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Cheapest FM18 with Beta access

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5 hours ago, FootballManager89 said:

Looks like that coupon on 2game only brings the cost down to 44.99 instead of 37 bucks. Anyone got anything better?

This offer is/was only for the Football Manager group members on Facebook, but since someone already posted it here you might as well use it - http://bit.ly/FM18usSale


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On 28/10/2017 at 23:59, Hero of the Day said:

Is think link legit and safe? Don't like how its not a https address!

Nexway is the official distributor for Football Manager, and this offer shouldn't be posted in here as it is only for group members of the Football Manager group on Facebook. But since it is already here and there is no way of removing it, you might as well use it. 

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