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  1. What about Joao Fernando? Would you rather sell him for a very good fee or break Roberto Dinamite's goal record?
  2. I hope you'll edit Cabral's face as soon as he starts banging goals.. A little (hairy) something is missing!
  3. What are his domestic and foreign clauses now? I'm sure they're gonna be met very soon! I'd like to see him perform in Europe, not China or Middle East.. What a great season so far! Hope the intake will be fine!
  4. Best cheat code ever
  5. That's great! Keep it up!
  6. Joao has everything it takes to become a wonderkid! He's going to bring a lot of money to the club for sure Even if he's already banging goals in the forward position, I feel like he would be even greater as number 10. The combination of its PPMs, world-class technique and vision, great decisions, off-the-ball, finishing and long shots.. That'd be hell of nice! But can't deny the kid is a very veryy promising striker too!
  7. When I see such team cores, it immediately takes me back to the 90s and 2000s.. I can't see myself say a bad word in a locker room with the likes of Maldini, Desailly, Vieira, Nesta, Buffon and so on next to me... Congratulations on your first win! I wish I took the time to understand the Brazilian rules, but it's just too much
  8. Edilson is such a great addition to the team! Odds on he becomes a club legend at some point! He's world class at stopping shots, which will be the greatest help right after getting promoted to the top tier.
  9. We'll miss Rodrigo but it's a fantastic sale at this stage! Well done!
  10. I'm having atleast as much fun reading all your posts than I had when I could still play that game. Thanks a lot for that
  11. Will be following of course! The realistic settings are great! Best of luck and have fun
  12. It's been veryyyy enjoyable to follow your adventure right from the start. Thanks a lot and congratulations on all what you've achieved with YOUR club! Can't wait for your next career (on a way better FM I hope)
  13. Andrzej Zielinski is a blessing and another reason to keep playing Next season is yours!
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