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Where is Charlie?

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So on FM19 I was managing Charlton and signed a player called Charlie Raglan. He was still there when I moved to Leeds. I started a new game with a non League team and it occurred to me Charlie would be a great signing, however he doesn't exist in this game. So I looked him up in the original game and he isn't in that any more either!

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According to Wiki he moved to Cheltenham in 2019 from Oxford, firstly on loan & then on a perm.  Is he not on their squad at the start of the game?

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18 minutes ago, Mikegenius59 said:

Just had a thought, does the search by name only bring up players whose value is within your clubs budget? I just searched Zaha and that didn't bring any results either!

I have come to the conclusion that for some reason the name search is only presenting players in the division I am in. I just searched Christian Doidge who is in League 2 and worth £90k. I could afford him but no results when I search for him in the scouting area.

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1. You can untick the buttons on the search screen within Scouting which filters players interested in a transfer or a loan

2. Put the players name in the FM game search at top of the FM screen and search for him

3. Search the club he is at e.g. Cheltenham

4. Ensure you have EFL L2 league running

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