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  1. My club Norwich have a German manager, and we have several through the top two divisions I wonder if this isn't starting to become a thing over here, just under a different name.
  2. It's often a case of being brutal and moving people on relatively quickly. Long contracts for poor players are your enemy as even as a low/bottom end premier league team you can usually replace them with younger and better players quite cheaply. Also be prepared to get relegated, as there is a huge gap between championship and Premier league, but that isn't a failure as it might give your young acquisitions a season back in the championship to progress. Scout regions. South America East and West. Eastern Europe. Try and pick up some wonder kids to develop and sell on. As for moving people on, if they are not good enough, get rid. Offer out, even for rubbish money or frees as contracted players who are well below the quality are wasted resources Also, use the comparison to see where you are truly lacking and by how much. Hope that wasn't too obvious/patronising.
  3. It comes down to the way FM models the decline of older players, too harshly in a lot of FM players opinions. To see strength disappear after 33 sometimes is ludicrous. Especially when Bayo Akinfenwa keeps on going each year!
  4. So sick of these paranoid posts from people
  5. Am I allowed to say that I love you a little bit
  6. Just a note on this. Poland might be a good choice as they have few limits on foreign players in their league, that might help with those tricky work permits etc
  7. At that level, let em go. Squad turnover at Kings Lynn's level is high and you will probably find better players on less money on free transfers come the end of season.
  8. Oh yeah. Not sure where that came from. I remembered the Greek researcher got into trouble, it must have been over how good he was!
  9. how far did you get with it? I did some of England today, the Premier League teams and a few Championship teams, it left some teams very threadbare! It was nice to see Ryan Shawcross and Phil Bardsley return to Man U though!
  10. Hi guys, I had an idea for a database where all players are returned to the clubs they were trained at, irregardless of their age/ability. This coupled with the summer transfer disabled, could make for an interesting first half season, then some odd transfers etc after that. Examples would be, Bellingham back at Birmingham, Gomez back at Charlton, Sancho back at City. Lukaku back at Anderlecht, Ronaldo back at Sporting. Even crap older players would be returned, so Danny Crowe would return to Norwich. Rooney back at Everton. What do people think ?
  11. I would say that 7 teamwork and decisions is probably a large part of why he won't cross. Especially if his personality is selfish. My advice....?.replace him
  12. One of the issues with wingers and them deciding to shoot instead of cross is the teamwork attribute. Have a look at that. Teamwork and decisions.
  13. That happens when they are worried about the money for the compensation for firing the rubbish guy
  14. I offer you the Russian Div 1 fixture between Vladivistok and FC Kalingrad, just a one way trip of 10200 Kilometres!
  15. It's in a one on one chat you can have with the player. I think you 'wear them down' to a point where they have the one on one with you, in that chat you get the options to sell it to them. Doing this from memory, someone please correct me if I'm wrong
  16. Elder Hadzi.... was a really long Bosnian name I can't spell. (I found it.... Eldar Hadzimehmedovic) Dionisis Chiotis Michael Dunwell All from CM 01/02
  17. I did a save at a club I created in Vladivostok, Russia, whose next nearest city is in Japan! So pretty far east, but of course I get them into Europe and we had an Icelandic, French and English team in the group. Those travel miles really added up in the end of season costs!!!!
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