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  1. YES! YOU DID IT! CONGRATZ! The players you just brought in are adding such a value to the team, very well done!
  2. Wow Kamil is great! I guess you're both lucky and unlucky that he's a mercenary.
  3. That beautiful European campaign might have cost points.. But it was well worth it
  4. You're killing it! Keep going, we want the championship title!
  5. Good choice! (and I'm not saying this because I live there... ). Actually, they've already played in the french 2nd-tier in 1944 and from 1987 to 1993. But it wasn't as professional at that time. Best of luck! PS: You'll be managing in one of the most beautiful place in France.
  6. You know how to motivate him. You should tell him he's rubbish in real life too
  7. Let's go Ben! I'll follow your adventures on FM21 as usual I suggest that you rename after you the newgen that will remind you the most of the player you were there. It's alright if you had a low CA
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