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  1. damn Valdes sounds like so bad as manager and doing an even worse tactican that diego simeone he is just spanish simeone winning la liga but defenders cant defend themselves from champions league winner i really hope this guy stays that way so real madrid or atletico can win the la liga
  2. in this Very altenrate universe Liverpool became champions sooner in 2006 rather that later,Mike Ashley never takeover Newcastle,Tottenham qualify to Champions League first time in history sooner more that later,Arsenal and Chelsea are playing thursday Nights in UEFA Cup and Klopp won the 2 bundesliga with Mainz
  3. oh my this game was too easy comprated to FM 21 wow how long Klopp have stay his job at Mainz does Board are too scared from him to get sacked or he reject the offers just to stay at Mainz
  4. well i guess but first i must to do lower league tactic just in order to make an team been so great again
  5. oh my your tactic is been better that my tactics i trying to make an tactic on trying to make an team to get promotion to playing primeira liga but sadly it didnt work out as i planned it to
  6. hey dude anyways what is your tactic and how you manage Rennes out of relegation zone just to put them fighting from european football
  7. Hey guys i was just Started Road to Top career with myself as manager and became the manager of Uniao de Santarem i did it trying to put some tactics one an attacking and one an positive and pre season went pretty well with 3 wins and 3 defeats i start an okay games at some point until the team have start losing speed and defend and ended up losing every games and players starting backstabbing me and the fans start probaly hates me and want me to change the tactic until 2-0 lose to Loures was the last straw that broke camel back and i decide to resigned in order not to be sacked in next games i dont know on what wrong with my tactics,maybe this team was not good enough to get an promotion or maybe i have very horrible players that dont know how to defend or score goals Help Me
  8. i would like FM to added Road to Top Career Mode i mean it could be pretty cool from them to do this,imagine you start managing as 29 or 30 years old and you manage in 5th or 4 division in any leagues and you have an small club tactic just to make you rise from the top in big high leagues of europe
  9. Hi i would be so nice if you can change the Competitions Format to something else like change ECL to straight knockout round and have EL with 48 teams on 8 groups of 6 teams or maybe have Portuguese league System change format like Taça De Portugal have 180 teams and Taça da Liga have two group stages format
  10. or maybe remove holidaying or put an manager visit academy or maybe scout some player just to get him signed
  11. hey can you do an alternate format from 2021 on CL,EL And ECL EL could have 48 teams with 8 groups with 6 teams and could have play on GS in October until December and ECL been having Straight knockout rounds like UEFA Cup instead of having group stage too early
  12. Hey guys i have been trying doing an attempt to Reform the Portuguese League System with 8 of 12 Substitutes on Primeira Liga,Segunda Liga,Terceira Liga and CNS in order to give younger players an chance to play but there was the big problem,there a error in nation rules that 1 Divisao Juniors of Guarda dont have an rule from the league system with 3 teams i need an big help and want to trying reform the leagues by fixing up,any ideas and advice on how to make this one
  13. hey dude maybe you should do away goals remove from any uefa revivals from FM 21 UEFA Remove them Away goals and scraped them in order just to give more extra time and penalties
  14. oh my Dynamo beat PSV in Champions League and Slovan Liberec also beat Inter in UEFA Cup oh my goodness anyways who won the portuguese league and who won champions league last season i really wish FM could have bring history flashback mode or have surprise winner into league or cup in FM 22 like Leicester or Lille did it in real life
  15. wow Fulham are in champions league and Birmingham is in UEFA Cup but what the heck is even happen to Arsenal did wenger left or something Klopp is still in charge of Mainz and didnt get sacked because the Board are very patient imagine on what could have happen if Klopp will get them relegated even in German third division so who won the UEFA Cup and Champions league and all other competitons i want to know i want to see SI does an history flashback on FM 22 i just want to happen
  16. hey dude will you have an plans about doing UEFA Revival in FM 22 in FM 22 i hear some rumors that Woman football is gonna added in FM 22
  17. now imagine Klopp get sacked by Mainz and wow Birmingham are doing pretty amazing season i have feeling that they could get Champions league spot or UEFA Cup Spot
  18. So did Birmingham got an takeover by rich man or something
  19. so where you are gonna another club or just going down an division and manager second division team
  20. so anyways what the hell is happen to portugal did they lose it all in nations league or maybe this is was european championship curse
  21. Congrats Dude Lazio are European Champions from first time in history Maybe hope you continue to make Lazio stronger next season
  22. Damn what the shame that Portugal lose the final to Netherlands in Euro 2004 and what the transfer budget you gonna have and what transfer targets do you have in mind
  23. Ah the good old day when Man city and PSG are not dominace and have been an bad teams and Arsenal won the title in 2004
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