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  1. since you trying to fix the error that fm 21 editor have,can you do the Format of CL,EL,ECL from 2024 i think CL will be still the same have 32 teams but this time have the same format from 2018 EL will have 48 teams with 8 groups of 6 teams and third place will go to ECL third round ECL will have 2001-2004 uefa Format with 96 teams playing in first round
  2. i Mean i want you to do this but it going take in 3 or 4 months to finish this so i gonna plans from this project Portugal From 2021-2022 Primeira Liga - 18 Teams 3 Teams To Get Relegated On Segunda Liga Segunda Liga - 24 Teams 2 Groups Of 12 Teams In First Phase Promotion And Relegation Stage In Second Phase 2 Teams Will Play In Final Just To Get Promoted In Primeira Liga 4 Teams Will Fight The Promotion On Primeira Liga In Play-Off 3 Teams Promoted To Primeira Liga 4 Teams Relegated To Terceira Liga Terceira Liga - 48 Teams
  3. Like can you do Alternate Pyramid From Portugal,Germany,Spain,France,Russia,Scotland,Ukraine And Greece and doing an Pyramid System Format at some point
  4. Hey tmfch can you do Alternate League Pyramid System maybe it could be very good
  5. hey yo im planning to explain segunda liga 24 teams and Terceira liga with 48 teams once my dad will buy fm 21 game
  6. once you put FM 20 UEFA in UEFA Revival maybe you can do it next time okay
  7. Hey where is UEFA Revival from FM 21 and can you do Revamped Of Portuguese League System i would love to see you doing that
  8. but i thought terceira liga started in second week of august like segunda liga instead of july
  9. i would like to see SI having Tactic Selection in FM 2022,you can chose the lower leagues tactic,Survive Relegation Tactic,Midtable Team Tactic,Title Challenge Tactic And Make team an big club tactic,it dont make lot of sense added boring tactics into this,i would be cool to this
  10. Great idea bro i would love it to see this in FM 22 alongside with History flashback
  11. so how tactic is doing and how the team is doing they are great?
  12. wow dortmund have turn tables on bayern munich and became domiant team as bayern munich in 2012-2016 i guesss bayern will have to wait in next years to win the bundesliga since dortmund are too strong that bayern cant defeat them
  13. damn you are take a break right,oh man i going to miss you man,i mean vila real series is so good but you decide to end it,WHY CHRIS WHY once you came back to play from FM,can you manage santarem teams or Portalegre teams and take them to primeira liga right
  14. Hi i would like an History Flashback when the manager will manage some club in 50s to 00s and you will manager some stars like zidane,gerrard and even ronaldinho back in old FM Games,and you can take newcastle winning the league or even take Leeds united back to premier league in bit early seasons,please FM make this to happen
  15. hey can you do Portuguese Leagues but in 1980s format style
  16. Congratulations on the promotion and what vila real prediction will finish in segunda liga relegation or stay up
  17. and the table of primeira liga,segunda liga and CNS i want to check who the positions are in i just dont like that idea on terceira liga get 2 promoted and 2 relegated and having 24 teams i think terceira liga should have having 48 teams and doing like the old II Divisao days
  18. hey can i see the table on terceira liga right
  19. well i guess you are screw with all of the B Teams are playing in terceira liga i no wonder why terceira liga didnt have like 48 teams instead of 24 maybe a stupid decison by FFP i think primeira liga should have 3 teams get relegated and segunda liga and terceira liga been similar to II And III Divisao and CNS having 80 teams
  20. so does terceira liga will be look like league one but portuguese teams and why you didnt manage an santarem team you could manage u almeirim or santarem since they are teams that are too depressed and never play in primeira liga what your prediction from vila real fight from relegation or promoted to segunda liga right
  21. hey so since you got promoted to terceira liga does terceira liga will have 24 teams in next season and is that true that vila real almost got promoted to primeira liga right i wonder what terceira liga could look like does terceira liga have share the same start date as primeira liga right
  22. damn next season your transfer budget will have bit too little maybe you need to sell more players just save this team from debts
  23. so anways i wonder if you want make marega to become a best striker like the good old hulk and falcao days damn porto have must lot of debts i wonder if FM 15-20 Porto does have must lot of debts i mean if it because of PDC or maybe he didnt not sell much high money maybe this porto in FM 21 is screwed í make sure hope in FM 21 that benfica dont not have so much in debts just like porto how the progress in primeira liga is doing and you are pretty okay right
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