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  1. Adding to this bug, when meeting a MinFee, you can Loan the Player Back with Salary Contributions and add Can Be Recalled From Loan.
  2. Or filters for every column, but I know that's a huge ask. These seem pretty standard, and Long Term Contracts already exists, this would be the opposite.
  3. Say you sign a staff member to a role, say U18 Performance Analyst, and then promote them with a new contract 3 years later as a Reserves Performance Analyst, and then 3 years later Performance Analyst, and then Head Performance Analyst (you see where I'm going).... There is no way to see this full progression. Current Contract will display current role, Biography and Career Milestones only list the very first start date and position. We should be able to see how long they were in each position and what they all were.
  4. Per the title. When in a Player Search, selecting Agent Feedback (No interest), it navigates to another player than the row selected. I can provide a video/screen recording if necessary.
  5. When looking at Scouting > Player Search you can click on Get Feedback. The feedback includes several bullet points expressing squad status, salary, potential fee and promises. 'He wants to work with such a talented group of players'. When this window is closed though, the Search View now says 'No interest' in that spot. When going back into Transfer Status (Information) for the player, the full list of feedback is again provided.
  6. I don't look at 'Would be a useful signing', as there a different scenarios for signing someone and the scout and I may not be on the same page. I may be looking a developing for profit, knowing they will never play. Or, and this is currently what I'm doing, I need a Set Piece Specialist. The rest of the squad can carry their weaknesses but when playing against teams that are particularly vulnerable, I want this Fringe Player to step in. Scouts will never recommend them though based on squad talent.
  7. This would save a huge amount of time in the preseason when all I'm trying to do is get players Match Fit.
  8. I would love to see more than most league goals in a season when looking at a team record book. Let me see top ten or the full list. Let me filter by active players vs all players. Single Season vs Career Numbers. The stats are stored behind the scenes and are referenced occasionally in news articles, this would add a UI to that data. Look at OOTPs Record Books for a great example. (FM is better than OOTP, just to be clear)
  9. Growth is already tracked for attributes, so tracking this would be amazing.
  10. I'm not sure if this makes sense thematically for it to be worth considering here. I would love to be able to assign a scout to another team for transfer offers. I want to know when they receive an offer for a player, or make an offer for a player. The scout would be only as effective as there attributes, so they may miss some, but it would allow you to keep tabs on rivals.
  11. Love this. I'm watching for only one intl position and this would make it so much easier.
  12. Having the ability to filter, or add columns, for the the written pieces as opposed to star rating. Stars are relative to your team. And the Recommendation takes into account other factors, like financial. I want to see players that have the potential to be good players in my league, even if that's only 2 stars compared to my world class team.
  13. I would love the ability to select the matches to analyze. So I could remove the weaker matches and just look at matches vs the top scoring teams, or just road matches, etc. The last 5 is a little limited, but I'm not sure how far back match analytics are actually stored for.
  14. It makes sense considering it is team travel. Registration is already required for Training Camps.
  15. When signing a player by meeting their Minimum Fee Release Clause, you can add Selling Team Salary Contribution and if you Suggest, the offer will be accepted.
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