round Conf League 2nd Knockout Rnd 2024/25 3 Panathinaikos AO Greece 1st Won Conf League Group Stage (3rd)
  12. In FM19 I got into youth development big time with the San Marino Challenge. At the end of each season, I went through my squad and either writing it down or just putting players into positions on the squad screen, I used the Ralph Hasenhüttl method - make sure I have a starter and a backup at each position. I would rotate as much as I possibly could - but also if 3-0 up at half time, then bring on 2 or 3 young players to give them good minutes in a team that's playing well, so quite likely that will continue and they'll play well too. As DarJ said above, it's easier to almost carry young players in a good team - harder when you are a poor team getting beaten regularly, particularly by the big boys. For U20's, it gets a bit more difficult to decide what to do. I would tend to keep a certain number of players around to essentially be a third choice, which might include an outstanding U18 player or two - but for them I try to leave them in the U18 squad and created training schedules to ensure they develop. For any who I didn't think were ready to play for me, I tried a few things. I tried several different affiliates, but really only one of them really worked. If you can find a team playing at a suitable level, who play a similar style to you and don't train on the local park - then it might work. The trouble is, you never know if they are going to play - even if you see your player is better than there's at a position, the AI might not play them. You can offer players out to clubs for loan - but make sure you specify playing time and position. There is zero point in loaning a player out to be a Squad Player - you might as well keep hold of him. Always make sure you can recall the player - as if they aren't playing, you can pull the plug. They key is to get the player playing at the right level for his current level of development. So, if I have a player who is seen as a Serie B level talent - there's not much point in sending him to Serie C. Sometimes though, players just aren't good enough - and they'll never develop enough at a top level, even if you get the loans right. It's just a case of assessing them (at the end of season is a nice time to take your time and really think about it) and letting them go if they haven't developed. In many cases with my San Marino Challenge save, I tried to develop fairly poor intakes - you could do so much, but they tended to take off more when I released them and they ended up in the San Marino League - i.e. a level more suited to their ability. Hope this helps and good luck!
  13. @6499red This is amazing work - love the kits! I'm enjoying Jarhead's Weird Man Challenge atm, but I can feel this calling to me...!
  14. A new thread might be best as we'll have different instructions to play - as long as you are happy to do the achievements etc. If you can put your save on steam or here so people can use it, that would be magic!
  15. Year 4 (Stage 3) I elected to quit Austria Vienna and take my chances in the job market. In hindsight, this was a mistake as there wasn't much around for 3 or 4 months. So when the Panathinaikos job came up, I elected to apply as I needed a job more than I thought I could win a Champions League in Greece (at least in a fairly short period of time). I got the job and any thought that it would be a quick 2 seasons and win the league both times plus a cup before moving on again - were shot down pretty quickly. The club had a decent first XI, but not much in the way of depth - and that became a problem when the fixture list became heavier and injuries hit. We got one or two results against the top 3 sides in the league, but generally we're a step below them - and so a summer of change will be needed. Our Norwegian left back wasn't great - but he was sold to Dynamo Kiev who met his £5.75 million release clause - which gave us some cash (there was very little in the bank). To replace him we signed an 18 year-old Serbian lad who is already better. Our keeper also went - to RB Salzburg - again, I wasn't convinced by him, so took the money. I figure we need 2 central defenders (lack of pace and jumping reach with both default starters), right back and BWM to help our middle block. On the bright side we have 4 young lads coming through the youth ranks who all look good - a striker who scored 14 goals (played only when injury to the usual starter hit), a winger (6 goals in 7 games). a central midfielder and a winger/striker. Our first youth intake was below average though. We were able to finish 4th - with a massive gap between us and 5th place - but we were well off the top spot. We got knocked out of the cup in the 6th round - and did OK in the Conference League, getting to the 2nd knockout round and losing partly because we had an injury crisis and a lot of fixtures. Financially we had just over £400k balance wise when I started - but now there's £9.8 million in the bank, so much healthier. Somehow though I have really clicked with the club and am enjoying it big time. The board want me to play possession football, so I'm using a different system to the ones I used earlier in the save (and in other FM21 saves) - going with a 4-2-3-1, which has taken a little while to perfect, but is now producing good results (as ever an assist to Daljit as I watched a few of his videos!). The transfer market will be key in the off-season as I try to push us forward. Season Stage Club Country League Pos Domestic Cup Europe 2020/21 1 SKN St. Polten Austria 8th 2nd Round N/A 2021/22 1 SKN St. Polten Austria 7th Won N/A 2022/23 2 FK Austria Vienna Austria 1st Semi-Final Conf League 3rd Qual Rnd 2023/24 3 Panathinaikos AO Greece 4th 6th Round Conf League 2nd Knockout Rnd
  16. @Ashikodi - someone has already started a thread for improving international management, although many of your points are new and really good!
