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[FM21] FC Porto

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Transfer window roundup. I also sold centerback Diogo Leite (28.5M€ + clauses to Everton) and midfielder Sergio Oliveira left the club on a free.


Centerback Hendriksen and striker Lira I already shown in the previous page, they're very promising, new backup goalkeeper Javier Belman isn't all that interesting. The 2 other BIG new names are the following:





By this stage I'm just taking the ****, as to how stacked with talent we are from midfield onwards (well there's no "onwards", we're strikerless). Here's the squad as it stands:




We have started the season well, as you'd expect:



Champions League group is slightly tricky. Chelsea, RB Leipzig and Marseille.

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Our best 11 at the moment:


Almada has a pretty serious injury so I'm thinking Fekir might play instead of him most of the CL group stage.

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Uhh.. guys.. I'm sorry if this isn't very entertaining to follow, as I guess it's not the most challenging career I've ever played.


All wins so far this season, we've literally won every single match.



The league table is hilarious with Sporting 7th and Benfica 13th. Not brilliant for football in Madeira with Marítimo and Nacional battling relegation.


BWQ8W4N.png NYaPZn4.png

Lads, it's Tottenham next.



Some bizarre things going on in stats as Fábio Vieira is top scorer (eh?) and Otávio is adding up an absolutely sensational number of assists... yet is probably about to depart the club as he complained he's not playing enough football and I decided to promise to sell him as he's already 29 and we have too many players.

I would be open to selling a few, Diogo Jota has largely been a disappointment, Asensio has done nothing yet (not considering selling him yet but he needs to step up soon), Evanilson is doing okay but seems overvalued by the game and is complaining about not enough games too. In fact that's pretty much a pattern throughout most of the squad, which is what you'd expect when I stack tons of talent in a huge squad and rotate a ton. I'm sorry, I can't help it, happens every career.

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That's quite a run. I had something similar wih my Schalke team where one season I think we won every match in the first half of the season.

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On 04/06/2021 at 22:54, john1 said:

Some impressive statistics to look at with your players form! Should smash Spurs :D 

Well that was an impressive bit of foreshadowing as you're about to see. :D

On 05/06/2021 at 09:50, deltablue said:

That's quite a run. I had something similar wih my Schalke team where one season I think we won every match in the first half of the season.

It's easier in a "smaller" league like this, pulling it off in the Bundesliga is quite impressive.

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This was worrying. Spurs finished our undefeated run (although by this stage we had already drawn two matches in the league), and put our chances of proceeding in the CL seriously in jeopardy with a 3-1 win in the first leg.



But it took us 10 minutes to turn the tie around and start winning on away goals. Then we added another.. then another.. then.. then.. well...



It was a magnificent performance from Brazilian winger Sávio with an hat-trick and an assist.


In other news, we won the league cup, we're in the cup final, and apparently we're 1 point from winning the league with 2 months to go.



The league has been hilarious this season, sure there's zero challenge but I've been very amused by what's happened to Sporting and Benfica. Braga, Rio Ave, Belenenses and Famalicão fighting for a CL spot is the Universe I want to live in.

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I forgot talking about the January transfers, but there was nothing particularly meaningful other than we poached this kid for the future:




Speaking of kids there's a new generation brewing out, most of whom are out on loan.

Let's start from the 2 stars we bought the last 2 seasons, Colombia's Arias and Ivory Coast's Akoukou. They're both progressing really well and it might be time to take them as part of the senior squad for next season:





For me it's pretty clear Arias will fight for the wide playmaker slot we play on the right wing, and Akoukou for the mezzala role.


However our youth isn't restricted only to the players I've scouted and poached over the years, we've also been churning out some HG players. Pinto and Yordane are 2 players I haven't mentioned yet, because I didn't like the look of them and didn't think much of them, but they're reaching levels I never thought were possible:





They're both wonderkids, both out on loan to Celta. Pinto seems to me like yet another player that would slot in for the WP role, but this is starting to look super crowded with Otávio, Marco Asensio and Arias I've just screenshotted above, fighting for it. Yordane is also tough to fit in because he doesn't suit our system - we need attack-minded fullbacks and I definitely don't want a centerback with jumping of 6. He's also not good enough on the ball to play as our defensive midfielder, which I use on DLP role.


But wait. There's more.


An actual non-regen real player, Vasco Sousa is another that seems to be reaching levels I didn't expect. With 17 passing/17 vision and also decent finishing and pace, he could be an extra weapon for any of the shadow striker, mezzala, or wide playmaker roles.

If I weren't chasing the Champions League, I'd get rid of the likes of Asensio, Otávio, Diogo Jota, opening up places for all these kids in my midfield, but I want to get the big shiny cup first.


The final player I want to mention - and I could mention quite a lot more, our academy has churned out quite a few Colombians thanks to a partnership we had with a Colombian club - is Portuguese-Swiss goalkeeper Eugène Hanslimann:



A few steps below the others in development, Eugène isn't making the first team squad soon, but at the age of 18 and with a lot of potential, I do expect him to eventually make it.

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4 hours ago, noikeee said:

Champions League draw. Quite happy with that, we should be favourites over Ajax in the quarters.


wow you beat tottenham by 7-0 and you get ajax wow too easy from porto

how you creating that tactic and how braga is doing at table

what happen to benfica and sporting did they lose all the games or something

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10 hours ago, noikeee said:

Well that was an impressive bit of foreshadowing as you're about to see. :D

It's easier in a "smaller" league like this, pulling it off in the Bundesliga is quite impressive.

Oh I didn't just mean in the league. I located the fixture screenshots and aside from a defeat in the final Champions League group game every single match in all competitions was won up until the first Champions League knockout match!

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