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  1. Very good read! I hope you'll be able to sign Trabulo, he's insane!
  2. I'm glad to finally see you play in France Jimbo! To be honest, we make a lot of fun of Stade Rennais in France because they never won anything except 2 Coupe de France. It is quite surprising for a city that big with the 7th richest French person on earth owning the club (and Kering). Their youth academy was recognised as the best one in France 7/8 years ago but it's only the 11th of the same ranking now. If I had one more thing to add about Stade Rennais FC (which is probably the most important thing by the way), it is that you'll find Salma Hayek cheering for your team quite often. She's married to the owner.. Good luck! Edit to stay on topic:
  3. Through the Liechtenstein Cup (7 teams take part in it). They can only qualify to the Champions League by winning Europa League.
  4. I believe Vaduz cannot qualify to the Champions League, even if they win the Europa League.
  5. Will you be asking your board to turn pro anytime soon?
  6. I got no words for Albertini.. he's going to have a lot of fun.
  7. Excessive scouting costs made me stop playing too for now. Luckily, this issue is under review.
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