  17. I know exactly where you are coming from here. I've started a number of saves in FM21 and really struggled to get into them as any number of things aren't right. I tried to battle my way through a Liechtenstein Challenge save, but just kept running into bugs and have now moved to a journeyman type challenge and am actually really enjoying it. As Grifty said above, targets for a save really help - in my case the journeyman challenge is the Weird Man one Jarhead put together (and Daljit is playing on YouTube), which has targets, but within that I can set myself targets as well and that helps me push through any bugs and stuff. I think it's a case of trying to push through the things you see that aren't right - which tends to be harder at the start of a save. Once you are into a save though, they tend not to bug you as much. Last night, my team scored a late winner and I was jumping around like I'd won the lottery - first time in a while playing FM, as for a couple of months I'd been using instant result.
  18. FM19 was my first FM - although I had played CM03/04 off and on over the years - and my first save I really found it hard because of that rubbish advice from my asst. Struggled to score, mainly because I was always advised to play on "Defensive" - now I know to only ever consider that when I'm shutting up shop.
  19. In real life, I'm a Southampton fan and we recently signed Armando Broja on loan from Chelsea. I knew all about him as I signed him on loan in this save, which I hadn't played for a while. This, and watching Daljit having fun with the challenge, made me pick it up again (no idea why I went away from it, other than I have too many saves atm!). Year Three Picking up with Austria Vienna, I was neck-and-neck with RB Salzburg. We were undefeated in February - but lost one of our three games in March - and such was RB Salzburg's strength, I thought that might be that as we now trailed them. We did have them to play twice though - first at home. I felt like we really needed to beat them, but we could only draw 1-1 in a game where both teams had good chances. We had a packed May schedule, including a Cup final (which we won) and managed to win all our games. RBS drew their 2nd to last game, which left us 2 points ahead with an away date with... RBS. All we had to do is avoid defeat. So, I went for a cautious 4-2-2-2, forced their 2 inverted wingers outside and tried to hit them on the break. We managed to hold on for a 0-0, which gave us the title! Stage 2 is therefore complete. I'll have a look and see what's out there job wise, but I think I'll probably take a gamble and resign shortly, although I might sleep on it!
  20. Another niche one from my Liechtenstein Challenge sace! FC Vaduz are a club in Liechtenstein playing in the Swiss League. They are treated by UEFA as a "guest" and therefore cannot qualify for any European competition through the Swiss League - even if they were to win it. They qualify via the Liechtenstein Cup only. I have a club vision for FC Vaduz that states "Super League: Qualify for the EURO Cup II". At the moment this says Delighted in status, but will change as I won't qualify for Europe via the league. Can something be added for FM22 to prevent a vision being created in line with the league and UEFA rules? I uploaded a save game with the bug below if you need one.
  21. 100% agree with this. I think a much needed trawl through the whole game specifically looking at reducing clicks is much needed - particularly with what are supposed to be quick questions from journalists and things of that nature.
  22. It sounds like it's going to be a completely new team. Much stronger links to the Sammarinese FA - I believe they are expecting more Sammarinese players to play for the club and from an FM22 standpoint, we should get mostly Sammarinese players in our youth intakes. Good luck with your save - I'll be following/reading!
  23. Thanks for the reply @Neil Brock. I've just uploaded the file (21 July at 6:22 p.m.), it's called: duesouth Liechtenstein HOYD Neil Brock 210721
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