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  1. I had a previous thread on this which was closed for review, but since it has not been changed for FM 21 I hope it's okay to make a new thread for consideration for FM 22. I know it's not the most important aspect of the game, but I'd love some changes to the regen/ newgen faces. The technology has improved a lot recently, using neural networks, such as generative adversarial networks, you can use thousands of real faces to generate new ones randomly. Here are some examples. They don't have to be in full HD, but even so I don't believe it takes a huge amount of memory, and there are free
  2. For creating newgen faces, a neural network type algorithm might work nicely. Here's an example, although of course it doesn't need to be this high res: https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ The images are created by a neural network, which is a type of program that 'learns' what a face is for example by studying thousands of photos of faces, then it can use that data to output faces at random. The results are stunning, it's hard to believe they're not real faces. Refresh the page a few times to see a few different ones. If there are other people in the background it messes them up though.
  3. I'm not sure, but I'd guess it would depend on how many games you have in big matches, ie cup ties or league deciders.
  4. As a fan of football and of Alternate History I love the idea of using Football Manager to simulate football-related alternate histories. To give a bad summary, Alt Histories are asking questions like 'what if Lincoln's assassination failed', or the ultimate trope 'what if the Nazis won World War 2' etc. Anyway FM experiments offer a great way to test out these things, eg 'what if Klopp was manager of Spurs instead of Liverpool'. Has anyone else done these types of experiments or saves? What are some interesting alt histories in your saves, ie you're managing Wolves, you sign a couple of young
  5. Football games all have a tendency to be biased towards the English leagues for some reason, even FIFA which is produced in the USA. Every FIFA disappointed me with either the Scottish Premier League, or just rangers and celtic, meanwhile you could play as kingshill primary in the amateur junior third division kent regional primary school league reserves. They wouldn't even have Serie B but have Vanarama south northwest east street, house numbers 1-5.
  6. You can start with fake players, I haven't done it myself but it's a great option to start with all newgens.
  7. If you won all the games your team won't care much about them, but they will hate you.
  8. I can't thank you enough for this amazing database! I'm using it to simulate my Alternate History where there's a UK Leagues cup. https://remonetized.org/v/VYt1u https://althistory.fandom.com/wiki/UKFA_Cup_(UKatWC)
  9. How would you feel about getting a list of retired players, and you could pick one of them as your profile? eg David Beckham is retired, so you can use him and his traits are automatically given to you as a manager?
  10. I agree it would be interesting, but I think it would also be frustrating that as soon as you find your star youth team player he gets moved to the first team and unavailable to you. Would be an interesting challenge though, and a great way to start and work your way up as a manager.
  11. I forgot to add that it would be nice if the regens were pictured in the club shirt that they currently play for, again this can be done automatically in the background, have it as a layer over the regens image fetched from the current club home shirt. I totally agree, FM15 regens look better than FM20 ones.
  12. If you can remember which version it was please let me know, I'd love to check it out. It's such a huge part of the game in countries like Italy, Greece, Argentina, it seems strange to leave it out and make every country feel like the Premier League. On that note I find it a bit irritating that it's so focused on the English leagues, like it would have English leagues down to every school football team, and only Serie A in Italy. I know that's an exaggeration but you get my point. FIFA and Pro Evo do the same thing as well, it's not just FM. With the stadium noise as well it would add a whole
  13. Yes the editor doesn't seem to account for the Welsh teams in the English leagues, and also the Canadian teams in the MLS. Allowing leagues to have additional nations would make it very interesting for modders to make an alternate history USSR 2020 league, or a Yugoslavia league, or a United Africa league etc.
  14. I really like this idea. I recently posted suggesting the exact opposite, ie automatically including previous databases in each new game. The amount of work it must take to rate every single attribute of every player of teams across the World is phenomenal, it seems crazy to just throw all that out for next years game and start again. But it would be great to have it backwards compatible also as you suggest, because my desktop can only run FM17 and earlier, so having the 18/19/20 databases would be a great addition.
  15. I did a few experiments in FM17 where I created a new city in Scotland with a massive population (>500mil) to see if a new team would emerge from there. Spoiler, no. It would be interesting to have this, at least in the lower leagues, or emerging leagues like the MLS. Even just a basic [City/ Town Name] [United/ City/ Town/ Rovers/ Rangers] and the standard boring all blue or all red kits. It won't happen every season of course, but over the course of 100 years or something it's likely to happen at least once. Also I feel like population should be factored in more, I changed the population
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